Fisher-Price Giggling Gorilla Rattle

Fisher-Price Giggling Gorilla Rattle

This giggling friend will get baby laughing too! It’s easy to grasp and shake for silly sounds, or baby can turn the bananas for clicking fun. Product Measures: 7.000″ 1.750″ 3.000″ Recommended Ages: 3 Months & up

Main features

  • This giggling friend will get baby laughing
  • Top of the rattle is a friendly gorilla with a giggle stick inside
  • There is an easy to grasp handle for baby in the center
  • Let baby grasp and shake for silly sounds
  • Baby can turn the bananas for clicking fun

Verified reviews


No Giggles, No Rattle: False advertising!!!

I REALLY wish I had read the other reviews here before I bought this thing. But I didn’t. It is in no way a rattle, it’s way too heavy for my baby, and will be way too heavy until he’s over one year old, most likely. There is actually no rattle to this thing at all (as others have mentioned) and although there are speaker holes in the back of the gorilla head, almost no sound will come out unless you shake it very hard, and in a specific way. I doubt kids will get any of the tiny squeaks out of this thing at all, because it’s not fun to try and try to get a noise that sounds nothing like a giggle, and is too quiet to really be of any use at all. My husband thinks it’s bright and pretty and he told me I shouldn’t return it, but I learned my lesson, to read reviews of even the “simplest” things before I buy them.It is suggested below that “teether” and “teething toys” are tags I might want to use. There is nothing on here that a baby would want to use as a teether, and “rattles” also suggested, is part of the name of the toy that so badly mislead me in the first place. No giggles, no rattles, not much of a toy.

Tia Old Town, FL

Precious Planet Rattle

This is a great rattle for those little ones who are learning their motor skills. I recommend getting this to others.

Emma Warren, AR

Not Bananas for This Gorilla

The only thing this rattle does as advertised is click when the bananas are turned. As others have noted, it neither giggles, makes silly sounds, nor is easy to grasp. It has a very short shelf life too: Within a minute of opening the package, in the garbage it went. Save your $$$.

Silvia Longdale, OK

Not really a rattle

The gorilla has a happy expression and my baby likes to look at it. That is the upside. The downside is that the toy is fairly heavy for a young baby (mine is 5 months), and it doesn’t make a rattling sound, despite being called a rattle. The clicking sound that the bananas make is more annoying (like something breaking) than fun, and the “giggling” sound is quiet and an adult really has to put some force into whipping it around to get it to make the sound at all.

Mattie Pentwater, MI

Big and clunky but…

Is very cute, it looks exactly like the picture. It is top heavy so younger kids may have problems holding it since its so heavy.You have to the turn the bannans for it to make this click click click noise which is kind of strange honestly. Basically it is just a big piece of plastic toy nothing special. I would not have bought it if it didn’t match our nursery and I went into a frenzy. But I can see the toy being a good throw around toy that the kids can play with and bang against stuff. Which sometimes is exactly what you are looking for. It is not the definition of a rattle though, not even close.It is a twisty turny toy that’s it.

Meghan Masontown, WV

Gorilla rattle

This is a very bright and colorful baby rattle, the price was very reasonable it will make a nice addition to a baby gift

Lisa Point Marion, PA