Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Green/Blue

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Green/Blue

The healthy care booster seat has a feeding tray you can sanitize right in the dishwasher and smooth easy wipe surfaces. So its really easy to keep clean, which means fewer germs for baby. And because it folds compactly, its also easy to take with you wherever you go.

Main features

  • Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Functional and basic booster seat perfect for feeding
  • Tray is adjustable and seat features two straps to secure baby
  • Tray is dishwasher safe
  • Includes a shoulder strap for on the go convenience

Verified reviews


Great alternative to the traditional high chair!

Wow! I purchased this for my 22lb 11 month old son. Surprisingly he was quite happy with his chair and didn’t mind sitting in it for quite a while.With all the other activity toys around, I certainly didn’t want to buy a high chair to add to the clutter. This fits securely on a resin stacking arm chair. I was so happy that my son was able to peacefully 🙂 join us at the breakfast table.My advice to anyone purchasing, please follow the cautions given. The overlap on the edge of the chair, is just right for little feet to try and “push off” so if unsupervised the unthinkable can happen.I chose this as opposed to other similar products for the following reasons:No fabric – so spills, smears and whatever little ones are capable of can be easily washed away.The value for price is unbeatable.Easy to carry around (handy for those restaurant dinners and fussy Mums like me who don’t like to use the highchairs at the restaurant).The snaps are very secure and the straps are very extendable so should fit almost any size dining chair.Of course, the brand (trusted and known) was a big plus for me.Go ahead and make your purchase … Oh and his Granny who looks after him during the day, was so against the highchair but oh how she loves this little chair now!

Ericka Lopez, PA

Perfect for what it is

I bought this seat for my aunt to have at her house for when she babysits my son (6 months old), and also to use when we travel. It’s the perfect seat for the right application. It’s great for a second seat, babysitter’s house, travel, restaurants, etc. It would not make a good replacement for a highchair or for everyday use, or for a younger baby who cannot sit up on his/her own.First, it’s very small when set up, and folds up to be very compact and convenient to carry. I think the assembly is actually a pretty smart design. That’s great for travel, but doesn’t give baby alot of room to spread out. I’m guessing it’s going to be a big con when my baby starts thinking it’s fun to throw things on the ground.They baby must be able to sit up completely on his own as the seat is small, very upright, and the safety restraint is minimal (3 point harness). There’s no padding, so it’s not as comfy as the chair we have at home, but it will wipe clean easily.I’m also concerned that my son might grow out of it before he is done with it (that’s why I gave it 4 stars). He is very large for his age (about the size of a 12 month old), and the tray is already on the last setting. It’d be nice if they made it with one more notch bigger since he’s got a long way to go before he’s ready to sit at the big table!If you’re looking for a space saving booster seat for daily use, for a younger baby, or as an alternative to a high chair, we have a First Years miSwivel that is great and inexpensive.

Sophie Madison, SD

Not quite what I thought

Based on the reviews I thought I was getting a booster seat with an adjustable height but unfortunately this did not (at least the green/blue model). Because I was unable to adjust the height this seat wouldn’t work for my then 15 month old at the breakfast bar so we returned it (he doesn’t reach the counter).I wish the description would have been more clear.

Goldie Pershing, IN

Great chair for the price!

We use this as a place to set our little guy while we take a shower, get ready, or use the restroom. We just set it on a play mat on the floor of the restroom so he is in sight but can’t get into any trouble. I have a suction toy that I put on the tray or give him some puffs or Cheerios. Great to start using after he wouldn’t sit happily in his bouncy seat anymore.It has also been great for taking out of town to grandma’s house! It straps onto a regular kitchen chair securely and e’s happy to be apart of the action at meal times. The seat back folds down and the trap snaps on in such a way that it really doesn’t take up too much room in the car.And lastly, we have a full size high chair for our little one but it’s nice to have this one handy when friends come over with their baby.Love the colors. Easy to clean.

Corrine Pembroke, MA

I love it

I use this as my main high-chair (space and money is limited in my house), and it works great! I would recommend this to anyone that isn’t thrilled with the "tall" highchair seats.

Madeline Marysville, IN

GREAT chair!

we bought this chair because my 7 month old was swimming in her regular high chair. Our child is not spoon fed, she sits and eats real food along with us – so we needed something that would allow her to sit up and have easy access to the tray. This seat is GREAT for this! I recommend for Baby Led Weaning in particular. Easy cleanup & travel anywhere with it.

Kristine Hondo, NM

… first daughter I had a 150$ wooden highchair and hated it! My husband said I was stuck with …

With my first daughter I had a 150$ wooden highchair and hated it! My husband said I was stuck with the dang thing, so when it came to our second I was not going to use the wooden one and threw it out and bought this cheap one, he couldn’t be mad at the price 🙂 and you know what, I love this! It’s so easy to clean, practical, and she eats at the table with us. I wish I got this highchair the first time around!!!

Tamara Bradley, WV

Really space saving and great High chair

My son has been on this high chair from when he was 6 months and now he is 2.5 years old. I came to this site so i can add it to my wish list for my second one who is now 2 months old.I love this chair for couple of reasons:1. its sturdy and has not broken for all the tantrums my 2 year old has thrown2. Doesnt take much space, can fit into my dining chair and now I can even pull my toddler on this chair to our table and he can join us for meals3. Can pull the tray and pop it into our dishwasher without much space issue4. When he was smaller and messier, I was able to pop this out and wash it down with our garden hose once in a week5. No fabric so less cleaning of spills6. Short enough for my toddler to climb by himself, and tall enough so he cannot climb down all by himself :-)Minus :- It doesnt have a lot of cushion so if there are babies who start solids at 4 months when they cant hold their head up, its not that useful- Other visiting kids used to cushiony high chair with lot of fabric do find it a bit difficult to adjust, but it helps us for the meal times are much faster

Tommie New Buffalo, MI

Easy to use and safe

We needed a portalable booster seat to bring around to the people’s houses for our one year old. This is very easy to attach and so far I see no concerns about the safety.

Lana Kingfisher, OK

Great alternative to a high chair

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a high chair, and I didn’t feel very comfortable getting one second hand, so I started searching for a washable alternative for my 6 month old daughter. This is what I chose.She fits in this booster seat perfectly with her little tray and everything, and there’s lots of room for her to grow. It’s basically three big pieces of plastic, so you can wash them however you like. For example, the tray fits in the bottom rack of the dishwasher without a lot of wrestling.It’s super portable, or you can leave it lashed to a chair, whatever you like. I’m even able to push the chair in under the table with the booster seat attached, just like the normal chairs. It’s awesome!

Ramona Fort Defiance, VA

Practical, compact, and great value for money

Like most new parents, my husband and I were overwhelmed by the number of high chairs on the market. It is easy to end up convinced that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on an enormous contraption that takes up half your kitchen. Don’t do it! Thanks to a recommendation from friends, we got this little portable highchair for less than $30. It has been our daughter’s only highchair, and it works GREAT. Here’s what I love about it:- Pleasant, gender-neutral colors- Attaches easily to most kitchen or dining room chairs (just two straps)- One-piece tray is generously sized, easy to attach and detach, and easy to clean- The whole chair is entirely plastic for easy cleanup- Lightweight and portable; you can use it at home and on-the-go- Simple three-point harness holds baby securely, especially when tray is attached(Why do some high chairs have restraint mechanisms that would be more suited to a racecar driver?!)The only thing I don’t like about this highchair is that the tray does not lie flat when detached: the bottom of the tray has a protrusion that goes down between the baby’s legs, and that protrusion makes the tray tip sideways when you put it on your kitchen counter. I have to prop up the edge of the detached tray on something else, like a large cutting board, to get it to lie flat so that I can arrange the food on it.My daughter is now 15 months old and will probably use this until she is at least 2. At that age, we may stop using the tray and use it just for a booster seat. This purchase has been the best value for money of pretty much anything we bought for her!

Erna Cottageville, WV

1 of the best Space Saver chairs available!

So I’m a mother of 1 toddler, who has also worked as a nanny & childcare provider for the past 5 years in city-living households, where space is always a factor, & this chair is by far the best option in this category. It’s small enough that the chair still fits under the table once the booster is attached, & the tray is small enough to fit in your dishwasher, or to wash by hand in the sink easily, & snaps on & off so easily you can do it with one hand! It is such a classic, basic design, there are very few cracks & crevices for food to hide in, & I can even fit the entire chair in my dishwasher (i fold down a few prongs on the lower shelf & fold down the seat-back). If not you can remove the straps & throw them in for a deep cleaning of the buckles.I started solids around 6mo & he is now 18mo & I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about this chair. We are just starting to transition out of the tray & pulling him up to the table to eat with us, & it’s perfect for that too. Not to high, not too low (of course it will vary by table).Overall, this is just a great product. Fisher-Price really redeemed themselves with this chair. If it doesn’t qualify for the free shipping on amazon, you can find it on Target’s website & they will ship it to your local store for free.

Loraine Maquoketa, IA

Great for travel, or to keep at the parents’.

This lightweight chair works great as a portable infant high chair. We have one that we keep at the babysitter’s house. It folds up into a nice compact bundle when not in use, and quickly attaches to any regular sized dining chair.Not recommended for a baby without neck control though, because it doesn’t recline. We currently use this for our 9 month old, and have used it since she was able to sit up by herself without flopping over.

Sheri Comfort, NC

Price/quality ratio perfect and does the job

If you have one of these, you don’t need to spend any more money on any other high chair. It is portable, easy to clean, and sturdy on a chair.

Leanna Churdan, IA

Best seat

I really liked this seat and it is seems very comfortable!! I bought this seat for my bff’s daughter and she fit very nicely in it!

Teri Sherwood, WI

Great. Safe.

My wife and purchased this as an alternative to a tall booster chair/seat. It works well and is growing with him. Great versatility from our bar chairs to the sofa. Cleans easily. Adjusts easily. Multi position tray. Stable. Good product good price.

Dolores Berkeley, IL

Great Buy!

My in-laws have an older version of this and we wanted one for my parent’s house. We love this! The back seat folds down under the tray for storage and it clips onto just about any chair very tight. It has 3 settings for the tray so it can be snug or loose. It is really easy to clean and we will probably buy another!

Allene Putnam Hall, FL


Love this! I didn’t want a bulky high chair if I could avoid it, so I bought this hoping it would do the trick. So far, so good. It sits perfectly on one of my dining room chairs. There’s a strap that goes around the back of the chair, and another strap that goes underneath the base of the chair. The seat itself has a three-point restraint (waist belts & between-the-legs belt clip into a central buckle), so the tray isn’t required to keep the baby secure. The tray pops easily on/off in three positions for growing babies. Super simple, easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t take up extra floor/visual space — love it!UPDATE: We’re still using this (she’s 15 months old), and I still love it. Kids vary, mine is on the slightly-larger-than-average side, and we’re only using the middle setting — plenty of room left to grow. I took this out with us once, and left it sitting on the floor when we got back. Before I strapped it back to the chair, she got hungry and went and sat down in the seat by herself to tell me she was hungry. This was before she was able to sign or talk, so I loved the communication and actually left it on the floor (on a towel) for a short while. Somewhat inconvenient, but it was great that she could tell me when she was hungry before she had the signs or the words. Then we figured out the signing, so I moved it back to the chair.

Kathi Greenock, PA

Love this

This is so easy to clean and bring into restaurants, especially for smaller babies. My 7 month old is only 5th percentile and the high chairs swallow him. This is perfect! I recommend this for small spaces and travel.

Francesca Henderson, NE

simple, easy to clean, feeding booster seat

This is a much better feeding chair than those fancy, expensive high chairs.1. Much easier to clean. Most of the other high chairs have fabric with hard to clean crevices. This one is pure plastic, a cinch to wipe down.2. Portable. Keep an extra in your trunk for restaurants.3. Secure. The straps secure it extremely tight, I have no fears about the chair coming lose.

Elsa Kenna, WV

Love this booster/feeder chair!!

Easy to assemble and get baby in & out, tray is perfect size! Baby has room to grow in it.

Elaine Northfield Falls, VT

Love it so much we bought another

I was thinking my 2 year old would give us this booster seat to his 7 m old sister, but I could not find anything better. I ended up just buying a duplicate and now have two strapped to chairs at the kitchen table.Works for an infant who is sitting up unassisted (i strap them in and use tray) and for a big 2 year old 33+lbs (I just use strap and push him up to table). We take these when we travel. They are fantastic and amazon has them the cheapest.

Gale Eastport, ME

Works great

I recently started babysitting a friend’s 15 month old boy. I bought this item to keep at my house so she wouldn’t have to bring everything with her each time. It works great whether I use the table portion or just scoot him up to the counter. It’s a great little chair and most importantly, he likes it.

Rhoda Bear Lake, MI

Space Savers

Love these seats. We bought two.They also serve as booster seats with out the trays.They are easy to clean and store away easily as well.

Roberta Upper Darby, PA

It’s a snap!

I love this booster seat. We use it for restaurant dinning. I never have to worry about what germs my little one may pick up off the restaurant high chairs. It’s simple to use and cleans up quickly. I love how light and compact it is. It’s also cheaper than using the disposable place mats. This is a must have, for anyone concerned about germs.

Hattie Wellston, OH

Great booster seat for home or on the go

I purchased this booster seat for our recent trip to San Diego & Anaheim. I love how compact it is for toting around and the shoulder strap is great! Now we use it everyday for our toddler so he can sit at the kitchen table with his other brothers. Clean up is a snap because it’s all plastic.

Marva Tecumseh, KS

Baby won’t get out of the seat

The baby just loves this booster seat, and has learned how to sit up straight by using it. We are very pleased with its functionality and ease of cleaning.

Lorna Mount Carbon, WV

I own two!

Great easy portable high chair! Easy to attach to chairs, easy to clean, easy to use!

Lindsey Hickory Valley, TN

Great seat!

We’ve gotten two of these, one for each set of grandparents’ house. My little girl is comfortable in it as a "high chair" and we look forward to being able to use it as a booster seat as well. My parents love that they can just throw the tray in the dishwasher. Great seat, I’d get one for our house too instead of a high chair if we didn’t have to give up one of the dining room chairs for it.

Gwendolyn Castle Hayne, NC

Best for the price!

I love this seat, it’s so easy to use and most importantly clean. You can also remove the tray,and keep the baby buckled in while you tidy up. Fabulous

Christina Elsmere, NE