Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Crib-To-Floor Mobile

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Crib-To-Floor Mobile

Soothing is simple and fun with a grow-with-me mobile. Up to 20 minutes of music plays and 6 soft ocean friends gently spin overhead to enhance hearing and visual skills. Moves from crib to the floor to keep baby entertained all around the house. Enhance eye-tracking ability & visual skills Foster listening skills with soothing music for bedtime, playful tunes for fun time.Boost fine motor skills with rollerball, clacker wheel & more. Comforts baby & helps maintain a consistent bedtime routine. Requires 3 C batteries, not included.

Main features

  • Ocean themed mobile combines soft hanging characters, music and gentle movement
  • Colorful animal friends twirl and smile down on baby
  • Classical lullabies and nature sounds play for up to 20 minutes
  • Mobile transforms into a floor toy for tummy time fun
  • Clicking flower dial, spinning frog and colorful roller ball start the action on the floor

Verified reviews


Quiet Slow and Awkward

This toy is poorly designed. It’s too quiet and spins so slowly that there’s really no point. The biggest disapointment is the design. The spinning wheel is directly over the yellow stand. You can’t hover it above the baby, it has to be off to the side. You could put the baby’s head in between the yellow legs of the stand to be ‘under’ the spinnies but then baby will bump his/her head on the hard plastic.If you were to mount this on the crib, it would not hang out over the crib but be at an awkward angle on the side.Bottom line, buy something else.

James Brussels, IL

Falls off of crib

I got this mobile thinking it would be good for my twins’ tummy time and also a crib mobile. It’s hard to use for tummy time because the girls kept scooting forward and bonking their heads. Then when I put it on the crib – according to instructions – it fell off – twice! I think the plastic strap that secures it stretches out and the hole for the hook becomes too big. I am returning it before it hits one of my kids on the head. I’ll order another Fisher Price Precious Planet mobile, which I love.

Margot Pleasanton, TX

Get it!

This thing was great. My daughter loved spinning the things on the bottom part and getting the mobile to move by herself. She outgrew it pretty fast but it was good while it lasted. 😀

Angelina La Moille, IL

great toy/mobile

This mobile is great in the crib and comes with a neat floor stand when my tot want to have tummy time, love the versatility of this product

Mae Davisburg, MI


Entertaining for baby. Sometimes the mobile doesn’t spin?!?! A quick turn back off then on usually fixes it! It’s ok

Marisol Wellington, CO

Great, portable mobile!

I bought this mobile to have one in my child’s pack-and-play while I took her to work with me the first three months of her life. I love it! Baby does too! It has three little paper-thin fabric fish with black stripes (young babies love simple black lines) and three stuffed animals – a blue whale, a green sea horse, and a purple sextopus – well, the octopus has six legs, instead of eight – but since baby can’t count – I don’t mind. Worth mentioning – there is a huge white tag sticking off the octopus. Nothing a pair of manicure scissors can’t remove if you want it gone. The toys detach – and though I haven’t done that yet – you COULD do this later to let baby chew on them as he/she gets older if you desired.You have the option to play lullaby music and it cycles through Brahm’s lullaby and Clair de Lune and another classical piece or more “fun” music like, Sailing, Sailing or Row, Row, Row Your Boat. One thing to note though – the “long” play feature plays the lullabies only and lasts about 10 minutes. The “short” play feature plays the fun songs only – one. at. a. time. I think this design element is for older babies that can play with the base unit (spin the spinner and push the buttons). You literally push a button and get about 10 seconds of music for “short” play. However, I do think this feature will be more fun for my daughter once she is older.The two volumes on this mobile are medium and soft – which I like. Of course, I always leave it on soft. You can also turn off the rotating movement of the mobile if you want to in order to save batteries – though my baby is now 12 weeks and we have used the unit daily for 8 weeks and are still on our original batteries. This turn-off feature will also come in handy for when baby is older and can sit-up to play with the buttons on the base of the unit – you can detach the mobile all together and then turn off the “motor” in the base, so it is not wasting battery power spinning nothing when the mobile is not attached.I do not know why it took baby toy makers soooo long to come up with a floor-based mobile – genious idea! As I said, this is great for the pack and play, tummy time, or toss it in the car to take to Grandma’s one weekend.I do have a separate, more permanent mobile attached to my baby’s crib in the home, but I LOVE this one because I can spread a blanket on the floor in the den and entertain baby with this mobile. I would not buy this as my primary mobile – but it makes a great secondary mobile. If you want a more permanent mobile – I recommend the ones that attach to a crib from Tiny Love – they play for 20 minutes, have multiple moving parts, and have mesmerized all three of my daughters for hours during infancy! You could however, make this your baby’s primary mobile if you wanted to, but I think there are better ones out there. But as a portable one or secondary one – THIS is the one to get!The ONLY con I can come up with this particular mobile is that I wish it played longer than the approximately 10 minutes. Though, pushing a button once every 10 minutes to re-start it isn’t TOO big of a hassle.This is another high quality, durable, highly recommended baby toy from Fisher-Price that will grow with your baby and last several months. At 3 months old, I feel I’ve already gotten my money’s worth and I know we will continue to enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to buy.I’ll be back to update this review once my daughter can sit up and play with the base on her own.UPDATE 7/2/13This update is late – but raising a baby keeps you busy! Anyway, just wanted to say that my now 11 month old (who sits, but still won’t crawl) thoroughly enjoys playing with the mobile. It’s held up well to her pulling on the little stuffed animals that hang from the mobile. Her favorite thing is to play with the spinner on the bottom. It doesn’t entertain her all alone for long stretches, but when we put her on the floor and surround her with several toys, she plays with this one often enough. Still recommend.Also, seems to not eat through batteries too badly.

Mia Crooks, SD

Great mobile that Will Grow with the child

my daughter is a mobile junkie. She loves anything that goes around. But this elicited so very sweet smiles and I love that it will grow with her. My only complaint it that I can play just the music but there is not setting for just the mobile.

Concepcion Teton Village, WY

baby likes it, but no movement without music option

PROS:Portable- Can easily move around the house.Convertible- Can use on the floor, in a crib, or a pack n play. Baby can lay on her back and watch the mobile or play with the spinning pieces on the base during tummy time. A couple of the dangles can be attached to the base for tummy time.Music- As these things go, the music is not too annoying. You have the option of faster play time music or calmer sleepy time music.Battery powered: Don’t need to wind it up every 5 minutesCONS:It does not come in a forest theme, which I prefer.There is no option to have the mobile move without having the music on. That’s annoying. I’d like to just let my baby watch the mobile while we listen to music that I actually really like or even while I catch a few minutes of a TV show.

Eugenia Kilbourne, OH

A must!

This was great! I used it at my daughters diaper changing station from 1 month old. She learned hand and eye coordination and was able to finally grab the little sea creatures going around.

Lena Saint Joseph, MI

Great toy!

Love this litle mobile…It is convertible and plays great music. It also has several awesome features and our baby loves it!

Casey Canton, SD

It’s Fine

I would not buy this again. There is no contant on button. My baby is happy until it goes off and then I have to go turn it back on.

Marcie Edmondson, AR