Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, Pink

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, Pink

Baby kicks. Music plays. And that’s just the beginning of this sweetly styled, oh so pink gym. Movable toys on the overhead gym encourage baby to bat and grasp. Move the arch down for tummy time play, or let baby sit and entertain you with a piano concert. And now with a removable piano, you can take the musical fun wherever you and baby go.

Main features

  • Lay and play, tummy time, sit and play, and take along
  • Music rewards baby as they kicks the piano keys
  • 5 busy activity toys and a large mirror
  • Short or long play music up to 15 minutes
  • Soft, comfy mat
  • Four ways to play: Lay and play, tummy time, sit and play, and take along
  • Music rewards baby as they kicks the piano keys
  • 5 busy activity toys and a large mirror
  • Short or long play music up to 15 minutes
  • Soft, comfy mat

Verified reviews


Precrawler Entertainer

I’m 5 months old now and it feels like I’ve been stuck in this precrawling stage for an eternity. There you are lying on your back, staring at the ceiling, and nothing is within reach. You keep yelling at your mom or dad to play with you but all they do is stick a pacifier in your mouth or sing out-of-tune songs with made-up lyrics.Thankfully, my parents got me a toy that I can actually use.-The arch curves over my head and hangs toys at a perfect height for me to grab.-The mirror isn’t exactly the most flattering but it gets the job done. BTW, I’m a handsome devil.-The piano keys are difficult to reach and don’t really make much sense to me right now but might be cool later in my life.-When I roll over, I can see the art on the pad. It’s no Picasso, but we can’t all be geniuses. The pad is made of quality, thick material which helps prevent my vomit from soaking into the floor. Yeah, I love my mom’s breast milk and eat way too much of it until I vomit. So sue me.There are some negatives:-The overall durability of the toy is good as long as it is handled gently. Unfortunately, I have a couple older siblings who didn’t get the memo. They detach the hanging toys which are only held on by C-clamps. Then they run all over the house and leave the toys everywhere. Once I start to mobilize, I’ll be able to retrieve them, but until then, my parents have to pick them up for me all the time. It’s probably getting a bit annoying for them.-The arch is easily detachable from the base. I wish it locked in place so my siblings couldn’t run around the house swinging it like they are swashbuckling pirates. Seriously, grow up.Overall, this is a well-made toy that is great for precrawlers like me. Once I learn to crawl, I probably won’t be sticking around much anymore. It’s possible I’ll take the hanging toys and the detachable piano with me on my adventures. If I’m not too busy, I’ll come back and update this review.

Betty Wounded Knee, SD

Great for Tummy Time

As the parent of a newborn, I find this pretty helpful for Tummy Time. (Not so helpful for laying LT on the back, though, since LT freaks out about it when I do that.) When I lay LT down, LT looks at the patterns (although it’s unlikely that they actually sink in, since they’re closer to the face than 8-12 inches, which is the butter zone for things that can be seen at this age). There’s not a lot of kicking being done yet, so the piano isn’t especially active.What I find particularly nice about this toy, though, is that it can somewhat grow with LT, and be used for different things as LT grows up. (I do worry that the "mirror" will give LT some kind of body dysmorphic issue, since it’s closer to a fun house mirror than a normal mirror, but, we’ll have to wait until talking to see.) When LT gets older, 3-9 months, for example, and kicking starts, I am sure that the piano will be great fun. It’s nice to have toys that so playfully teach cause and effect.There are a few improvements that I’d like to see with it. First, the bar that the toys hang on is static. You can pull it off, but you can’t rotate it to be any closer to the ground. This is kind of a bummer, since LT likes to reach for the toys but just…can’t…quite…grab them. Also, the assembly was somewhat more complicated than I would have expected. Although it is nicely solid once it’s been assembled, getting the cloth strips that hold the mat in place through the holes in the plastic was a bit of a pain.All things considered, it’s a pretty nice toy. It seems durable enough (for now) to grow with my baby, so I’ll keep it around.

Geneva Drexel, NC

Totally recommend!

My daughter loves this! The hanging toys are standard and awesome, but the major selling point is the keyboard at her feet! She’s a kicker and loves it! If it goes quiet she knows to start kicking again – too cute! Also love that it will grow with her…..once she starts sitting up she can sit at the keyboard and once she’s up and about she can carry the keyboard with her. Also, the colors are cute and not overly loud or obnoxious!

Louella Chama, NM

Perfect for Baby and Priced Right

This product hasn’t been baby tested yet,, but I can’t imagine any baby not loving this item. It plays music (batteries are included) and the overhead toys are just so cute and colorful which with help little ones with motor skills. The piano is a wonderful added feature which will be activated when baby kicks its feet, but even better you can remove it so baby can play with it alone when older.The mat is very cute and extremely soft and washable as well.At $35.00, this is a great value as for our first grandchild we paid $75.00 for one of these and this one is as fun, if not better.Highly Recommended.

Sondra Stanwood, WA

Always Innovating and Improving / Grows even more with your little one!

My daughter had theprevious versionof this toy and we loved it. She played with it until she was one, and we packed it up and put it away more because of space issues than due to her just being tired of it. We actually kept the removable toys and at 19 months she still occasionally plays with them, putting them around her wrist like a bracelet.This was a great toy to begin with, and Fisher-Price has made it even better with new improvements. They have added loops to the play mat so you can attach the toys flat instead of only to the arch. This is great for tummy time play. Also, the mirror was not previously detachable and they have remedied that. It now comes off with the rest of the toys. Previously you could attach the arch in a way that it lay flat along the matt, but I like attaching the toys directly to the matt better.The really major improvement is that the piano now detaches and has a handle for easy carrying and take-along play. This seriously extends the usefulness of this toy. When your little ones is walking, you remove the toys and the piano and put the rest of the matt away. Now you have pieces that are versatile and easily fit into a toy box. The “life span” of a baby toy is so short, so it’s always great when you can use at least pieces and parts of a toy beyond the first year of life.

Ernestine Clayton, NJ

Cute and flexible

We had several play mats and I especially like this one because you can set the keyboard up for the baby to play when he or she is older. I like that there are several configurations to use. The mirror is also great. Little ones love that especially when smaller and figuring out, "Is that me?" "Who is that baby?". I have slight hesitation with too much electronic stuff of little ones, but I think in limited doses this is a great option.

Annette Au Sable Forks, NY

A great play gym for infants

This is a great play gym for infants. The toys hang low over the mat, which helps them to be seen by very young infants who haven’t yet developed the ability to see things farther than 24 inches away. The mirror is a bit high, but it will be most appreciated by older infants, so that’s not a problem. Once an infant has reached 2-4 months, it is much more able to focus on things at a distance.The piano keys are easy to activate with uncoordinated feet, which is an important feature. Too many play gyms include kick pads that are too difficult to make noise with unless they are hit exactly right. This one is very forgiving. The colorful mat provides plenty of visual interest to accompany tummy time, and it’s easy-clean surface is a necessity. Overall, this is a great play gym, and it is a perfect size for very young infants.

Lottie Oldenburg, IN

Fun toy!

Baby seem to love it, spend a lot of time kicking the giant keys and staring the mirror hung on the bar. The mat seems to get warm so i just place the whole thing inside the crib and prop it with a pillow.The music tracks feel a bit limited though.

Carlene Chiloquin, OR

Great Gym For Babies

I am a big fisher price fan and buy them a lot for my own child. This was kept in my house for my friend whenever she comes over to visit with her own baby which is very often. Her baby is 2 months old and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is not big on tummy time so being on his back and watching the four hanging toys and the mirror was a nice tough.He really enjoyed kicking the piano keys and found out really quickly what it does when he kicks it. I loved the fact that fisher price thought of making this so that it can be turned into a gym where can get get the tummy time he needs as well. This is truly a 5 star product and would make a great gift for any baby shower or new baby.

Kim Eastville, VA

Perfect gym

I must say, I think you’ll find this has a gap to it’s usage for any of the new parents out there. When your child is really “new” you’ll find they like to kick kick kick. Then when they are near the 1 year mark, it’s on the belly and off they go…so this gym is less helfpul. But then when they get a little older and can concentrate on their motor skills more, they’ll make use of the take along piano key portion. It’s a great design though, that the keys portion is allowed to be adusted from vertical to horizontal so you get more flexibility with it.

Violet Mount Storm, WV

Perfect for a Musical Princess

This is an adorable little tummy time/floor play mat. It has toys that hang overhead which could easily be switched out when the baby gets bored of them, but this wasn’t a problem for me. It Also has a detachable keyboard which the baby can kick to make noise or detach it to explore with his/fingers. The fabric is somewhat waterproof and can easily be spot cleaned after an accident. Overall, a cute product that I would recommend.

Natalie Steeles Tavern, VA

LOVE this.

Baby is entertained on this for a long time. We clip additional toys to hang lower & rotate toys to keep him interested. Mirror is not great, but we have another mirror we set along side for him. He loves the piano. It never fails us!

Carla Home, PA

Awesome my son love it as well as my wife and i.

I saw it and my wife and i fell that it was amust for our son. He loves it.He plays with it until he gets so tired.

Barbara Bebe, TX

Must Have for Infant

This kick and play occupies my daughter for hours daily. She started using it around a month a half. Every month (4 months now) she loves it more and more. She spends hours laughing at herself in the mirror and kicking on the piano. It’s a very versatile product that can be used for a long time because it has so many convertible options, also. This is a must-have for every parent.

Rita Tiff City, MO

It’s great

My son really enjoys it when he’s in the mood to play. However, I just wish the mat was a bit thicker so it’s softer. But other than that it’s great so far. He loves to kick so we thought he might as well play some tunes! He dislikes the mirror though, he prefers watching himself in a real mirror during bath time!

Liz Convoy, OH

Attractive & Entertaining Gym

This gym is very nice and well thought out. There isn’t as much room to move around as with a Gymini, but this gym is more versatile and entertains babies with sights and sounds from infancy until they’re toddlers.There are four hanging toys and mirror overhead, which are nice but of course the piano is the best part. It has a piano mode and a music mode and 2 volume settings. There are four huge white keys which are the perfect size for little feet and hands (the black keys don’t play). The gym can even be converted into a tummy time gym, with the toys being attached to the pad while the piano can still be kicked. Later on when the baby can sit up, they can play the piano sitting up as well.Needless to say, this gym is best used on carpet instead of atop hard floor since the pad is thin. When the baby outgrows the gym you can detach the piano, which is lightweight and has a handle for easy carrying. A handy and worthwhile investment, 5 stars.

Ada Pollock, SD

Great Play Mat — Detachable Piano for Toddler

This is really a neat play mat with lots of gadgets to entertain a little one. The little piano detaches for a take-along toy when the child becomes mobile. I think my new granddaughter will enjoy it a lot, and it has longer-term use since they won’t outgrow it just because they no longer need to lie down and play.

Angela Arlington, IA

Love this toy and this is an better improved version

We have several activity play mats, but this one is the one that my son responded to the best. The mirror in the middle was the first toy that we heard him laugh at. He would just lay and smile and laugh at himself. It is great. They have now made it even better, my one complaint before was the it was hard to store away. The piano would not lay flat and it made it a pain to store away. Now the piano easily comes off so that you can store it flat and even more importantly, when your baby outgrows the activity bar, they can still play with the piano and take it around. Definitely get this version!

Betsy May City, IA

Best Gym

Hands down the best gym I’ve seen. My little one LOVESSSSSSS this thing. All of the toys hanging are amazing. She loves the mirror and that piano is EVERYTHING!!! You can take it off and take it with you as well. She loves it!

Petra Alligator, MS

Bulky but fun

I found this gym to be somewhat cumbersome to store. It doesn’t easily collapse to slide under a bed or in a corner. It is assembled with screws so you would need tools to flatten it out for storage.The mat is washable and easy to remove for washing. I like the toy bar and the toys featured on it. They hang low enough for smaller babies to enjoy, which is a nice feature. The piano is great when they get a bit bigger and can kick it or press the buttons during tummy time even. When they are sitting and walking you can turn it into a piano that they can sit and play. When they are on the move they can actually take the piano with them and you ca put the mat and other toys away. The longevity of this toy is fantastic. My 3 year old even played with the piano for quite some time. I think this makes a great investment if you don’t mind having it out all the time, since storing it can be a hassle.

Helene Meadowbrook, WV

Rock on!

This is a very nice toy, twin babies love kicking it in this gym. Would recommend it to any busy momma.

Adeline Willard, NY

It can grow along with your child and you will get more than a short period of use from it.

This is a great option because it can grow with your child. It starts as a fun way to do tummy time, and can grow as your child sits up and begins to move around. I can appreciate a toy that is multi-functional and you get a lot of use out of. My only complaint is how very girly that it is. You can call me sexist, but I just wouldn’t lay a little baby boy down on here on a daily basis. It is too bad that something that seems that it would last for a long time is so gender specific.

Adelaide Highland Mills, NY

Best for 2-6mos non-crawlers

This playmate incorporates all the elements to engage the developing baby brain. You can certainly lay baby on the mat before 2mos to establish a ‘baseline’ but once you hit around two months you’ll start to see the magic of synaptic pathways form into recognizable and patterns of purposeful movement in order to bat the toys or kick the music keys.Sure, that’s all science talk, but really, this is a lovely little play mat especially for the fact of the keyboard component. Once babies start realizing their actions cause predictable reactions, they kind of get ‘drunk’ with power. That’s a big thing when you rely on an adult for every other aspect of your survival and life experience.At the price point of about $40 I think this is a very reasonable purchase. The time-frame of maximum usability is relatively short once baby can crawl. Still, helping baby through this early critical stage of development with manipulatives that strengthen the neural pathways that say "Hey, look what I can do!’ is kind of priceless.

Lila Binger, OK


This thing is too cute. it is a good size gym and has convertability for when they get bigger they can still use it. lots of fun for a little one and keeps them entertained. Great colors for a little girl. Good quality. Nice gym for babies.

Lashonda Crowley, LA

Adorable play gym

I ordered this play mat for my two-month-old daughter, and I couldn’t be happier with it. As soon as I put her on it (she was fussing, and I needed to get the older kids ready to leave the house), she began smiling and kicking happily. She loves the bright toys and the mirrors. The piano is cute, and she kicks it like crazy, but I’m sure she doesn’t realize where the music is coming from at this point.The piano and the fact that it flips to seated position is nice to keep the playgym from being totally outgrown in a few months. My two older girls (4 and 2 1/2) enjoy the piano on this, so I’m sure it gives the toy some longevity.Amazon’s price also was fantastic on this; the price of play mats can be ridiculous. All around, I’m very happy with this purchase and would buy it again; I definitely will consider it for future baby gifts.

Ester Westford, MA

Great item to entertain your love one

I have to say that our daughter loved this play mat and has a great time kicking the keys to play the piano. The toys were very accessible to her. I was amazed at long our daughter would play with this toy. The vibrant colors, cute hanging toys, mirror, and music make this a Great item to have! The keyboard rotates, so that as baby grows he can sit up and play with his hands, rather than just kick it with his feet. My two year old still tries to grab this out of the closet. It is easy to transport. Simply adorable! Recommended.

Hester Carthage, NY

Great baby gift!

We love the multiple features of this and how baby can use this from birth- toddler years. Very easy assembly and very well made.

Donna Bethany, MO

Get it Right Away / Great Baby Shower Gift

This is a fun little toy which easily entertained the baby we tested it out with. The infant happily spent 20-30 minutes at a time looking at the various mobile like items or turnaround on their belly playing with the piano – a great way to get some belly time in. I would recommend you get this while your child is young, if your little one is nearing 5-6 months, they will be looking for more adventurous items with more room to start moving around. 6 months to a 18 months I could see a baby sitting up and playing with the piano mode, my toddlers certainly did for a few minutes, but it’s rather a large piece to serve just that purpose.

Rhea Whitmore, CA

Cannot Emphasize Enough How Much My Three Month Old Loves This

I had a previous play mat that just had toys hanging from it, and frankly she got bored! This one has the perfect small mirror, awesome little toys, and she LOVES kicking. I moved toys around so she grabs other ones, and I rotate the four toys so she can more easily reach different ones each play session to avoid boredom. So much noise, and she’ll play with it for hours. She has a great time. I cannot emphasize enough, I have never seen her enjoy a play mat like this one (even my mother in law’s mechanical spinning one). It’s so nice to be able to put her down considering she hated her glider and her bouncy seat.

Florine Oak Hill, OH

Questionable value beyond five months, and expensive

The Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym has a good concept. My eight-month-old granddaughter is far beyond the time when she might have kicked the keys for amusement. She is also beyond lying on her back to play at all. Apparently she is beyond enjoying this toy altogether, because it frustrated her. First, she was mad when she couldn’t remove the hanging toys to investigate them further. (Remember that although I could remove them for her, I am reviewing the toy as assembled. Also, that would reduce the parts of an expensive play mat to mere rattles and teethers, of which she has plenty.) Second, whether the piano was in upright or flat position, she only wanted to use it to pull herself up to standing, which makes the whole toy tip over. If I had not been there to catch her, she would have landed on her nose a few times. As a new crawler, into exploring her surroundings, she was not patient or interested when I showed her the piano keys and how they work. The assembly was not as quick and easy as I had hoped, and I don’t like the idea of its having metal screws in the base when a sturdy assembly can also be accomplished by engineering plastic parts that snap together well. The toy is sold as "take along," but the frame is VERY bulky and awkward; the only real take-along value is in the removable piano and the not-as-easy-to-remove rattles and teethers. The play mat is cute, the piano is cute, and if someone believes their baby will enjoy this, who am I to say no? I do think my granddaughter would have liked it around the age of 1-4 months. Beyond that, it has little, if any, value for her play.

Wendi Verona, MO