Fisher-Price Hoppy Days Lightweight Bouncer

Fisher-Price Hoppy Days Lightweight Bouncer

The Hoppy Days Bouncer is a great bouncer with fun play in the toy bar plus a truly comfy seat for baby. It features 3 toys full of play including rattle beads that bounce around to watch, a mirrored snail friend and a dragonfly with clacker beads. The toy bar easily removes for getting baby in and out too. Plus, the seat fabric is wonderfully soft for baby and features a giant colorful froggy friend. It’s designed for comfort for baby and peace-of-mind for mom because it’s been tested for ideal positioning of baby. All this, plus the soothing vibration feature. Features a machine washable pad with 3 point restraint and non-skid feet.

Main features

  • A comfy seat for baby with a fun froggy friend
  • Removable toy bar makes it easy to move baby
  • Toy bar with 3 toys to keep baby entertained
  • Features calming vibrations, non-skid feet, 3-point harness and machine-washable pad
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Verified reviews



I purchased 2 of these bouncers for my cousins as they both had babies at the same time. They are perfect, the babies are in them every day. The price was right especially compared to other bouncers out there. They are very bright and cute.

Lakeisha Odin, MN

Perfect angle, good for reflux, no other bouncy seat needed

I have several other bouncy seats and this is the best one by far for 0-3months, which is when you will use it the most. This seat isn’t so deep or shallow in the tushy that my baby can easily squirm out of it. I have other FP bouncy seats that have tons of bells and whistles and cost twice what this one did. The more expensive ones I can’t even use because they are so upright. This one was perfect for my new baby which had reflux. This helped him sleep so much easier, and put my mind at ease knowing he wasn’t going to flop sideways like in our other seats. It is quite reclined, more so than others which is its best feature. Also, no annoying music, just one simple vibrate button. Several times in the middle of the night, I’ve hit the wrong button and turned on some awful music, waking my baby with other chairs. I recently took this chair with me on a long weekend away with the family and he slept in it most of the weekend, didn’t even need a travel bed. Others have posted about the wide set legs, which I have almost tripped over myself. However this is nice for added stability so isn’t a big deal to me. After a couple of kids using this chair, trust me, skip the fancy ones and get a couple of these!

Staci South Strafford, VT

Miracle worker!

My son WILL NOT sleep in his cradle or bassinette for more than about 20 minutes at a time and insisted on being held more or less constantly. We put this seat together when he was about a week old and it has been wonderful! I can put him in it for an hour or two at a stretch before he starts to wake up and fuss. The angle of incline has him still more or less flat on his back, but with his head and shoulders elevated a little, which helps with spit-up incidents and also means that if you position the chair nicely, he can see Mommy instead of staring up at the ceiling. The chair is also light and easy to carry with one hand, so you can take it with you to the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc. The pad is also slightly water resistant, so we take it to the bathroom when we bathe him and have it laid out with his towel ready to go, pop him into it, and do the lotion and diapering in the chair instead of trying to do it on the bathroom counter.Fantastic product, highly recommended.

Mellisa Covelo, CA

Best Registry Item!

Our 7-week-old has been using this since we brought him home from the hospital. It has saved my arms and my sanity! We bring it next to the dining table so he can join us for dinner, he loves sitting in it playing and talking to his “friends” hanging from the toy bar, the vibrations help calm him when he’s upset, and he sleeps in it the last couple hours of his night when his reflux is really bothering him and he needs to be more upright. My husband wasn’t sure we’d use it, but it’s been a huge hit. Best item we registered for!

Angela Dahlgren, VA

Great little seat

Our little one has made great use of this bouncer. It was the only place she would nap as a newborn and now that she is 3 months old she is grabbing onto the toys and bouncing herself. The toy bar is limited but we’ve just hung other items on it to keep her entertained. It is so light and easy to move around the house. And I love the frog design.

Kaitlin Perry, ME

Frog Bouncer

This is my son’s favorite spot in the house …..he plays, watches tv…pretty much anything.I use it to feed him when we are practicing with a spoon…also the way the child sits in the chair helps with any constipation issue they may have 🙂

Eva Windfall, IN