Fisher-Price: Kick & Play Bouncer

Fisher-Price: Kick & Play Bouncer

There’s something about a bouncer that always appeals to Baby. This deluxe Fisher-Price Kick & Play Bouncer has the bells, whistles, lights and sounds to make it even more enjoyable. A fun-filled toy bar stimulates Baby’s kicking and hand motions, which activate twinkling lights, 14 songs and 8 sound effects. For quieter times, Baby’s own movement stimulates a gentle, rhythmic bouncing like riding in a car. The seat is machine washable. For ages newborn until he or she sits unassisted and up to 25 lb. Imported.

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Great bouncer…even for newborns!

My 1 month old son loves this bouncer!! He fits in it very comfortably and does not slump over to either side. He loves the vibrations and get mesmerized by the lights on the toy bar. Highly recomended product!!

Brenda Iraan, TX

A Necessity at Home – On the Road, Not so Much

A bouncy seat is high up there on the list of must-have items with a new baby, and this one does the trick really well.The vibration mode is great for soothing fussy or teeting babies, and helped our son drift off on many a nap. The activity arch is good, although the kick-to-start mode isn’t worth much. First, I don’t think any baby young enough to safely fit in the chair would be able to piece together the cause-and-effect. Second, if the baby does fall asleep in it, a subtle shift may trigger the music and lights, waking him/her up. Just run the continuous mode when baby wants a show.In the interest of safety, the footprint of the chair is deceptively large, making a mild tripping hazard for others who walk by it. This necessary design also makes the bouncy seat difficult to pack, which is a shame. Given how light the seat is, it would be ideal for trips to the grandparents’ house if the legs somehow folded up for travel.Both the seat and the arch take batteries, but neither run through them very fast, which is good. The seat cushion has been washed many times and held up well, albeit with some fading.

Emilia Chester, UT

#1 Must Have

This is the first item we used for my infant son. No vibration or activity bar necessary. He just loved sitting it in. In those first tough months it gave me a few minutes to brush my teeth, etc! I can’t speak to the other bouncers, but this one is sturdy and he is now enjoying the lights and sounds a great deal as well. When he was really tiny, the vibration on the seat made his arms jiggle uncontrollably especially when he was tired, so I would recommend not using the vibration until your baby has gotten a bit of control over his nervous system! I plan on buying the Fisher-Price 2005 Infant To Toddler Rocker for the new baby we are expecting because the toy bar is soft which alleviates my concern about the toys bouncing back on his/her hands, and adjustable allowing me to bring it closer to a young infant. The hard plastic toys on this unit rattled quite a bit when I tried to remove it while my son was sleeping, so I think the new unit will be an improvement on an already fantastic products.

Ronda Lehigh, OK

Well worth it

Our daughter loved to sit in it and watch the lights and music play at about one month old. (With the constant play switched on)<br />At two months she figured out how to kick and make the lights go herself. She was rewarded by kicking her feet. I was worried it would be hard to make it work, but even the little kicks make it work. She had her first laugh in this bouncer.<br />She is now 4 1/2 months old and still loves to play in it and make the lights and sounds go.<br />I also love to put her in the bouncer without the toy bar on so she can sit where I can see her and talk to her better.<br />A must have.

Ernestine Ashland, MT

Can’t imagine life without it.

This was a last-minute baby item we purchased ourselves because my husband and I were told that a bouncy chair was a good thing to have, and we hesitated because we had already been given a baby swing. This bouncer is AWESOME and was worth every penny. We put our son in it the day he came home from the hospital and he has ben using it ever since (he’s five months). When he was a newborn he loved the continuous music and vibrating motion and when he was about 6-8 weeks old we started using the motion sensor feature. Whenever he sees that we are putting him in the chair his face lights up and he starts kicking his legs to activate the music and lights. Our son has reflux and we have found that the vibrating motion has helped calm him down in during attacks. The seat has also given me some much needed free time, allowing me to take a shower and pump when need be.My husband and I are terrified of the day that the baby outgrows this product since we both love it.

Lenora Rogue River, OR

Great features on this bouncer

I initially shied away from this bouncer, because it is so obnoxiously bright. (I think my words were, “It looks like Dora the Explorer barfed all over it!) BUT, baby likes it! I particuarly was interested in the controls that allow me to either make the music and lights play continuously, or, have them play in response to baby’s kicks.My main complaint about this bouncer is that it is difficult to take when traveling, because it does not fold up, and the frame does not come apart unless you take the screws out. The frame of the bouncer we had with our first child came apart easily, so, when traveling, we just took it apart and put it in a bag. With this one, the front portion, with the feet and the vibrator control, flips up, but this is of no help if you’re trying to pack it in a car for a trip.

Rosa Colchester, CT

Can’t Say Enough Good Things Abouth This Bouncer!

We put our son in this seat from the time he was a newborn. It was the only way I got to take a shower (bring it in the bathroom and put him in it) since my son didn’t sleep well. He never did fall asleep in it (unfortunately) but the vibrations soothed our cranky, colicky baby and the music and the play bar entertained him so my husband and I could eat together. It washes well and was easy to put together.

Cecile Homer, GA

Great Bouncer

My baby loves this bouncer. We used it when she was just born to sit her in while we were eating. The vibrator feature produces a nice calming effect. Now she is old enough to really enjoy the lights and noises that she can produce with her feet and “sings” to the variety of songs that it plays. I think it’s nice that there are a bunch of songs that it plays so you don’t have to listen to the same thing over and over! It’s brightly colored and easy to assemble.

Leila East Earl, PA

A bouncer that grows with my baby

This bouncer has turned out to be a great buy. My little guy is now 5 months old and we are now using the bouncer to feed him his rice cereal. He can’t sit up on his own yet so we’re not using the high chair. He’s over 17 pounds and 26 inches long and the bouncer still fits him. We have another one that he’s already outgrown. He really likes the light up part of the toys and the music isn’t too annoying. The fabric seems a little bright at first but we’ve gotten used to it.

Susana Bay City, TX

munchkin pleaser

our little guy loves this bouncer. he loves making it light up and make sounds. i could do without the pattern and colors (i think most baby stuff is kind of ugly-but i guess they dig the colors) but the important thing is it’s a fun, safe place for him to play, learn (cause and effect) and nap.

Laurie Spencerville, IN

Nice bouncer, but my child can’t reach the toys!

This bouncer has some nice qualities. The vibrations are nice and will put your baby to sleep easily. It does need some head support though if you are putting a newborn in it. Also, my baby, who is 6 months now and average height and weight can still NOT reach the toy bar! They put it too far away. I know my child does not have short arms. I guess I wish I had bought a different one that had the toy bar closer to the child.

Aurelia Bradford, AR

The Best!!!

My daughter absolutely LOVES this bouncer! She kicks & gets all excited as I put her in it. There are two settings, one with continual lights and music, the other is activated by kicking on the bottom (where their feet are). It keeps her very entertained & is a great help for me to get things done if I need to. The seat also has a vibration setting for the seat itself…sometimes she even falls asleep in it while watching the lights & the soothing vibration relaxes her. I highly recommend this seat.

Vera Curryville, PA

An infant must-have!

The Kick & Play Bouncer provides a safe & stimulating place for my daughter to play! She enjoys sitting in it with or without the music on. I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Lauren Manns Choice, PA

Thank you, Thank you….Inventor of this Chair!!

Like so many other reviewers…my husband and I are SO thankful for this thing! Our babies first few months would have been MUCH more stressful without it. The vibration soothes her to sleep. We have such a hard time getting her to sleep in her crib, but she loves this chair. When she is really cranky and we just can’t walk with her anymore, we can put it in her and bounce her with our hands or feet to make her happy. We didn’t start using the toy bar much until she was about 3 1/2 months, but now she loves batting at the toys and watching the lights.

Lana Loon Lake, WA

Had to buy this one!

I had received the soothing massage bouncer from Fisher Price when my son was born. It was great for when my son needed to chill out, but there was nothing to play with.I went to a playdate at a friend’s home and she had this bouncer. I asked if my son could try it out. He was always a kicker…even in the womb and he LOVED this in about 5 seconds. He quickly figured out that the lights and sounds came on when he was kicking and he just kept smiling and babbling to the toys. He loves lights and music from some of his other toys, so the fact that he was excited by this bouncer, wasn’t totally surprising.I came home and told my husband how this had really caught his attention and kept him busy for quite awhile. (he is 12 weeks old and he stayed in it for 20 minutes)And the next day I went out and purchased one. And as expected it has been a wonderful purchase and my son just loves this bouncer.I know that he is already 12 weeks old, so he won’t be able to use this as long as if I had gotten it sooner, but my husband and I agreed that it was definately worth the price for his enjoyment and a great, safe place to put him to play.

Aimee Cornersville, TN

A lifesaver

We got this product as a gift. It has been one of the most helpful baby products we own. Our baby started using it as a newborn and used it for about 7 months, till he could get out of it on his own. It is a soothing, calming chair that is especially good for babies with reflux to help them keep their tummies full. If your baby spits up a lot, sometimes the upright position really helps.Our baby loved the soothing vibrations. I must have changed the battery 10 times. I would set him in the chair for naps and something about the angle of the chair and the vibrations just lulled him to sleep.It is an excellent product, and would make a wonderful gift.

Sharlene Palau, PW

There is no better deal out there…

I did not register for this. Ended up with five bouncers at my shower and this was the cheapest, but because of all the reviews, I decided to give this one a try. Well, needless to say, I returned the other four without a second thought. This is awesome. It definitely kept my little girl entertained, since she was a few weeks old, and now that she has gotten older, I am using the function where she kicks to hear the different sounds. SHe is having a ball. Her face lights up when I put her in, and she cannot wait to start kicking… she goes for a very long period before getting bored, and just switching back and forth between the continuous music and the reward music even prolongs her time before she gets fussy. For this price, I think you cannot get a better deal

Yvette Ezel, KY