Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag, Black

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag, Black

This sleek messenger diaper bag features a FastFinder pocket system great for parent’s on the go. Includes 4 exterior pockets and interior nylon pockets for all your baby and personal needs. The exterior pockets feature a zippered insulated bottle pocket to keep bottles cold. An easily accessible wipe pocket, remove wipes at the press of a button. Includes a pacifier holder pouch that is easily wiped clean and a cushioned changing pad.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Wipe case included
  • Insulated pocket for bottles
  • Removable pocket for pacifier
  • Cushioned changing pad

Verified reviews


very convenient!!!

love it!! perfect for me or husband to take our baby, the finishings are high quality, size, color compartiments and practicity…..!!!

Elisa Braintree, MA

Love it, but it could be better made

Pros: I bought this bag because of the neat pockets. The organization of the bag is great. I love the insulated pocket, which I can fit two sippy cups into. I like the wipe container and pocket, but the hole in the pocket doesn’t quite line up with the lid of the container (though I swear it did before I took the container out to fill it with wipes). I like the external diaper pad pocket and the pad. All the things you don’t want to have to dig to get to are right on the outside accessible. The other pockets are also nicely laid out, and useful. Even the inside area is nicely organized.Cons: The construction is poor. The material is nice enough, but it is just poorly put together. Like I mentioned, I can not get the wipes container to line up correctly in its pocket anymore. I walk with the baby everywhere, so the really annoying thing is the way the shoulder strap twists and moves as I walk. The main issue with that seems to be the metal rectangular strap connecters combined with thin (cheap) strap material on the bag side.Overall, this is a good bag, but I wish the great design aspects had been followed up with great construction techniques and materials.

Mattie Thornburg, VA


I loved this bag for a little while. It had lots of room and was great while we had it. However, after only having it for three months the strap completely ripped off. I wound up by a different bag since I saw on other website reviews that other people were having the same problem with the strap.

Zelma Boise City, OK

Stylish, mom and dad approved.

We ended up getting this bag since I wanted to make sure my husband would be able to carry this with out feeling emasculated. I also love all the compartments, specially the thermal area where you can store a bottle. I can fit two small 5oz bottles with ease. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for something that dads would approve of.

Rosella Selkirk, NY

Great bag except the Velcro

Before I registered for this product for my baby shower, I did look it up at a local store. I was impressed by the quality of the product even when compared to high-reviewed diaper bags. I love the red printed inlay for the bag and the spaciousness + appreciate the “tags” for each compartment. My wipe box also works pretty good. However I’ve noticed that when I fill or empty the bag of baby clothes, blankets, they invariably get stuck in the Velcro used for the messenger flap. I had a Knit blanket almost ruined. I might remove them and put in a magnetic closure instead. But otherwise, a highly recommended product!Update: the Velcro ruined my expensive sweater the third day I used the bag. I wanted to love this product so much, but returned it.

Elise Innis, LA

Good overall

It’s a good, spacious bag. Material is not as thin as my other FP diaper bag. The pockets that come with it are ideal. Considering the wipes compartment is in the front, there is less chance for the top to open up always (which is the issue with my current bag). The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that it was a little too bulky before packing, which is what I am trying to avoid. Also, the inner mesh pocket isn’t desirable to me at least.

Joan Easton, KS

It fits what I need in it however it is …

It fits what I need in it however it is big and bulky. I don’t use the wipe container as they usually dry out.

Priscilla Alberta, MN

Great product

I love this bag and so does my husband. It is spacious and well made. The only downfall is that the wipes case doesn’t fit in the zipper compartment and makes it difficult to access the wipes.

Germaine Tivoli, NY

Works good for a cheap bag

Bought this bag as a daddy diaper bag.. Works good but the wipe pocket stretches out too easy after a while.. I like the materials as its easy to clean but I wish the inner pockets were slightly wider. A pretty good bag..

Therese Jefferson, MA

Love it!

This bag is always perfectly organized thanks to the little signs. Me and my husband are able to trade the bag between the two of us without missing a beat.

Lynda Hatteras, NC

Room for improvement

This is my third diaper bag, after the first one wore out and the second ended up being too small for anything but short errands. It’s roomy inside, the shoulder strap is comfortable and I like the colors. I like that one cup pocket on the outside is insulated, to help keep a drink cold.But the wipe dispenser, which is one of the main reasons I chose this bag, is shoddily made. I thought it was a small issue at first, but after months of thinking the dispenser was snapped shut, only to fly open because the dispenser opening and pocket opening on the bag don’t line up, resulting in dry wipes, I’m frustrated and done with it. Also, the messenger bag flap closes with velcro, which again I thought wasn’t an issue–except the velcro strips are so small, they never catch and the bag flaps around. Even if you carefully make sure the velcro is attached, if you have anything slightly bulky in the bag that pushes the flap out a bit, the velcro will come detatched again. I wish it was a stronger closure, or magnetic. It’s too bad since I like the numerous pockets and the size of this bag, but it’s not one I would recommend to anyone because over time, the wipes and velcro issue become very frustrating.

Jewel Haywood, WV

Great for Dad’s!

Yes, something I would carry around unlike those foo foo type girly diaper bags that are all over the place. Nothing wrong carrying them but if I don’t need to why should I. Anyhow, there’s enough pockets for all the essentials. I really like the easily accessible diaper wipe pocket in the front. Quality of the material is good, nothing like a Tumi but for the price this is a good product. Plus I like the red on black color scheme.

Margaret Dunbarton, NH

sturdy attractive afforable

this bag has everything my picky taste requires and comes with a change mat and wipe case! There is lots of room and pockets. I am able to fit toys, clothes, blankets, burp cloths, hats, changing mat and training pad sheets, multiple meds, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifers, and much more without the bag bursting a the seams or being too heavy.

Ethel Barto, PA