Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair

Here’s a high chair that makes mealtime so much more enjoyable because cleanup is so easy. There’s an Easy Clean Strap System that adjusts from the back (out of baby’s sticky reach) and has coated straps you can just wipe clean. A seamless pad with no crevices to trap crumbs, which is also spill resistant and machine washable. And a full tray cover that’s dishwasher safe. You can sanitize it right in the dishwasher. Easy to clean EZ Clean strap system and seamless seat pad with no crevices to trap crumbs. Features Nano Tex spill resistant fabric, easy to clean. Use upright position only with a child who has enough upper body control to sit upright unassisted. Weight limit: 50 pound

Main features

  • Polyester, Metal, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Ez clean high chair features a space saving frame
  • Crevice free to prevent food from getting stuck
  • Restraint straps are easy to wipe down
  • Height and recline are adjustable
  • Ships in Certified Frustration Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Great high chair, value, and SAFETY!

I bought this high chair right about the time my son was going to start eating solids. I had actually registered for a different one, and when I went to buy it, it was no longer available. I am so glad it wasn’t! When I saw this one in-store (BRU), I had to buy it. Not only was it reasonably priced (Amazon’s price on it is pretty good, too, especially for the Luv U Zoo print), but there were so many great features that it was a no-brainer.First off, to address some of the complaints about size, my son is on the bigger side – he is 100th percentile in length and 95th in weight and pretty much has been so far (he’s 10 months old, about 32″ long and about 25 pounds) – and we have no problem with his fitting in the high chair. He also has chunky thighs that have no problem fitting inbetween the little t-bar thing. The tray can go all the way in without a problem and without squishing him. I do foresee that when he is bigger, it may be an issue that the back of the seat isn’t very broad, so he may end up not being able to sit back all the way, but probably by that point he will be able to sit in a booster. So for those with babies on the bigger side, do not fear, and if you’re worried about it, go check it out in-store at BRU. When I bought mine, there was a pre-assembled one on display. The upside to the chair’s smaller size, though, is that my son doesn’t have a lot of room to wiggle around and slip down, which helps (1) keep things clean and (2) focus on the task at hand (eating).Second, I’d like to address the complaints that this high chair does not have wheels on the back, just the front, which some say makes it hard to push across the floor/carpeting. All I do is lean the chair forward so it’s on the front wheels and push it backwards or pull it behind me. I am able to easily do this while carrying a 25-lb baby, and I move it from the dining room into the kitchen and back (about 20 feet) every day. I even roll it over an area rug in the dining room to get it to the kitchen, and I can do this without a problem. Maybe if I was rolling it with my son *in* the chair, it might be hard to do, but you’re not supposed to do that. This chair is plenty light enough to remove him from the chair first, carry him, then move the chair where it needs to go, so there’s really no need to move the chair with a baby strapped into it.Otherwise I can’t think of any cons, but here are the pros:1. See above about the size of the chair with regard to non-wigglyness.2. Cover is washable but also wipeable. Honestly I haven’t had to wash it yet because it wipes off so nicely. It feels cotton-y, too, so you don’t have that plastic/vinyl feeling. My only issue is that lint gets stuck to it from my son’s clothes, but a quick swipe of a lint remover takes care of that.3. The straps wipe off easily and, best of all, DON’T STAIN! It’s admittedly gross when you see someone’s high chair with the stained straps. You know they’ve cleaned them, but it still looks nasty. This is probably reason #1 why I bought a brand new chair instead of buying a used one!4. The tray is dishwasher safe but also goes inward towards your child rather than leaves a gap. This is great for falling food – it’s more likely to hit the tray than end up in your child’s lap. I find it helpful for teaching your baby to pick up finger foods and self-feed.5. The chair is height adjustable and recline-able. Both are VERY easy to do. The straps are also super easy to adjust as your child grows.6. Assembly was very easy! I was able to do it by myself in about a half an hour, and I’m not the handiest of women.7. The print is adorable and unisex. We have a little boy, but who knows if any subsequent children will also be. Nothing like having a house full of frilly girly stuff or tough-boy stuff and then having a second child and feeling like you need new stuff.8. SAFETY FEATURE – What a LOT of people don’t realize, and no one publicizes, is that most high chairs have a hidden danger… When kids are big enough to use their feet to kick off the table and push themselves backwards, they also have the ability to tip the chair over backwards. Sure, it’s not likely, and some high chairs are probably more prone to it than others, but because of the leg configuration on this high chair, it is pretty much impossible for your child to accomplish this dangerous feat. I hadn’t even thought of this until someone mentioned that their child had done this (as a warning not to keep my son too close to the table), so when I saw this high chair in the store, I realized it was built to prevent that, perhaps inadvertently.I can’t speak to the foldability of this chair because, well, I haven’t traveled with it. However, because this chair is much more affordable than so many other high chairs, you can really afford to get a separate portable chair (the kind that straps to a regular chair) for travel.I really can’t say enough good things about this high chair. Everyone I know who has a baby (or is going to have a baby) and is in the market for a high chair probably hears way too much about it from me. I think a lot of folks think more money = better quality, which is often the case, in my opinion, but in this case they would be way off. The chair I registered for was about $150, and I am so grateful that I found this one instead!

Concepcion Rousseau, KY

I would love this high chair but….

I saw this chair and thought, “Wow Fisher-Price just made the world’s greatest high chair” Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the crotch post thing is so close to the seat back that I can barely cram my 7-month-old, 30th percentile for weight, skinny little baby behind it. It has everything a parent could wish for except enough room to put your baby in it 🙁

Kenya Gallitzin, PA

Nice high chair but hard to push

This high chair is cute as a button. The only problem I have is that it’s hard to push across my kitchen floor let alone my carpet. It doesn’t have wheels on the back. I haven’t cleaned it yet so I can’t rate it in that area. I like how its dark brown and tan plastic vs white so it doesn’t look so cheap next to wood furniture. However, I will have to return it and get the rainforest high chair.EDIT: It also seems to be a tight fit. My son is only 5 months old and I don’t think he would fit in this seat past a year old. It’s wide enough but the bar that’s inbetween the legs is on the large side. I can’t imagine a larger baby or even a toddler fitting in this seat comfortably.

Lesley Sopchoppy, FL

Easy to clean, but bottom of seat way too small

Like another reviewer, I felt elated when I saw this high chair, thinking it was going to surpass all others with its “EZ Clean” styling. Then I got the chair and put my 8-month old (50th percentile for weight/height) in it. I couldn’t believe how little room there was on the bottom of the seat! The divider that comes up through the crotch is huge and only provides a mere 3 1/4″ of depth from the back of the seat to the opening provided for the strap. Even if you extend the crotch strap farther, looping it through the opening at the front/back (depending on your perspective) of the divider as opposed to the cut-out, you only get 4 1/2″ of depth.Compare these measurements to the Graco Contempo high chair (which just happens to be the chair I am trying to replace because of the difficulty of cleaning the straps) where you get 4 1/2″ of depth with the cut-out for the strap and an additional 2″, making 6 1/2″ total, if you loop the crotch strap through the opening at the divider.I don’t know what Fisher Price was thinking when it designed the seat for this chair, but once again, I am extremely annoyed with the company’s lack of foresight. Yet another great concept; poor execution. I felt the same kind of frustration with their space-saving high chair that is replete with impossible to clean crevices.Perhaps FP believes that all parents make buying decisions based solely on price, so it purposely doesn’t spend a few extra bucks to get a product right in order to keep the price of the product relatively low. I’m sure there are many parents out there like me who would gladly pay another $10 for this high chair if it meant we got the perfect high chair or at least something close. You could have had a real winner here, Fisher Price, but once again, you blew it. I’m returning my chair to Amazon.

Justina Bannock, OH

Great HIghchair

I bought this high chair for my grand daughter to use on the days when I watch her. It was easy to assemble. When I first received the chair it was a little larger than I expected, but then I didn’t pay too much attention to the dimensions. It has worked out wonderful. It is easy to clean, adjust, and she is secure in the chair. I love the large tray.

Jannie Schley, VA

How is there no wheel lock?

Loved the overall look, idea, and features of this chair with 3 exceptions. First off, while there are only 2 wheels on the front of the chair and none on the back, my 2 year old was able to walk right over to the chair and push it around our dining room floor without a problem. I’m sure if we had carpet it wouldn’t be an issue, my our older pergo flooring didn’t present much of a challenge. We bought this for our newborn, but certainly don’t want his sister sliding him around the room. Secondly, regardless of what other reviewers have said, the t-bar is absolutely closer to the back of the seat than other high chairs. We even went to Babies R Us and compared this chair to all the other ones in the aisle, and it has a solid 2 inches less space than any of the others. Lastly, the tray has the LOUDEST snap that I’ve ever heard. Maybe that seems like a weak complaint, but it sounds like the thing is breaking when you take it off and it’s way too loud to do while there’s a newborn (or 2 year old) sitting right in front of it. In the end, this was returned as soon as I could box it up and get it to UPS.

Hope Luna Pier, MI

Nice high chair

This is used at my in-laws house, they watch our baby during the week when we are at work. Holds up really well and doesn’t take up too might room. The tray is a bit awkward because you have to push in on it as you pull it out but once you get used to it, it works out ok.

Kristin Snowshoe, WV

Love it!

I have a 21 lb., 32 inch 15 month old and he fits great in the high chair. It looks like he will have plenty of room for quite some time to fit in this seat. I love the material for the seat – it’s very soft and super easy to clean. The straps are awesome, too – almost rubbery but not sticky. Easy to move and clean. I don’t use the shoulder straps since it seems to keep my little guy from leaning over the tray far enough… and he’s messy enough as it is. The tray has an awkward curve in it that can sometimes allow food down the side/front of baby, but it’s not too bad and easy to put on with one hand in the front. The only thing I don’t like is when I try to fold it up. It folds from the back up to the front so I need to lay the thing down on the floor and nearly get taken out every time I try. I’ve stopped folding it up! Overall, it’s a great highchair and I’m glad we waited to get this one.

Liza Broadway, OH

Cheapy, but it works

This high chair is not as sturdy as I would have liked it to be, but it’s sturdy in the areas where it absolutely has to be. The legs are sturdy enough but the arms of the seat are very cheap plastic and bend when pushed on even gently, as well as the whole seating area: all cheapish plastic. The seat space is VERY small, but as long as my child fits (25 lb right now) it’ll work. The tray: a bit slippery, needs a cup holder, but it goes on really easily onto the arms: you can push it straight down from above or slide it on from the ends of the arms, and doesn’t shift or anything. The tray extends on the inner center allowing the tray to come right up to the child’s belly, which keeps less mess from his/her lap. However the top cover for the tray can be difficult to get off if you don’t pull in the right places with the right amount of pressure, especially if you’re trying to keep it balanced with dishes/food on it. Also my two year old can pull the tray cover (not the tray itself) off on his side when he is seated. Seat pad is great: smooth, soft, not plasticy against skin, yet wipes well. The buckle can pinch little fingers a little bit if they’re trying to buckle themselves in, but not so bad that I worry about a bruising or worse injury as I’ve seen in some buckles. Belts are smooth thick plastic as advertised, making them easy to clean. I wish it had a handle on the top of the chair back, so I can drag it back and forth for feeding/storage. Overall, it works I guess, but I wouldn’t choose this one again.

Enid White Plains, NY

Love love love this high chair!!

I went to Buy Buy Baby to try my daughter in this chair (she is 4 months old) and she looked great. I chose it for three main reasons: 1) price; 2) wipeable straps; and 3) the tray comes close to her without squishing her. She is very chunky. She is 4 months old and wearing 9 month clothes. Many high chairs were uncomfortable for her or did not have a tray that reached all the way to her belly. This was very easy to put together, is high quality, and looks great in my kitchen.

Annmarie Littleton, WV

Lots of research, finally decided on this highchair. Great deal!

Easy to clean, easy to set up, cute design. Like that I can take the tray off with one or both hands. Top tray piece comes off for easy cleaning. Front wheels allow this to roll but not too easy to roll where baby is leaning or pulling up that it will roll from underneath.

Katie Delcambre, LA

Has features we love!

When I first started researching high chairs, I wasn’t completely sure I knew what I needed, since I was buying one before we began feeding our baby solids…but I did know some things I didn’t like from seeing high chairs while babysitting or visiting friends’ houses. So far, we’ve loved the high chair for these reasons:-The tray is super easy to get on and off, you don’t have to jiggle it around to get it in just the right place for it to latch. I have arthritis in my hands and easy buttons/connections are important to me!-The seat is indeed easy to clean for all the reasons Fisher-Price mentions–no seams or crevices for food to get stuck into, the fabric wipes easily and is easy to take on/off and throw in the washer.-The straps wipe clean in two seconds, avoiding the disgusting collection of food and grime that happens with many other types of straps-The recline feature is easy and fast to adjust (like the tray, has a very easy button) and reclines well for young infants. We actually bought the highchair originally because our son hated when we would eat together and always fussed until we put him on our laps. He was much happier in the chair where he could see us and was able to be reclined enough since he was not yet sitting up.

Luz Neotsu, OR

Good product…..

This is a great product, nice, great quality and easy to clean. My child isn’t that big, he’s a regular size 7 month old boy and the chair is a little tight with enough room for now, but he might grow out of it soon. Overall it’s a great product, just wish it was a little roomier!

Gwendolyn Ardsley On Hudson, NY

Its ok.

The highchair itself looks very nice. They say its EZ clean but thats not true. I thought the fabric would be slick so it would be easy to wipe off. Thats not the case, it feels like fabric!! It doesn’t wipe off easily at all. The straps that hold your child in sometimes get tangled and its hard to tighten or loosen them. My other issue is that if your child is on the ground and grabs the tray the highchair will tip over and fall on them. Its seems like there’s not enough support in the front. I have a different FP highchair that has 2 sets of legs and it doesn’t tip over forwards if a child pulls on the tray from ground level. I don’t think I’d buy this version again.

Queen Wewela, SD

Really nice high chair/Good value and quality

I decided on this high chair because it reclines and is height adjustable. It’s very sturdy and was easy to put together. The padding is thicker than some other chairs I’ve looked at which is nice. The five point harness is also easy to adjust and I feel better having my granddaughter in it than the older type with a lap belt or nothing at all. The tray is super easy to remove and the height adjustment is also simple to use. Right now we keep it in the highest setting and reclined back a little bit since she’s only four months old. Even though she is just beginning to eat any type of food I’ve found that this high chair was invaluable to us before that because it put her up at our level. Now she can join us for dinner instead of being down on the floor in some other kind of seat. It’s also nice when I’m cooking because she is up higher where she can see me. My only complaint is how it folds up. It’s kind of awkward and I’m not sure how it stays put but I don’t see us folding it up anyway. Despite how it folds up I still rate it five stars because I absolutely love everything else about it.

Kathleen El Cajon, CA

Perfect. A baby item that doesn’t make house look like circus.

– Easy to wipe down- Soft, cushioned seat- rubbery straps still soft while being easy to wipe clean- Easy to adjust straps from rear- Recline and height adjustment easy to function- Open frame lets me pull my 4 month old close to eat while I sit- Tray easy to pull off one-handed while holding baby in other arm- Circles pattern is neutral and looks nice with home decor – no primary color bright crazy animal circus print to blind you… which is a nice change since our house is slowly filling up with all kinds of baby gear.

Kayla Reinholds, PA

Fantastic piece for Baby’s fine dining

Great chair, easy to assemble, very functional and comfortable for baby. Its sturdy but light weight enough to move–however I don’t see the point to the wheels. My baby enjoys sitting in this chair, just to sit upright, even not at meal time; she’ll play with her toys in it happily for a long time. Overall a great purchase, definitely recommend.

Deidre Scottsville, TX

Great highchair!

Both my baby and I love this highchair! It’s a great, simple design and very easy to keep clean. The tray removes and latches on very easily with one hand and my baby seems very happy and comfortable in it. It’s also not too loud and colorful and the neutral colors don’t overpower the room. I was a little concerned that it would be too small at the crotch after reading some other reviews but my baby (who is big for her age) has no problem sitting in it. The width between the back of the seat and the crotch looks deceptively narrow when you set it up but there is more than enough room. Added to all this is the amazing price. Highly recommend it.

Elvira Bastrop, TX

So easy to use!

Holding a baby in one arm, you can easily remove the tray with the other hand. Easy to clean all parts. Works so well at my son’s house, we got one for ours for when our grandchild comes over!

Kasey Topping, VA

Still using this for my 20 month old son.

Wonderful chair. Easy to clean. Adjusts to three different height. Removable, easy to clean tray.I’m baffled at the reviews that say it is too small for a 7 month old. My son is an average size 20 month old, 27lbs and 34″ tall. There is plenty of room in this chair for him. Maybe we have some giant babies out there or something.Overall a very good buy. Highly recommend it.

Lana Ringle, WI

Great Chair – Great Price

I’ve had this chair in the Cocoa Sorbet for about a month, now. For the most part, it absolutely lives up to its claim of being easy to clean. It went together pretty quickly and easily. There were a couple screws that had a strange angle, so I had to find an actual long-handled screwdriver as opposed to using my multi-purpose tool I generally use to put things together. With a regular screwdriver, there was no problem.I love the rubbery straps, which are especially convenient for me because my daughter (7 months) loves to chew on them. It’s great to be able to know I’m wiping them clean and not have to worry about bacteria and decaying food being in them. The aspect that makes it not quite easy to clean is actually because of the buckle. Mine has food in the corners on the inside that I can’t easily wipe clean. I’m not sure there would be a design solution as buckles, by nature, have to have nooks and crannies to be effective. I imagine getting a bowl with warm water and soap and allowing the buckle to soak a bit and then swishing it in the bowl would get it clean.The fabric of the seat cover seems, so far, to be the best of both worlds. It’s soft and comfy like cloth, but truly does wipe clean with ease. I’ve had no problem wiping peas, pumpkin, and other darker colored foods right off the cover with no staining, even if I don’t get to it right away.I also love the design of the straps, giving the option of 5-point harness or just a lap belt. I’ve always secured her with the 5-point option because it helps keep her upright instead of slumping. She seems to be very comfortable. I was concerned about the reviews that complained about the fit being too snug because she is definitely on the chunkier side and has very chubby thighs, but I have no complaints and like that she looks secure.The height adjust and recline features work very smoothly and easily. It’s great when she falls asleep and I’m able to smoothly recline the seat and let her doze. We often eat in the living room, so an adjustable height was something I knew I wanted and, for that purpose, it’s been great. If I was going to nitpick, I do wish it would raise higher. It doesn’t seem to be as tall as most high chairs. Our kitchen table is actually bar height, so removing the tray and pulling her up to the table won’t work for us.Our kitchen is incredibly small and I can’t really complain at all about the space the chair takes up. I use it daily, so I haven’t folded it to be put away. We just leave it set up and scoot it out of the way as needed. Knock on wood, nobody has stubbed any toes, yet, so it doesn’t stick out inconveniently. I like the leg design for that reason and the wheels help it to scoot very easily.I like the cut of the tray as she is still young and her reach is limited. Since it cuts in toward her, there is a section of the tray that easily keeps things within her grasp. It also cuts down how much food falls onto her lap. She’s not a huge fan of solids, yet, so she’s still on very smooth purees and only takes them every few days, but her legs are always clean when I get her out even if there isn’t a square inch not covered with food from the chest up!I honestly have no major complaints with this chair and, especially given the price as compared to most other chairs, I can’t imagine being any happier with a different chair. This has suited our needs perfectly and I personally love the whimsical design. Our 7 year old loves being able to help feed his little sis and playing with her while she sits in her chair. It’s been a lifesaver while trying to work in the kitchen as she is comfortable and likes to sit in it whether she’s eating or not. I’m glad to have splurged as compared to the $20 chair I had for my oldest years ago to get some of the convenience features, but don’t think spending more for some of the higher dollar chairs out there could’ve pleased me any more than this one. I docked it one star simply for wishing it would raise a bit higher.

Irene Enders, NE

So cute

We love this high chair for our girl. She is a chubby but fits in it nicely. Everything wipes down so easily so I don’t feel like my girl is ever sitting in yuck.

Eve Freedom, ME

Happy I chose this over the rainforrest chair

When I initiallly ordered the chair, it arrived with no screws, but I called fisher price and they sent a pack of screws immediately.About the chair, it’s great, really comfy for my baby and very easy to clean. I wash the chair cover very often and after two months of use it still looks like new. All the other parts wipe off with a damp cloth.A nice feature is that the top part of the tray is removable and completely washable too. I never put it in the dishwasher since I just wash it by hand after every meal she has. I also like that the tray is just flat with no fancy sections for cups etc. since this ‘added features’ on other chairs probably just cause more cleanup.My baby is 10 months old and weighs 18 pounds. She fits comfortably behind the t-bar and I don’t think she will outgrow the seat anytime soon. In fact I’m glad it’s a snug but comfortable fit since I wouldn’t want her to be able to escape out of the chair when I turn my back for a moment. I would say if you are in doubt on whether to buy this chair or not because of the t bar issue, take your baby to a shop and try it out first, you will find there’s enough room for them to fit and grow a bit. After all who wants to still have a child in a high hair at three years old? I am hoping by that age my child will sit on a booster and eat nicely at the table with us. :-)We have tile floors and I have no problem moving the highchair around on the floor, even when she is in it. On carpet it’s a bit harder. I’ve never folded it for storage or travel so can’t comment on that feature.One thing I find slightly irritating is how the buckle of the safety straps are located on her tummy, every time I put the tray on it pushes the buckle into her stomach, if I have the tray further forward then it seems it’s hard for her to reach the tray in order to pick up finger foods I place on it. Sometimes I just don’t do the straps up so the tray can be put closer to her body.All in all a great purchase and happy I chose this one above the rainforrest one

Bessie Harris, MN

Wish the tray was a bit smaller

I think it’s a great high chair. I looked at lots before getting this one.. And I didn’t really have a price in mind either.. I looked at high chairs ranging in price from $60-$300. I ended up buying this one because it was cute enough and it said easy to clean, and frankly I was sick of looking. I’m ad I did buy this one. It’s roomy, the material it’s plastic. The only thing I don’t like is the tray doesn’t fit in my dish washer. Not a big deal I can wash it by hand, but still I like to disinfect these kinda items with my dishwasher. I have a normal size dishwasher by the way it’s not small by any means.

Norma Grinnell, IA

It’s good

Plastic feels just a slight cut below of what you’d think of as super-substantial, but it’s all very functional and will last through the years your child needs it. Consider it a serviceable chair at a good price.

Octavia Lone Wolf, OK


I’m really happy with this chair, you can adjust the height, reclines, modern design, cute print in the fabric, bright and fun colors but also the brown fram makes it more adult decorated friendly, removable tray that covers the entire main tray, the belts or straps are brown, not fabric which is perfect, just wipe it off when dirty… Now, the cons if I have to say one, the seating area is small like other reviewers said, but for me it’s not a bad thing because there’s less open space so the food doesn’t go around and under the baby, it’s a thight fit chair. My baby boy it’s 7 months old and he’s chubby, he fits great now and I think maybe he will be able to use this chair till 2. I also own aFisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chairand my 3 1/2 boy use it daily, he tried the luv u zoo and he didn’t fit. Anyway, I’m happy with the chair and really recommend you to buy it but if you would like a chair that your baby will fit till he is 3, 4 years old, this is not the chair for you

Amelia Sterling, ND

Attractive besides being so easy

I didn’t understand how messy eating would get when I purchased this and am so glad I picked the right one. The price is great, the size isn’t horrible (stable enough but not a monster) and it actually looks decent in our 1920’s prairie style house (circles pattern). But that’s all just the “extras”. I love it mostly because when my daughter was six months old and got a stomach bug and kept puking every time we fed her, it was actually no big deal to clean. Really. The straps are non-porous, so anytime life gets messy i throw the soft cover in the wash and wipe everything else with a damp cloth, which takes about 60 seconds. So glad i didn’t buy one of those fancy, expensive and uncomfortable-looking wood high chairs after having had this.

Lara Tulsa, OK

Love It!

Great product! Was everything it promised and more and at the price it’s a steal!! I would definitely recommend this!

Janis House Springs, MO

Great Highchair!!

I have owned this high chair about a year. It is really easy to adjust and very easy to clean. We still plan to use it for quite a while.

Tammy Watertown, TN

good for this type of chair, ok compared with oxo tot sprout

I bought and compared five chairs before buying the Oxo tot sprout chair.The Fisher Price ezclean would have been 2nd choice.Pros:- Nice large tray comes up nice and close to baby- Looks easy to cleanCons:- The animals pattern is so bright that my son would not sit facing forward, he just wanted to turn and look at the upholstery (imagine how messy this would get at feeding time)- No ‘growing room’, my son is a slip of a boy and he was already looking quite snug in there at 6 months old- Large footprint, difficult to use at the family tableThe chair we chose in the end addressed all the cons. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a chair in this price bracket. If you are prepared to spend a lot more, then we have been very happy with the oxo sprout.

Rosalie Homer, IL