Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Play Mat, Jumbo

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Play Mat, Jumbo

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Play Mat, Jumbo

Main features

  • Super sized jumbo mat featuring the adorable discover ‘n grow character art
  • Includes: mirror, fish teether, mirror and frog with clackers
  • Features a fun peek a boo elephant ear with crinkle
  • Great fun for baby

Verified reviews


Great for newborn but not older babies.

I bought this playmat for my growing 5 month old baby boy. The playmat we had previously was getting very small and need something bigger. The size of this product is perfect, the colors are bright, and it is waterproof to our rug underneath it. I have machine washed it, more than once (although it is not recommended by the manufacture), it still remains like new, and has not stained. The only issue I have had with this playmat is that it does not stay in place. My baby boy is now 7 months old and is rolling all over the place and with every roll he makes the mat bunches up under him. If the product had a stiff based or some type of rubber grip at the bottom I would consider it a 5 Star Product.

Christine Mattaponi, VA

Is acceptable

I bought this for my LO to play on. I have two dogs and a large area rug that my dogs like to lay on so I wanted something to put down to prevent dog hair from getting all over my LO. The underside collects A LOT of dog hair though. My son loves the toys that came attached to it though. I like that the toys are removable and the blanket it is washable. I do not think I would recommend this to a friend though. Is a waste of money.

Martha Murphysboro, IL

A Huge Hit

My son is outgrowing his activity mat, and is close to crawling, so he keeps shoving himself off of it. I got this mat after considering the Infantino and Tiny Love big mats. I’m very pleased with my purchase, and judging by the drooly smiles and non-stop cooing, I think it’s safe to say that my baby loves it.

Bridget Tavernier, FL

It’s cute but not the best

I have this mat and the Tiny Love that’s the same size. They both are very cute and have similar features, but unfortunately this one doesn’t stay in place as well as the other one does. The Tiny Love mat has blocks stitched into it that seem to keep it flat, this one doesn’t so when my 7 mo old crawls on it the mat comes with him. This mat is fine for an infant who isn’t moving very much, but if you have a crawler I’d go with the Tiny Love.

Kerry Medinah, IL

Awesome, colorful play mat

This is a great play mat. We got this for our 6 month old daughter because she is trying to crawl and likes playing down on the floor with her toys. This mat is bright and colorful. It has a textured bottom side so it doesn’t slide around on the carpet. The top side is soft. It has some toys that attaches to the mat for baby to play with including a mirror, frog, fish, and rattle. It is a good size, just big enough for baby to roll and crawl around but also small enough to fold up and store or travel. Very easy to clean, most stuff (drool, spit up, etc) will wipe off easily and can machine wash too. Pretty much an awesome purchase.

Sheree El Portal, CA

Just what we were looking for…

Very pleased with this purchase. Our 4 month old just started rolling around everywhere so we needed a bigger playmat than the one that came with our activity gym that we had been using. It’s generous size means it should last us for awhile. Our baby has pretty bad reflux and he throws up a lot so i’m very happy that this mat wipes clean so easily. The material is very soft and has enough padding to be comfortable, a little more would be nice tho. It rolls up nice into the little vinyl zip bag it came in so it’s perfect for travel.

Letitia Steep Falls, ME

Great toy for babies!

This is perfect for a baby who doesn’t crawl. Many things within reach to grab and chew on, soft and comfy to lay on, and very colorful. It’s washable, just don’t dry, the elephants ear will shrink and be funny looking. It still fits in the bag it came in!

Jodie Point Roberts, WA

Great for 1-6 months

The mat is large enough for the baby to play in without the constant repositioning you have to do if you have your baby in a smaller mat. I would still recommend this to be on top of carpet or if you have a hard surface, put those ABC forms under it. When your baby is starting to lift his/her head (2-4 months), you do not want the sudden banging of the head to the mat without any cushion underneath.

Gay Manahawkin, NJ



Lora Central Point, OR

Great buy

I love this mat, it’s big enough to put it in the crib or baby play yard. It’s bright in color and easy to wash. I’m very happy with this mat.

Johnnie Gibsonburg, OH

Best Baby Toy EVER!!!

I bought this on a whim for my son. He absolutely loves it. There are so many different things for him to play with, look at and chew on. 🙂 It is so easy to clean too.

Rachel Yakima, WA

Tried it but ordered a bigger, non-skid one.

Nice colorful & soft playmat, but too slippery for a baby trying to learn to crawl. So, I ordered another one that is non-skid while soft and foamy.

Karen Florence, MO

One of the best things I bought while pregnant!

I love having this huge mat for tummy time. Not only does it make tummy time more fun than using the actual "tummy time mat", but because it is large and covered in toys it encourages my daughter to scoot around and play which is helping her learn to crawl early. It also washes up great! A lot of the toys disconnect and I just throw it in the washer and then I tumble it on low in the dryer. I’ve washed it countless times and it still looks like new.

Lacey Sallis, MS

Just perfect for a crawler!

Bought the large multi-colored gate system and have this laying in the middle. The baby stays happy and safe! Highly recommend.

Kristie Camas, WA

Very large!

We love this mat! It’s big enough that my baby can play with her toys while her sister, who likes to sit on anything on the floor, can sit on it and play as well. She can also roll a couple times before she ends up off the mat! Most play mats are so small that after one roll, I have to move her back on. Not so with this one. Plus, I can hook many different toys on it in the different areas. I like that!

Janell Gresham, WI

good large mat

Bought this mat for my twin nieces so they can do tummy time together! They love the mat and so does my sister! The colors look good and are vibrant for the babies! It is very big so it is something they can use for a while, unlike the small play mats.

Vilma Howe, OK

Great size, great quality!

we LOVE this mat! It’s large enough that my daughter (7 months) can roll on it and play on it and we don’t have to worry about her getting on the carpet/floor. We have washes the mat many times and it keeps it qualify each time. GREAT PURCHASE!

Valerie Danbury, NC

My baby loves this!

This play mat is great. My baby loves it. It is very colorful and she loves the little toys attached.

Sarah Jefferson, MD

Great Simple Mat

This mat is great for a simple mat for your baby to play on. It’s a little thinner than I expected it to be, but it doesn’t pillow as baby is playing on it, so that’s okay. It’s really easy to clean and my baby loves the mirror.The loops for the toys are a really fun addition and allow for my baby not to throw them across the mat and get upset.I placed the mat on top of the foam alphabet squares and it creates a great play place for my baby. I don’t think it is plush enough to soften a hard floor, though.

Jana Northbrook, IL

What I wanted

Since my baby started rolling over a lot, we needed to buy a larger play mat. I wanted to buy something washable and made from safer material than formed play mat. This play mat provides a lot of space that my baby rolls over, and has some fun effects (e.g. baby can have fun with a large elephant’s ear). This play mat comes wit three hanging toys. Highly recommended.

Taylor Fayette, MS

This mat is fantastic.

My 8 month old loves the colors, the crinkly elephant ear and the mirror. It has enough padding to help cushion falls and the prints on it are simply gorgeous. Easy to keep clean and also very simple to transport. I have had many complements when I take it anywhere. The size is second to none. This is a must buy for any new mom wanting a nice place for their baby to play!

Gay Chase Mills, NY

Love it

It’s just what I was looking for. It’s big just right for when my almost 4 months old starts rolling.

Emilie Luning, NV

Perfect for Babies

My daughter loves her play mat. It was really great when she was sitting up. Now that she is crawling she is all over the place, but she still likes to pull on the toys attached to it. It is very colorful and cute!

Irma Macy, IN