Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Push ‘N See Kaleidoscope, Monkey

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Push ‘N See Kaleidoscope, Monkey

An exciting toy designed to provide baby with hours of interactive push ‘n see fun. The monkey’s tail is a spring loaded handle that, when pulled, activates a fascinating high contrast kaleidoscope in the center of his belly. There are two fun ditties and a giggle sound effect that will help entertain baby. Additionally, there are two colorful clacker beads around hanging from one of his arms. Requires 1 AA battery, included.

Main features

  • Cute monkey has a large kaleidoscope in his belly to delight baby
  • Baby can activate the kaleidoscope by pulling on the monkey’s tail
  • 2 fun ditties and a giggling sound effect reward baby
  • 2 colorful clacker beads decorates the monkey’s arm
  • A wonderful gift for babies 6 months and up

Verified reviews


OK but Not thrilled.

I was disappointed in this for the price. It doesnt do much, I think its worth $5. Maybe I’ll be more impressed when my infant can work the tail herself.

Rosalia Rhineland, MO

Baby loves it!

At 2 months, baby intently watches the twirling black & white design. I think it will still be of good play value when she’s big enough to manipulate it herself.

Rowena Mc Intosh, NM


super cute toy…baby even dances the the little sounds it makes. got it when she was 9 months old, she is able to pull the tail and make it go all on her own…easy to use

Christy Masterson, TX

Great Toy

My husband bought this for my 5.5 month-old son. Although my son hasn’t completely figured it out yet, his face just lit up the first time he pushed the handle down. And he played with this for more than an hour at his first try. That alone was worth the money since he usually only plays with a toy for a few seconds. I highly recommend this (although the laugh is a little bit evil).Pros: Easy to use at around 6 monthsSix other babies have played with this toy and they all loved it tooThe ears are just the right size for teething babiesCons: A little largeThe laugh is evil and annoyingUpdate: This, like all battery-operated children’s toys, needs an off switch. Not only does my baby love this, but so does my dog. Now we hear an evil laugh coming from the next room, both day and night, because the dog has figured out how to push the handle down with his nose.

Jillian Carlisle, KY

Great toy

Love this toy. Keeps the baby occupied and he seems to enjoy it. The music and spinning is a great reward for him to develop his motor skills. My only wish is that it would not topple so easily – I have to hold it while he plays with it or it will be on its side and he’ll be yelling for me to straighten it up for me. He used it from about 6 months and still likes it 3 months later.

Bobby Avoca, NY