Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Soother

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Soother

Soothing ocean sounds send baby to sleep. Designed to easily attach to most cribs. What is Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Soothing Sea Soother from Fisher-Price? Bring the peaceful calm of Nemo’s underwater home right to baby’s crib with the Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Soothing Sea Soother from Fisher-Price! A multi-colored fiber optic light show mesmerizes and lulls baby to sleep, with help from sweet music, soothing ocean sounds, bright colors, and a memorable cast of ocean friends. In addition, the soother easily attaches to most cribs and includes three settings, allowing for music only, music and lights, or sounds and lights – making it easy to customize to baby’s preferences! Lights, Sounds, & Sleep! Using fiber optic lights and soothing sounds, Nemo comes to life to help baby sleep in the Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Soothing Sea Soother from Fisher-Price. The soother’s calming light effects are on display in a beautiful variety of colors, along with soothing music to help lull baby to sleep. Better For Baby A multi-colored fiber optic light show mesmerizes baby, while helping to develop important eye-tracking skills. Friendly pals and soothing ocean sounds and lullabies help baby feel safe and secure and establish a comforting bedtime routine. Soothing Sounds Choose between two modes of sound – a variety of relaxing tunes or ocean sound effects in high/low settings – and watch as baby enters a wondrous world of imagination! The Soothing Sea Soother plays music for up to 20 minutes at a time and is designed to easily attach to most cribs. Age Grade: 0+ Baby will love the friendly and colorful fish pals. What’s in the Box? Includes the Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Soothing Sea Soother from Fisher-Price Features A multi-colored fiber optic light show mesmerizes and lulls baby to sleep 3 customizable modes! Music only (up to 20 minutes), Music & lights, Sounds & lights Choose lullabies, music, or ocean sounds Volume control and easy crib attachment Soothing light, music, and movement help to develop sensory and eye-tracking skills Helps baby develop a comforting bedtime routine

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Baby will love interacting with Nemo before bedtime
  • Soothing music and light effects help lull baby to sleep
  • Choose between a variety of relaxing tunes or ocean sounds effects
  • Music plays for up to 20 minutes
  • Designed to easily attach to most cribs

Verified reviews


Okay for younger babies

I have a 6 month old who has had this in her crib since she was born. I want to give it 5 stars but I just can’t. It just doesn’t do much! The light stays on for 5 minutes and then the music continues for 20 and I find that is just not enough to keep her attention as she drifts off. Not to mention that the colors on the fiber optics just don’t change that much. It’s a pretty boring soother compared to others on the market and for the price it just doesn’t deliver enough options! It’s built strong, it’s by Disney, and the battery life is good but that’s all I like about it.

Lola Soulsbyville, CA

It’s a glorified night light

Don’t get me wrong – It’s adorable. I, for one, love the fiber optics and changing colors, but my impression when we got it set up in the crib was, "I paid thirty bucks for this?" It doesn’t really do anything else but light up and play music. I have a one year old who is less than impressed. I thought the buttons would do something, but there is only one button and it just changes the light (and music I think?) I’m probably going to try and return this and get something a bit more engaging for an older baby. I think this would be awesome for tiny babies, though.

Lauren Lloyd, KY


Great product! Needs 4 AA batteries, but so worth it. We use this so much for our baby we joke that we have started needing it to fall asleep ourselves 🙂

Rosella Chase, MI


My son LOVES this! Its a must have and better than a mobile cause its hands on and I don’t have to take it down when he gets bigger. Defiantly keeping this for the future 🙂

Margarita Idaville, PA

cute but not much to it

Nothing moves on this, the light change and that’s the only "movement". The music is calming and the lighting is subtle as to not blind baby if he turns it on in the middle of the night. It is very simple and basic.

Margery Winterville, NC

Very cute!

I really like that this has an option for ocean waves or music, but the reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I wish the scene behind Nemo moved. It’s a stationary scene, with lights and music shining, but nothing blinks or moves or anything like that to keep the baby’s attention. Otherwise, this is super cute and the music doesn’t have that squeaky high-pitched sound that some toys have.

Mayra Thomson, IL

Great product!

My 3 month old daughter loves this. These loves the light and especially the wave sound which automatically shuts off on its own. I put it each time she goes down in her crib for naps and night time. Great product!

Marta Pleasant Grove, CA

Nice for the price!

Purchased this for my 3 month old to use to transition her to her crib, but two year old loved it as soon as she saw it! Now it’s hanging on toddler bed and she loves it. She can easily turn it on and prefers no lights, just the music. Two volumes, though we keep it on low. Easily attaches to side of crib/toddler bed. Just ordered a second one to use for original purpose. Hoping it makes her as happy!

Miranda Centralia, KS