Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

Main features

  • Strengthen motor skills as baby stretches and kicks
  • Enhance eye-hand coordination as baby bats and grasps
  • Musical rewards help baby understand the magic of cause and effect
  • Stimulate visual sense and promote self-awareness
  • Fun dancing lights and mirror

Verified reviews


I am surprised by all the good reviews….

I am not a very big fan of this mat!! For one, the toys on the bar hang a lot lower than the picture here depicts- they basically hang in my two month olds face. When you lay the bar down for tummy time the toys are incredibly boring and almost in the way. My BIGGEST ISSUE with this mat is the mat itself. I dont even like putting my son on his tummy on it because the mat bunches up in his little face. The top “layer” of the mat (for lack of a better description) isnt very taut to the bototm “layer” and he gets annoyed with the mat real fast. It’s also impossible to store without dissasembling it.Overall- I really dont reccomend this.

Rena Dayton, IA


I take care of my grandson three afternoons a week. He is 9 months old. This is a very hard age to spend "awake" time with because they are really just starting to figure things out. I thought he needed something very much like this "Discover" toy that he could play with and entertain himself. It might be fun for other children, but my grandson wasn’t happy with it for very long. After about 2 weeks, he didn’t even want to see it let alone play with it. I found I had surprised myself by not being more aware of the lack of activity that truly exists with this toy. As you can see in the picture, there is a vinyl mat that the child can lie down on with his feet pointed toward the piano keyboard you see behind the arch. This is an activity that is supposed to satisfy kids who like to kick and play. So, there is the keyboard, and when he kicks it, it makes sounds and tunes. There is no skill required. The child just figures out that if kicks the keyboard, it will make sounds. Once he figures out that there’s no more to it than that, he could care less about the keyboard. The only other activity that is built to entertain small children is the arch over the mat on the floor. While he is laying on his back on the mat with the arch above his head, he sees little hanging toys that really have no learning value at all. They might attract his attention for maybe 10 minutes (and that is a "kind" estimate), and that’s about it. He will begin by looking at the hanging toys, but there’s no activity connected to them, so he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. When my grandson figured out that he was bored, he did what they all do when bored–they cry. They want to be "rescued" from this "Kick and Play Gym" as soon as possible. I find it ironic that they use the word "gym" to describe this toy. It doesn’t require much physical action to lay on the floor and watch plastic toys hanging over your head. That’s really all there is to this toy. Once they are done with the few things I have described here, this toy goes into "resting mode" where mine is located in the closet simply taking up space. It wasn’t inexpensive either. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for it, but somewhere in the $50 range rings a bell. I was so disappointed, and so was my grandson. Since it was too late to get a refund, I will probably just donate it to the local thrift shop where there might be someone who can find some use for it. Discovering and growing, as the name suggests, just isn’t there.

Matilda Portland, OR


I bought this for my son when he was about 3 mo old and I really wish I had purchased it earlier. It has been so helpful. We still use it almost everyday to entertain my son while I shower. The piano is great and my son kicks it constantly. I don’t find the music too annoying either which is nice. Now that my son is 5 mo old and we are working on sitting up we are going to start using it for him to play the piano while sitting.

Sonja Elkins Park, PA

Love the Piano Play Mat!

We have preemie twins and they LOVE this mat. We have recommended it to all of our friends. It is very versatile and they could play here for hours. Now that they are older and mobile they climb all over it and beat every part to a pulp – and it still looks brand new nearly a year later. My only complaint is that our mirror doesn’t stay centered the babies have never been able to look at themselves in it due to the angle.You can sit both babies up at the piano, one on each side and they play together. We put a boppy pillow behind one so they dont try to escape and hit the yellow ball connector things, which could be a hazard but havent been for us.

Alana Skaneateles, NY

Poor quality

I purchased this kick and play piano for my son in November and gave to him for Christmas. I have had two major problems with the toy, both related to the toy bar. From the time when the toy was initially assembled, the mirror does not hang at an angle where he can see his face. It’s angled toward the foot of the mat, and even though he was less than three months old when he received the toy, he was already long enough that he could not see his face at this angle. I tried to fix this initially by using a ‘chip clip’ to clip it to the right angle and then later I ended up sewing it because the chip clips kept popping off and I was afraid they would fall on his face. I am not the best seamstress and the mirror is now back hanging at the wrong angle so he can’t see his face. The second and more recent problem is that one of the hooks that can be used to attach a toy has broken. The toy has two regular toy hooks and two hooks that are attached to plastic circles that can slide along the toy bar. One of the hooks of one of these plastic circles has come out. Apparently these are not sewn in, but are just somehow inserted. The seatbelt-material toy hook just came right out and now I can’t attach a toy here. I am emailing fisher price to see if they can resolve this and will update if they somehow correct these issues.

Lacey Saint Clair, MN

kick gym

the baby loves to kick and make music makes him laugh and giggle.He has a smile all the time he is kicking.

Nadine Elwood, IN

Fantastic toy

I bought this for my son when he was 3 months old. He loved it, and would kick and kick and kick and coo at his image all day. Even fell asleep a few times on it. Soon enough he was rolling over and crawling around 6 months, but that didn’t stop him from playing with it. We turned up the piano, and he loves to play with it. And he still likes to look at his image and kiss it. And he still plays with the toys making different animal noises for them. He is 11 months old now.

Ernestine West Point, TX

Both kids loved this.

The versatility of this toy makes it a lot of fun. The kids really get a kick out of the piano. When they start sitting up, they can play the piano with their hands (not like a real piano of course, the “keys” are pretty large). Great idea for a toy, and it’s lasted through two kids.

Gay Britt, IA

Not that interesting!

My 2mo. old had to be shown how to play with it as she acted more annoyed by the toys hanging in her face than interested.Issues: 1.) Mirror doesn’t hang properly so baby cannot see themselves and the Mirror cannot be removed for use with tummy time thus the mirror is basically useless 2.) Toys are boring, too hard, and hang in babies face. 3.) Piano lights cannot be seen from back laying position of younger babies. 4.) because it isn’t all that interesting my baby only plays for about 5 min. before she is bored and cries. 5.) there isn’t anything to do at tummy time. Baby cannot hit piano keys, cannot see into the mirror, and the toys are too hard and boring when lying on the ground. Overall, I wish I had bought something different, but I do like the concept of the piano and it seems to be what keeps my daughter’s interest the most.

Johnnie Pittston, PA

Believe the Hype!

Other moms were going nuts about the Kick and Play but since I already had a hand-me-down "activity gym" for our 4 month old, I held off on buying this until I saw Amazon had an extra special sale on it. I am so glad I did (& would have paid retail pricing, in retrospect).This keeps my baby busy (which leaves my arms free to get some stuff done around the house… or check my email) and he happily kicks away at the piano and grabs at the dangling toys. With some very easy switches, I can flip the baby over and move down the toy bar for supervised "tummy time". He especially likes staring in the round mirror toy. I understand you can also flip up the piano part later so a toddler can sit and play with it, but we still have a while to go until we get there. Another very important feature to me is how easily washed the play mat is – detach a few tethers and pop it in the machine.All in all, it’s easy to set up, use, and clean. It keeps my baby engaged and giggly and that’s what’s most important to me!

Ruth Fryburg, PA

flimsy and not worth the money!

I bought this because my baby was kicking up a storm and of course it looks adorable… the issues I have with it are 1) the mat is paper thin – no padding so you’d have to put it on carpet or a blanket, 2) the pieces don’t connect well- the yellow arch never stays up and connected to the mat, and the forget the piano 3) inherently, your kiddo is laying down so if they actually kick the thing, they can’t see it, 4) if you’re thinking you’ll just use it as an activity mat – again it’s really thin and the toys are kinda boring…I just think if your babies like to kick, let them kick on their own and save your money for either a good activity mat or a fun little piano when they can sit up – the mixing of the two on this is really not well designed/well worth it.

Kaitlin Gaylord, MI

Great except for 1 thing..

My 2 month old son loved this right away! He figured out the mirror instantly and enjoyed smiling at himself. What I like about this is that is easy to take apart and put away if needed. Also I like that the animal toys can be moved, they are not perminatly attached. The mat it self is really cute animals and colorful, but not very thick padding. But placing a blanket under neath fixes that. The one annoying thing about this is the piano settings. My son loves to kick the keys and its easy for him, BUT after he hits a key and stops for a few seconds it plays a little song after. I wish it didnt do this so that he could kick his feet and hear a key stoke and nothing more. Overall its about my baby and he does like it.

Joni Centerville, MO

Baby loves it!

We bought this gym to replace the boppy gym he didn’t care for. He instantly loved this gym and played for over 30 mins the first time. That as until one of the hard toys hit his hand Kerry good. That’s the one major flaw I see. The toys that hang are do lifeless and hard. They really shoukd have either been soft toys or a softer plastic. They lack a pretty big punch when baby hits them. I so don’t like that he can’t just kick the piano for piano noises. After he kicks it, it starts to play a song. Prefer just the piano jet noises.

Abbie Chester, OK

Must have for babies!!

This mat is amazing! My little girl started playing on it at around 8 weeks but she probably would have enjoyed it sooner had we had it. The toys are lower than other activity gyms so she can bat at them, and the piano part is a huge hit. She loves to kick it. I really love that this will "grow with her"–the piano flips up so that she can play it once she can sit up and the toy bar can be turned to face downward for tummy time. I will be buying this for anyone I know who is expecting. In fact we love it so much we bought one to have at grandma and grandpa’s house. Definitely worth the money!!

Krista West, MS

Like now, didn’t like at first

This baby gym has really grown on me. When we first got it, the piano it came with was defective. Even if we turned the switch to “off,” it would continue to play if you pressed the keys. This resulted in the batteries draining in about a day. I contacted Fisher Price and they promptly sent me a new piano, free of charge. General observations:1) When our son was really little, he wasn’t that interested in the hanging toys because he was too small to reach for them and they don’t have lights on them. I was really wishing we had bought one that had lights on top. The piano has lights, but he can’t see those when he’s on his back. Once he got to be about three months, he started to really enjoy laying on his back and batting at/grasping the toys. At five months, he still really enjoys this.2) The mirror does not hang straight down as shown in the picture, it angles to one side. When you plug the yellow bar in to the sides, just make sure the side the mirror is facing is where your baby can see himself and then plug in the yellow bar. You can twist the yellow bar so that the mirror is facing the direction you want.3) Tummy time – our son doesn’t really use this much for tummy time. Others have mentioned it, but the toys just aren’t that exciting for tummy time.4) Piano – now that we have a fully functioning piano, I really like it! Our son enjoys having something to kick against. I’m not sure if he has any idea that his kicking is causing the music, but regardless he likes to kick it. Some of the keys play a little song when you kick them and some play a note. I wish they all played a note instead of some playing a song. I’m hoping he will enjoy the piano even as he outgrows laying on the pad.5) Hanging toys – the toys are very hard and I have thought about swapping out with softer toys. Now that our son is five months, I don’t worry as much, but when he was just starting to play with them, I was wishing they were softer. As others have mentioned, they do hang very low.6) Pad – the pad is machine washable which is a must!7) Travel – I can fold in half and remove the yellow bar to put it in the car, but it definitely takes up some space because of the piano.

Geneva Tula, MS

2nd Baby Gym

We almost didn’t buy this because we already had one baby gym that our baby enjoyed very much. We are super happy we decided to go for it. Our baby loved kicking her legs and loved the music so much. There are 2 modes… one plays a little tune when it is kicked and the other the baby can create their own tunes like a reg piano. Our little girl is a toddler now and we don’t use it anymore (even though it is suppose to switch to a toddler toy). The piano doesn’t disconnect from the base so it is too big to have out for her when she isn’t using the majority of it especially since we have a few other pianos. The fact that she didn’t use it in the converted toddler position does not take away from our satisfaction with this toy because she enjoyed it so much when she was an infant. I can’t wait to have another baby and see them enjoy it all over again! Great purchase!

Carole Duncannon, PA

Awesome product!

We bought the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym for our daughter just before she turned 2 months old. It has been one of her favorite toys from the start. We noticed her starting to kick her legs constantly which is why we purchased it for her so early, but she was able to kick the piano with no problem while still being able to see herself in the mirror and bat at the toys. All was in her reach and she loved it! Now that she is 3 months she is able to grab hold of the hanging toys and they are the perfect size for tiny hands. We also like that the toy bar can be moved from a standing position to a ground position to keep her entertained during tummy time on the mat and the bright colors and contrasting patterns peak her curiosity as well. Very happy with this purchase!

Monique Beech Grove, IN

Enjoyable for a while but limitations to each of the “functions”!

I bought this after reading all the positive reviews, and my baby did enjoy it, but I’d probably buy a different activity mat for future children. I like buying multiple stage/uses items (i.e. baby products that you can use at different ages and for different purposes) but looking back, it feels as though each use (e.g. lying on the back, tummy time, sitting up to play piano) just fell short in some way. For instance:1. Lying down, batting at toys stage. The mat isn’t that big, so your baby can only lie directly below the toys and bat upwards. If your baby rolls once, he or she will hit the yellow side handles. Moreover, the one bar (from which the 4 toys hang) means that your baby is essentially only batting upwards. Unlike the activity gyms that have multiple bars (in a criss-cross fashion), it doesn’t encourage your baby to arch or turn when batting upwards, or reach in any direction except for directly upwards. Coupled with the lack of space for rolling practice, I feel like this mat didn’t really help encourage movement in multiple directions. As for the 4 toys themselves, they’re cute, but not super-interactive. They’re all made of hard plastic, which is good for clean-up purposes, but be careful when your baby is super small, especially with the ones at the sides. Of the 4, one (the lion) isn’t interactive at all – it’s just a plastic piece. Also, the mirror is at an awkward angle that your baby can’t really see unless they’re lying exactly right. I ended up having to hold the mirror most of the time.2. Piano. When she was little, my baby enjoyed kicking at the piano, but after a while the music got somewhat repetitive (there are only 4 notes, and a few basic tunes) and the lights are limited to two flowers at the end (the red and yellow). As for the sitting up to play the piano function, I find that the piano is a little low, for my baby to truly “sit up”. You have to push their legs under the the piano when it is flipped up, which is a little awkward for babies with chunkier legs (like mine!) and it made them bend over a little unnaturally. Also, the irritating thing about the mode that allows the baby to hit individual notes, is that right after the baby hits the key, which triggers a single note, a long tune play immediately, which only can be stopped if the baby hits another note (which starts the tune again). It’s better if hitting the key causes just the note to be played, because the continuous tune spoils the “cause and effect” of pressing one key and hearing one note.3. Tummytime. Not really anything special. Putting the bar in the down position is equivalent to just putting a mirror and some random toys in front of the baby. Also, again, you have to move the mirror yourself to get the baby’s attention, it doesn’t really “lie” exactly right. And the small size of the mat means that it doesn’t really encourage rolling tummy to back, since the baby will end up hitting the yellow bars.Other thoughts – Batteries last a long time, mat is colorful and made of an easy-wipe off fabric. I agree with some other reviewers that storage is unwieldy and it takes up too much space – the most you can fold up the mat is bending the cloth part in half, and putting the bars down. The piano is permanent attached to the green side pieces, and that’s pretty big. I know most people really love this baby toy, but not me, unfortunately!

Kerry Benton, AR

Great toy to start with!

I got this for a gift at the baby shower and I’m sooo glad that I requested it. I first put my son on it at 2 1/2 months old and it didn’t really know what to do. I pushed his feet up against the piano and within a few minutes he knew exactly what to do. It’s difficult to find things to stimulate him at this age, so when he started kicking away and batting at the hanging toys, I knew it was a winner! He’s now 4 months old and still plays with it everyday.

Lucy Tonalea, AZ

Superb product for babies

This is one of the best things, if not the best thing, our baby got. It is sooooo fun for the baby to kick the keyboard and grab the mobile. Very stimulating for them.

Allie Williamstown, PA

Short life span

I like that it has several "stages," but there’s little room for Short Round to roll beneath the arch, so he’s lost interest pretty quickly. Otherwise it’s a great mat, with lots of stuff to do and things to kick. Good for sitters, too, which we’re transitioning into, but Short Round isn’t terribly interested in playing the piano while seated. He has learned nothing from "Peanuts’" Schroeder. For shame.

Lydia Sugar Tree, TN


she has had this toy since she was a couple of mos old. she loved it since day one!! just be aware about the piano, it breaks easily but it lasted quite a while. everything else we still use, we hang it on her playpen and car seat and she still loves playing with it.

Patricia Robertsville, MO

Best activity gym ever invented!

This is a really awesome activity gym for babies. Our baby started playing in this gym and kicking since one month old. He is almost 4 months now and loves kicking and playing here even more. He would bat and grab the hanging toys while his legs would be busy kicking. Every easy to assemble and the mat is machine washable. I love that the piano can change position in the future when baby is able to sit better so he can sit and use his hands on the piano. This is the best gym for babies to stimulate their development. We are very happy with this purchase.

Mayra Tracyton, WA

Loved it

My son loved this. Mostly the piano part. I was very pleased with this product. And since the piano flips up, it grows with your little one. So they can use it laying down and kicking it, or when they start sitting up. Good product.

Marian Tres Piedras, NM

Baby love this mat!

We have another activity mat for our 4 month old daughter but this one is a nice extra to have. She loves kicking the keys to play music and the mirror keeps her engaged for quite a while. It’s a little tough for her to practice rolling over, but the keys and music are great and definitely an easy toy to travel with. Definitely recommend this mat!

Janette Ashley, IL

great play mat

I bought this for my almost 3 month old son. He absolutely loves it! I think that he enjoys this play mat better than the square play because of kicking the keyboard. Highly recommended!

Jasmin Ashville, NY

2 month old

I had two activity mats from my older son which my 2 month old son had absolute no interest in. Other mothers with a child the same age were recommending this on so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! My 2 month old (now three months) old immediately starting smiling at himself in the mirror and kicking the piano. I can still get him to play on it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, which any mother with a newborn knows is much needed time to get stuff done around the house.

Jillian Whiteville, NC

Great play mat

We started using this play mat when our son was 3 months old and he loved kicking at the piano and swatting at the toys. Our son is now 11 months old and he still enjoy playing with the piano (we have it flipped up so he can sit at it). He’s gotten lots of use out of it and its still in great shape for the next baby, so its been a great value for the money.

Jessie Capac, MI

Great playmat for baby

My husband and I purchased this for our daughter when she was about 2-3 months old. She is now 6 months old and still loves it. She can lay down or sit up at the piano. We can swap out the toys on the toy bar as well to give her different toys to play with. The mat is also machine washable and I’ve washed it many times and it still looks new. Also easy to just wipe off. I highly recommend.

Phoebe Emma, IL

Another Must have

Brought this for our daughter last week from amazon when the price dropped to $36, and let me tell you this has been great for our 4 month old. had two options for purchase, standard packing and frustration free packing. not sure the difference, as we chose the standard as the other was out of stock. I’m just stoked that this is like $55 at Babies R us and price watching Amazon we were able to purchase it for much cheaper!

Marla Grass Lake, MI