Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Stroller Chime, Giraffe

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Stroller Chime, Giraffe

A fun addition to the Discover ‘n Grow line. Soft linkable giraffe character attaches to your stroller to keep baby entertained. Legs contain chime in one and rattle in the other for fun interactive sounds. Also includes two clacker rings and a teethable frog.

Main features

  • Soft giraffe attaches to any stroller for on-the-go fun
  • Legs chime and rattle, encouraging baby to play
  • Features colorful clacker rings to entertain baby
  • Teethable frog helps baby soothe sore gums
  • The perfect gift for any baby occasion

Verified reviews


Smoothing Chime and adorable Giraffe

Didn’t get this from Amazon, but in “T” store which has a better pricing of less than $10. Bought this together with a new car seat for my baby transitioning from Baby Car Seat. LO was so happy and played with the Giraffe Chime, & only fuss a couple of time in his new car seat. Rate only 4 Star, as its a little longer than most Chime.

Martha Winston, MO

3 Month Old LOVES this toy!

Bought this toy for my three month old son and he loves it! He spends so much time looking at it and talking to the giraffe. The toy is VERY long so it doesn’t work well on the car seat or tummy time play gym. With it being so long it does hang down enough that he grabs at it because it is touching him; he does not grab at a lot of dangling toys because he isn’t reaching for things yet. The chimes are so sweet and he loves to grab it and listen to what happens when he does! A wonderful toy!

Dee Hamer, ID

A toy both mom/dad & baby can enjoy

My now 5-month old loves this toy. It caught her eye as soon as it was pulled from the package 2/3 months ago. It is used for both floor playtime and as a car toy, it dangles from the handle. The chimes keep her attention and aren’t too loud and annoying. Impressed so much I purchased the elephant too!

Ella Ratcliff, TX

amazing! !

My 10 week old feel in love with this at first sight. She was starting to grab but wasn’t quite there yet. Within 2 days of introducing her to it she was grasping well and pulling toward her within a week she was grasping well enough to pull things to get mouth. I attribute it all to this toy. She loves staring at it. She loves touching it. She loves holding it. She loves hugging it. My husband and I are amazed by how much she loves it. Best thing I ever bought for her.

Jannie Berwyn, PA

Great toy!

My son is 2.5 months old and I ordered this as he loves the monkey version that we were given. As he’s so little he’s only just starting to be interested in toys but this holds his attention as long as anything really does for a small baby. I hang it from his stroller, his bouncer seat, or his “gym” and he seems to enjoy it. Last night he was playing with it in his bouncy chair and the movement of the chair makes the chimes sound gently. The noises interest him & the chime is pleasant and not annoying for mom & dad! He enjoys looking at the toy- he’ll sit in the chair and coo & smile at it. He also gets very excited when his movements cause it to make noise. It’s a cute useful toy and I’d give it to a friend as a baby shower gift.

Lacey Butler, GA