Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano

Not only does the Little Superstar Step ’n Play Piano have toys to keep baby’s hands busy, it also rewards baby’s feet with every step on the keys, there’ll be fun music and dancing lights to encourage baby’s natural stepping motion. It starts out as a musical activity station for baby with plenty of toys to help entertain and develop skills. It’s also a self-contained walker with a seat that lets baby walk back and forth and spin all around in one safe area. As baby grows into a toddler, you can remove the seat to create a fun musical play space for your little superstar to perform! Requires 3 C batteries (not included)

Main features

  • Spinning seat with plenty of playful activities for 360 degrees of fun
  • Sliding seat lets baby “walk” back and forth
  • Each step that baby takes is rewarded with music and lights
  • A combination of fun songs, sound effects and lights play along as baby interacts with the different Instruments
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Seat removes so toddler can play and even create songs note by note

Verified reviews


Good fun for baby

Mellisa Rosendale, MO

last a long time

we got this as our 3rd stationary entertainer when the kids were between 6-9 months old. The toys on here were not as impressive & feels very empty when you look at it. But by the time they started walking, they started to be more interested in this one. They loved the buttons on the top that played music, even now at almost 2 y/o, we got rid off all other entertainers except this one. They use this as a bridge to push cars/carts over & sometime as dance floor. with the 3 kids playing with it everyday, it still looks like new, everything still works.

Laurel Springfield, KY

Overall, great product

For the most part, my husband and I are happy with this purchase. It’s main pro for me was that it could turn into a toddler toy. I hate huge things that can only be used for a few months and then get put away to take up space! So when I saw that it grew with my child, it definitely made the top of my list. My biggest complaint is that one of the peddles doesn’t work. It’s not a big enough problem for me to return it, we live overseas and it took long enough to get the product I don’t feel it is that important to return and wait for a replacement. My other con is that it still is a little sticky to move the seat back and forth and around. I’m hoping this is just because it is plastic and needs some time to loosen up, but even for my husband and me it can be a little hard to move. Otherwise, we love the product and our daughter seems to as well!

Lucia Stockdale, PA

Best toy ever

My little loves this toy. She plays with it everyday all day. I put snacks in the tray while she plays. It also helped her walk too

Goldie West Portsmouth, OH

My babies love this!

My babies are almost 5 months old and have been using this piano since they were 3 months. They LOVE it! It keeps them occupied for 20-30 minutes at a time. They aren’t big enough to slide back and forth, but they love turning around and using both sides of the piano. They like moving the music note beads and looking in the mirror. They tend to throw the blue tray. Of course their favorite parts are the piano for their feet and the light up keyboard. At first I was skeptical because there is only one height for the base, but underneath the seat there are clips that allow you to make the fabric seat go up up higher… for when the baby gets longer. I do wish the bell was louder. Also the little trumpet thing is kind of a waste. Other than those two things, I love this product and so do my 4 month old twins.

Tammi Storrs Mansfield, CT



Marsha Woodruff, UT

Grow with me

It’s a fun toy for little babies and big babies! A perfect grow with me toy and fun too. My daughter loves the songs. When we’re away from it, I sing the songs to her and she loves it!

Lacey Lenora, KS


Good quality and my daughter loves this thing. She doesnt like sitting in it for too long but will stand and bang on it and dance around.

Marianne Glade Valley, NC

Great Toy that will Grow with your Child

Our son loved this toy! The seat spins 360 degrees and goes backwards and forwards, so your child’s legs really get a workout while they’re in it. It’s also a little lower than the bouncers that fisher-price makes, which was great for us because our son is a little guy and he never had a problem getting his feet to touch the floor so he could stomp on the keys. But here’s my favorite thing about this toy…it grows with your child!Once our son started crawling, he didn’t want to be confined to a bouncer or seat anymore. We noticed he would crawl over to this toy and bang on the piano keys with his hands or crawl on the keys to get them to play. And the best part is…the seat is REMOVABLE! So now with the seat out of the way, our son crawls over to it and pulls himself up on either side of it! Ingenious design! Well worth the money since your child will get use out of it for quite a while.

Gail Clatskanie, OR

Can’t wait to see her grow with it!

Got this about a week ago for my 5 month old, and she LOVES it! She can’t quite move freely in it yet, but enjoys playing with all the things in it! I like the colouring far better than the TOYS R US one (which just seems too bright), and I saved tons having it shipped here rather than buying it in store. I did find however that Toys R Us would have sent it for a little less, but as I said, I preferred the colours here. I cannot wait to see how she continues to interact with it, but it was a huge hit with my precious one!

Sharon Van Voorhis, PA

Fun toy! But two of the parts can snap off and become a hazard.

My son loved this toy! We had it in his room, which he didn’t spend much time in other then to sleep. We recently moved this toy to the living room(after about a year and a half) and he snapped off the blue microphone and the rattle! Beware! The plastic part can be sharp when it’s snapped off. He can still stomp on the piano part and push the buttons.

Allison Adah, PA

Lots to do

My daughter is entranced by this. My only complaint is attaching the seat cover. There is a star where you are to start the fabric so it covers the plastic completely and attaches properly. Finding that smallish white star barely raised from the white plastic was the longest part of assembly. Given that the star won’t be seen after it’s assembled, Fisher-Price could have made it a different color or larger.

Katrina Catawissa, PA

Excellent toy (while it lasted)

Our baby LOVED this thing. She was in it at some point every day. Usually while we were getting meals ready or cleaning up she would play in there, and she loved it. She would bounce up and down like crazy to make the piano play.Unfortunately, like all babies, she grew like a weed. She is also in the 90%+ for height, so that didn’t help. And because the height cannot be adjusted, it has now gone into storage for a possible later use. The seat itself has snaps to make it higher so it does have a little bit of room to adjust, but the legs themselves aren’t adjustable.Most of the toys were a lot of fun and safe to use. The exceptions are the useless trumpet, and the red microphone thingy. The red microphone thing is just the right size for a baby to put their mouth around it and potentially get hurt. It should have had a wider rim around the top.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs an Exersaucer, but get it earlier rather than later. If you have a taller baby you may need to ditch it earlier than expected, but that’s just how things go.

Kaitlin Kelleys Island, OH

Would buy again in a heartbeat

We bought this for considerably more at Toys R Us last year, but it is easily worth it at any price. Our two year old triplets have used this toy every single day since we bought it. When they were smaller they’d sit in the seat and spin like crazy and play with all the rattles. Now that they’re bigger we’ve removed the seat and they love stomping on the keyboard and pushing their walker through the middle of the toy over the keyboard. One of our girls in particular loves to give us little concerts, banging away on the keyboard and going “aaaaahhhhhh!” into the microphones. I just can’t believe that we’ve had this toy for well over a year and they still love it so much, and they show no signs of losing interest at all. This was SUCH a great buy. There’s easily enough room for all three girls to play with it at the same time.The trumpet and the bell don’t exactly do a whole lot, but there’s still more than enough on this toy to keep everyone entertained for a good long time. We’ve only had to replace the batteries on it once, too, so I’m really impressed with the battery life. The quality is great, and everything is still working perfectly, despite bottles having been dumped on it several times. I just can’t recommend this highly enough.

Luz East Greenwich, RI


This is a great exersaucer and so different. My daughter is petite and I needed something where her feet weren’t dangling. The seat height is perfect. We bought this when she was just less than 5 months old and it was perfect. She really enjoys it. (The only part of it that is useless is the dangling, yellow horn off one corner, just a lame toy.) She loves the mirror and the rattle and the microphone. The music is cute and fun. She can entertain herself for a good 20 minutes. I also like the fact that I can remove the seat when she gets older and she can still play with it. Highly recommend this product!

Jaime San Jose, CA

Entertainment is invaluable

This was a gift for my son when he was born. We put him in it for the first time when he was about 3.5 months old and that was a bit too young. Tried again at 4 mo old and you could tell he was definitely taking interest in the toys. By 5 months old he was pounding on the floor keys and banging on all the toys up top. This was great because #1. He was entertained #2. He was confined which enabled me to cook dinner, get ready in the morning, etc.When he was pulling up at around 7 mo we took the seat out and that was his go-to for pulling up and playing. He’d hold onto the toy and walk around it over and over and over again all the while still interested in the toys up top. Now that he’s 10.5 months he still walks around it but he’s walking now and is exploring other areas of the house.Long story short, this is the only toy that’s lasted this long through all the developmental stages. It’s graduated with him. This is now a go-to for shower gifts when big gits are needed.

Lori Granite Bay, CA

great for my two under two

my daughter and son are 13 months apart. finiding toys they can both use without cluttering up the house isn’t easy. this was perfect. id slide the seat in when my son would use it, and slide it out when my daughter wanted to play. although she rarely had a problem standing right next to him or in front of him when they would play together. now that hes one and shes 2 i got rid of the seat all together. have recommended to many friends.

Concepcion Smithfield, KY

So glad I chose this one!

This activity center is fantastic. We’ve had it for several months. I love that it is stable and doesn’t allow for rocking back and forth. This was the biggest selling point for me. It has such a wide base, that it can not tip. My baby is entertained by this play center the longest of anything else he has for entertainment. The seat slides easily back and forth. We have not had to replace the batteries yet after daily use over the past few months. We are still in the 1st phase of it, but this has been a great option to allow me to be hands free for a bit to make dinner, finish dishes, etc and keep him in one place. It is bulky but I manage to move it from room to room when necessary. The only thing I wish it had would be adjustable legs. The mirror is cute as well. My little one has reflux and throws up a lot, but the chair material cleans up very easily.

Shelley Fulton, AR

Best Baby Activity Center

Simply, the review title says it all – Best baby activity center, ever!I looked at pretty much every activity center, jumperoo, exersaucer, etc everywhere, all over the internet. I decided to go with this one and I am SOO glad I did.This center has a major advantage over all others – the walk along feature. Baby can walk back and forth across the piano in the seat. I really debated between this and something that could bounce because I just thought baby would prefer to bounce, but I definitely made the right decision.Baby boy is 6 months old and on the shorter side. He fits this just fine and actually learned to walk back and forth in it very quickly – by the 2nd time in it, he was a pro! I have to believe this will help with his development with walking in general.It is so much better than a stationary exersaucer or bouncer where they just sit in one spot, bounce and spin around.Baby boy was always hard to keep entertained. He got bored SO easily. Constantly had to change postions, activities, areas of the house for new scenery etc. That has changed since buying this Step’n Play. He is content in it for so long and has so much to do in it. He also has the "freedom" to move and walk along. He can turn easily to each side, playing music with the light up keys or admiring himself in the mirror on the other side, for long periods of time.The added ability to walk along in this is a great feature, It may seem like its just a few steps in either direction, but that is plenty enough, trust me. When he is done playing in here, he is tuckered out and ready for a nap. Usually when he is done with an activity he is just bored and ready to move on to something else.He quickly learned that his feet were making noise on the piano on the base and that encourages him to "dance" wildly 🙂 They really get a lot of exercise in this thing.Each colored piano key on the base plays a different note. Each light up piano key on the tray area also plays a different note.The round green light up button will play a tune or tune with singing a song, depending which setting you have it on. You can set it to just play notes and melodies, or it can also sing different songs for each piano key.The yellow round light up button spins and plays drum sounds. The only improvement I can think of for this center is to actually have an area to drum on, instead of just the yellow spinning button. Its ok though because baby quickly learned that he can bang on the tray with the maraca or tambourine toys that are attached.On each side of the seat there are spin/noisy toys.The seat spins so easily, so it is easy for baby to switch between each side of activities.The non musical side is fun as well. It is also so fun to watch baby admire himself in the mirror, checking himself out.The saxophone doesn’t make any noise. The bell has a very slight jingle to it as you push it back and forth.This center has 2 volume levels and the batteries seem to actually last quite long, surprisingly, and I buy the cheap batteries from the Dollar Tree. It is easy to put together – took me about 10 minutes. You attach the green legs to top and bottom, put the cover in the seat, place the seat on the track (it locks in place securely) and then snap in the maraca, tambourine and mirror, put the batteries in and you are ready to go!There is a small removable snack tray, but we don’t use that because baby does not get snacks while playing in here – I don’t want food slobbers all over it lol. The seat cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine though.Once your little one is walking on their own, you can remove the seat and they can stand and play and walk through.This is hands down one of the best baby products I have come across. I love it, the baby loves it and it is definitely worth the price!

Jaime Astatula, FL

so good! He plays piano with his feet while he …

My son absolutely loves this product. So far, so good! He plays piano with his feet while he is exploring all the rest of it. It keeps him busy for way longer than any of his other floor toys including his mat. 🙂

May Mount Braddock, PA