Fisher Price Jumperoo – Rainforest Friends

Fisher Price Jumperoo – Rainforest Friends

Bright colors and fun music engage visual and auditory senses. View larger Baby will love jumping, spinning and discovering! View larger Bouncing, musical, light-up fun! There’s so much to discover: an interactive, light-up waterfall, an elephant teether, spinner frog, bead bar with mirror, linkable monkey, and more. And of course, rainforest-themed music, sounds, and lights reward baby’s jumps! A sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely—no doorways required. Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe. As baby grows, the jumperoo adjusts to three different heights for extended use. Lion seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe. Discoveries through play! More play leads to more learning – and so does jumping around! As baby moves and jumps, gross motor skills are strengthened. Exploring busy activities introduces baby to cause and effect – learning how to make things happen! And colorful toys, fun sounds, and music all enhance baby’s developing senses. Help your baby learn more Start by demonstrating some of the toy’s specific features, showing baby how to start the action, lights, or music. Then, let baby try! As you play, continue to encourage your baby to bat-at a toy or bounce a little faster. Baby will be rewarded with a fun surprise, encouraging play over and over again. What’s in the Box? Includes one Rainforest Friends Jumperoo. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. The stury, free-standing steel frame grows with your baby. View larger Features: Seat spins 360° so baby can discover toys all around An interactive, light-up waterfall mesmerizes and delights Sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely—no doorways required Easily adjusts to 3 different heights as baby grows Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe Adorable lion seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely – no doorways required
  • Easily adjusts to 3 different heights as baby grows
  • An interactive, light-up waterfall mesmerizes & delights
  • Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe
  • Exploring busy activities introduces baby to cause and effect

Verified reviews


very colorful

this jumperoo is colorful and easy to assemble. my granddaughter liked it for about 5 minutes. Not enough activities to keep her engaged. The music was very annoying. I returned nexy day. very disappointed.

Cora Northwood, ND

Might not be the best choice for small living spaces

Try as I might, I really can’t bring myself to like the Jumperoos. I know a lot of people rave about these things but I just don’t think they’re anywhere near as good as an exersaucer.The first thing that struck me about the Jumperoo is the loud colors. I think the seat pad in particular just seems obnoxious and when you consider the baby won’t even see the lion design on it once he or she is in the jumperoo, I don’t see why they didn’t go with a nice rainforest print that doesn’t scream “obnoxious baby toy” when it sits unoccupied. The toys on the jumperoo are ok. Only the rainfall toy plays music and lights up. Both my husband and I thought the music was a bit loud and irritating. What I disliked most about this component was the fact that Fisher price put the side with the screws facing the baby. I suppose they did this so the adults have the nice side facing them, but this is a baby toy and the nicer side really should be facing the child, not the parent. The other toys on the jumperoo aren’t much to write home about. There’s a cute elephant teether that is tethered to the frame. Then there’s a monkey that dangles from the leaf overhead that little ones can bat, swat and tug. There’s a sliding toy that clicks, a bead barrel and a spinning disc that has pictures on it. I think you get better toy variety with a Wonderbug or an Exersaucer.The jumperoo takes up a decent amount of space so those living in tiny living quarters may want to rethink purchasing this toy since it is a bit large. I also found moving it around to be a bit more cumbersome than sliding an exersaucer from one place to another.Assembly for this toy took about 15 minutes from start to finish. It pretty much just snaps together.

Ma Pearl, IL

Very nice jumperoo

I was originally worried about this jumperoo because once put together it didn’t seem solid. I double checked everything and it was put together correctly so I gave it a try. Once my granddaughter was sitting in it I completely changed my mind. It was very sturdy and she loved it. She smiles everytime I put her in it and she bounces for a long time before getting bored. She hasn’t been able to spin in it yet since she’s barely four months old but she loves the lights and sound and will bounce forever. It’s been a lifesaver for us. I feel like she’s safe while I’m cleaning or cooking and she’s always perfectly happy. I would definitely recommend this item.

Ilene Zion Grove, PA

Great toy for my daughter.

This toy was fantastic…while it lasted. My daughter used to jump and play and have fun all day. I loved how much i got done while she was occupied with this toy. The only sad thing is that she has now grown out of it…but i guess thats not the toys fault…just my own. Man, my baby is growing up way too fast!

Jessica Musselshell, MT

We call it the poop machine…

I’ve found that it is best to use this “device” after your infant already has a poopy diaper which has recently been changed because, guess what, you are about to get another one!There are so many things uncertain in life, but regular bowel movements with the Fisher-Price Jumperoo is NOT one of them. This is not a bad thing… in fact, it may be a great thing (especially if you are waiting for the baby’s bowel movement), but if you don’t have that diaper on tight, you may be in for a sticky surprise!Anyway, enough about that. How about the rest of the toy? Well, I found it well constructed, and surprisingly easy to put together. I thought it would take longer, and was pleasantly surprised that some of the more complicated parts –the straps– were pre-installed.POSITIVES:+++ EASY ASSEMBLY. It still took 20 minutes, but it wasn’t anything difficult.++ HEIGHT ADJUSTEMENT. There are three different heights that you can adjust to -by moving the strap. I also like that the heights are very clearly marked on the straps, and are not something you have to guess at for each strap.++ SEEMS WELL CONSTRUCTED. None of the baby toys have broken off yet, and let me tell you, our child tugs and bites them all.++ 360 DEGREE MOVEMENT. Your child can spin around to allow interactivity of all parts of the toy.+ BATTERY OPERATED. Though you really don’t miss much without the batteries, as only the spinning cylinder is affected –it lights up and plays music– sometimes it is nice to be able to turn it on and grab the child’s attention just a little bit more.NEGATIVES:- NOT A LOT OF TOYS. Let’s be straight here -the main thing is the bouncy aspect. If your child doesn’t like to bounce there is not too much to do, other than a couple of appealing toys.Overall, this is a well built toy, and may just be enough to give your kid his or her bouncy fix until something more exciting comes along. For strict toy playing this isn’t the best, but for “bouncy time” this cannot be beat.

Phoebe Castle Point, NY

Fisher-Price’s Rainforest Jumperoo vs. Rainforest Friends

This is a wonderful activity center for toddlers. Adjustable it provides entertainment for babies, from first sitting up through early walking ages. Musical, attractive, engaging and good exercise — it’s rightfully popular.This model is actually the second Fisher-Price jumperoo I’ve purchased. First came the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, the original model introduced several years ago, the one with vertical supporting poles and a circular base. My grandson loved it and then so did his mother, my daughter. Thus it ended up in their home and a replacement for Grandma’s House was in order. As my wife didn’t want exactly the same model, I next purchased this one for roughly the same price. We are very pleased with both.So what are the differences? In the original, the Rainforest Jumperoo, the vertical supports are more rigid. This one, the Rainforest Friends, has a smaller, more triangular base, with curved supporting poles. This design is more flexible, with all the pieces moving together. Its looser configuration allows the seat to move somewhat back and forth as well as up and down, a smoother, less jerky movement. This one has a green hard plastic palm frond for dangling the teether/toy as opposed to a felt frond with a plastic rib for the original. Other than that they are VERY similar.Other reviewers have complained that this model is dangerous, that their child’s safety was at issue. Obviously its loose jointed construction is intentional. Being an engineer I checked out this model thoroughly for any tendency to break due to wear, to come unexpectedly apart or to topple due to vigorous use. I find none at risk. My grandson gives ours a thorough workout with the pieces moving easily in harmony.Both jumperoos are fine products. If my other daughter ever gives us cause to buy yet another, I would buy this one.

Jerri Cleverdale, NY

Jumperoo will make you Jump, Jump

The Jumperoo is very sturdy and will hold up to even the most active jumper. There is a lot going on with this toy; several play stations give you a variety of activities featuring the adorable Fisher-Price characters my daughter has grown to love from the series of free apps. My daughter isn’t much of a jumper, but still enjoys standing in the Jumperoo. The only issue I have with the Jumperoo is its short-lived usefulness.Developmental Guidelines:Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out or walk.Generally, you won’t be able to use something like this until baby is 3-5 months old. By the time they are walking, they have outgrown this. So, in some cases, it’s useful for about 6 months. As an alternative, consider aEvenflo Exersaucer. It isn’t AS bouncy, but it converts to a flat matt for when they are infants, a bouncer for the time when they can hold their head up and not walk, and then a stand-up S shaped play table. My daughter is 18 months and still plays with it, while she outgrew her Jumperoo before she was a year old.

Loretta Mount Kisco, NY

Baby must have!

This is our second jumparoo and we love it! We also have an exersaucer from the other brand and hands down our kids have enjoyed the jumparoo much more. The fabric is easy to remove and clean. It only took about 5 minutes for me to put it together. We started using it at 4.5 months and at 7 months he still loves to jump daily!

Tameka Bowden, WV

Simple design for easy cleaning

We have seven-month-old twins, but only had one bouncer that we were given secondhand. Our older bouncer is an earlier Fisher-Price model, and many pieces are the same as this new Jumperoo.Each of the four toy ‘pods’ snap into the base, so they are easy to remove and clean. Those toy pods are the only major difference with this new model. They have a spinning waterfall that lights up and plays music, a mirror that is mounted on a bar so that it can flip around like a gymnast, a spinning wheel and another spinner with some small balls inside it. The design of the toys is fairly well done, and despite everything ‘spinning’, I don’t believe a child could get their fingers caught in any of it. One new addition is the leaf toy with a hanging monkey ring (green and purple in the photo). Both kids LOVE this toy, as it bounces and hangs. I’ve hooked other toys to it. A great new addition. The bouncer also has settings to play music continually, or play it when activated by motion. As the child bounces, a tune plays. If they stop to play with a toy, the music stops. They seem to like that setting more as they can hear the music kick on when they move.The seat has a removable cloth liner that snaps on and off very easily. The cloth forms around the seat and the seat is able to spin in circles if the child kicks. The liner is machine washable and feels very durable.Having the old and new versions side by side, they both use the same mechanism of the seat being suspended by springs. They offer three heights for bouncing, and recommend that your child can place their feet flat on the ground. My kids are young, so I have it set on the lowest setting. I noticed right away that the springs on the older model were not as tight, and the bouncer was maybe 2″ lower than the new Jumperoo. I’m not sure how much the previous owner used it, but its safe to say that eventually this Jumperoo will sag as well.The overall base construction has a lot of ‘slop’ in it. The pipes snap together, but wiggle quite a bit. It doesn’t feel unsafe, but I wonder why they didn’t design the base to be more rigid? Maybe to increase the overall life of the bouncer?Both kids love their bouncer and would play in it all day, but I try to limit their sessions to 20-30 minutes at a time, maybe twice a day. A great distraction if you need to have you hands free and let your child handle different sounds and textures.

Gloria Starbuck, MN

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The jumperoo was easy enough to put together and looked stable and safe.Once I put my daughter in, she giggled in delight upon seeing the bright toys. The height adjustment made for a perfect seat for her. Moving around 360 degrees is what bought me more time for her stay in there. Right now she stays in it for about 20 minutes, precious twenty minutes for a sit down dinner 🙂 .

Brittney Park, KS

A lot Going on Here

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo has lots to engage an infant. The item adjusts to three different heights as baby grows, and the seat swivels a full 360 degrees. The seat cover is machine washable/dryable, and soft spring covers protect fingers. Baby’s jumping prompts music, sounds, and a light-up waterfall. There are other attached baby toys: froggy spinner bead, a rollerball, elephant teether, and bead bar with a mirror. There is also a detachable take-along monkey. The sturdy frame lets baby jump safely. There’s lots going on here to amuse and exercise baby.

Aisha Lake Havasu City, AZ

Must have for active 1 year old!

We had the older version of this jumper for our first child and though it was great.We received this new model for our second child and couldn’t be happier. It has an improved frame which provides quieter jumping and the toys and seat seem higher quality.

Nan Lindsey, OH

Great for jumpers

For both of my kids, there were exersaucers at daycare and both just kind of stood in them bored, but they sure do love Jumperoos. I had the old version of the Jumperoo about 6 years ago and love this one just as much. The overall design is pretty similar with just a few aesthetic modifications. The old Jumperoo also had a height adjustment, but I thought it was important to note that here as well.The general concept is that the seat will spin 360 degrees with toys all the way around and allows the baby to jump and mine sure did! They would stay in the Jumperoo just bouncing up and down (not even playing with the toys) for at lease 30 minutes, which is great when you want to get dinner ready or are trying to get ready and out the door in the morning! In this version, jumping triggers the sounds of the waterfall, which can be pretty annoying after a few minutes.The entire thing is very sturdy and there’s really no way a baby could turn it over or anything. I know others have mentioned this as well, but it is large and takes up quite a bit of floor space. I actually have it tucked into a corner in my bedroom and he uses it while I’m doing things in there for the most part. That keeps it out of the way for the most part.

Hilda Arion, IA

Colorful Jumperoo

The reasonably sized box this thing comes in is somewhat deceptive because once it’s assembled, it’s pretty massive. In our small home, it takes up an unexpected amount of floor space – not necessarily because of all the toys and activities, but because the bars themselves go out farther than expected (which I tend to accidentally step on and I noticed the same thing with our Fisher-Price bouncer which had legs that extended way beyond the seat – so maybe it’s just something Fisher-Price does to ensure stability while making it appear as huge, as it actually is? I’m not sure.) Like other Fisher-Price baby items we have, the quality of the jumperoo seems sturdy and the colors and activities on this keep baby enamored. It’s a tad noisy, but not annoying and while I wouldn’t leave my son in there for too long because the main support comes from hanging by his seat, it seems pretty comfortable.

Claudine Fishersville, VA

Good only if you have the space for it

My first impression of the Rainforest Friends jumper was how big it is. I’m in a one bedroom apartment with child and baby. This is huge. It takes up as much space as our small kitchen table. Please try to find a floor model of one before buying, so you can see the size. Plastic boxy ones are smaller, even though not as high quality.Assembling the jumper was hard for me. The three springs that attach the jumper to the metal supports are permanently attached to the metal supports. To assemble, you assemble the rounded triangle base, then attach the poles that hold up the jumper. But you must attach them while they are connected to the jumper. It was confusing for me, because for the first pole, I had to deal with jumper and two other poles being awkward. Then for second pole, more of the same. Then for third pole, the jumper weighed it down. This matters to me, because I’m removing the poles from the base frequently to store this, so it doesn’t take up space. (The actual attachment for poles is OK to assemble and unassemble. To assemble, just snap in place. To unassemble, push a button that allows the metal poles to disconnect. What is hard about this is dealing with the parts that are already connected together.)The actual jumper looks fun with many activities for a baby. It has monkey thing that dangles from above the child, a small mirror that is a bit like a fun house mirror but more like a real mirror than most children’s toys, a wheel baby can spin to hide and expose different pictures of animals, a light up “waterfall”, beads that slide along a metal pole, etc.The other thing about this, and all jumpers, is anything that dangles a child from the crotch can be bad for hip development. So, for babies under 6 months, especially, but then even older, this shouldn’t be used for a long time. If time is limited and it is used to give the child little activities to do, then that’s good for baby to develop.Update: My baby has enjoyed the bouncer from about 4 months old up to now 8 months. He would only use it for short amounts of time (maybe 5 minutes) before he was about 6 months. Now, he will happily bounce and hit things for 20 minutes at a time. He can crawl, but he still likes the bouncer and does not see it as a containment device. So, this has a pretty long useful life for a baby. I also moved to a huge apartment with ample space for this bouncer. I still think it is too big. Baby Einstein has on that folds up for storage, and my baby’s daycare has that one. That other bouncer is sturdy, comparably priced, and stores easily. If you are buying new, please look at fold up models, and only get this Rainforest Friends one if you have enough space for a refridgerator sized item in the nursery. This and the refridgerator will take up similar amounts of space.

Noemi Bern, KS

So much fun for baby!

In the old days (read about 25 years ago), we had to make do with jumpers that were attached to the top of door frames – it probably wasn’t the safest thing but babies loved jumping around. The only problem was that they were stuck in a door which was off to the side of where all the people were. Spring forward to today and the Fisher-Price Jumperoo (Rainforest Friends) and the jumper has come into its own. Baby can sit and play with toys, spin around in circles, and JUMP right where the rest of the family is gathered. The Rainforest Friends are a fun group of toys from Fisher Price. I have a couple of the items for my new grandson. Keep in mind that babies should not be put into the jumperoo until they are well able to hold their heads up. It is limited out at weight at 25 pounds (which can come pretty quickly for a large baby) and it has three heights to allow for baby’s growth. Musical toys can always become obnoxious to adults but boy do the little ones love the stimulation.I’m really impressed with the details of the jumperoo and love the little gizmos that are attached. I’m sure we will have lots of fun until he outgrows it!

Abigail Abbottstown, PA

I can’t say enough good things about the Jumperoo!

Wow! This Jumperoo is great! I got it for my 7 month old grandson and it took him about 3 minutes to figure out how to jump and another few minutes to learn to turn the seat! He loves it!!I like it because it keeps him entertained for quite a while but just have to give him a break once in a while to keep his little legs from getting tired. He can sit and play with the toys around the seat or he can jump. I was a bit leery of the stability of the Jumperoo but it is very sturdy and well built. It does NOT tip over or move around. The toys or gizmos on the Jumperoo are very colorful and bright to keep baby’s interest. The music has a low setting and a high setting and the low is perfect as it does not interfere with conversations or the TV. The seat is washable and is easy to remove and re-install.The only problem with the Jumperoo and it really isn’t a problem at all but I think I should mention it, is that it takes up a large space on the floor. If you are looking for something small and compact, this isn’t for you. It does not fold up and remains out for use at all times for baby to use. It has 3 different adjustment heights as baby grow and the weight limit is 25 lbs. But usually by that time, babies are usually walking by that weight.My grandson loves it and cries when I take him out for a rest. The Jumperoo sure beats the jumpers that you attached to a door frame. So inconvenient if you need to go through the doorway. And sometimes baby would really get going jumping and he would sway and hit the door frame. The Jumperoo is sooooo much more better and safer for baby!

Laura Lawler, IA

Good Jumper

The jumper is another good kids product out of Fisher Price right now. Well designed in terms of stability, durability and ease of use (and cleaning) they are worth the buy. The product has a lot to keep a kid busy with toys all around them that are engaging but also easy for an adult to wipe down and clean off. The springs are well protected and the seat snaps in very securely while still being able to get the sling off to scrub down when needed. It also doesn’t walk around like some bouncers so it’s gonna stay where you put the kid in it. The footprint is a bit large and it doesn’t get any smaller which is great for stability but not for storage. Overall a great buy.

Jewell Coleman, FL

Good Jumper

This is the third jumparoo we’ve owned. (Five kids, you go through baby stuff.) This one is about the same as the last one we owned. I do wish they had something more stylish in terms of designs as bright, colored animals just aren’t my style. But it does have plenty of activities to keep baby busy. My youngest is a little too young to really use this much right now. (He is three months, and despite being able to hold his head up well, doesn’t seem to yet have the core strength or desire to play with the toys. In a month and a half or so, I’m sure he’ll be much better in it.) It is a little bit busy. Right now, he doesn’t like that very much. I don’t know that he will as he gets older, as he is a more sensitive kid and is easily overstimulated and this thing packs on the stimulation.

Carly Sabine, WV

infant jumper

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo, Rainforest Friends is a very sturdy jumper. The springs are covered to protect fingers. There is a lot going on here to entertain. As they jump it activates lights, noises and music. Mine started to notice this and it encouraged more activity. it has a 360 range so it’s not just up and down. The cover removes so it can be cleaned easily. Don’t forget to get 3 AAA batteries..they are not included

Christy Peterson, IA

Bright and colorful

This jumperoo makes for a bright and colorful, as well as very active, exercise and learning station. The jumper IS rather large and takes up a good deal of space but the happy baby makes up for it as you won’t want to do anything other than just watch them learn. The seat swivels 360 degrees and there is stuff to look at and play with at all angles. If I had one thing to change it would be to make it so there is more of a harness to it and not just a seat.

Brandi Eveleth, MN

Love the jumperoo

We previously owned aFisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Jumperoowhich I gave away after lasting through four babies (two babies of my friend, and my twins). When our “surprise” baby #5 arrived, we were jumperoo-less. When I was given the opportunity to review this jumperoo through the vine program and I jumped on the chance.This jumperoo is adorable. I don’t mind bright colors on baby products and this one has no shortage of bright, happy colors. The music from the toy is not too overbearing or obnoxious, but I guess anything can get on someone’s nerves if they hear it enough. The toys are engaging to younger, as well as older babies, and the three height levels (which are easy to adjust) ensures that your baby will be able to enjoy it for some time.Assembly was easy, and took less than 20 minutes (and that includes the extra “help” I received from 2 year old twins.) Like previous jumperoos, the only complaint I have about this product is the “footprint” it has. It takes up a lot of room, so it probably isn’t the best choice for someone with limited space. We have a large kitchen, and Muffin is able to play in the jumperoo while I cook without being underfoot. I also limit the amount of time that she spends in the jumperoo to just the time when I am in the kitchen, so she isn’t in it long enough to get bored.All in all, I like this jumperoo just as much, if not more, than the previous model we owned, and I highly recommend it.

Juliana Richvale, CA

This one is not as good as the less expensive rainforest jumperoo

It all comes down to the AWFUL Music. I have both systems and while this one is slightly less bulky and has better toys, the music is enough to drive you and the baby insane. I cant stand the constant fast paced music or the "jump sensor" sounds. It’s loud too, much louder than my other one. The seat is lower quality too. The frog seat in the cheaper version is padded while this one is just a lion head without padding. The difference is that when my baby was three months and started using this, she could lean her head back on the frog pillow and it would support her neck to give her a break. Also the teether(blue elephant hanging by a string) really just hangs there because at 7 months she still isnt strong enough to pull that giant, heavy toy up to her face. On the cheaper one it has a bug shaped toy on a flexible pole which has been great for teething

Mai Springfield, MO

A learning and identifying curve for the baby …

Features:1) The assembly of this jumperoo is easy.2) The seat spins 360 and so the baby can discover toys all around.3) The music, sounds and lights reward the baby for his jumping.4) An interactive, light-up waterfall mesmerizes and delights the baby with colorful images.5) This jumperoo adjusts to 3 different heights to facilitate the baby as he grows.6) The baby can jump safely due to the sturdy, free-standing steel frame.7) Baby’s fingers remain safe due to the soft spring covers of the jumperoo.8) The seat pad is machine washable.Pros:1) As baby moves and jumps his motor skills are strengthened.2) Baby starts learning and identifying through colorful animal toys, fun sounds, and music.3) The lion seat pad amuses the baby with attractive color.4) This jumperoo provides many activities for the baby during his playtime.Cons:1) This product takes up a lot of space, so cannot be used by people who have limited space at home.2) It holds the baby from the crotch and bounces around and so be bad for the baby’s hip development. Therefore it cannot be introduced to the baby for a very long time at a stretch.

Dominique Melrude, MN

Every Parent NEEDS This Toy

This toy is a MUST HAVE. It is really the greatest toy ever. It keeps kids occupied for hours each day and kids never seem to get tired of it. This toy is definitely better than the exersaucer and much more interesting than the bouncy toy.The music can get annoying but kids love it. I have to admit that I am impressed by its ability to conserve energy, as the jumperoo can run for weeks without needing to change batteries. I also like that the lion fabric is easy to wash–as it commonly gets spit up on.The jumperoo is great for any kid who can hold their head up and enjoyed by kids until they can walk. Although this seems like a short period of time, it can be an eternity for any kid who needs lots of stimulation. I forgot to add that the jumperoo is great for keeping kids in place and occupied for a few minutes so that a parent can run to the bathroom by him(her)self and know that the child will be safe.The jumperoo can be adjusted to get taller as the kid grows. I honestly cannot say enough good things about it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Roseann Sutton, MA