Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Crib-to-Floor Activity Piano

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Crib-to-Floor Activity Piano

The Crib-to-Floor Activity Piano is the perfect addition to the Luv U Zoo collection. This fun-filled item can be used in both the crib environment and on the floor for play as baby gets older. Fun features include a sliding crocodile, a spinning flower ball, a rotating lion’s mane, and a jiggly monkey that climbs up the giraffe’s neck. Complete with lights and sounds, this product features four distinct piano keys that when pressed, will activate the sound effects and musical ditties. There are also four LED lights that will shine through tinted backgrounds creating a “stained-glass” like effect for baby’s enjoyment.

Main features

  • Activity piano provides fun in the crib and on the floor
  • Move from crib to floor as baby grows
  • Piano keys play music and have sound effects
  • Colorful panels glow with shimmery lights
  • Four fun activities to explore

Verified reviews


My son loves this

My son plays with this in his crib every day. We’ve had it for about 6 months (he’s 20 months now) and he still loves it. He pushes the piano buttons and does a little dance in his crib in the morning when he wakes up. Each piano key plays a little tune when it’s pressed. It has occasionally been a distraction when he’s fighting his sleep at night, but that should be expected when it’s such a great distraction tool for the morning.It attaches to his crib securely and he can’t move it around (unlike a waterfall toy he has that he can filp over the side of his crib).

Chandra Livermore, CA

So much fun

This is actually a much more interactive and fun product than I thought it was going to be. It is perfect for hanging in the crib so your baby has something to keep themselves busy for a few minutes. It is heavy and I am not certain that the straps are the best so you might want to hang it at the foot of the crib just in case! We haven’t had a problem with the straps yet but it seems like there could be a better way to anchor it to the crib.

Rene Buffalo, IL

Little one loves this

This piano is simple but it has quickly become one of my daughter’s favorite toys. We were unable to use it in the crib because it just doesn’t fit properly so she has it as a floor toy and loves the setting where when she plays a key a color lights up. All-in-all a good buy.

Sara Kyle, WV

great price!

thinks this is ‘their’ piano since dad plays keys too! nice to have other things going on to stimulate tactile grips & curiousity-

Darcy Brimfield, IN

Great crib toy!

My daughter loves this toy and it keeps her attention. It has lights, piano, and fun little toys to play with and it’s easy to attach/detach from the crib!

Erica Snohomish, WA