Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Auto Mirror Sounds and Lights

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Auto Mirror Sounds and Lights

Features four entertaining melodies to stimulate baby’s sense of hearing and two modes of play. Choose from music only or music and lights modes. Shatter-resistant mirror for added safety with Traction-Grid to help keep mirror securely in place. Attaches to seats with or without head restraints. Easy attachment options fit most vehicles. Requires 3AA and 3 AAA batteries.

Main features

  • Easy, one-touch remote activates mirror from front seat
  • Plays 4 musical melodies
  • Dancing lights introduce color & help boost baby’s sensory development
  • Mirror allows for wide-angle view of rear-facing baby
  • Adjustable volume control

Verified reviews


Not for installation without a rear head rest

This product says it can be installed without a rear head rest, but it cannot. You need to be able to put it around a head rest. I tried installing it in the center where I have no head rest, but unless you have a hook, to clip the strap to, it will not stay over the back seats. I followed the instructions on how to do it, but it is impossible. It has straps that have metal in that mould over the back seats, but then when you go to put the mirror in position with the velcro on the back to hold it in position and tilt it so the baby can see, it becomes top heavy and falls forward. There is a strap and the instructions say to clip it to something, but there’s nothing in the car to clip it to. Yes there are bolts between the car seat base and back, but they are in front of the back rest, not in the car trunk!Works ok when installed on a rear seat head rest, but don’t buy if you want to put it where there is no head rest.Also the remote I got did not work!!!

Dollie Fennville, MI

Poor thing has been … -.-

Sewing controllability status too maligned work spent doing this stuff too, and the remote control … do not know the intentToo lazy, but just use Unsatisfied.

Lara Burt, NY

terrible product

We got this product off of our registry. Our son is a nightmare in the car and screams the whole time. We tried to install this so he could see himself and we could see him. There is no way for us to install it in a way in which he can see himself. We have a hatchback and there is no headrest in the center seat of the car. There is a velcro option but we it’s not the right length. On top of it all, the remote does not work. This is a waste of money. Plus the music is very annoying (and my tolerance is high). Find another product if you can.

Glenda Plainfield, CT

Great Mirror for Babies Who Don’t like Car Rides

Our child did not like to take car rides. We originally had a plain Brica Mirror, which worked great, but she seemed to get scared of seeing herself in the large mirror. She would cry during every car ride and sometimes it would get to the point of her choking on saliva and us having to pull over and calm her down. She was also colicy, which may have been another reason she didn’t like the ride.We own a Subaru Forester and this mirror fit perfecting on the rear middle seat. It has made a world of difference! She enjoys her car rides now. She loves the lights and music. While the music lasts quite a bit of time, having a remote is awesome. We have never had any issues using the remote from the front seat. We also purchased the Land of Nod baby CDs, but with this mirror, we rarely use them. It’s nice to have the cds as a back-up. We looked at every option to try to calm her down during car rides and this was a God send. I would highly recommend this to any parent whose child seems to hate, just hate car rides.

Beryl Glencoe, NM

Keeps baby a little less angry

My baby hates the car seat! We have tried different car seats and nothing has worked, but this has helped. I’m not going to say she’s all smiles all the time now, but she definitely screams a lot less. The music isn’t all that annoying, I can hum along with it, but it doesn’t drive me crazy. The remote works fine for me, just have to aim it in the right direction. I have an Infiniti SUV and it attached very easily to the headrest.

Geneva Thurston, OH

I so wanted to like this item

I really wanted to like this item. It’s made by Fisher-Price which generally means it will stand the test of time. It is bright and colorful and has cute zoo animals on the front which caught my attention at the very least. However, I really wish I had gone with the Baby Einstein mirror or really any other mirror over this one for a few reasons I will outline below.PROS:1) It’s bright and pretty2) The songs are entertaining and the lights are cool. The music plays for approximately 10 minutes.3) It has a setting to control lights and music, music only, etc. very handy.4) The mirror part is large–which should help you see your baby better.5) It comes with a remote control so you can turn the sounds on or off from the front seat (see cons–important)CONS:1) The single most annoying thing about this mirror is its lack of stability. It has velcro straps to secure it into place onto your headrest. Sounds good, right? Well the way it has the velcro, if you hit one little tiny bump (say a speed bump or a pothole) the entire mirror shifts and suddenly moves out of place. In a nutshell, it is not very secure. In order to make it truly secure you need better straps or more velcro, or … something. It is a terrible design with how they put the straps in the first place.2) The remote is a GREAT idea… only problem is, it works when it wants to. Sometimes the remote works, but 75% of the time, it doesn’t no matter how many times you hit the giant button. You should see me, driving down the freeway, holding my hand out behind me trying all kinds of different angles to get the music to turn back on. Up, down, side, upside down–nope nothing. Then I’ll wait a few minutes and try it again, and it will randomly work. Oh and they put the sensor to the remote control on the BOTTOM of the mirror, so if you have a high seat or the angle of the mirror is at an odd angle to where you are sitting (so you can see the baby better), you won’t hit the sensor. I should note that this is NOT the problem with the remote–I will literally hold the remote next to the mirror when we are stopped and it still suffers from the same problem of working when it wants to.3) The music — Okay on one hand, playing for 10 minutes is awesome–until it stops. If the remote worked correctly, then you could start it up again and everyone is happy. Instead, my daughter has meltdowns on the freeway when the music stops and I can’t get it to start back up again because I’m in traffic and pulling over just to check on her and restart the toy takes away the whole point of having the mirror in the first place. Worse, 90% of the time, I’ve hit a bump in the road or changed lanes, and the mirror is out of place, so I have no way of knowing if the baby is crying because there is something genuinely wrong or because she’s upset the music stopped. Very frustrating.Ultimately, I really regret spending the money on this. I really wanted to like it, but now I’m wishing I bought the Baby Einstein one instead (which you can control how long the music plays for). Instead, I’ll probably break down and go pick up some velcro strips to try and make the mirror at least stay put. I would suggest you try it before you buy it and see if it works in your car for you. Maybe you’ll have better luck …

Kitty Portage, OH

Nice mirror but flaws

This is a cute mirror. It is large and the lights and music make it entertaining for baby. However, the mirror doesn’t adjust properly where both baby can see himself and the driver can see the baby. The best I have been able to adjust it is where baby can see himself and the front seat passenger can see the baby. Further, the strap to attach the mirror to the headrest needs to be able to hold the mirror in position better. As it is at the tightest it will go, it is partially being held in place by our seat protector that goes up the back of the seat. Granted, in our small SUV, in the middle seat the head rest is smaller than the side head rests, but this should have been taken into consideration by the manufacturer, especially since this is the safest place for baby and thus where the carseat should be attached. Additionally, the sensor for the remote is below the power and volume switches and with the mirror adjusted as it is (for baby to see himself), the sensor is hidden, and the remote is useless.

Dawn Star, NC

Its ok

I was very excited for this mirror, its a great idea, except that the remote control never worked, so once baby falls asleep, is impossible to stop the loud music, and no, there is no volume control or different volume settings. She does however like the lights going off once its dark

Jody Woolstock, IA