Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Select-a-Show Soother

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Select-a-Show Soother

Its easy to customize this soother so the scenic light show is just right for different ages. With classical music, sweet lullabies or soft nature sounds, the portable penguin is a great way to soothe baby. Requires 3 C batteries.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Features a scenic light show that changes as baby grows
  • Choose slide no.1 for newborns to encourage focusing and recognition of faces
  • Slide no.2 engages growing babies, projecting butterflies that gently move and encourage eye-tracking skills
  • More complex and colorful, slide #3 keeps an older baby’s attention
  • Up to 20 minutes of classical music and lullabies or nature sounds help baby fall asleep
  • Choose slide #1 for newborns to encourage focusing and recognition of faces
  • Slide #2 engages growing babies, projecting butterflies that gently move and encourage eye-tracking skills

Verified reviews


images are blurry

I received this as a gift. The music is pleasant. It plays for 20 minutes (light and/or sound). There are 2 volume options. In a quiet house, the quieter one is fine. The loud one isn’t too loud, so either work for me. My daughter seems to watch the light show but I wish the images were clearer. They are blurry, even with the projector pointed straight at the ceiling on a shelf less than 4 feet from the ceiling. It is nice that it can be set at an angle too. I would understand the images being distorted, if set at an angle. My projector requires 3 C-cell batteries (as shown in one of the pictures of the box), not 4 AA batteries (in the product description). I don’t notice any operating noise while using either light or sound (or both). I think the distortion problem is because the plastic at the top of the projector is curved rather than flat; maybe this is aesthetic to mimic a penguin’s rounded head. The light passes through the image panel (plastic) then through the plastic at the top of the unit. If it only had to pass through one level, the images would be clearer.

Margot Oldtown, MD

better toy than light show/white noise machine

I bought this to use as a light show in the nursery while my baby was winding down for sleep, but was unimpressed at first that 1) the lights aren’t very visible from great distance unless the room is pretty dark and 2) there’s no option to hang the penguin from a crib rail (for example) — you really have to either keep it pointed straight at the ceiling or on its back (the angled feet don’t hold). I actually had this toy in a closet for a few months before pulling it out again recently. My child is now 10 months old and she loves this penguin. It’s nice that the buttons on the front are easy for her to press (even in low light) and she enjoys changing the music and removing the extra light show discs from the back. We just have to hold the penguin so we can point it at a nearby wall for best viewing.This is a sturdy toy that our little one looks for at bedtime, so I now think it was worth every penny.

Lillie Stetsonville, WI

Doesn’t even project two inches from my wall… Good music though.

Since my nursery has a penguin theme, I thought this would be perfect. Let me say that the lights are just awful. They don’t even project clearly two inches from your hand. How on earth do they expect the lights to reach the ceiling? Impossible. I have a blackout curtain the nursery (so dark that you can’t even tell if it’s day or night when the door’s shut) and even then, the lights don’t project. It’s really terrible.However, the music is great, my 3 month old adores it, and the nature sounds are soothing. I will keep it for the music (a mix of lullabies and classical) and for the nature sounds. Other than that, it’s junky and cheap.

Gayla Detroit, OR

LO loves it but projections are out of focus

We sent one back due to the unsharp images and received a replacement with the same issue. Sending that one back, too. It’s unfortunate because my LO really loves the soothing music and the lights, but you can’t really tell what images are projected onto the wall, they are sooo out of focus! Major design flaw.

Latonya Lagrange, GA

Blurry, but still loves it

The music has 2 different volume settings which is a nice feature. Don’t be misled by the pictures though, it is NOT clear unless it’s within a foot or two of the wall/ceiling. My son still loves it, he’s watched it since he was 6mos and is a year old now. He looks for it when we go to bed and likes to tote it around by the handle. The slides store in a handy slot in the back, but beware- if your tot likes to drag it around they are bound to get lost because they don’t stay in very good. I would totally buy this again, I turn it on when I nurse him at night and the music is soothing (and on a convenient timer, so you don’t have to shut it off). Batteries last a long time too.

Judi White Stone, VA

Good Product, just could’ve been better

So upon going to target for odds and ends, I came across this item. I already have a soother for my DD but the projection is so loud you have to turn the music almost all the way up (which is too loud lol). Anyways this soother is not what I had expected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product but I feel like It could have been better. It has 2 different volume options and 3 different light disks. The light could be a bit stronger so the projections would be clearer and the volume louder as well. It’s a great solution to those wind up mobiles and dark rooms. Soothers in general are great.

Carmela Elmora, PA