Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Convertible Diaper Backpack, Brown

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Convertible Diaper Backpack, Brown

This deluxe convertible diaper back pack can be worn as a backpack or adjust the straps and wear on the shoulder. Includes 6 exterior pockets and 3 interior nylon pockets. The exterior pockets feature a zippered insulated bottle pocket to keep bottles cold. An easily accessible wipe pocket, remove wipes at the press of a button. Includes a pacifier holder pouch that is easily wiped clean and a cushioned changing pad.

Main features

  • Wipe case included
  • Insulated pocket for bottles
  • Removable pocket for pacifier
  • Cushioned changing pad

Verified reviews


Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe

I just received this today so I haven’t tried it out yet. However, I am excited because this backpack is much bigger than I expected–not HUGE, just bigger than I expected. I like that the wipes case has an opening in the side of the zipper pouch it’s in, so that I don’t have to completely remove it from the bag in order to get a wipe. The “pacifier pouch” is going to be useless, I believe, because my son has been refusing pacifiers since he was 8 months old, he’s now 18 months old. I love that the bag came with a changing pad–very useful and convenient! The separate pouch for bottles seems a bit too small/thin for bottle storage, so I’m skeptical at the moment. I’m not too sure about the other various pouches, I don’t usually have too many small things to store in a diaper bag while we travel around doing errands.The one thing that I’m amazed at and very excited about is that the main storage area is so BIG! I use cloth diapers with cloth wipes and a small spray bottle for wipe solution, the main storage area looks big enough to carry more than enough diapers and wipes for an outing, along with a change of clothes, a plastic grocery bag or small wetbag and other cloth diaper accessories.I also love the colors: Brown with Green accents, not only beautiful, but gender neutral as well!!!I will be updating in approximately a month/30 days, after I get sufficient usage out of it!2/17/13: I have been able to use this bag twice and it still is just as awesome as I first thought it was. The bottle pouch is too thin for the regular sippy that DS uses. I haven’t tried it with a regular bottle yet, since I don’t have a bottle fed baby anymore, lol. There is enough space in the main area for 10 cloth diapers (not that I packed that many to go out with, I wanted to see the actual capacity). I was able to put in 5 cloth diapers, 2 small sized stuffed animals, a small plastic container of Cheerios and my wallet &keys;, with more room to spare!

Deidra Wilbraham, MA

Love the pockets & roomy interior! The backpack part needs some tweaking…

I saw some mixed reviews on this backpack so I was a bit nervous but decided to go for it since it’s inexpensive for a diaper bag and looked organizational & roomy. I am SO happy I got this! We have a 1 year old and our second baby is arriving in a few months so I needed to upgrade to a organized & functional backpack (carrying 2 babies means I need one that won’t get in the way of that!). The main compartment opens wide, maintains it’s structure while open, and has 3 pockets inside. I actually keep my changing pad, diaper cream, and diapers in the inner compartment of this main section and they fit beautifully there. I was exceptionally happy with the wipes container provided because it fits in the side pocket and you don’t have to get it out at all. You just push on the opening and it pops open and the wipes feed out like a regular wipes holder. So much better than my old one that I fumbled with separating wipes from! I use the very top front zipper for my personal quick grabs like chapstick or gum. I use the flap under that for my wallet and such. Two bottles fit perfectly in the other side pocket. After loading up everything I need for our little one, there’s still plenty of room for what I’ll need to take along with the new baby too. I only have 2 complaints on this bag and here are my remedies: 1) I see what others are saying about it not working well as a backpack. It has a central loop that the strap goes through rather than 2 separate attachment points. This makes it hard going on (because the strap pulls completely to one side) and also makes it hard to get it centered on your back and to keep it centered. I’m going to try some zip ties on each side of the loop to see if I can get it to stay attached in the same place that way. 2) The changing pad provided isn’t very nice, which is pretty common, so I just replaced it with the one I had before. It fits just as well inside. I’m going to add a couple of pictures that show the strap loop on the back for the backpack straps as well as the wipes holder on the side. I hope these will help. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this bag and would recommend it, assuming I can fix the issue with the backpack strap.

Willa Short Hills, NJ

Does what I need it to do.

This was the 2nd diaper bag I had bought. First one was a little smaller and I realized that I needed something bigger that would be able to handle all that I need to travel with.For me – it is used for one child – but on the days I have to work she is at the sitter for 13-14 hours so I need to have enough stuff packed to last her all day.I like that it zips closed so if I drop it, things aren’t flying around. I use it as a messanger bag – easy to throw over my shoulder and behind me so that I can still use both arms/hands for other things.I like that it has lots of space in the main middle part. I keep formula, few changes of clothes, extra diapers, toys, blankets and extra bottles in there. It has a zip pocket underneath the front flap that is nice to store important things I don’t need quick access to like her immunization records.Also has a nice pocket on one side thats somewhat insulated and holds two bottles.Under the front flap is a open pocket that works great for diaper storage – quick access and not too bulky.I have been using it for 4 months now and havn’t had an issue with any bad quality material.Everything seems to be holding up.I also like that it is gender neutral – I wanted girly.. but my husband needs to carry it too :)A few cons: The wipes container it came with doesn’t stay shut – I don’t use it I just use that storage area for wipes in a package – just use it as a pocket.The zipper on the front flap can hold a lot – but isn’t practicle to hold anything heavy since as soon as you unzip the main part – that flap flops to the ground if there is anythign heavy in there – so I use it for headbands/pacifiers/paci clip and lightweight things like that.Overall I think its a really nice diaper bag – holds a lot – which is what I need. It is nice to be able to convert to a backpack if needed which is quick and easy to do – although I haven’t used it like that much.

Shelly Manila, AR

hate this bag!

Converts to backpack-i don’t think so! Unless u like backpacks that only touch 2% of ur back-this bag is not for u. Does not hold a shape. Its just a blob of a bag. Nice to know where wipes and milk bottle are….but everything else is a pain to get to. Wipes container does not stay closed so dries wipes. Huggies wipes do not line up with wipes opening. Changing pad is tiny. My 3 month old is too big. Regret buying.

Kasey New Salem, PA

Poorest design YET!

I expected more from Fisher Price. Let me start by noting I borrowed an older Fisher Price Backpack from a friend while caring for her children. I loved it and inspired this purchase. But this bag I received was terrible and is on it’s way back.The designer of this backpack has likely never used a diaper bag. The backpack straps are thin and cut into my shoulders with just the basic of contents. The material is cheaply made and started pilling almost immediately. Then the inside material began tearing on the first use. Note please that I care for our belongings and am not "rough" in a way that would put an object through unnecessary abuse. The poor reviews on the diaper bag I entirely agree. However, it’s a good looking bag, and the compartments are perfectly set for accessibility. Try again with your older model Fisher Price. THAT was a winner, not this model.

Bertha Jonestown, MS

Functional design but poor quality materials

I like the ability to use this diaper bag over the shoulder or worn as a backpack without any extra straps to carry around. To convert it you simply unhook the shoulder strap and slip it through a loop at the top of the bag. The one down side of this is that since it is all one strap it isn’t as easy to put the backpack on if the straps are pull unevenly. It has a good amount of zippered pockets to help me organize my things as well as a large main pocket. I like that it has an insulated bottle pocket on the side and I was able to carry 2 small bottles (5oz medela bottles). The interior and exterior are very easy to wipe clean. Like most backpacks it has a small carrying handle at the top. On our first outing with this diaper bag the handle broke. I’m so disappointed because I really like the features and functionality of this bag but clearly the quality is not there. I cannot speak to the durability of the zippers etc because I ended up returning it within 1 week of purchase.

Lynne Canoga Park, CA

great bag, like the 2 options for wearing and carrying

this is a sturdy bag. I really like the color of brown. so many areas to put items and keep organized.

Lana Fremont, WI

Excellent product

This was a baby shower gift and is an excellent Fisher Price Product, like all this brand products. Excellent and comfortable Convertible diaper.

Pamala Bluffton, OH

Very stylish

I’ve received numerous compliments on this bag.I use it as my purse also instead of carrying and additional bag.The front flap is large enough to have it embroidered.

Sharron Pitcher, NY