Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Busy Baby Booster

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Busy Baby Booster

The Luv U Zoo Busy Baby Booster is a great feeding booster that gives baby fun toys for play while you prepare food. A toybar with 4 fun character friends for bat-at play with spinners, clackers, and rattle beads provides lots of visual stimulation and tactile fun to keep baby entertained. Toybar easily detaches and nests for portability. The seat features easy-wipe surfaces and a good sized dish-washer safe tray with 3 positions of adjustment. The seat back easily flips forward to fold for portability – plus it removes altogether for older toddlers to give you years of use. There is a 3-point restraint and longer strap for securing it to almost any chair, plus it features non-skid feet to keep it from shifting.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • Booster entertains baby with fun toys and character friends
  • Toybar easily removes
  • Easy-wipe surfaces
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Easily nests for on the go feedings

Verified reviews


Must-have baby item!

We have 3 different types of this Fisher-Price baby booster and this is our favorite! The other 2 are with each set of grandparents. They are all wonderful but what makes this one the best is the toy bar. We also have one that has a toy tray sitting in it but it is more cumbersome and baby actually seems to like the simple toy bar better. Plus, the elephant seat back is too cute!! We use this everywhere… bring it to restaurants to use instead of the nasty highchairs, use it on the floor in the living room, at dining room table, etc. It is portable and lightweight. We have not found a chair it doesn’t work on. The price is awesome too. Get this, you will not regret it!!

Lula Van Buren, OH

Great seat to add to your dinner table

Update: As expected, works great to feed our little boy in. Very easy to clean. He smiles the whole time. Love this chair.I haven’t actually started feeding my 5 month old son solids yet, but eating our family dinner in peace was impossible. I read somewhere that you should warm your child up to a seat before you start feeding them. So, I decided we’d purchase this early and start breaking it in. He LOVES this seat. He’ll sit at the table through our whole meal and play with the toy bar. He no longer needs to be held or tries to grab our food. He’s just content with the toys and happy to be up at eye level, like part of the family.I’ll probably update more once I start using it to feed him. But my SIL has used this chair (the healthy deluxe version) for all three of her oversized children and she swears by it. Easy to set up, even easier to clean, use at 6 months or 24, doesn’t crowd out your table, and stores well once your done. I’m really glad Grandma bought us this one instead of the healthy deluxe one I had on my wishlist. The toy bar really is genius.

Aurora Meadow Valley, CA

Seems small

I bought this for everyday use for my pub height dining room table. It is light weight and folds semi compactly. I thought the toy seemed cute, but it gets boring pretty fast. I have used different toys on the table with no problem. The tray is small, which is fine, and would fit in a dishwasher. I like the fact that the “crotch guard” (I don’t know how else to describe it) is not huge like on the Fisher Price Space Saver. Seems to give little boys “more space.” The only thing I don’t care for is how small it feels. My son is 7 months and 23lb and hopefully he will thin out and be able to use this longer…

Latoya Waskom, TX

Very happy, but one issue

This seat is the cutest one I could find at such a great price, even wal mart was $10 more. My son love its and the toy attachment is nice to have. The only issue I have is the elephant has two criss-cross creases through it from the molding press. I tried to reorder, but it came the same way. I really like this seat and don’t want a different one, so I’m keeping it, but giving a heads up that it is not perfectly smooth as the pictures show.

Rosanne Centerville, PA

Love it 🙂

Great for restaurants and traveling to other people’s houses. Well built. I am glad I purchased this instead of the hook chairs. I can take this anywhere and not worry about what type of table. Folds up very compactly. I would buy it again.

Reva Sturbridge, MA

Great buy!

This is a GREAT highchair. Its so easy to fold up and put away or take to grandma’s house for dinner. It fits securly on our wooden chairs or over a padded chair. There isn’t a bar in the middle so no fear of the kids getting their legs stuck on one side or another. It’s also on the short side so that our daughter is still able to use it without the tray – we just pull the chair and blue/brown chair part to the table.

Kathleen Red Bank, NJ

Love the Luv U Zoo!

There aren’t too many basic booster seats better than this one! Features I particularly like are the elephant seat back that fold downs for travel. The tray also clips over top to keep seat back and buckles in place. The toy bar is totally genius! I have an impatient baby boy that wants to eat the second he’s in his seat, but the toy bar is a lifesaver. He loves playing with it until it’s time to eat. I love the elephant design on the seat. It adds a bit of whimsy compared to other seats with general primary colors. Overall, I am extremely happy with this purchase!

Myrtle Martin, TN


I am a big fan of this booster. It is cute and easy to clean. My son (almost 9 months) loves the toy attachment. I suppose it is comfortable because my son likes sitting in it and doesn’t seem to mind. I use this instead of a high chair and I like that my son can sit with us at the table instead of sitting in his own contraption. For the price I think this is a great purchase.

Joanne Greene, ME

Great for dining and as a chair.

I recommend that seat for all babies. It is great to use it in the restaurants or home when they are too small to seat in the highchair.They can entertain themselves with toys and eat from tray at the same time.I also had bimbo seat but why have 2 items? Babies that just learn to sit can easily use Fisher Price booster (supervised, on the floor).Tray and the rest washes easily and the seat is lightweight (although a bit bulky when carried around).

Miriam De Valls Bluff, AR