Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Yellow and Orange

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Yellow and Orange

The Healthy Care booster offers a great functional seat for baby to scoot up to the table and eat with the family.

Main features

  • Offers a great functional seat for baby to scoot up to the table and eat with the family
  • Booster seat straps onto most dining room chairs
  • Tray adjusts to baby’s tummy, plus the tray can go right into the dishwasher after meals to sanitize
  • Seat is very smooth for easy cleaning, it rests and the straps can be used over the shoulder to provide great on the go portability
  • To see more information click the “watch it in action” link below the main product images

Verified reviews


why get a high chair when u can get this?

When I registered for this when I was pregnant, some of my friends told me that it wouldn’t really work as my main feeding chair for my son. I decided to try it out for myself before going the traditional high chair route. My son is 9 months old now, and I have absolutely NO REGRETS for getting this chair. I started giving my son solids at 5 months when he was first able to sit up independently. I didn’t need to “cushion” the chair in any way. He always seemed very comfortable in it. The other more expensive “space saver” highchairs also seem like a waste of money to me. It’s so easy to strap him in and just pop the tray on top. We love having him sit with us on the table and eat while we do. If he was in a bigger high chair, I would have to stand up all the time to feed him. But with this, I can sit next to him and feed him.I received the “deluxe” edition before I saw this one and I recommend this one instead. The cover that comes with the deluxe edition is useless, I put it away and never used it. And the extra tray is also not useful, because I usually end up washing both pieces together anyway. It’s very easy to clean. I also have seen lots of people complain about the other space saver high chairs that have straps that go across the shoulders. The straps will definitely get dirty and are very hard to remove and clean. With this one, the straps go around the waist and under the table, so they never get dirty.I love this so much I bought one for my mom’s house. I look forward to using it through his toddler years, and later, when we can remove the table and bring him closer to our dining table.HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Polly Rexville, NY

buy if you want to turn your cell phone into mirror

We got this cover for our new Sony Ericsson Xperia cell phone. For the 3 months, I had it on, I had to use my cell phone strictly indoors! I did not want to remove it since I was afraid my screen will be scratched without a cover, but otherwise it doesnt serve the purpose at all. I am now breathing at ease after changing this to a different usable cover.

Casandra Grand Marais, MN

Great for the price

Both of my children use this booster seat, and overall we like it a lot. It’s the perfect size, and is very easy to attach to the chair. My son is almost 4 and uses this without the tray so he can slide right up to the table. We still use the tray for my daughter.My only frustrations are with attaching the tray and the mounting of the back rest. The three little locking buttons on each side of the chair make it a bit harder to attach and detach than our previous slide-out tray. This also sometimes makes lifting the tray difficult and messy when mealtime is over. Second, the back rest folds down for ease of transport, but the joint is not all that solid when the back rest is raised, so when my daughter leans back it rocks back and forth. I wish there were a way to permanently lock it down for those who do not intend to travel with this seat.Overall, it’s great for the price and easily transitions to a ‘big-kid’ booster, making it a smart long-term purchase.

Germaine Ocklawaha, FL


Easy to clean, portable, like the tray, turns into a booster seat & not pricey- what more can I ask for?

Constance Cedar Ridge, CA

Exceed my expectation

Once I received it, I was a little bit disappointed and thought I should have got one with soft head/back support.But once I use it, the head/back rest isn’t the problem at all. My daughter never once knocks her head on the plastic back.Lightweight, easy to use and affordable price. Recommended.

Angelita Paradise Inn, WA

Awesome for on the go!

I love this seat so much I have two! It folds and you can use the chair strap as a carrying strap which makes it super easy to bring with you. I keep one at my ILs and one at home to bring it wherever we are going. My daughter likes to have her own space to eat, so having this chair gives her that freedom (vs. someone holding her while she tries to eat). It easily wipes down and like I said, since it folds, it is easy to store when not in use. GREAT product!

Michael Whittemore, IA

Use it every day; no need for a highchair

Easy to clean, easy to use, sturdy. This was our second, one for our house and one for my parents’. (My sister has two and takes them to restaurants with them so the kids don’t use the dirty ones in restaurants.) It’s perfect and given the price, I don’t see why anyone would buy a more-expensive highchair unless they didn’t have an extra chair avaiable. An excellent product.

Lupe Westboro, WI

Great little booster seat

Purchased for my 1 year old niece when she visits. Durable, easy to set up, easy to clean, and gets the job done. It’s not adjustable in height and is below table height, but this isn’t important to my niece or to me. I like the bright colors too.

Sonia Lester, AL

Love it! Great highchair for everyday or Grandma’s house

This is a great little high chair at a great price. We love it so much we have one at our house, two at my mom’s house and two at my in-laws. The beauty (other than the rock bottom price) is that the orange back folds down and fits under the tray to make it even more compact for storage. The strap that attaches it to the back of the chair doubles as a carrying strap so you can just fold it up and toss it over your shoulder if you want to take it to a friend’s house or a restaurant. It is very light (much < 5lbs) so it is a breeze to carry. With no hidden crevices or excess padding (the seat is quite comfortable without any padding), it wipes down easily with soap and water. My in-laws have a similar one with a tray cover (blue and green), but we find that we very rarely use the cover and this model is perfect. I would highly recommend it.

Florine Kelly, NC

Grows with the kid, easy to clean

I wish I had bought this product earlier. It grows with your child: for infants, with the tray; for toddlers, as a seat booster. So you don’t need to buy a booster when they grow up; and it doesn’t take much space.Besides, it is very easy to clean: you just put it into the dishwasher. Before having this one, we bought another infant chair that had some cushions, and it was a nightmare to clean. And infants can be very messy when they are learning to eat!Another thing I love about this chair: as a booster, it can be secured to the chair. Most boosters don’t have this option; if your toddler moves a lot, you will really appreciate this. And unlike other boosters, she can lean back on it.The only disadvantage I saw so far is the colors: I wish there was some more choice. Though my daughter LOVES her orange and yellow sit.I am really happy and I only wish I had bought this when she was younger!

Gwendolyn Vail, CO

I couldn’t be more pleased

This seat is awesome. I wish I’d skipped the big expensive high chair and gotten this instead. We use it when traveling and the folding seat back is a godsend. It’s so easy to clean I don’t worry a bit when my son goes crazy with the food. You absolutely cannot beat the price. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

Mariana Burns, TN

Better than expected!!

With the very affordable price I assumed this would be an ok booster seat. Once I used it I loved it. We bought it for our daughter to get her used to sitting up at 4 months. She is now 7 months and has been using it ever since. I clip her links to it and she can stay in it for up to an hour. We haven’t traveled with it yet but it comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. Easy to put together. Sturdy and not cheap. Has 3 settings for a growing baby. Highly recommend for the mom who is limited in space and doesn’t want a big bulky high chair.

Ella Jamieson, OR

Works well. Love it!

I purchased this for my 6 month old. I have small space and couldn’t find an inexpensive high chair that worked in my decor of warm tones. To my surprise, the safety straps fit perfectly around the underside and back of my equipale dining chair and pulled everything together while accommodating the safely baby at the table. Tray is dishwasher safe.

Kelly Madisonburg, PA

great to have as backup high chairs

We keep a couple in our car for when we go out to dinner either at restaurants with questionable high chairs or to friends’ houses. Works great! Our twins are 13 months. I find that the attachable tray seems rather low, but the kids don’t care. I am able to pull the booster right up to the dining table. Super easy to clean.

Amie Montour Falls, NY