Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty The Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty is full of potty training fun with lights and rewards! When baby flushes the potty, sounds and musical ditties build potty training confidence, while exciting lights and “twirling water” action reward potty training successes. As baby grows, remove the potty ring for use on a regular toilet seat. Bowl removes for easy clean-up. Includes a splash guard for boys. Potty training is easy for mom and fun for kids with the Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty! View larger The Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty promotes your child’s gross motor skills as they practice getting on and off of the potty, while building potty training confidence. View larger “Flush” for rewarding potty sounds, musical ditties, lights, and “twirling water” action. View larger Help baby build potty training confidence with the fun lights and sounds of the Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty. View larger As baby grows, remove the potty ring for use on a regular toilet seat. Bowl removes for easy clean-up. Includes a splash guard for boys. View larger Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty has handles that help toddlers feel secure. A built in splash guard helps prevent messes and the potty’s smooth contours make it easy to clean. View larger Potty training is easy for mom and fun for kids with the Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty! Your little one will learn to flush his very own potty, with rewarding lights, sounds, and swirling water action – just like a real potty. As your child transitions to the adult toilet, the Learn-to-Flush Potty grows with him. The removable potty ring can be used on the adult toilet seat and has handles that help toddlers feel secure. A built in splash guard helps prevent messes and the potty’s smooth contours make it easy to clean. Help baby build potty training confidence with the fun lights and sounds of the Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty. Features: Potty training fun with lights and musical rewards “Flush” for rewarding potty sounds, musical ditties, lights, and “twirling water” action Grows with baby! Includes a removable potty ring for use on a regular toilet seat Bowl removes for easy clean-up Handles on potty ring help toddlers feel secure Includes splash guard for boys

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Provides realistic toilet elements mixed with fun rewards and encouragement
  • Pretend water twirls around to a real flushing sound
  • Toddlers are rewarded with fun lights and sounds
  • Removable potty ring can be used on an adult toilet
  • Easy to clean

Verified reviews


Fun idea, our daughter likes it, has electronic sensors for an added dimension, seat insert works on toilet

Our 2.5 year old daughter is, probably like most kids, fascinated with a toilet and pooh and going. We are taking toilet training easy, letting her go at her own pace. She likes this toilet a lot compared to other sound toilets. It does a good job of simulating water and a flushing sound. And one added feature are 2 sensors that can detect when she has used it and they play an encouraging/ celebration song.Within 10 minutes of getting it though before we even knew this feature, she had taken out the rim and the bowl and started pushing the contacts herself to get the song going. But she has also enjoyed hearing the song when she goes.Lastly the blue rim fits on to a standard toilet seat and can be used there as well. You need to jimmy it in, in the front but then it is very secure and works well. Should toilet training be fun? I think so, and this potty helps. Recommended.

Wilda East Freedom, PA

Another nice Fisher-Price product

Before this brief review begins, a disclaimer: I got this in anticipation of potty training, as my daughter is not yet old enough actually to use this.There are two companies that I have found to be the absolute best for baby products. The first is Graco. The second is Fisher-Price. Without a doubt, their toys and swings have been my favorite, as they are simple, safe, sturdy, and do not beat you over the head with “branding” like Disney products do. I have had no complaints about Fisher-Price items, and I expect I won’t have complaints about this one.The packaging is simple, so you can open this up and get it set-up in moments. The potty itself is exactly as pictured. If you’ve ever bought from Fisher-Price before, you know the plastic is nice and thick, giving no reason to worry that it’ll break. They know that kids bang and throw things and make their stuff to last – and then be passed on to friends and family as new kids come along.The flushing aspect of the potty is really sweet. A water-like graphic spins around to cutely mimic a toilet flushing, and then there’s a little “yay!” when it’s done. I don’t know whether this will really encourage a child to want to use a potty, but it’s funny and cute nevertheless.

Marissa Shenandoah, PA

Great For Toddlers

Very cute. Great learn to flush potty/toilet training for toddlers and younger. After flushing the smiley face of the front lights up, along with sayings and encouragement for the baby along with the lights that go off. Your Baby or toddler will love this. Easy to clean and great for a boy or girl. Would make a nice gift as well.Removeable ring, nice colors/design, also affordable price. Recommended.

Nina Woodlake, TX

Leaked from first use

We purchased this in hopes that it would get our reluctant potty trainer to get interested. It leaked from the first ‘use’ all over our floor. I did check to make sure all parts were pieced/fit together correctly and tried it a few more times. It leaked each time.

Jeanie Dorothy, NJ

Fun for Adults, Too!

This is a great potty to train toddlers about flushing.Pros:-Good size-Gender neutural-Fun to use-rewards the flusher with lights and noise-Easy to cleanCons:-None

Libby Hudson, CO

Love this potty!

My daughter LOVES this potty! When we first introduced this to her, she thought it was the best toy ever. She was a bit young to be potty trained, so we actually had to take it away from her until she started showing more signs of being ready to use a potty. When we brought it back out she was thrilled, and has been wanting to use it multiple times a day. She loves that it sings her a song when she goes to the restroom, and loves being able to “flush” the potty like a big girl. I also like how I can use the seat on our regular toilet, it will make transitioning to a “big potty” much easier since she is already familiar with it.This potty is definitely her favorite (we have another basic one in a second bathroom) and has made potty training much easier.

Charity Neskowin, OR


Oh, my, what can I say? A potty with sounds and lights? — not normally my idea of a good time but the little ones love it and why not make the learning fun and enjoyable for the tiny tot? And when you have a small child with learning disabilities that you are trying to train it could get very wearying without a little fun and games attached. This thing is really cute. It simulates flushing and so they get that experience right away. You can even use it on the big potty so use it however you prefer it. I love stuff like this. So much more fun than the little plastic ring I used when my kids were little. I’m glad the grandkids can have a good time with this.

Evelyn Bertrand, NE

Cutest potty ever.

Bought this for my great grandson before he was born.I just thought it was the cutest potty I ever saw,I know my granddaughter can’t wait for him to use it.

Mercedes Grand View, WI

My Daughter Asks for the Potty!

My daughter is only 19 months so she is not potty trained yet, but she started saying "poopie" and "pee-pee" when she went in her diaper so I thought I would get her the seat to start preparing for training. She happily goes into the bathroom and sits on it and I explain to her that this is where she is going to go to the bathroom. She has started asking for the potty and say she needs to go to the "potty" now. She loves pushing the handle down and hearing the flush. I believe this seat is going to help greatly with the transition.The potty seems very easy to clean up as well. I will update when she is a little older!

Hollie Minto, AK

Excellent customer service Amazon, BOO Fisher Price!

I was hoping the other reviews were just flukes, but they’re not. After use for only a month or so, the potty started malfunctioning, including not singing during use, random singing when not in use, and then complete power failure. Amazon was amazing and immediately replaced the potty with no additional charge. Sadly, the second patty did the same thing in the same timeframe as the first potty. Again, Amazon totally stepped up and issued a complete refund.Excellent customer service Amazon, BOO Fisher Price! I’m totally disappointed that this potty failed, as my daughter really enjoyed using it.

Ada Buffalo Junction, VA

great product

purchase as a gift for my grandson, have not tried using as yet, love the music when u flush. Hopefully we will get great results once we start using it.

Melody Kelley, IA

I like that the seat can transition to an adapter when …

I wasn’t sure about this to begin with, but my daughter loves it so far. I like that the seat can transition to an adapter when she moves on to the big potty. She loves the music and that she can "flush" it. I also like that the size and weight give it more stability than many of the potty seats out there. (We bought the frog potty for a vacation and she refused to use it.)

Jeanine Waupaca, WI

Cute, but doesn’t work as hoped

My daughter was very excited about this potty. It did help to add to her interest in going potty. She likes to "flush" her own potty and she liked the singing. I liked that it let me know when she peed. BUT it quickly started going off randomly. It went off multiple times in the middle of the night and it would go off when she was sitting on it and there was no pee. I tried new batteries and turning it on and off. It still goes off randomly so I turned it off. She still uses it and still "flushes" it sometimes. We like it, but wish we paid less since we can’t use it how it was advertised.

Jewell Mina, SD

good trainer

its a good training tool, we got it a bit early but our son seems to take to it well so, we will see when he is ready this should be great

Nell Wisner, LA

Great for the a Early Potty Trainers

I love this potty. I have a boy and anyone knows potty training a boy is tough. If you are going to potty train your kid early —starting as early as 18 months then I highly recommend going with a potty vs. the potty seat. We started out with the potty seat on our toilet and he was just too afraid to pee, but when we set up this training potty he immediately started going both 1 and 2. What is even better is not only is this a potty, but the seat is removable and able to be placed on an adult toilet as you transition them. You are getting two products in one. The pee guard works well, but every now and then the little boys aim too high- all apart of the learning process. The music and lights are an added bonus that also helps encourage them. My son loves flushing the potty. I also found it to be very easy to clean. At first I was dreading the whole empty the potty pot of pee and even more the poo, but it is nothing, especially if you are already changing diapers. Very very easy. One tip if there is poo and it seems to stick add some water wait a second and it slides right in with no touching 😉 or some people use coffee filters as liners. It also does not pinch like other potty seats. I highly recommend this potty. The only thing I would change is maybe put a lock on the potty seat, bowl, base or find a way to make it a little more complicated so a toddler couldn’t dissemble it. Even so it is a great potty. 5 stars!

Debbie Grey Eagle, MN

comes apart easily

my daughter spend more time taking this thing apart than actually using it! both the seat and the bucket come apart with way too much ease! Must monitor your child otherwise you’ll have big messes on your hands! Also the batteries died within a few weeks.

Clarice Camp Dennison, OH

For kids who like interactive toys

The flush and the songs have made my son like sitting on the potty. He does take the pieces apart, which is frustrating, but he likes this one more than the regular bjorn one we have.

Young Russellville, SC

good potty training toilet

My 2 year old son loves to sit on this potty, he especially loves to flush it. I love that it is sturdy and easy to clean. All in all we are very happy with this potty.

Anastasia Pocahontas, IL

“Cheering” scared 1-year-old

Pretty cute potty, and my 1.5-year-old daughter likes the music now. When I first started letting her play with they potty the noises really frightened her, especially the cheering. Now she especially likes the "flushing" feature. Not a bad potty but be careful introducing it! Maybe start with the sound turned off…

Noelle Lincolnshire, IL

Great for letting Mommy know when they’ve gone

Just starting early potty training with my almost 12 month old twins. They both are able to pee on the potty and I found when I just use the toilet insert on the big potty, I can’t always hear or see when they go. Having this little potty that plays music when they pee means they get the reward they deserve! I did wish it had a non-slip bottom, but otherwise a great tool.

Ruth Highlands, NJ


We have a little boy turning 2 soon and we have started a little early. This seat is perfect, the price was right, and it’s simple and functional. I like how the seat itself will grow with him to the ‘big boy" toilet as well. We just bought another for downstairs of the Elmo variety.

Lola Enloe, TX

Learn-to-Flush Potty

This potty has gotten my son interested in potty training. I thought he might like it because he loves to clap and say ‘Yay’, which is exactly what this potty says. He took to it right away! He hasn’t actually went to it yet when he has to pee or poop but I feel like he will soon. He’s 2 years old and I thought it would be the appropriate time to introduce it. It seems to be the appropriate height and size for him and will be for a while. There is one thing that could be improved upon, hence the 4 star rating. The handle is thin and flush (no pun intended) against the potty back, that makes it hard to flush for anyone but especially a small child. After working with him on it he’s able to flush it most times now but it takes a few tries. The handle should be made thicker or not flush against the back. I’ll update once he’s started using it!

Gwen Nightmute, AK

great for introducing the potty

My almost 2-year-old isn’t quite ready for potty training, but we wanted to get him started on the idea. This potty has been perfect for that. He loves playing with it and sitting on it. Flushing the potty is great fun and he does it over and over. He hasn’t used it for its intended purpose just yet, but he is getting close.

Marisol Orange City, FL

Great training tool.

Excellent training tool. My daughter is 18 months and already sits on this potty nightly. It makes learning fun! It does sing to you if it is near a shower and gets wet

Ebony Cataract, WI

Did help but….

I have this product since December and I don’t know if it’s from washing itvand now it has a little bit if rust on the sensor or what but for some crazy reason in the middle of the night the thing just goes off singing like my daughter had gone when she is asleep in bed (we are asleep) so I don’t know what the problem is there, I eventually had to turn it off since it would drive me crazy waking me up at crazy hours of the night .

Pauline Manhattan, IL

I like it

but my daughter loves it. A little too much. I have to leave it turned off or she’ll just sit on it and flush it 200 times.

Loretta Kevin, MT

Lights, flushing, and singing from this smiling potty

This toilet has a lot of playful features that both mimic a real toilet and try to make sitting on the potty fun for a child.First it has a real flushing sound that is accompanied by lights that look similar to running water. Then there are a couple songs for different stages of use. My husband already has the songs memorized and my two year old dances to them.The blue seat will fit over a toilet seat when you’re ready to move them to the real toilet.I will say my daughter sees this toilet as more “fun” than function so I’m not sure if I’m going to have success potty training her on it. She gets frustrated trying to close this toilet since it doesn’t include a lid like a real one. She also has learned how to activate the sounds by touching the contacts within the seat by taking it apart. I wish there had been a way to keep the sensors from working in this way as she rather do this than actually sit and use it.Overall it’s a cute toilet with useful features but I do wish it had a step stool or at least a lid to close it.

Traci Barboursville, VA

My son loves to play with it. If only he would actually do his business in it.

Nice potty. Fun for kids. We’ve had it a few months (my son is just over 2) and he hasn’t really gone in it, but he’s at least interested in playing with it and getting it to play music (he learned how to touch the sensors with two fingers to get it to play.) Easy to dump out and clean.

Fran Hudson, ME

Cute and Fun

The best way to introduce something educational and useful into a small child’s life is by turning the experience into a fun and enjoyable one. This potty is just like a toy, colorful, attractive and interesting to a child. Potty training does not need to be stressful and this great product is trying to help make the process as pain-free as possible.The potty is very easy to set up and is generally completely hassle-free, which is an dded bonus. Overall, a great buy for a good price. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

Serena Niagara, ND

Too toy-like for my toddler

I bought this along with a full arsenal of potty-training supplies for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She loves it, but treats it more like a toy than a potty. She will sit on it, and flush it, but thats it. She has never used it for its intended purpose. We put it away and decided to give her some more time before trying the potty again. Flash forward a month later, same result. She likes the training pants and wipes, and is very good about telling us when she needs to go or has gone. This potty just isn’t for her, so I only gave 3 stars. I’m sure for some kids its a great tool, and I had high hopes. But, I guess my girl is more simple than I expected when it comes to potty training. I have another child and will hold on to it…maybe my son will have more of an interest in it. It is adorable though.

Raquel Helen, GA