Fisher Price Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Bag, Grey

Fisher Price Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Bag, Grey

Modern moms flock to the Fisher-Price name. They know it stands for style, dependability and innovation, and the inspired design of this Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag confirms all that and more. Served up in a trend-on shade of gray with leaf green accents, it is perfectly put together with your busy lifestyle in mind. You’ll love the four outside pockets that make up the featured FastFinderTM Pocket System—it helps you find what you need when baby needs it. They include a thermal insulated bottle pocket, an exterior wipes pocket, easy-wipe pacifier pocket and a large diaper pocket. There is a large, Velcro-close pocket in the back on the bag to stash your tablet, phone, keys and other necessities, and the double top strap is adjustable and padded, so it is always comfortable and a perfect fit. Because cleanliness is a must for all baby’s things, the bottom of the bag is reinforced and footed, keeping your bag safely off the floor. The top flap, pockets and inside surface are fully lined in an attractive leaf green linear print, and there is even more storage space on the generously proportioned interior. Here you’ll find two mesh pockets, a large pouch pocket, a bag divider and an ever-so-handy changing pad. You’ll be so glad you chose this diaper bag. With all the wonderful features and so much available storage space, it makes traveling with baby a breeze.

Main features

  • insulated bottle pocket, exterior wipes pocket, easy-wipe pacifier pocket, large diaper pocket
  • Reinforced footed bottom
  • Changing pad included
  • Wipes case included
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 4 external FastFinderTM pockets: insulated bottle pocket, exterior wipes pocket, easy-wipe pacifier pocket, large diaper pocket

Verified reviews


Must Have Diaper Bag!!!!

This is an amazing diaper bag. After months and months of using an old diaper bag i decided i needed to upgrade to something better. This diaper bag has a pocket for everything, which makes it able to have more space in the inside of the bag. Its comes with a plastic wipe holder that fits in its own pocket so you can easily access wipes. Pacifier and diaper pockets in the front. And the insulated bottle holder on one side and another pocket on the other side of the bag. Very comfortable to wear, easy to carry a baby or walk with a kid and have this back right over your shoulder. You don’t have to worry about the bag falling and getting in your way. AMAZING AND I LOVE IT!!

Yvonne Monaca, PA

Good Bag

Have been through my share of diapers bags. Our diaper bag before this was a carters one which broke two months after we bought it. This one is good quality and has enough room to pack the essentials (days worth of diapers, outfit, wipes, formula, bottles…. etc.). Only complaints are that the strap irritates me (it folds in half even under the padding and digs in, thinking about sewing it flat so that it quits doing this) and the wipes container lid pops open sometimes, not sure as to why. Other than those flaws I really do like the bag. It has good organization (pocket on the front outside is great for quick grab items) then there is a pocking on the front inside that is great for diaper creams and such. I also love the wipes container on the front because its one less thing to have sitting on a changing table. Also love the insulated pocket now that he is older its great for his sippy cup. This has held up nicely (bought when my son was 4 months and he is 15 months now). Would purchase this again.

Karina Galveston, IN

Works great!

I’ve had this bag for about 3 months now and I love it. I’ve had zero problems with it and I love all the pockets, only downside is the insulated pocket only fits one of my bottles, (avent) and it does stick out from the bag it goes into the bag so that bottle takes up space in the bag. Bag is not overly huge but not to small either. I can fit a few sleepers my formula container and then some. The diaper pocket fits about 8-10 size two diapers. The wipes container fits about a 3rd of a normal package of wipes, just make sure to check your wipes mine were in there for about a month and started to dry out. (loaded it up before i gave birth and didn’t need to use it until I took her out about 5 weeks later)

Julianne Jump River, WI

Very happy with the Diaper bag!

I love all the compartments on this diaper bag! I also like that it stands up and doesn’t lose shape and flop open like the bag it was replacing did. I usually leave it cross body when I change my son so having the compartments on the outside is HUGE! I took out the wipes case and put a travel pack of Pampers in that spot, they fit easy enough and the plastic opening of the Pampers package fits in the opening perfectly. The insulated side pouch is pretty nice, I usually toss a sippy of water in there for my son. If there is ice in it, it will stay cold nearly all day. I feel like the shoulder pad isn’t well made. Both that and the pad are kind of chintzy.

Sophia Whitinsville, MA

Definitely for the organized person.

I’ve had 2 bags so far that didn’t have separate compartments and I would have to rummage for binkies, toys, etc. This bag allows you to be super organized with separate compartments for diapers, wipes, binkies and a bottle. I know where everything is now and I love it! I also like the gender neural color and the fact that it doesn’t scream “diaper bag!” The strap also fits around the stroller handlebar perfectly so you don’t have to lug it around or stow it under the stroller.

Georgette South Rockwood, MI

It holds up nicely!

We received this bag as a baby shower gift last summer. Right off the bat, the plastic wipe container wouldn’t stay closed. So, we can’t use that feature and lose that space in the bag. Otherwise, the bag has held up well – it looks as good as the day we got it, despite daily use & abuse. It’s a little on the small side for longer outings, but perfect for shorter things. We manage one bottle in the cooler pocket, a “tower” of powdered formula or a couple 8 oz bottles in the main compartment, plus several diapers, a pack of wipes, a change of clothes, and a few other odds & ends with no problem. However, when we’ve gone for an entire day and need more than that, we’ve always had to pack a supplemental bag for the “extras” that won’t fit in the diaper bag.

Isabella Streamwood, IL

Handy diaper bag with lots of pockets for everything you need for baby!

I planned on getting a more expensive diaper bag, like Coach or petunia pickle bottom. In looking for bags I came across this Fisher Price bag and was happy with the price and the configuration of it. Now my friends who have expensive bags are jealous of my bag. Here’s what I’ve noticed after a few months of use:The good:-Wipes and diaper area: Realistically I use diapers and wipes the most when out and about. I LOVE that I don’t have to open the bag and look around for them. They are easy to get to, I din’t have to dig through everything in the main compartment. I did take out the wipes holder that came with the bag and now use the small Huggies 32 count packs instead. They are roughly the same size, but they open better and they are simple to replace.-Pockets: This bag has a convenient pocket for everything. The insulated bottle pouch is great for keeping stuff warm or cool. I can warm up a bottle of pumped milk before I head and out know it will stay pretty warm. When he starts drinking juice I can keep it cool in there. It is very tight with my thicker bottles, like my Avent, but my Medela bottles fit well. There is also a large pocket on the back. I use that for the changing pad, although I think the changing pad is meant to go in the large pocket on the inside since the Velcro on the back is lower than the top of the change pad. Keeping it there would negate the handiness of not having to open the main compartment to change a diaper. On the opposite side of bottle pocket there’s an open pocket that’s the perfect size for my phone. Inside there’s two mesh pockets, one I put my nursing cover In and the other I use for an extra hat and pair of socks. The main compartment is for a change of clothes and my mommy stuff (keys, checkbook, wallet). The large open pocket inside I don’t use except for papers, like when I go to the pediatrician and they give me printouts.-Messenger: With my older daughter my diaper bag was purse style. It was always slipping off my shoulders. It’s a struggle to carry a car seat, diaper bag and anything else. Having it across the shoulders in a messenger style feels better and I don’t have to slouch one shoulder to keep it up.The bad:-Strap: The pad on the strap is always twisting on me and quite annoying. There’s a top and bottom and the way it’s designed usually the part that’s supposed to be on the shoulder side is faced wrong. I wish they had a longer pad that was sewed in place and uniform on both sides.-Strings: There are quite a few strings hanging around on my bag. I’ve trimmed some, but it makes me worried that something is going to unravel.-Pacifier pocket: This is the only pocket that is a little annoying, but maybe I’m being too picky. It gets bulky with a pacifier in it. I wish there was another zipper pocket on the side, like the bottle pocket for pacifiers, then I could put my phone in the pocket on the flap and have it zipped in. This would keep my phone closer and keep it secured.-Closure. The two small Velcro areas that keep it closed don’t ever work. I would have to meticulously line it up every time to get it to stick. the inner big pocket is zipped at all times, so I’m not worried about losing anything.Overall, I am happy with this bag and am glad I bought it rather than a more expensive bag that is missing some of the features I’ve grown to love.

Shirley Apex, NC


We haven’t actually used this yet since the baby hasn’t arrived but it seems perfect. I wanted a diaper bag that my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed carrying around and this is it. It matches everything and has many convenient pockets. It’s big enough without being too big where you can’t find anything. I think it will work great!

Becky Wausaukee, WI

Not bad for the price

The bag is set up reasonably well with the diaper and passy pockets. The wipe container and pocket is great. The major issue we have encountered thus far is the strap really like to twist. For the price it is about what we expected.

Annabelle Falcon, MS

Very good product

This is a must have as a new parent. Nice roomy baga nd enough pockets for the multitude of things you need at your disposal.

Leann Arizona City, AZ


I got this because my husband said he wouldn’t carry the diaper bag if it was girly.Very good quality. Wipes are easily accessible, lots of pockets, etc. Insulated pocket on the side works well. Strap is good and long. Side pocket for waterbottle (skinny, though). Easy to organize everything and know where everything is. I find there is plenty of space, but not too big to carry around. I use it for one child (3 months now).

Bianca Mc Kinney, KY

Ideal Diaper Bag

I LOVE this diaper bag. The ONLY thing I would change is maybe a bigger hole for the wipes to come out of, because the hole made to allow room for the plastic insert isn’t big enough. I would also make the strap out of different material, it just doesn’t seem sturdy enough. Other than that, I love this bag!

Sondra North Tonawanda, NY

Love Love LOVE!

It’s well organized! I never lose anything in this bag like I do when it comes to my purse. It has small tabs that identify where everything goes (i.e. diapers, wipes, bottle, pacifier…) I started using it as my purse eventually! Haha!

Elsa Vernal, UT

Good one!!!

good looking, nice color, looks good on dads, practical, love the price, material, it works without complaints… nothing missing for this one!!

Briana Bridgton, ME

Good Diaper Bag

This bag is at least somewhat stylish and can carry a lot of stuff. Many convenient compartments, it is a solid option. Have been using it for 4 months.

Colette Luverne, ND

It’s okay

Was looking for a "sleek" messenger bag design and this isn’t quite it. It’s not bad, holds a lot, and is functional, but it is not the sleek and easy to sling behind my back bag I was looking for. Plus the wipes dry out super fast if you use the convenient one-touch built in wipe dispenser. I’ve wasted a lot of wipes using this bag.

Aisha Thornton, CA

Perfect Diaper Bag

Super spacious and very neutral. My husband or I are hay to carry. The side wipe dispenser is really cool.

Lynn Hesston, KS

Good for the price

It works….. The wet wipe dispenser doesn’t seal properly and the Velcro is wearing down (we have been using the bag for 5 months). The bag itself is a good size. It fits all my baby stuff and easily slides in the stroller basket. I will probably be buying a new bag soon that doesn’t have Velcro.

Violet Islesboro, ME

Everything fits

The bag is okay. Everything fits and it is not embarrassing to carry like other diaper bags. Other people have fancier bags and I’m sure they work too, but this one was more reasonable. I would still prefer to carry a tactical backpack.

Dixie Teton, ID

Such Space!

My husband and I chose this bag as it was a “manly” baby bag as opposed to the more purse-like ones. The picture doesn’t do the colour justice as its a nice silvery grey and wipes very easily to remain clean.A nice surprise was the size of the bag and the number of compartments. At first I thought it was possibly too big, but when I started to pack all the stuff the hospital said to pack for the delivery, I was again surprised to find out how much stuff such a tiny person needs but thankfully it all fit in this bag!!Very happy with this purchase!

Valeria Hobart, NY

Very pratical, but not exceptional quality

• Tons of space
• Well designed (quick access to wipes is great)
• Looks nice
• Reasonable priceCONS:
• Not the best quality, but hey, at this price… I can’t complain!

Faith Whitharral, TX

Great “manly” diaper bag

It’s pretty difficult finding a rather good looking, well priced diaper bag for a baby boy. This has tons of space to pack everything I need. The wipes case is great and love the insulated drink/bottle holders on the side, it really keeps things well chilled for a long time!

Annmarie Waldo, OH

My man LOVES it

Hubby (a new father) adores this bag. He’s a pretty stylin’ dude and this doesn’t cramp his style (looks like a messenger bag). It has a good amount of space and pockets for all the necessities without being bulky. The wipe part on the outside is cool because it’s so easy to get at them (unlike my own bag!) and there are small tags on each section that show what’s in there (ie a icon of a paci where you store the pacifier)- keeps him organized! A great purchase that lets him take peanut on his own. He likes it so much that often he brings it instead of me bringing mine!

Olivia Hamburg, PA

Good diaper bag for a guy!

So far so good. I have been using this bag for the past 5 weeks and so far it has worked great. I would purchase it again.

Kathrine Newport, RI