Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Twinkling Lights Projector Mobile

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Twinkling Lights Projector Mobile

What is Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Twinkling Lights Projector Mobile? Imagine a ceiling full of twinkling stars…as if nature shares a sparkling blanket to soothe your little one. Animal friends glow like lanterns as they move. And up to 15 minutes of gentle music helps transform baby’s crib into a place of comfort and serenity. Baby will love to be soothed to sleep under the stars with sweet animal friends. Easy to use handheld remote lets you restart without disturbing baby Twinkle, Twinkle Baby will love drifting off to sleep under the stars with sweet animal friends. Twinkling starlight ceiling projection sets a calming scene as glowing animal friends gently move up and down overhead in rhythmic patterns. High-contrast, spinning bumblebees, a cast of colorful animals, and up to 15 minutes of gentle music helps transform baby’s crib into a place of comfort and serenity. Develop & Grow Important skills are developing as baby drifts off to dreamland. Baby will gain a stronger sense of security and happiness as the long-lasting crib soother helps keep a consistent bedtime routine. High-contrast patterns, twinkling stars, glowing animals, and relaxing music stimulate baby’s senses. Older babies will learns how to make things happen by pressing the button on the crib side soother. Quiet Play A remote control lets you restart without disturbing baby. And as baby grows, the mobile easily converts a long-lasting crib soother. Includes power and volume control. Help Baby Get Comfy Help baby learn to self-soothe. The gently glowing animals, ceiling projection, and calming music soothe baby when it’s time to wind down and relax. Switch the settings until you find one that’s especially comforting to your little one’s routine. High-contrast patterns, twinkling stars, glowing animals, and relaxing music stimulate baby’s senses What’s in the Box? Includes one Fisher-Price Rainforest Discover ‘n Grow Twinkling Lights Projector Mobile. Features: Easily converts to a crib soother as baby grows Twinkling starlight ceiling projection Colorful scene of animal friends to keep baby company Animal characters glow like lanterns, moving up & down in rhythmic patterns High-contrast, spinning bumblebees Remote lets you restart without disturbing baby! Power/volume control for quiet play Up to 15 minutes of lullabies & classical music

Main features

  • Soft glowing characters twinkle and twirl overhead as music plays
  • The soft gentle music will play for up to 15 minutes
  • Restart the mobile without disturbing baby with the remote control
  • As baby grows, you can remove the mobile and project the show on the ceiling
  • Bright colors and smiling faces offer visual stimulation

Verified reviews


What a massive pain to put together!

I read some great reviews about how much babies like this product so decided to buy it. I was incredibly disappointed that it was such a pain to put together. They do not give you a screw driver and two of the screws which are meant to hold the main unit that attaches to the crib just would not screw tight because a regular sized screw driver would not go deep enough to tighten it.

Marva Hopatcong, NJ

my boys love it

I have twins. Both love this mobile though one is particularly obsessed with it. It holds his attention. The other stares at it when he is in a certain mood.The animals in the outer ring light up and move slowly while the inner ring slowly rotates. I am happy about this because I’ve seen a lot of mobiles that are ridiculously overwhelming. I don’t want an overstimulated child. This mobile is soft and soothing. I gave it for stars cause the remote worked once then never again plus my TV remote turns the thing on and off all the time (crib is in living room).

Juliet Gettysburg, PA

Should have gotten earlier

Love the way this projects stars on the ceiling and hasthe mobile! Should have gotten it before daughter could stand and grab though. Only thing I don’t like is that you can not have the stars and the mobile going at the same time. Daughter pulled herself up and tried to climb at 7months old, so we had to take it out about then. She loved pushing the button on it. Also, the receiver for the mobile remote doesn’t go a great distance, and you need the mpbile on the setting you want for it to work with the remote.

Lillian Lake Wilson, MN

Shopping around for a mobile? Skip this one.

Why in the crap are mobiles over $50? I went to Toys R Us to buy a soothing mobile for my baby. I figured I’d spend around $20-30 tops for a name brand, quality item. Well hell no. I paid $55 for this sucker. I got it home and was totally disappointed that the animals don’t actually MOVE (in a circular motion), they just move up and down. ????????????? Also, the colorful animals on the base of the mobile that you’re just SURE will do something don’t do anything; it’s just a big sticker. The handy remote stopped working after a few days, and the mobile is so bright that it actually kept him awake instead of soothing him to sleep. After maybe a dozen uses over a couple of months, the thing has started just emitting a horrible, creepy carnival-like “music” and the animals don’t light up anymore. Could the batteries be dead after using it 12 times??? If so, this is a horrible power suck. If not, the thing is defective, and what am I supposed to do since I’ve thrown away the box, receipt, etc?I’m totally over mobiles. I’m pregnant with my second now and that little goober isn’t gonna have anything in his crib besides a paci and maybe that Sassy mirror that babies love. I refuse to get sucked into the “BUY EVERYTHING” moneysuck that new parents experience. Take that, Fisher Price.

Lea Oakley, MI

Made transition to crib easier

We are still using the mobile at 6 months and it soothes my baby easily to sleep. Will be sad when she can reach for it and we have to take the mobile part away, but I am happy that we can use the star feature next! Batteries have lasted a long time, 2 months without a change so far.

Araceli Braham, MN

Love it!

This was such a great buy, I wish we would he had it from the time my son first went in the crib. The little animals that light up are so soothing and relaxing. I love the songs…I’ve got them memorized so I know when the last song is coming up so I can position myself in the right place to lay the baby down at the end. My son loves it too. He is now 1 yr so we took off the animals but he can still hit the buttons to start the music up which he often does to soothe himself when he wakes up. He will listen to it for the 15 or so mins it runs and then maybe if we are lucky, hit it again. I will say I wish the remote worked infrared because many times I wished I could have turned it back on without my son seeing me..but you have to be pretty close to the machine for the remote to work. Of all the mobiles, this to me, was the cutest and also had all the features I wanted… Stars on the ceiling, light up animals…..cute cute cute.

Beulah South Holland, IL


This product was not all that I expected. The characters were really huge. The red monkey looks scary when it lights up. The whole thing made my little one cry. I think it freaked him out every time he looked up at it. This mobile lasted one day in his crib. I have to admit, the mobile was obtrusive and obnoxious looking so i had to return it. If I was a little baby I would be freaked out by it hanging over my head too. It was seriously huge. The one thing I will say is that the way it fastened to the crib was pretty secure. I actually liked that feature.

Francisca Prineville, OR

Love the fisher-price discover n grow twinkling lights mobile

This mobile is perfect for keeping baby entertained and engaged both night and day. I love the colors and music, and the remote control is a nifty bonus. It was super easy to put together, all and all worth every penny.

Alana Hanover, IN

best light up mobile!

We love this mobile! the animals light up which my son loves because he has always loved watching lights. It plays very soothing lullaby’s as well. The remote makes it easy to turn on again from across the room. We dont use the projecter part because the spot that we attached it to on the crib doesnt let it project well and the lights dont seem very strong. overall very happy with the mobile and im so glad i found it!

Kimberley Crawford, OK

LOVE the light up elements, some cons though

My son has had this mobile since he was 2 months old, and he is now 10 months old. Worth every penny! He absolutely LOVES that the little animals light up and move up and down, as well as spin. We have a video monitor and I would watch him stare at it for a long time. We don’t use any of the music on the mobile because we have theFisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Sootherthat we use for the “ambient” noise, so not sure about that. It feels secure on the crib, and is really cute.As far as the projector goes, I agree with the other reviewers in that its not very bright or noticeable. We don’t use it at all so far. I have no idea why they didn’t make the soother picture light up. You’re supposed to take the animals of the mobile part off once your baby can pull up in the crib, but we haven’t so far. My son likes to bat at the animals, and turn the lights on and off.My BIGGEST complaint about this mobile is that the battery life is TERRIBLE. I have had to change the batteries at least 4 times in the last 8 months. It takes 3 or 4 large batteries, and you have to go through the whole hassle of taking it off the side of the crib, which is annoying. We didn’t even use it everyday.

Ester Glenn Dale, MD

Awesome Product!

Not only is this a mobile with movement and sound, but the mobile animals LIGHT UP! My son loves looking at it at night. This also has a feature that can put a moon and stars in lights on the ceiling. Easy to install and hook up.

Marci Masury, OH

Got it for a friend

Works greatcute and the baby seems engrossed in it. Worth every penny to see my friends baby so happy.

Leigh Mooresboro, NC

Cute but stopped working

We got this for my two month old and he loved it but out of nowhere it just stopped working. We tried replacing the battery but still isn’t worth it. It’s such a bummer since my little guy was so mesmerized by this mobile.

Matilda Southport, CT


I loved this mobile. The animals glow very strongly in the dark, and you have several programs, with light, with no light, with stars proyecting in the sky, with movement or without it, my baby’s room seems disney with this mobile. He goes to sleep every night with it’s nice and warm music.

Tia West Lafayette, OH

Love the mobile part

My 3 month old loves the mobile! The animals light up and move, and there is a spinning part on the inside. It catches the attention of the baby right away, and keeps it.The only problems i have with this are the projector is very blurred and not detailed at all. The stars just look like circles on the ceiling, and it does not catch the attention of my baby. Also, if you plan on buying this, make sure you have an actual screw driver, and not a screwdriver with detachable bits, because they will not fit in the holes where the screws are.Overall, great product!

Brooke Cottage Grove, MN

Best baby purchase we made

This has been by far the best baby purchase that we made. We bought it when our son was about 2 months old because he seemed to really be attracted to lights. We were also trying to encourage him to look in a different direction because he had a bit of torticollis. We thought the soft glowing lights of the mobile would be soothing for him, and we were right. It did encourage him to turn his head and helped completely eliminate the torticollis issue. He loves watching the animals light up and fade and the music is soothing. In fact, he’s now nearly 20 months old, and we still use this mobile daily. It is attached to the highest point of his crib where he cannot touch the things that hang down, but he can press the button to turn it on. At night and when he wakes, he will lay in bed watching the mobile and if he’s still awake when it stopped, he’ll stand back up to hit the bottom to turn it back on then lay back down and watch it go again. We’ve watched him do this numerous times over our video monitor (another item we’ve used consistently since birth). We used the remote function a lot early on, but haven’t used it in over a year. The drawback to the remote is it only works if you can get a direct sight line from the remote to the mobile, and we weren’t always able to do that because of how his room was arranged. We have had to replace the batteries quite often, but I think its worthwhile since my son enjoys it so much. When he gets tall enough that he can reach the items that hang down, we can remove that part and just use the projector function which he will still be able to control on his own. Overall, a great purchase!

Margot Oviedo, FL

Great product!

Product as described. My son loves all the songs that play and would highly recommend. It may be pricey but totally worth it.

Bettie Kenner, LA

Loooooove this!

For my son we had a mobile where all the pieces spun around, I thought this one did too when I bought it for my daughter. The animal pieces move slowly up and down to the music while they light up! That was way better than I could have expected and the bumble bees spin in a circle… this is so soothing and creates a great little light show… best mobile I could have hoped for… I also bought it because it can shoot stars on the ceiling but I much prefer the animals to light up instead

Celeste Unadilla, NY

My 2mo old loves it!

We weren’t sure which mobile to get, but my son has the “Rainforest” theme room, so this pretty much went with it and looked the most entertaining for him.I am hesitant to write such a positive review about anything, but he absolutely loves it. The music and lights last for 15 minutes which is usually enough to get him down, and the lights and music are slow and low enough that they’re not too stimulating. When I do need to restart it, it’s as easy as opening his door and hitting the button on the remote to restart it. At least he doesn’t need to see me and then cry when I leave. We’ve had it for about a month now, and it’s well worth the money, I’m so glad we got this! Would definitely buy again and recommend.

Diann Utica, KS