Fisher-Price Friendly First’s Ducky Rattle Stacker

Fisher-Price Friendly First’s Ducky Rattle Stacker

Fisher-Price Friendly First’s Ducky Rattle Stacker

Main features

  • This adorable stacker is newborn appropriate
  • The rings are easier for baby to grasp and have rattle beads for added fun
  • Flat bottom keeps the stacker within baby’s reach
  • Each ring has a different rattle sound, with a happy duck rounding out the top ring
  • Five colorful rings are easy for little hands to grasp

Verified reviews


Every baby needs a stacker, and this is a great one!

I will admit that I was sorely tempted to buy the original Fisher Price stacker, the one we all had as kids. It’s absolutely a classic and I may still obtain one of them.But I was drawn to this one for my 5-month old because I remember reading somewhere that it is slightly smaller than the classic version with the large plastic hollow donuts. I thought smaller might work better for the little guy. Well. Since this toy has come into the house, not a day has gone by without at least one play session where he selects this toy to play with from among a lot of others.Now 8 months old, he still loves this one. He tips over the base to let the rings fall free, takes one in each hand, and shakes them like tambourines. He smacks them together and has a grand old time. He is not at all interested in re-stacking them on the base, but that’s fine with me because it just means the toy will last a while longer while he grows into that phase.The topper on this stacker is the red ring with the little chick. This part does not rattle, which is a little bit of a shame. It also wedges kind of tightly onto the top of the base, so baby can’t remove it himself, but that’s OK.I am very very pleased with this purchase. I have subsequently looked at some of the other stackers on the market and I am convinced this one is the cream of the crop.UPDATE: Eddie is now 17 months old and a month or two ago, he started stacking the rings on the stump. He still needs help deciding the order they should be placed on the stump but he’s had a lot of fun trying to get this thing figured out. Still a hit in our household.UPDATE: Eddie is turning 4 next week and only today did I pull this one out of the toy basket 🙁 .

Lenore Folsom, CA

Baby’s new favorite toy

Baby is 8 months old, and I didn’t think she would really be that interested in this toy yet. I just wanted her to begin to grasp the “stacking” concept. But she loves to play with the round stackers. They rattle, and she likes to chew on them. It is one of her favorite toys. I put it in her crib in the morning, and it keeps her occupied so I can get an extra 10 to 20 minutes of sleep.

Ruth Boring, MD

My son loves it but….

My 7 month old loves the rattling sounds from all the rings. They are a little heavier than the other products in the market. My son threw them down on my feet a couple of times and it hurt. The duck on top does not stay on and the rings can only be fixed in one order coz the stem inside is tapering on the top and thick at the bottom. This is one of the few toys that my son likes so i still think it was a decent buy.

Bridgette Hillsboro, MO

It was a hit!

Got this as a gift for friends’ infant. My wife had seen its popularity in other homes with young children. It was immediately a hit and the baby loved it. That’s what it is all about!

Lorna Pewaukee, WI

OK, but hard

I just wish that for a first stacker the material was a little softer. My babe is in the phase of banging everything, and she hits herself and me with the rings and it hurts us both. I just wish the plastic was a little softer. Otherwise it’s cute, the rattles are nice.

Evangelina Dysart, IA

he loves it

i like it its colorful and work as rattle as wellmy 7 month baby likes it and its really nice and good priceloves it

Marjorie Gay, GA