Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Squirt Teether

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Squirt Teether

Squirt is perfect for little hands to hold, with a variety of teethable textures. Press the large button on his shell to hear soothing songs and sounds. Linkable, for take-along fun! Includes 3 button cell batteries.

Main features

  • Baby will adore this teether in the shape of Squirt from finding Nemo
  • Squirt’s legs are teethable and help soothe sore gums
  • A button on his top shell activates fun tunes and sound effects
  • Features easy attach links
  • Entertain baby while on the go or at home

Verified reviews


Too heavy

Babies might hurt themself waving this thing around. It is very cute but not good as a teether and definitely not for babies.

Charlotte Skellytown, TX

Adorable Teether!

I love this! It’s so cute and it even makes noise. It’s more like a toy than a teether! I’m sure baby will love it when he arrives and starts teething!

Blanca Dushore, PA


Awesome — My granddaughter loves her Baby Nemo Squirt Teether and it plays a little song, it’s so cute. Good purchase.

Hope Riverhead, NY

Really cute and good material

The sound is very good, not so loud, good materials and is very cute. Sounds are very soothing. Good buy

Robert Rush City, MN

Not that great

The sound this sound makes is fine but is way too quiet. I guess that can be a good thing but what’s the point of having sound if the baby can’t hear it.

Lupe Hughes Springs, TX

Cute teether

I think this is a very cute teether. My granddaughter likes to look at it but it isn’t in her top favorites (yet?). Very brightly colored and good sized. Interesting textures to explore. I like the sounds it makes and should be easy for her to push the sound activator when she reaches that developmental stage.

Adriana Hall Summit, LA

cute toy

This toy is very cute. The sounds are just right, not too loud to be annoying, but just right for baby. My daughter loved this. Unfortunately the black paint of the eyeballs chips off, so we can no longer give it to her since she likes to bite the eyes.

Sandra Elmora, PA