Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

This farm themed jumperoo is full of fun ways to reward baby’s jumping as he/she laughs and learns with two ways to play. In the Musical Fun mode, there are six different toy stations plus two overhead toys that let baby activate lights and five fun melodies. In the Early Learning Fun mode, cause and effect, colors, shapes, object and animal identification and animal sounds are all introduced as baby’s jumping activates lights and three sing along songs. There’s a shape sorting garden, and a farm flip book that does something different every time baby flips the page. Plus a bobbling rooster that moves when baby does, a cow with rattle beads, pop and play piggies, a mirror pond, a peek a boo horsey and lots more. Mom can activate 10 minutes of musical play, including melodies like Farmer In The Dell, Hey Diddle, Diddle, Mary Had a Little Lamb. Sturdy, free standing steel frame lets baby jump safely no doorway required. Height adjusts as baby grows, and soft spring covers keep little fingers safe.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Spinning seat for all around play, music, sounds and lights when baby jumps
  • Six different toy stations plus two overhead toys that let baby activate lights and five fun melodies
  • Cause and effect, colors, shapes, object, animal identification and animal sounds are all introduced as baby’s jumping activates lights and three sing along songs
  • Sturdy, free standing steel frame lets baby jump safely no doorway required
  • Height adjusts as baby grows and soft spring covers keep little fingers safe

Verified reviews


Better than the precious planet jumperoo

I love the two audible modes. One teaches words and the other plays music. The book opens and the word is said. Very cute. Of course, any jumperoo is fantastic, but I liked this one better than the precious planet because it offered more activities and seemed more educational. I didn’t like the palm leaves hanging down on the precious planet. It would seem annoying to have that hanging over her head. Not too mention the banana and the bird would be out of reach and would frustrate my 4 month old. So, this barnyard jumperoo has lots for her to do and would recommend this one over the rainforest or precious planet ones.

Sybil Kinnear, WY

Caused spinal injury

our baby loves jumping in this still. I noticed that she started shaking her head (as in saying no). The injury is most likely stress fracture (hairline) on her cervical spine – which you cannot do anything about except rest and hopefully will heal properly, but which has been shown to cause problems later in life. At first i was wondering what it was, until she disliked doing other routine activities that require use her neck which she used to enjoy/love doing (such as the getting up motion). She always likes to sit up straight with head straight up, but now she has been slouching her head. She is 7 months old – i have been having to handle her as if she were a newborn.

Louisa Iron River, MI

Jumps great… toys not so great

It does the main function very well; allows baby to jump. My baby has a lot of fun jumping but the toys could be better. The “peek-a-boo” horse toy really sucks. It doesn’t move much to really play “peek-a-boo.” The “walls” that semi hides the horse come off super easy. My baby picks it up (I don’t say pull cause it’s barely attached) and mouths it or throws it around. The mirrow warped when pulling off the protective cover. The light for the “carrot” toy isn’t working after couple uses. We rarely turned on the light since it’s so low intensity anyway; barely noticeable. Probably better in the dark but when will I put my baby in it while it’s dark and I can’t see her?. The pigs are cute but same as the horse; barely moves. Love the spinning toy though; moves easily and well. Due to all these problems, I gave it 3 stars only. My baby likes the toys on her Baby Einstein Exersaucer better.

Mellisa Bostic, NC

Baby loves it!!

We just bought this for our 4 1/2 month old son. We had an older Rainforest jumperoo that was given to us that he LOVED, but we wanted another one so he could have one at home and the babysitters house. We chose this one because of all the features and toys it had on it and I liked the fact that it was educational as well (sings ABC’s and teaches colors and animals, ect). When we put Caleb in it for the first time he didn’t seem to happy and the lowest setting was a little tall for him still (he is 25 in long) so we would put a thin pillow or blanket underneath him to help out and he would go to town jumping away. Also, with the rainforest jumper, he would put his arms down in the seat, out of the leg hole and get stuck that way, in this jumperoo, he can’t do that, nor does he try, which is great! It’s been a few weeks and he no longer needs the added support to reach the floor, but he is still a little confused as to what to do with the toys on it. I am dissapointed with the little pig farm and the cow that’s on it. They don’t really do anything. I guess with the pigs you are supposed to be able to hit one and the others pop up higher, but they barely move at all so there’s really nothing to play with and with the cow, you are supposed to hit a button and he ducks down and then back up, but again, he barely moves, so what a waste. Luckily, the overhead light bar is enough to keep him occupied for a good period of time. He will just sit there and be amazed by the lights. He hasn’t quite figured out the flipping of the pages of the book yet, but I am sure he will get there. Lastly, I really like that you can set the music to come on only when they bounce or constantly no matter what. He loves the music, as well as the ABC’s and rhymes. Overall, I recommed this jumperoo to all parents out there, and if you don’t like this one, get another one because it is truley a lifesaver when you need a freehand for a few minutes and sometimes for 30 mins or more.

Queen Pahala, HI

PLEASE READ!!! Bad for baby

Debora Danbury, WI

Good but some toys are below par

Overall my daughter likes this jumperoo. She will sit and play in it for 15 minutes or so. She just figured out how to bounce, and it has just the right amount of spring. However, some of the toys are worthless. The peek a boo horse barely moves, much less “hides”. At most, it rocks a cm or two when you push the button. Not enough for my daughter to know it’s actually doing anything. The 3 pigs are slightly better. When you push one down, the others “pop” up. I say pop loosely because, again, they just don’t move enough that a baby notices. Maybe only a cm or two. She likes to lay with the vegetables and wheel thing. She’s also good at grabbing the hanging toys, although I wish they actually did something, like play music or a sound, when pulled. Quality of the product is good, though. Well made and sturdy all around. Easy to assemble if you follow the directions.

Jami Hickory Plains, AR

my baby is very very happy on it!

my 5 months old love it!, every second on it he enjoy very very much!…I try others at 3 months but did not give him the back support that he needs at the very beginin, this one did, so we start using it early, and all brands work up to 22 pounds, so he will use it for longer… is the best toy invest that I have done so far

Lolita Parowan, UT

Seems like it was used!

I waited a whole 4 months to get this for my baby so I could get it for her 4 month birthday, the youngest age this is suitable for. I excitedly opened the package and took the toys out of their protective wrapping and noticed they were already scuffed up. I kept going with the setup which wasn’t too difficult and pretty straightforward. Once set up I noticed that the base wasn’t flush against the floor and was wobbling around a bit. I checked everything to make sure it was all secure and it was. I put baby girl in it a few times and she batted at one if the toys but would get annoyed after 5 minutes and want out. I had the height at the lowest setting and her feet were still at least 2″ from touching the floor, and she’s larger than a 6 month old!I tried a few more times to see if she would like it and I think it’s just too over stimulating for her! We will probably invest in a simple doorway jumper in the future.

Mai Palmyra, VA

Best purchase by far!

If you have a baby who loves to move around a lot and likes to be entertained this is perfect. I went back and forth on whether to get him this or an exosaucer. glad I got this one instead. really helps build their muscle strength in their legs and he gets some of his energy out. Is also good that there are toys hanging so that as they grow taller they can use this. He’s liked this since he was about 6 months old and is now 8 months old and is enjoying it even more. he uses it at least 20 minutes every day sporadically throughout the day. he’s 95th percentile for height and I like that this is adjustable. in the beginning we put a pillow on the floor because he wasn’t quite tall enough to use it. then we removed the pillow and slowly moved it up as he grew.Doesn’t eat batteries like some of them do. I’ve still got the original batteries in ours and it’s still going strong.I put him in an exosaucer after we got this and he got mad that he couldn’t jump up and down so I knew that I made the right purchase. really depends on the baby as to what they will prefer.

Lisa Chester, NY

Happy with this (not thrilled)

So here are my thoughts on this — We needed something that would be both a jumper and an exersaucer in one. (We don’t have a doorway that works well for a traditional doorway jumper.) I didn’t like the Evenflo Exersaucer because they seem 100% plastic and kind of cheap-looking and ugly. This looked like fun and gets pretty great reviews. The jumping part of it seems to work well, and my son definitely enjoys it. BUT, the toys/activities that it comes with kind of stink. They seem really poorly designed, and honestly just not that fun. If I could do it over again, I would probably buy the exersaucer, since I think the toys are much more fun and stimulating. Oh well.

Bessie Geraldine, MT

Two Stars

too noisy

Diann Newmarket, NH

Best jumper!!!

We had another jumper before getting this one. It was a different brand. We like this one because it is a lot bouncier. Also, there are a lot of fun toys to play with. We started our daughter in it when she was about 4.5 or 5 months old. She’s almost 7 months now and she still loves it. She is about 26 inches tall and she still can’t quite touch the floor, but we folded up a few towels under her feet and she does great. The only part she seems to get frustrated with is the little blue horse that hides behind the fence. You’re supposed to push a button and it peeks over the fence, but it doesn’t move very far. She starts growling at if after a little while, so we just turn her to a different side of the jumper and she gets happy again. Pretty funny!

Alberta Moffat, CO

Bouncy Baby

This was somewhat easy to assemble. My little one loves this bouncer and stays entertained while I do house chores, etc. It plays different tunes and my little loves the lights and vegetable shape garden. Also, the book is cute and my little loves that she can turn the pages on her own. Great bouncer!

Kathrine Dawn, MO

Jumperoos are Worth Every Penny!

To entertain baby and give parent a much needed break while knowing they are safe, our jumperoo was worth it. I like the farm theme and the variety of songs. Careful when choosing a jumperoo as the boxes sell you that they provide over a hundred activities….realisticly, just expect what you can see. This one does match the shape to hole for carrot, tomato, or corn. I like the colorful ness, but honestly it is the bounce that provided months of fun and laughter. At first, he was really timid, and now he jumpers so hard iris amazing. Be sure to check the weight limit, and buy one that will hold the most.

Kate Matthews, GA

Babies LOVE this!

I have 6 month old twins and they love this jumperoo! They love to jump and play with the toys as much as I love to watch them doing it.

Gloria Hatfield, IN

I am in love with it.

My mum always says- what would we do without this thing?!! Really helpful. My baby is 5 and a half months now. We’ve bought when he was 3. The best Jumperoo ever!

Lavonne Rippon, WV

So much fun for our little guy, but be prepared if your baby is little!

Our son liked this jumperoo! He’s crawling now and doesn’t want to be in it much anymore as it keeps him from exploring, but he would jump up and down in it forever when we first got it. We bought the rainforest jumperoo when we were visiting family out of state (we later donated it to Ronald McDonald House at the end of our trip – this way we didn’t have to travel with a bunch of toys and we were able to ‘pay it forward’ to some kids who could use some sunshine in their lives, just a suggestion for other parents who may travel…) Anyway, he liked the rainforest jumperoo better, I think the toys were more interesting to him.One thing to note – our son is a little guy – at 10 months he’s 27 inches and he couldn’t reach the floor when we first bought this. We remedied that by taping a couple of reams of paper together and putting them under the jumper to make the floor ‘higher’. This works better than a pillow as a pillow doesn’t create a firm surface for your child to jump from and doesn’t get them used to the feeling of the floor beneath their feet. The seat spins 360 degrees so it was fun to watch him discover new toys and grab them as he got taller. One thing to note – he never had much interest in the horse or pigs. He likes things that make noise, so the book and spinny wheel were his favorites.As an alternate I would suggest the Fisher-Price Superstar Step ‘n’ Play Piano. Here’s why: as I said above, my son outgrew this once he started crawling. But we also have the step ‘n’ play piano, which has a seat in the middle that spins 360 degrees and also goes forward and backward. Your child plays the piano with their feet (and there’s a bunch of toys to keep little hands interested). Once our son started crawling, we noticed he liked to crawl on the keys to make them play and because the seat is REMOVABLE you can remove it and not only let your child crawl on it, but learn to pull themselves up on the sides! We get much more use out of the step ‘n’ play piano.

Martina Guthrie, KY

A lot of fun for my baby

This was perfect for my little boy. I like all the different activities and my baby loved that it could bounce and would really get going on it and it withstood it great. I like that it adjusted as he grew and was a great way for me to get things done around the house and he loved it.

Alta Crawford, TN

Not compact..

If you’re looking for something compact, look again. This is by no means something small that you’re going to move from room to room within your home. That being said, it can be moved. It sits in a corner of my living room and I move it to the area rug when he uses it. It gives him something to do that allows him to sit up and be a big boy. He loves to jump in and listen to the music.

Vilma Jal, NM

Very fun bouncer!

Our baby seems to really enjoy this and we love the break! It’s the perfect place to put her when she’s getting cranky. It’s the perfect distraction for her. I’d give it 5 stars but I feel the front area is much more interactive and fun than the back. She’s not very interested in the horse and pigs. I don’t think there is enough of a payoff to her when she presses the horse lever or on the pigs. That horse should really pop up high as should the pigs! And maybe add a little rattle or jingle bell in them. The songs are well thought out and all the sound effects on the front are great.

Hilary Odessa, MO

Best jumperoo around

We actually have 2 jumperoos. This is my son’s favorite. He loves the fact that he can look up and grab things. He constantly looks at the chicken and lights on top. On our other jumperoo there is nothing. He gets bored and hates it. In this jumperoo he has so much to do and he turns himself around and around. It’s great!

Nichole Quantico, VA

Concept is great, product could use some upgrades.

The bounceroo is great for teaching infants stability. My daughter is in and out of the jumperoo throughout the day, and we’ve seen her hoisting herself up and down in the seat to bounce at 4 months. My compliant is this–the plastic portions are very, very hard plastic. Not the malleable plastic found in a lot of the Sassy products. So, the first few times we tried this out, she could not hold her torso up so well and we had to hold her as to avoid her towering over and hitting the appendages. Second, the music is SUPER ANNOYING.

Olivia Carroll, IA


Get this toy when they baby starts to sit up with a lil bit of support .I got it when my daughter was 7+ months and she is using the highest setting for height and will soon outgrow it .she love this Jumperoo and on good days it keeps her engaged for an hour or so at one time .All the features work as described . set up is fairly simple . Peek a boo toy dosent really work properly .Unrelated to the quality of the toy after i bought it Walmart started selling it for $71 or so and i paid $92 for it so u might wanna look around before buying this here .

Faye Makinen, MN

Great Jumper!

I recently bought this for my 6 month old son, and he loves it. It was very easy to together, it took me about only 7-10mins. There is music on the jumper with 2 adjustable levels. It is pretty loud so it captures my sons attention. And the music is jump activated. So if your baby does stop jumping for a while the music will stop. It has great toys on the jumper and handing from the red bar. And the seat turn 360 which is great when your baby is turning around. Great product!

Flora Fountain, MN

packaged well, came quickly

I really like this jumperoo, but my girl seems to get bored of it. There’s not a whole lot she can actually grab onto…..but I did love that the seat moves around and she gets some exercise with jumping 🙂

Doreen San Fernando, CA

My 5-6 month old loves this

I bought this for my son when he was 5 months old. At first I had to put a pillow under his legs because he could not reach the floor, at 6 months he is now the perfect height (25inches). He loves it…he never wants to come out..he stays in there until he falls asleep. This was the best toy I ever purchased for him. A bit expensive but your child will get so much use out of this jumperoo that it is worth getting.

Mayra New Bedford, IL


My baby loves to jump in this. She only likes to use it at certain times of the day.I was really disappointed with the lights on the arch not working. Only one lights up. I didn’t bother sending it back because it would be such a hassle. I know it’s not amazon’s fault but I still give the product 3 out of 5.

Ella Kingston, MA

Entertains every day without fail

My son has enjoyed this since he was big enough to put in it, which was around 4 months old. We did place books underneath at first for him to have a stable place to stand/jump. At first he could not spin himself around and would just play with whichever activity was in front of him. The ducks in the pond entertained him quite a bit! As he got older he would jump and jump, bounce to the music, and spin around to bat at the cow hanging from the barn. I almost didn’t buy this one because the bright primary colors just didn’t attract my eye (the precious planet and I luv you zoo did…) but I’m glad I did because it’s all about what baby likes, right? He is very comfortable in this jumpy to watch a little Seseme Street while mommy does the dishes too. He will go from playing to watching TV back to playing. As with any piece of “furniture toy” you don’t want to leave your baby in it for long periods of time – I have noticed that he will be red in his diaper area after jumping for awhile, but that would happen with any jumper. I will also note that the overall sturdiness and construction seems to be great. He also pulls up and cruises around the jumper and it has not tipped.

Bridgett Springfield, NH

Entertaining and adorable!

We love this jumperoo! My daughter really enjoyed it until she outgrew it, and now my 5 month old son is loving it. It keeps him happy and entertained while I get some housework done. It is less clunky than the plastic exersaucer and also seems to allow for more bounce which my babies love. The songs aren’t super annoying and the farm animals are adorable. I wish the pigs and horse did something a little more interactive but they are still cute. It is also really great for working on baby’s eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. My little ones kept working on turning the little pages in the book and putting the veggies in the right spot until they mastered it! I would definitely recommend.

Dawn Hahira, GA

She loves it!

I needed something to entertain my incredibly active three and a half month old, and this did the trick! As soon as she was sturdy enough for this thing, we put her in it, and she LOVES it. I easily get 20-30 minutes at a time when she’s in there – I actually sat next to her and wrapped Christmas presents for 45 minutes while she played happily. It has a great variety of toys that interest her. The construction is sturdy and even though she jumps like crazy, I’m not the least bit worried that she will bounce out of it 🙂 One other thing I love – you other parents will understand – is that this thing has several options for music for each toy. One switch controls long or short noises, and ABCs/words or music. So, when you get tired of hearing the same song fifty times in ten minutes, you simply flip a switch and it plays something different when your baby picks up that toy. Great feature. Highly recommended!

Esther Clatskanie, OR