Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Diaper Tote, Brown Nylon

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Diaper Tote, Brown Nylon

This sleek diaper bag features a FastFinder pocket system great for parent’s on the go. Includes 4 exterior pockets and interior nylon pockets for all your baby and personal needs. The exterior pockets feature a zippered insulated bottle pocket to keep bottles cold. An easily accessible wipe pocket, remove wipes at the press of a button. Includes a pacifier holder pouch that is easily wiped clean and a cushioned changing pad.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Wipe case included
  • Insulated pocket for bottles
  • Removable pocket for pacifier
  • Cushioned changing pad

Verified reviews


Pocket Love

This is the third diaper bag that I have purchased. I like this particular bag because it has so many pockets. I am easily able to find items because everything has a place that it belongs. I was not sure if there were going to be enough but it really does the job well. The front pockets are great for my stuff, wallet, cell, gum, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc. The inside has places for clothing, toys, diapers, etc. The insulated bottle pocket seems to work well. I have yet to really test it over a long period of time but 1-2 hours later my bottles still feel chilled. Only negative comment I would make is that the pacifier pocket is a little small. The paci would be pretty squished if I tried to use it and it would protrude.

Louisa Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

Very happy!

This product is made very well and has a lot of room for storage without feeling bulky or overly large. Inside is a very nice blue pattern, only thing I didn’t like was the changing pad it is a throw away, very cheaply made.

Pearlie Crown, PA

Great bag!

I just received this bag a few days ago, but I already love it! I was torn between the backpack model of this bag, but I am so glad I went for the bag instead. From the frontal view, there is a pocket on the right left side where I can fit two bottles. The front left pocket fits diapers, I fit my wallet on the front right, and the side left is obviously for wipes. I see that a lot of people have had complaints about the wipe container that is included with this bag, I haven’t used it. I just use one of the refill packs that you can buy that has the re-closable flap with it, and it fits perfectly, I even fit a travel-size hand-sanitizer behind the wipes in the same pocket. My baby doesn’t use a pacifier anymore, so I just use the paci pocket for my chapstick. It has a large zipper pocket on the front part of the outside, very roomy as well. On the back outside part of the bag there is also another flap pocket, the length of the bag. The inside is super roomy, it has a zippered pocket, several pockets on the inside as well, and then the main compartment is very spacious. I fit enough for a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old, and still have space left, but it’s not so big that it looks like a piece of luggage. The bag itself is not heavy, and it looks nice, it even received the stamp of approval from my very fashion-conscious tween.

Bernadine Seaview, WA

Works well

Purchased this bag 4 months ago after trying a couple of other diaper bags. This one works the best for us. It fits wipes (in the case on the side), about 8 diapers (in the diaper pocket on the front), 2 6-oz bottles (in the cooler pouch), 3 changes of clothes & a blanket (in the main compartment), toys and a paci (in the front pockets), and I put the changing pad in the back pocket. It fits in the basket under our EB stroller, with a little wiggling. The best features are the side wipes pocket and the cooler pocket. No more toting a separate cooler around. Of course, it could be a little more stylish, but for the price, we are very satisfied with this bag.

Nelda Lone Jack, MO

Just not quite perfect

I did quite a bit of research before putting this on my baby registry. My son is now 10 weeks old and I’m not a big fan. Maybe I’m carrying way too much but I find that the inside is narrowed when I fill outside pockets and I have to take everything out to practically get to it. I typically am storing:6-8 diapers in diaper pouch1-3 4 ounce bottles and frozen pack in bottle pouch (it expands – this is great)Glass case in exterior pouch1 pacifier in marked pouchset of keys (hook to metal loop on the handle)Inside I have:Included diaper pad1 change of clothes (he’s 10 weeks old so they aren’t big)Burp clothSmall blanketNursing throw (very light and thin)Small WalletDroid cell phoneEverything gets so crammed in the inside area even when I have things organized into the pockets I can’t get to anything easily. Try holding a baby and getting to something in the bag.Also I find the wipe organizer great idea but doesn’t deliver. Most of the time it won’t open and the wipes tear getting them out and I use ones that work fine with my bedside dispenser.I’m now searching for a replacement 🙁

Aisha Catlettsburg, KY

Great Buy

This was a great bag to stuff full of goodies for a Daddy to Be all other stuffing i also got from amazon Prime LOve Love it!!

Leona Perryton, TX

Love it

The wipe pocket is the best. You can actually emote the little case it comes with and just put a pack of wipes in it.The other pockets are great and there is plenty of space for everything I need. It is blue on the inside, just FYI.

Shelby Saint Croix, IN

Wipey Pocket

The side pocket for wipes is totally awesome. Love the look – get compliments all the time on this bag.

Jennifer Red House, WV


This is a great bag – durable, solid construction, lots of room and plenty of pockets (especially external pockets). Its easy to keep everything organized. I would definitely recommend it. I also like the gender neutral color and design so that my husband feels comfortable carrying it around too.

Imogene Townsend, GA

Fashionable and functional

I love this diaper bag for so many reasons. It has TONS of space and pockets to help organize. I love the insulated side pocket for bottles. I also love the side pocket for wipes, however the plastic container that comes with the bag is junk! It does not close well and therfore dries up the wipes. I bought a new one and it ahs worked well. I also think that the pocket that they have for diapers is not big enough for a large amount of diapers which is no big deal you can just use another pocket. I like to stock up and have plenty just in case. I also like that this is plain and not very showy. My husband is even willing to walk around with it.

Graciela Valley Bend, WV

Not for us.

I thought this would be our great next diaper bag. But it was just not for us. It’s now sitting, unused in the corner of our bedroom. There was no shoulder strap, which is a big quality we need and I didn’t look for before the purchase. It’s on the small side too. We only have one little girl, but we still needed a bigger bag than this. We are still using the Graco Optimo Duffle Bag.

Trisha Mountain Pine, AR

Very durable

This was my daughters choice for a baby bag. She absolutely loves it. It’s very well made. Holds shape. Side baby wipe holder works great. Money well spent.

Hallie Tabor, IA