Fisher-Price Disney Baby Lion King Peek-a-Boo Soother

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Lion King Peek-a-Boo Soother

Bring the peaceful calm of Simba’s home right to baby’s crib. A glowing waterfall has mesmerizing motion to help lull baby to sleep, with help from sweet music, lights and sounds. Offer gentle soothing while promoting auditory skills. Movement of Simba, Timone & Pumba encourages eye-tracking skills. Falling water & glowing lights help baby establish a comforting bedtime routine. Requires 4 C batteries.

Main features

  • Adorable soother that features the beloved characters from Disney’s The Lion King
  • Calms and entertains your baby
  • 18 minutes of gentle music
  • Helps establish a sleep routine for baby
  • Attaches directly to any crib

Verified reviews


Stuck in Demo Mode, no hope of removing try me “tag”

Well my 3 month old loves this thing, for all 20 seconds that it plays. My in-laws bought it for him, and I was really excited because all the reviews were fantastic. First of all, it did not come with any type of instruction manual, but I figured when it only played for 20 seconds and did the same thing no matter what setting I put it on, that it was stuck in demo mode. There was nothing on the back that showed to be a definitive try me tag, so I went online to see if it had one or not, and if so, where it was. Well, I found out that it does have one, although I couldn’t find specifics on what it looked like. This is not supposed to be rocket science, it’s a baby soother… So what I’ve decided must be the try me “tag” is a white T-shaped piece of plastic with no pull tab that came firmly jammed deep into the back of the soother. I tried fishing it out with a flathead screwdriver and only managed to shove it in even more. I also made the mistake of showing it to my son before taking it out of the box, and it made for an hour long scream fest due to him being super angry at me unless I pressed the button every 20 seconds to keep it running. Thanks Fisher-Price.I gave this 2 stars because in theory it’s great, and for the first 20 seconds it’s fantastic. 😉

Marla Elmore, MN

Soothers are great, this one’s pretty good

I had a fisher price soother for my first baby, the rain-forest one. We all loved it! it is safer than a mobile and easy for him to turn on himself. When he was only 4 months old I would hear him wake up at night, turn on his soother, and put himself back to sleep! Eventually after 4 years of use, that one broke, so I replaced it with this Lion King soother for my second baby. It’s ok, it has all of the benefits of the rain-forest one. It says "features music from the movie!" but, just to be clear, it features ONE song from the movie, "Can you feel the love tonight." I think that is a little misleading. Why don’t they just say it plays that song? After owning both soothers I also think this Lion King soother is a little more stimulating than the rainforest one because it has 3 characters that move instead of two and a fish with bubbles. The music is not quite as relaxing and is a little faster as well. This probably isn’t a concern for most but my first baby was VERY sensitive to over-stimulation, we didn’t even use the motion on his soother until he was 10 months old. With my second this isn’t much of a concern. So, it’s good because it’s a soother and they’re really great products, but I definitely wouldn’t pay more for this one over a generic animal one.

Mariana Eliot, ME

Lion King Soother

This is an awesome soother. The sounds are wonderful & my baby loves it. I adore the soft blue light of the waterfall. im a 4th time mom & only buy items i know baby will use. The amazon price was $20 less than every where else I shop. This item is a must have for babies.

Latasha Piseco, NY

My baby likes it, but its really noisy

I love how the music plays a Lion King song, and the lights and movement keep my baby entertained. The only annoying thing about it is that when you turn the movement on, it makes REALLY loud mechanical noises. Its really irritating. I’m not sure if they’re all like that or mine is just broken, but we usually have to turn the movement part off because its so loud it drowns out the nature sounds.

Betty Bowling Green, OH

Cute soother

Bought this when we transitioned my 6 month old son from his pack-and-play in our room to his crib. He really likes it. The light and music get his attention when he first lays down, but then the light can be too bright and keeps him awake, so I switch it to music-only mode. He has already figured out how to turn it on in the middle of the night, which is cute. So far, so good!

Stella Ridge Farm, IL

Think I like it better than my grandson does…

This was packaged well and is exactly as described. At three months, baby didn’t have much interest. Will retry at 5 months!

Maribel Page, WV

What a great toy !

This is my second Fisher-Price Sooother and it’s wonderful. I like three sound settings, I usually use the lowest and it’s perfect, not too loud and very soft. The music and nature sounds are very pleasant and calming. I looove that the toy plays for 20 min on a certain setting, it’s perfect for my little one that doesn’t fall asleep right away, he looks at it and enjoys before falling asleep. Also, if he wakes up suddenly (which he does after 10-15 min of sleep), I sneak into the nursery and turn the music on and he falls asleep on his own. My daughter is almost 2 now and she still uses her soother – Rainforest when she goes to bed. I highly recommend !!

Ella Longlake, SD

Beautiful soother

This is a beautiful toy. The music is lovely and my baby listens to it every night as she puts herself to sleep. I like that I can control how much light and volume it puts out. The batteries last a long time too – I used it every day for over a year and have only changed the batteries once.

Vanessa Lindsay, OK