Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Crib ‘N Go Projector Soother

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Crib ‘N Go Projector Soother

The Fisher-Price Crib ‘n Go Projector Soother is a take-along projector soother that also attaches to the crib. The take-along projector soother has a mommy elephant on the front a yellow nightlight in the flower she’s holding. The soother projects two images on the ceiling and slowly changes back and forth between the scenes It plays up to 18 minutes of music. Mom can choose between classical music and lullabies. There is a base component that attaches to the crib to hold the projector soother. The base has a giraffe, alligator and baby elephant on it. It also has a mirror in the middle so baby has something to look at if the soother is not in the base. The base attaches to the crib with a “Y” strap.

Main features

  • Baby will love the slow rotating images on the ceiling
  • Plays up to 18 minutes of soothing music to lull baby to sleep
  • Features a giraffe, elephant and alligator on the base
  • Mom can choose lullabies or classical music
  • Baby can explore the mirror when soother isnt in base

Verified reviews



I hesitated buying this because there were only a few reviews and I wasn’t sure if this would project onto our high ceilings. In the pictures it looks like the ceiling is maybe two feet above the crib, and we have 10ft ceilings, so I was very hesitant. I’m so glad I went ahead and took a chance because this is simply awesome! It projects beautifully on our ceilings. It is HUGE. I projected it in our living room first and was afraid because it was too big that the ceiling fan in my son’s room would get in the way, but it doesn’t! It’s great! The picture is beautiful. I love the music. It’s soft and wonderful. I can’t say enough about it. It’s so much better than I expected.

Carol Goldsboro, NC

Soothing and conveinant to take along

I did not purchase a cheesy muscial mobile for my newborn son and instead got this projector. I love the three different music themes but I was surprised the projection didn’t have motion with a rotating scene or something, instead it just alternates between two images projected on the ceiling. The projector works well even with night lights on and I like how you can choose if you want the projector on or off and still listen to the music on low or high sound settings.

Lesa Wolcott, CT

4 month old not interested!

I bought this bc of the great reviews, however, my 4 month old son is not interested in it at all! There are only two pictures and he seems to get bored of it pretty quickly. He is more interested in sticking his foot out of the crib than looking at the boring pics above his crib.

Lena Stockton, IA

Get it!! Using it for almost a year, and it’s still a hit!

My son had a very hard time transitioning from my bed to his own crib in his own room. And, many mobiles didn’t fit our crib– plus, mobiles damage the wood when installing and removing. This projector changed everything! He loves to watch the ceiling projections as he falls asleep and the music is soothing (3 music options and 2 volume levels). It does turn off after a short amount of time, but we have a sound machine as back-up (white noise). The fact that there are only two images projected don’t seem to affect my baby at all (he’s 6 months old now)– he’s still fascinated by the images. I love how this is also easily transportable for travel. And, it fits all cribs or you can even place it on a dresser or the floor. Easily removable without any kind of potential damage to cribs. Just make sure the room is dark when using the projection. You can always play the music without projection too. GREAT PRODUCT. Save your sanity now and just buy it.UPDATE: My son is now 14 months; we bought this when he was 3 months old. It is still a hit with our son. I have seen him through the monitor turning on this projector by himself in the morning and middle of the night, then lying back down to watch the ceiling projections. He sooths himself back to sleep or at least stays entertained for another 30-60 minutes in the morning. We love this product!! And we have NOT had to replace batteries yet. Almost a year!! Buy this product!

Joy Climax, GA

Very nice soother!

I bought this for my son when he was 5 months old. He is now 7 months and still loves it! This item has a few options. First the yellow bird lights up as a night light for a minute or two when you press the button. It has the on/off switch and low/high volume. It either plays piano lullabies or nature sounds. You can play these by themselves for about 20 minutes or with the slide show for about 10 minutes. There is an easy access play button so if it shuts off and you want to turn it back on again you just press the play button. I have the same batteries in it that I put in it when I bought it and I’ve used it multiple time through the night every night for the last 2 months. The slide show is a bit lacking… it is the same two slides over and over, but at this age I don’t think they notice(at least my boy doesn’t seem to care). You can detach projector to take anywhere and there is a mirror behind it for playtime in the crib.Pros:- Lots of music/sound options- You can use the projector or just sound- Easy on batteries- Nightlight- Portable- Crib mirrorCons:- Same 2 slides over and overThis has helped my baby fall asleep, and stay asleep if he starts fussing a bit in the middle of the night for 2 months. He enjoys it and so do I. I would recommend this soother!

Dina Lake Alfred, FL

great for older kids too

Both of my children received one of these as a gift from Grandma. My daughter (6 months) and my son (2) both love this projector. As a previous review mentioned, there are only two slides, but even my two year old does not seem to mind. He asks for it to be turned on every night at bedtime. It is very soothing, I even enjoy it. One of my favorite features is the night light bird on the side, it is absolutely perfect for checking on the kids in the dark, I can see perfectly and it isn’t bright enough to disturb them. I have not had a problem with the crib attachment, and my 2 year old even turns the lights and music back on by himself sometimes. Love this projector, if you are considering it I say YES give it a try.

Alisha Fort Mcdowell, AZ

Cute, sturdy, and well-loved soother

Our daughter has so far really enjoyed this soother. My mother bought it for her when she was about 2 months old. I like the different music choices and volume settings. She loves to gaze at the animal scenes on the ceiling. However, her favorite part is a part most people seem to overlook: the glowing yellow bird. She is instantly drawn to the little guy and loves to stare at it. If she’s fussy we turn that on and she just calms down immediately. A simple, light-up bird! I highly recommend the soother overall though, as all the features combine to make a great product for day or night use.

Katina Seymour, MO

Works great!

We probably got this when my son was around 7 months when it was no longer to have the hanging mobile because DS was pulling himself up. Now he’s 2 years old and still hasn’t outgrown it. I turn it in before he goes in his crib and if he wakes up in the middle of the time he will stand up and press the button and fall back asleep. I do wish there was more picture, but my son doesn’t really seems to mind all that much. He likes the music. I also have taken it with us when we travelled and that worked great!

Tessa Chenoa, IL

Luv the Luv U Zoo

I really like this soother maybe more than my baby. I purchased this to help my son make the transition from our room to his room. It’s absolutely adorable & matches my son’s nursery which is done in a jungle theme. The music is very relaxing & you can choose between classical or lullabies. The 2 scenes that it projects are very beautiful, the colors are vivid & the pictures are sharp & clear & quite large on my ceiling and walls. There is a little night light on it that I also love because it allows me to peek in on my baby without disturbing him. It also turns into a mirror when you remove the soother from its base.

Joan Cecil, OH

So much better than a mobile!

I recently bought this for my 4 month old and she loves it. The images look great on the ceiling and it soothes her to sleep every night.The hardest part is taking it out of the box!PS I also bought the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Storybook Projection Soother and that one comes with a remote control!

Jessie Leck Kill, PA


When pregnant with my first, I got to thinking that a crib mobile was cute, but how could baby see it in the dark? Then a friend (with two) told me she had spent big bucks on her crib mobiles but never thought the babies had really cared much about them at night when they most needed soothing. She suggested I look into something for the crib that had soothing music and light, and I found this on amazon. It has been a godsend. Not only is it soothing to baby, but it is also soothing to us, it is easy to use, and it allows us to check on baby without turning on the light, thanks to the sweet nightlight feature. I haven’t detached the music portion much because I’ve just used it in the crib, but we’re taking a road trip soon, and you can be sure I’ll take it! Not as delicate or cute to look at as the crib mobiles, but far more practical, in my opinion.

Christa Farley, MO

Great Value

I looked everywhere and read every review to find the perfect soother for my 4 month old. He sleeps better with noise and I had a musical seahorse for him but it only played a couple minutes of music, he always woke up when it went off. This stays on for quite awhile, 12 minutes or so. I haven’t had to replace batteries and use it for every nap! I love that I can detach the music player and it can travel with me, the mirror is also handy for him to play with. The projector scenes are very cute, giraffe and zebra that rotate between the two, although they don’t move they catch his attention on the ceiling or wall just fine. He loves this and I love the different sound options so I don’t go crazy! The nightlight turns on off very quickly but with the projector being bright enough in his room I’m not complaing. Don’t over pay for a soother, get this instead, highly recommend!

Bobbie Brookfield, NY

Great music and projection, but mirror is not practical

The mirror looks nice, but it is not practical for use unless your baby is fairly careful and doesn’t flail around too much. The edges are kind of narrow for use in the crib, and I was always worried my baby would hit her head or hands on the hard plactic edges. It does tie onto the crib nicely- very very easy set up and when moving around.The projection part separates easily. The projection is a clear crisp picture, nice baby colors, impressive! Catches her attention well. The music is nice, more mature than the Fisher-Price mobile we use. The projection light is just enough that I can use it as the night light to change her diaper by in her room, too, but not bright enough to wake her up too much.Great buy, excellent product for the price. The mirror will likely be more usefull as a fun thing in her room when she is a bit older and more aware of hard edges. For now I am getting a different crib mirror thats bigger and softer, for when she wakes up too early and needs to entertain herself for a few minutes.

Adelaide Cove, AR

No automatic shut off

Not a bad product, music is nice, projection is good even though it is limited to 2 images. It doesn’t ever shut off so it’ll eat up the batteries and you would have to sneak in the baby’s room to shut it off.

Vanessa Harrisburg, PA

great for crib

This is great for a crib that has a baby that needs something to occupy their time. My baby loves looking up and seeing the pictures. I just wish it had more pictures and more to chose from.

Mabel Halfway, OR

My baby didn’t care for it at all.

I tried this in my baby’s crib from about two months to the fifth month, but she just never seemed interested in it. I thought it looked cute and would preoccupy her without being overly stimulating, but she pretty much ignored it after a few minutes. Might work great for others and there isn’t anything wrong with it, but it wasn’t a great fit for us.

Susan Parma, ID

I love it

It helped put my daughter to sleep every single night for almost a year. Best product from Fisher Price I have encountered. It has different music, sounds, and projections can be turned on or off. Once removed, it has a mirror for the child to use and play with if the music no longer catches their attention. It adapts to the side of the crib with a strap that it comes around the back and is easy to adjust.

Adelaide Smoot, WY

I returned it

I returned this product because tt only works at night, and I needed something during the day to distract little one as well. Also, at night, my little one was distracted and actually kept awake longer by the lights. Too stimulating for her. Might be different for other babies, but I leave that as a possible warning for anyone out there considering this product. Good luck!

Jo Lafe, AR

Simply the best

Amazed at the quality of projection on 10 ft ceilings. My son loves this. Great soothing music, great pictures. He can carry it around (which he does) or keep it mounted in its base. Has auto-shut off. Batteries last a good long while! Would highly recommend, even over the Fisher Price starfish projector.

Sabrina Mullens, WV

Love this!

Bought this for my moms house when she is over there. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and press all the button repeatedly. Works wonders and gives mommy a few extra minutes before the meltdown happens and we can no longer think. We have had this for 7+ months and still works great!

Mae Wister, OK

What would I do without this.

This toy has soothed my baby several nights. The music has an adjustable button, the picture only has two scenes, but the bright color holds the baby’s attention. The music last well over ten minutes.

Sylvia York, NE

use nightly

love this simple but effective projector. the picture is like from the 1970s of a mommy and baby or daddy and baby. the music is lovely and soothing, it is portable and also has a mirror. my twins stare at it for a long time, it keeps them occupied in many ways. Highly recommend.

Victoria Lafferty, OH

better than I thought

almost returned this when we saw how simple it is- only 2 slides for the projector. glad we kept it, baby loves it.

Eloise Rush Valley, UT

Very cute

I’ve been using this in my daughters crib for almost 18 months now and she still loves it. The ceiling projection is so cute. And when we want to change it up every so often we let her play with the mirror part.

Lara Palms, MI

Perfect soother for newborn

My newborn loves this. She looks at the projections on the ceiling until she falls asleep. The music is really soothing, totally not annoying like other soothers I have owned. Thre is also a little light on it, it’s a soft yellow and it is pretty useful for myself when I can’t seem to find her pacifier in her crib and I don’t want to turn the light on. Great buy!

Odessa Dorchester, NE

Baby loves it!

This is a great product. The music and projection images soothe the baby to sleep. My baby also likes looking at the toy during day with its bright colors.

Autumn Wadesboro, NC

My son and I love it!

I bought this product in May of last year when my son was 4 months old and he instantly loved it. Playing this every night has become part of his bedtime routine. The soothing music would actually help us both to fall asleep. I love how there are different music and volume settings. The projection on the ceiling was very clear and although there are only 2 pictures, I didn’t have a problem with it or got tired of it. My son is 15 months old now and he still falls asleep to this every night. I would definitely recommend this product!

Ina Kemah, TX

Love this!!

This works so well! I have it attached to the playpen when my granddaughter spends the night. She is 10 months and it soothes her right to sleep.

Christa Crawfordville, FL


This product works great. Projection works good in a reasonable dark room. Kids love the mirror too. So glad to get this one after trying so many others .

Rose Strabane, PA

Sweet and musical tunes

This was in the hospital nursery when my grandson was there. Calling this a soother is right on. The music selections are musical with a choice of loudness. The tunes are nursery rhymes to classical. The projection element was just right to sooth a baby

Beryl Thompsons, TX