Fisher-Price i-Glide Cradle ‘n Swing, Green

Fisher-Price i-Glide Cradle ‘n Swing, Green

More than a swing it’s a glider. Cradle swings offer a variety of motion. But this one offers more, because it’s more than a swing – it’s also a glider. In the i-Glide, baby can enjoy swinging and gliding head-to-toe or side-to-side. Four different motions to soothe and entertain, all in one baby cradle swing. Other features include a variety of music, a fun mobile and two-position recline for baby’s comfort. The Fisher-Price i-Glide Cradle ‘n Swing requires 4 D batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Great value – cradle swing and glider all in one
  • Four different swinging motions offer baby a variety of soothing options
  • Eight different songs engage baby by stimulating auditory skills
  • Cradle swing’s comfy seat with head support provides baby with a sense of security
  • Plug-in option saves money on batteries

Verified reviews


Mine is not defective, but my opinion? Eh; it’s mediocre.

This is my 5th swing, and we have been using it for 1 month. I have 2 kids, both of which used (and one is still using) a swing to sleep in for the first 6-7 months of life. The swing is the only place either of them will sleep; our crib for the little one is currently being used as a storage hamper. That means my swing is turned on for naps 3-4 times a day for 1-3 hours at a time, and then on all night for 10 hours – you get the idea. We burned through the motor of 2 Fisher Price Ocean Wonders cradle swings with my first child, but we loved that swing. Then we had a Papasan cradle swing, which we also loved. When the Papasan died my husband went out and got this swing as the replacement. Now, my opinion:Pros:- Looks nice – clean and modern design- Music/nature sounds are good and sounds very real – not tinny or electronic- Big flat base less likely to trip over in our tiny living room- No more batteries! We were blowing through 4 D batteries every 4 days!Cons:- Barely swings in comparison to the other Fisher Price cradle swings- Seat is more narrow than the Papasan – my baby is small and she’s tight in there!- Glide is too jerky and therefore useless- The big base makes it harder to travel with – even the non-travel cradle swings we had before could be easily packed into the car for a weekend awayI would go with a different Fisher Price cradle swing over this one in a heartbeat. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. If you want a swing that actually swings well and is pretty reliable ven with moving it around and heavy use, try a different one.

Lynne Salvo, NC

So disappointed!

My husband and I planned our last pregnancy and we researched and checked out everything! We were given the iglide by my mother for a baby shower gift. It was WONDERFUL for the first 8 weeks! My daughter slept in her swing on glide every night next to my bed. Around 8 weeks in, I noticed it would stop working when she woke up in the middle of the night. I’d put it on glide, check to make sure the lock was in place and it would do a half cycle then shut off. It worked fine in rock mode, but the glide had some kind of issue. My husband actually took the time to open it up and check the sensors and anything visible and it was all fine. I don’t know what happened, but I was really disappointed.It also states it goes up to 22lbs, I don’t see that happening. My daughter is currently 7 1/2 months and a little over 18 pounds and the thing doesn’t move well. She hasn’t been able to use it for several months due to it’s inability to handle the “weight”.*sigh*I thought we did well in our research and product tryout. I guess I will go with a generic one next time.

Terra Spring Grove, MN

Not as cool as it looks

My daughter is 5 weeks old, and we are so disappointed by this swing. When we were looking for baby gear, we thought this was great – options for swinging, sturdy, plug-in, and looked fun. It was brand new on the market, unrated, but we went for it. We registered for it and got it as a gift, and don’t have any way to return it now.Issues:1. The swing speed is so slow, even on the fastest setting, that it irritates our baby unless she is asleep. She is less that 8 lbs at 5 weeks, so I am sure it must be slower with a heavier baby.2. It has a huge footprint in our small apartment. It’s very sturdy, but we wish we would have thought about that before we bought it.3. Swing vs. Glide: This seemed like a great advantage over other swings. However, she only likes one way (as I think most babies would) so once you know what they like, all the options are useless.4. The mobile should at least move out of the way to put the baby in and out.I like that it plugs in, since we go through enough batteries on other baby devices.I would not buy this swing again unless it had a better swing speed.Update: We stuck with this sucker until my daughter neared the weight limit of 20 pounds at a year old. we hardly used it near the end, but for a while we had it worked out pretty well. After months, we finally figured out how to move the mobile (you have to push it pretty hard). We still wouldn’t buy it again, and made sure to warn our new-parent friends.

Adeline Berthoud, CO

I thought my experience would be positive – it hasn’t been

I purchased this item for my infant twins. I read the negative reviews on several websites, but thought my experience would be different. I purchased this swing because at the time it was less expensive than other models for sale. Plus, we only wanted a swing that could be plugged in, which it does. Note: we only used the cradle swing feature.Pros: Attactive. Easy to assemble when following instructions. Lots of sounds choices. Good volume control. Appreciate foot controls when holding a sleeping baby.Cons: After using this swing for 10 weeks it no longer swings properly. We turn it on high and it barely moves. It has to warm up. I cannot wait for it to warm up – on several occasions this waiting has awakened the baby. Last night it stopped working completely and woke my very fussy, teething baby. We never used the glide feature because it is not smooth. The music turns off after about 20 minutes, which wakes the baby.I would not recommend this swing for anybody. We are returning it and found a Fisher Price Little Lamb swing for $122 plus free shipping. If you purchase this swing, please save your box, instructions, etc. because you’ll likely have to return it.

Nikki Magnolia, AL

Defective motor

My daughter absolutely loved this cradle glider and her baby loved the gliding swing. It only worked for one day! The swing part still works but the glider does NOT, given the price paid it is certainly not worth keeping. The chair is comfy cozy and the baby loves to sit in it, look at himself in the mirror and also enjoy the music it plays. My daughter contacted the manufacturer who says they have discontinued this item and are no longer making this motor. However, they are still selling it, which seems a bit odd given all the bad reviews and defect that is obviously a manufacturing error. She has been advised to take it back to the store for a refund. It is a shame that the company has not come up with a fix for the defects it obviously has when it promised to be lovely entertainment for the baby.

Cynthia Argyle, TX

Rock the Cradle

In an ironic turn of events, we inherited this cradle from our daughter who got a great deal on it but then decided she didn’t like it. She said the unit swung fine when empty but not so fine when filled with a baby.If you are considering this product because of a deal you can’t refuse, be aware that it’s been discontinued. Also be aware of the size of this thing, a base 24″ across and legs that span 35″ across.The unit swings side to side and glides front to back. It can run on batteries or on household elecric current. We’ve found that performance is much better with electric current.So far it’s been gliding and swinging for us, though in a bit of a herky jerky motion. Our grandson doesn’t seem to mind, but I find it a bit disconcerting. There are four speeds for the side to side motion, though I don’t detect much of a difference among the four.Foot controls can be used to play music or sound effects like chirping crickets or ocean waves. Personally I hear enough cricket chirping in our basement and don’t find it to be a soothing sound. The volume control on the base is not foot controlled and requires a trip down to the floor for adjustment.It’s an attractive enough unit with it’s soft, green hammock sling; there’s even an extra head support. Thank goodness for that. The material used for the sling is about as thick as a very heavy sweatshirt and is compressed by the baby’s weight. Pushing down on it gently with my hands, I feed the skeletal plastic beneath. I imagine sleeping on this is akin to the sofa bed I used to sleep on with the unforgiving metal framework digging into my back.So should you buy this? Only if it’s a really good deal and if you plan on adding some extra material support to the hammock part.

Marion Oakland, IL