Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker in Blue/Red

Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker in Blue/Red

As your child grows, this Fisher-Price infant seat converts into a toddler rocker. As an infant seat it soothes your little one with calming vibrations or a parent can gently rock the seat. As the child grows, the seatback adjusts to an upright position for a toddler up to 40 lb. Seat features toys that can be arranged to provide stimulation depending on your child’s age. Includes toy bar with 3 removable toys.

Main features

  • In the infant mode baby is soothed with calming vibrations or mom’s gentle rocking of the seat
  • As the child grows, the seatback adjusts to a more upright position for a toddler up to 40lbs
  • The toy feature grows with baby by fullfilling the requirements of the Learning Patterns Infant Toy Line
  • Fisher Price Babygear Bouncers & Infant Seats
  • Age Range Birth to 3 Years

Verified reviews


Not safe for infants who are starting to sit up

(I have the previous version of this rocker, the mechanics seem unchanged).Our son loved this rocker as a newborn (1-2 months). We pulled out the “kickstand” and that allowed him to be in a flat position and he was very comfortable. Most bouncers are too upright fro newborns. Also, the rocker has two recline positions for you baby’s comfort.As he got older (3-4 months), we would push in the “kickstand” in so we could use the rocking feature. He liked being more upright than flat at this age. He liked to look around and play with the toy bar. Also, we could rock him to sleep.But, once (around 5-6 months) when he was trying to sit up and lean forward he fell over (the reason for 3 stars only). He was strapped in, so the chair fell over with him. I was in the same room as he was and he is fine – he was just a bit startled.(Think about sitting in a rocking chair and leaning forward – if you cannot lean back then you would fall forward.)I put it away for now and will try it when he can climb in and out of the rocker on his own.

Lee Taylorsville, MS

gift i didn’t want

Bought for us by my father in law. and i hate it. it’s not a swing, not a bouncer, just a chair that vibrates. our son isn’t even born yet and i don’t want him in the chair. The toys that hang come off when you barely touch them and are heavy plastic. i also heard it’s very dangerous and tips over. i hate this chair.

Joann Taylor, ND

Flame Retardant Toxicity?

I was really disappointed to find that this darling chair has the standard flame retardant label affixed. So I asked the seller what type of flame retardant was used (hoping for something safer like hydrated silica VS the conventional halogenated ULTRA TOXIC flame retardant) and got no response. Toxic flame retardant is very controversial due to its probable negative effects on brain development of children. Unfortunately it is in most baby items that are considered furniture. I hope that it isn’t used in the item but the lack of response makes me think that it is.

Shauna Onekama, MI

piece of junk

The craftsmanship is iffy. When put together, some of the screws don’t actually screw into anything–they just sit there. This is probably a defect, but speaks to the lack of quality of the product. Unfortunately, there is so much of this crappy stuff flooding the market.

Helga Coles Point, VA

Good until your child is 8 or 9 months – then totally scary

At 8 or 9 months old, my son was strapped into this chair and threw his body forward with enough force to face plant onto a hard wooden floor with the chair on top of him. I was able to watch it on the monitor that has replay and it was totally scarry. Avoid.

Maryanne Saginaw, OR

Please read this before buying…

Overall this toddler rocker is great…just that, the fabric of the chair isnt the best since I notice that my son back head is starting to shed. Most babies can’t sleep on certain sheet or fabric or else your child will have some bold spots around his or her head. I put a soft fabric where his head will be placed before letting him sit on the rocker.My son loves the cow and especially the other two animal. I usually let him play in there for a little but not for long. The reason for buying this is because he can use it later in life as a rocking chair while he can read a book. Hopefully by then the fabric won’t give him bold spot. I’m glad my mother told me about certain fabrics that baby shouldnt be laying on or else my son have some unwanted bold spots. Thanks MOM.after purchasing this item, check to see if your child is loosing his or her hair by sitting in the rocker. That’s all.

Leeann White River Junction, VT

As hard as plywood can be

Junk junk junk. I don’t know why so many good reviews. It looks so comfy on the picture, but it is just a piece of plywood covered with nylon, no cushion at all. All the “fluffness” you see in the picture is the nylon fabric folded around the metal frame, giving the illusion of cushion. My baby is a chubby 4 month old and slides to the sides because the back is straight with no pillows or any cushion on the sides. My toddler (2years old) likes to climb in the chair but I have to remove the toy bar all the time… pain the the b. Now I understand why there is another model where the toy bar just swings in and out, without having to be removed. I want to return it but the assembly was such a pain as well, that my husband will be furious to have to unscrew everything again!

Ollie Queenstown, MD

1 star and 1 big flaw

i rate this 5 stars for the fabric design, 5 star for the quality but 1 star overall because YOUR BABY WILL TOPPLE OVER ON THE ROCKER MODE.One review said “Used correctly, this seat is perfect!,” and that is true.It is even perfect to rock your infant. And I agree, it is perfect for my toddler. BUT the thing is… baby can now sit up, (the reason why babies topple over) and she loves to bounce herself. She’s now 25 lbs and the max. the Graco Soothe & Swaddle Baby Bouncer will take. I bought this rocker to replace it and it would have been perfect if they put those extra harness over the body/shoulders (just like the Graco) to prevent them from toppling over.In short, this rocker is perfect for little infants who cant move, and for big toddlers who can stand up by themselves. What happens to the stage in between? That means, for safety reasons, this rocker is useless or goes to the storage for about a year? (my first born walked at almost 18 mos)I would suggest Fisher Price put an additional harness. Then it would even be 10 stars 🙂

Eliza Monroe, OR

Big enough for my toddler, toys don’t interest the baby

The really cool thing about this chair is that it’s big and strong enough for my older child to sit comfortably. As for the baby, I usually don’t leave him in there because the toys aren’t interesting and he wants to get out. However, I do kick out the bottom piece that holds it steady instead of rocking, and I’ve been using it to feed him. The cover is really easy to remove for cleaning, and the fabric doesn’t fade in the wash. I’ve probably washed it 15 times in four months (baby food, you know…) and it comes out looking brand new. Vibration is noticeable but not jackhammer-like, like so many other chairs. Soothing.I wish it folded up a little more for storage, but it’s not a big deal. Four stars instead of five because the toys are boring; no music or lights, etc. So it’s not really interesting for a very young baby.

Nadia Bronx, NY

OMG!!!!! buy this!

My LO loves this little chair so much that she can’t sleep in the crib anymore…. after one month of use i’m getting her accustomed back to the crib with a lot of hard work! but this chair is durable, and it entertains them, also great to take it on the go to grandparents to babysit. she loves the vibrator…. however be ready for the batteries cost! the fact that it becomes a rocking chair later on is even more amazing!!!!!

Violet Cameron, MO

does not support babys head from the sides

This rocker is cute but does not support babys head from falling to the side. Not suitable for infant. My baby is 11lbs. When he sits in it his chin touches his chest and it looks uncomfortable. Im sure he will grow using it but not now…

Anna Springfield, NJ

Very pleased!!

We just had a new baby boy and I feel like a new mother! My older son is now 14 years old and boy have baby products changed since then! I seriously considered comments and reviews when deciding which items I wanted, which I could live without, and what was an absolute must have. So I hope you find my review just as helpful while deciding on purchases. I couldn’t be more pleased with this portable rocker. At first I wasn’t too excited about the colors and theme pattern but once I looked past that, I think the chair is wonderful! What I like most about it is the position it sits my newborn. Most bouncers/chairs sit up too high for a newborn to be comfortable and they often lean over to one side. This chair reclines back far enough that he is almost in a laying down position and yet not too close to the ground. It’s perfect height. I look forward to using this chair for many years to come!

Ebony Free Union, VA

Better than other bouncers

I purchased this after seeing it at our daycare center. Our little guy loves to pull the handle on the cow to hear the music. Seems more versatile than the other bouncers & like that we will be able to use it until our son is a toddler.

Renee Story, WY

I love this, baby does not.

I think this is the cutest thing ever and thought it would be a fun baby to sit with us without sitting ON us. However, baby has no interest. She either wants to be in my arms or crawling around. Maybe we will get more use from this when she is a bit older.

Rosa Saint Andrews, TN

I received a defective set 🙁

Too bad i received a defective set. The legs doesn’t balance, thus the stopper cannot be used because it doesn’t level with the ground. Returned it and bought another Fisher-price rocker which can recline in 2 positions! Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that I’ve gotten a defective set haha prefer the new one which I order since it can recline for NB to sleep in

Renee Hurst, IL

Great little rocker

Very sturdy, vibrates, lays back or sits up and rocks. The bar has toys to keep them busy. Very happy with this purchase.

Kimberley Colome, SD

Like it, not love

I like it, but the toy bar isn’t as good as older model my son had. She cant quite reach it to pull. I do like the pattern alot better then the mouse one though. The vibrator seat is VERY noisy when you first put batteries in. Hubby didn’t realize and asked what the noise was from across=the room….. It does get better after a little time, til the new set.

Geri Eustis, FL

Great rocker!

My Mom bought this rocker to keep at her house for my baby. Since we live far away, she figured that she’d get more use out of this rocker than a traditional bouncer. My two month old daughter really likes it. She doesn’t love her bouncer at home (we have the Ocean Wonders bouncer). But she enjoys this one a lot more. She likes to look at the toys and she likes the rocking motion she makes when she kicks her legs and waves her arms in excitement. It looks very sturdy and will be “her chair” at Grandma’s house for a while. We wish we purchased the rocker for her at home rather than the traditional bouncer.However, there are two reasons for the four stars:(1) The cow is facing the parents and not the baby. The baby cannot enjoy the adorable face. We tried to face it the other way, but when you pull the cord for music, it just pulls right off of the velcro strips you use to attach the hanging toys.(2) The music the cow plays is super annoying. The notes are really tinny and it repeats one note for a really long time. Sweeter music would be better. Also, the music doesn’t last long enough and when your baby is too young to pull the cord herself, you constantly have to pull it for the baby.

Madeline Grant Park, IL

My son loves it!

Works great. Entertains my 2 month old. Vibrations are so quiet we often accidentally leave it on even when we’ve removed our son. Also great for naps as a newborn or for sleeping while traveling.

Bettye Almira, WA

Good but has is quirks

I registered for this bouncer for my second child because I wanted something we could long after he started sitting up; in that aspect is great. My older son (18 months older) sits in just fine, but he is still too short and his feet dangle. Both my boys love the toys in the toy bar. My little guy doesn’t like the vibrations but that has nothing to do with the bouncer. We have tried other bouncer vibrations and he doesn’t like them.Pros: Can be used longer than 5 months (sitting up)It’s cheap, well compare to other bouncers that you could only use up to the point the baby is sitting up.Cons: It is a little bulky for traveling. You can’t fold it.The blue bar on the bottom snaps out, no matter how hard I snapped back into place.The cow on the toy bar faces the wrong directionI would recommend it. It cheap and lightweight both my boys like the toys and you can use much longer than conventional bouncers. It’s not perfect but what is?The blue bar snapping out on occasion is the reason I gave it four stars out of five. I am going to contact fisher price soon.

Valerie Manhattan, MT

Nice chair for our baby

Home from the hospital, our baby hated this rocker. So I didn’t use it often. I would force him to sit in it while I showered so he could sit somewhere safe and I could keep an eye on him. I had to talk to him nonstop and pick him up immediately after getting out. I would put him in it when I made the bed… or while getting dressed. (The rocker is in our bedroom). He only lasts for a few minutes in there though. I can’t read him a story in the chair.. or leave him in it and start doing something that doesn’t involve playing with him at all.He likes the “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” melody that plays.. but it plays only once. He hates the way the chair vibrates. I turn it on, he cries and wants out.Had I not received it for my shower, I probably would have been fine without it. But since I have it, I use it. It’s okay for what I use it for.UPDATEOnce my son started grabbing things on his own, he really enjoyed this chair. That was around 5/6 months? He liked pulling the toy to make the song go on his own.I am still using the same chair for my twin girls. They’re currently 2 months and just started to tolerate this chair for a few moments while I’m alternating them for diaper changes. I ended up taking the toys off because it made them cry. My son still loves the toy though and dances around when it plays.Thus, I have upped my stars and say.. give it a try.

Krystal Coloma, MI

Cute Rocker, but a Little Noisy

I really loved the pattern on this rocker when I first saw it. My MIL ended up ordering the same style of rocker from Walmart in an alternate pattern (Snails). When this one arrived we compared the two, and I was still set on keeping this one at my house and letting her take the other home. After running both for a couple of days, I noticed how much quieter the Snails rocker was. The center piece of the Dark Safari rocker is made of hard plastic and vibrates, making a loud rattling noise the whole time the vibration is active. The other thing that I noticed is that our son was easily able to grab the center frog on the Snails rocker and could not get a hold of the elephant on the Dark Safari. We ended up keeping the snails version and sending the Safari rocker home with my MIL.

Lakisha Carrollton, MO

Okay product; my daughter is not interested in it…

My daughter loved this rocker for a mere 3 weeks. She’s almost 8 months old but when I gave this to her to sit in she was a little over 5 months and wasn’t interested after a while. The toys on the rack didn’t amuse her for long and it wasn’t comfortable for her. There isn’t a groove or neck rest so she slides to the side and her head isn’t cradled to keep in position long and she ends up crying from discomfort or boredom. Ever since she became more active she’s been kicking her legs, this rocker doesn’t have a foot pad so she slams her ankles on the hard foot part and I can tell it hurts. So this isn’t the best activity seat out there for your child. Also the stickers on the toy rack is only one-sided, not cool for this price. I regret not buying her an activity chair where she can sit/stand with more toys around her…I will definitely give this product away, so sad. I was hoping she would sit in it as a rocking chair when she grew up a little…

Ida Silver Creek, NE

like all other reviews, yes this one is good

I’ve owned a couple of bouncers and my son liked it only as much as he can stay there for 10-15 minutes. but this rocker, he stays there for a while and this is the main one we use every day. Bouncers he’s out-growing now he’s still using this rocker and I can see he’ll use it at least one more year. very good buy. he likes to read in this rocker and talks to us. sometimes falls asleep.

Angelita Grayson, GA

Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Rocker, Bunny

When I had my son in 2010, I had the previous boy Fisher-Price rocker on my registry and was so pleased with it. He used it up until about 14 months old. So, naturally, when I was expecting my daughter this year, I wanted a girl version. The form has been changed a bit but she, now 4 months old, loves it. My only reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I find the musical bar just a bit too high up on the chair. My son’s was a bit lower, not so close to his face. But they only use the bar for a little while so I imagine it won’t matter in a few months. She loves it anyway and pull the butterfly chord constantly.Great chair. Fisher-Price scores again.

Katrina Ontario, OH

Great rocker!

My LO loves this rocker! I had the Mamaroo swing at first but my baby didn’t like it that much. My parents had purchased a Fisher Price rocker similar to this for the baby to use at their house. After I saw the baby in the one at the grandparents and how much he loved it I had to get one for home. Sometimes simplicity is better, since the Mamaroo is innovate and much more expensive, but Fisher Price had the right elements. He loves to try and grab the toys on the bar. It holds his attention and doesn’t rock too much. Everything is just right.

Johnnie New Ipswich, NH

Not my thing

Maybe if you are not into the flashing lights, and the music, this would work great. For me, I would like ot be able to keep my baby occupied while I get a couple of things done, and at this stage (3 months), this still didn’t do the trick. She jsut looked at it, expected it to do something when she kicked nothing happened, so boredom set ini. I brought it back. She has a kick and play bouncer… thank heavens. It keeps her busy for up to an hour before she starts fussing. (see my review)

Bette Tigerville, SC

Wish I had this from day 1!

We purchased the blue/green infant to toddler rocker when our son was about 5 months old. He outgrew his bouncy chair, and we were in need of a new one. I was very excited when I saw this one holds an infant up to 40lbs!I am in love with this chair, it has so many uses. Our son eats some of his meals in this chair (give him the bottle and he feeds himself, or sit it up and spoon feed him), he naps in this chair, or just relaxes in this chair! I really don’t know what we’d do without it. He was actually sleeping in this chair thru the night for a few months. He was spitting up so much, the doctor suggested it. At about 7 months, he seemed very un-comfortable all throughout the night and we moved him to his crib.Some reviews say something about their children falling out of the chair… well first off, there are buckles for a reason, use them when your child isn’t coordinated enough to get in/out of the chair. Second, when your infant is sitting up on their own, they can also do this in the chair. If you don’t have the kickstand out, the chair will tip forward. I don’t suggest you leave your child in the chair without the kickstand before their feet can touch the ground and they have the coordination.A few negatives; We are constantly tightening the screws that hold the chair together. After about a month of use, the chair becomes wobbly but once they are tightened back up, the chair is sturdy again.The toy bar that hangs over the chair, my 10 month old son is no longer interested in the toys, but interested in using the bar to pull himself up, arch his back, and figure out any other way to mess with it. No big deal, we took it off and no longer use it.Positives; It is a metal frame, which makes me feel confident that it can bear any weight until the 40lb weight limit.The cloth frame is very easy to get off, and withstands many washings in the washer/dryer. It clips onto the frame, and those have held up for months now.Overall, this is a great product and a lifesaver! I am a proud owner, and suggest this to anyone over any other bouncy chair. Wish I had this one from day 1. I will definitely be using this with our next child. They are sold in stores at Target, but they are almost $40. Amazon has them the cheapest, and you get free shipping!

Etta Rougon, LA

use for long time

i love that you can use this product for a few years, rather than a few months. it has toys that hang for the younger infants, along with vibration. but then you can take the hanging toys off and use it for the toddlers.

Willie Brooks, MN

Watch out

I love this item.. my son slept like a baby. Easy to more around. 2 ways to adjust it. But u have to make sure that ur child doesn’t lean too forward otherwise he can flip down. Happened right infront of me when my so tried to reach for a toy.

Nola Norma, NJ