Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Welcome to the Luv U Zoo! Everywhere baby looks (in the spinning seat, he can look all around!), there’s something fun to do with an animal friend—spinning, jumping, rattling and more! It’s safe jumping fun rewarded with lights, sounds and music! Developmental Guidelines: Use only for a child who is able to hold head upright unassisted and who is not able to walk or climb out of product. Moving and jumping enhance large motor skills. Variety of textures integrated into toys provide tactile stimulation. Colorful toys, fun sounds and music stimulate baby’s visual and auditory senses. Baby’s actions make things happen, helping baby understand cause and effect. Reaching and grasping onto toys fosters eye-hand coordination. Peace of mind—safe alternative to walkers and doorway jumpers. No doorway required. Easy storage—tubes simply pop off base! Requires 3 AA (not included).

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester, Metal
  • Imported
  • Music, sounds, and lights rewards baby’s jumping
  • No doorway required
  • Comfortable rotating seat allows baby to look all around
  • Mom can turn the music, sounds and lights on or off
  • Grows with your baby by adjusting the height

Verified reviews


Cute toy.

My daughter is 4m old and stands 24.75 inches tall. Just so parents know she cannot touch the ground even on the jumperoo’s lowest level (they don’t list a minimum height on the box anywhere, but I just put a pillow under her feet). Also so you get a perspective of size, my daughter weighs 13.5 lbs. and there is a sufficient amount of extra space in the seat for her to grow into. she does love being bounced in it and loves the rattle toy. She is still taking in the other toys as they are slightly advanced for a baby her age. I bought this toy because she likes to be upright or sitting most of the time and I put her in it while I fold laundry or do dishes (be sure you keep your baby in eye sight). She will look at all the stuff and occupy herself for about 15 minutes. The toys and activities are cute and capture her attention and I find the jumperoo to be sturdy.*Update: My daughter is now 6 months old and can touch the floor in the jumperoo (on the lowest level), still has plenty of room to grow in the seat and loves playing with the other toys. She has figured out how they all work now. I love that she was able to grow and develop with this toy. She will play for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Bridgette Natural Bridge Station, VA

Love It!!

My 6 month old daughter LOVES this thing. I have to take her out of it when she tires herself out. It was super easy to put together no tools required (except to open battery door), it entertains her forever, she laughs and babbles non stop, wants more bouncing after she’s out, it’s great I can get the dishes done, bottles made, ready in the morning, etc and she’s happy the whole time. She had outgown her bouncy chair (not size wise but boredom) so I was worried that this wouldn’t last long but after seeing her in it I’m not concerned, it seems entertaining enough for an older baby too. It’s height adjustable and I can tell by her position in the seat now that there’s plenty of room to grow. The colors are nice, not too bright or busy. The music isn’t annoying. The toys are simple enough that she can enjoy them without becoming overwhelmed. It’s stable, doesn’t shift around on my wood floors. I like this style better than those with a solid base, I think it teaches balance better.The only downsides I can think of: the monkey and rhino that hang from the leaves are just out of her grasp but she’s very interested in them and wants to grab them. It’d be nice if they were on a stretchy cord or something, but as it is it’s just something for her to look forward to getting her hands on in a few months. Also the 360 motion is probably not something she can do yet. When I turn her it takes me a little bit of muscle, the fabric of the chair cover makes the spinning not as easy as if it were plastic on plastic. She can move it a little bit so I think once she has a better plant on the floor (right now her toes just touch) it’ll be fine.Overall- I love this jumper, she loves it, it was well worth the price (less than others) and I would definitely recommend it!

Karyn West Boothbay Harbor, ME

great design and safety features makes this one a winner.

Baby loves this product from day one. Her feet doesn’t quite touch the ground so we put a pillow underneath it, works great. The lights/music piece has a motion sensor and would response to movement but not so sensitive that it would go off by the slightest touch, a very good thing. You also have the option to turn on music/light show continuously at all time. Overall, great product for the baby to get some exercise and entertained.Assembly is very easy, instructions are so-so. You are better off looking at the finished product picture and try to mimic the build rather than looking at their direction pictures.Some of you may be deciding to get the Rain Forest version vs this one. Here are some of my decision points:1. Luv U Zoo has a curve pole design. In my opinion, this would provide more flexibility and less stress on the pole (think fishing rod and how it bends to prevent breakage)2. The curve rods provides wider clearance between the springs and the rod themselves. Looking at the Rainforest version, it looks like fingers (yours mostly) can get caught in between.3. The base is not a circle like RainForest. Luv U Zoo base would prevent any type of rolling should the unit tips over. In fact, the design is asymmetrical, so its harder to tip over.4. Newer and updated version of jumperoo from Fisher Price and the designs discussed above shows it.I can’t really comment on the toys since I wouldn’t know how my baby would react to the RainForest toys but I would think they are comparable. Overall, if the little steeper price doesn’t deter you, go with the Luv U Zoo!

Maura Lerose, KY

Returned it the next day! 🙁

My husband and I bought 2 jumperoos – one by Baby Einstein and one called Luv U Zoo by Fisher-Price. We have about %95 of our baby’s toys made by Fisher Price, so we thought we would for sure like it. We were wrong…The 2 good things about this jumperoo that Baby Einstein is lacking in, are these 2 features:1. The Fisher Price jumperoo has a motion activated music, with the option to leave the music playing for up to 20 minutes. Baby Einstein works only when pressed on the piano’s keys (plays cute classic music but for only 10-15 seconds,or you can select it to say colors and shapes in 3 different languages)2. Fisher Price has a rest area for the arms on the swivel seat, which is great for younger babies.Although with the Baby Einstein’s jumperoo the assembly took longer, the base was A LOT (!!!!!) more sturdy and didn’t giggle from side to side at all. Fisher Price was so wobbly, it truly felt like a safety hazard to put our baby in it. The wobbly part was the 2 arms on the sides, it felt like it could snap off the base.This Fisher price jumperoo was so disappointing, we returned it the very next day.

Ilene Manchester, CT

LOVE Luv U Zoo!

Just put this together yesterday (simple to do except I admit that I had the toughest time with the seat cover until I realized it needed to first be turned inside out. THAT wasn’t in the instructions! lol!)and my 6 month old little boy loves it! He was jumping away right away and even fell asleep in it last night. Resumed his jumping while I was getting ready for work this morning. I love it and more importantly…HE loves it!!! He hated his swing so I was a little concerned he might not like this either.

Helga Newhall, CA

Works for my 4-month old

Just got this a couple of days ago and while my four-month old is still figuring out how to jump, she is intrigued by the toys and seems to like the music. For anyone wondering, she is 25 inches tall right now and her toes *almost* touch the floor on the lowest setting. I just put a book under there for now, another inch and she won’t need it. I picked this over the Baby Einstein jumper because the reviews said this one was more bouncy and while I can’t speak the Baby Einstein one, this is very bouncy. She can bounce it just with a few touches of her toes which is nice for a little baby still figuring out the concept. The only issue I can see is that it doesn’t store very easily, you have to pop off the bottom of it which takes a few minutes and its still kind of big to store. Not that I plan on moving it much now that its up! Seems to be doing the job of entertaining my little one for now!

Rosanne Florissant, CO

Does not work!!!

I have gotten two of these through Amazon and neither of them work! The lights and sound do not work, I double checked that the batteries are installed correctly. The first one I bought I had already completely assembled before I found out it didn’t work. I exchanged that one for a replacement through Amazon and learned my lesson; I put batteries in the lights and sound component before assembling and sure enough, it didn’t work. I am getting obviously used jumpers from Amazon when I’m paying the "new" price. I can tell they are used because there are gross smudges on the parts from little slimy fingers. I’m not sure if this problem is a manufacturer defect, or the fact that Amazon is selling used items and new prices.Also, when I did get the first one fully assembled, it was very wobbly and the seat did not seem to fit in place correctly, or spin very easily.

Roberta Buchanan, ND


We purchased this for my son when he was 4 months old at Christmas. He is now almost 1 and still uses it. It’s grown with him well and he will stay in there for quite a while. It entertains him and contains him while we are making dinner, vacuuming or something like that. I would recommend this for any parents who are unsure.

Kayla Jenkins Bridge, VA

Daughter grew to love it

I bought this jumperoo when my daughter was around 4 months old because she was losing interest in her play gym and wanted to sit up more than lay down. She was measured to be 25″ at that time and the jumper was still too tall for her. I solved this problem by putting the Wii Fit Pad underneath and it works perfectly. At 4 months, she would last maybe 10 minutes before she got bored. Now, at 5 months she plays in it every day for up to 40 minutes at a time (to a mom, that amount of time is GOLDEN).Con: It’s a little bulky once assembled. I kept the original box for when she outgrows it so I can pack it away since it doesn’t fold up well.

Deirdre Sumner, ME

Does the job but has some issues….

We bought this on vacation out of necessity and the seat is very difficult for baby to turn leaving him with only one play option unless I turn him. Also, Luv-U-Zoo has hard plastic toys hanging overhead which make for continuous head bumping…it is more compact than some I have seen which might be nice for homes with limited space. I have the Rainforest Jumperoo at home, bulkier, but 100% better for baby!

Deloris Dallesport, WA

Great Jumperoo!

My parents bought this for my baby and my nieces have been using it unitl time for my baby to use it and they love it!

Tanisha Big Bend National Park, TX

Great toy and great customer service when the fabric on the seat ripped

My little guy has been wearing out this jumperoo for the last 2 months. He started in it at 4 months with a few books under his feet on the lowest setting and he’s now moved up to level two. He will bounce in this toy for a full hour if I let him (no, I don’t leave him in there for an hour). I love that he continues to discover different parts of the toy as he grows. At 4 months the loved the color wheel and spinning gator. Now at 6 months he grabs the teether and bangs on everything with it. He’s also found the colored disks that slide along the rail and is mesmerized by them.As much as he loves this toy, I was horribly disappointed when I pulled him out of it the other day and noticed a rip in the seat. The red patterned fabric at the back of the seat was fraying away from the brown fabric. Today I went on the fisher-price site and found their link for customer service. I pulled up an agent on chat and told her my issue. She apologized and said she’ll send me a new seat pad right away. What great customer service! I’d normally take a star off my rating for something that has an issue after just 3 months, but the little guy loves this thing and Fisher-Price is providing good service with no hassle so I’m leaving it as a 5 star rating. I’d happily buy this over and over again.

Lucia Lorena, TX

Good jumper

We like this jumper and would love to give it 5 stars, but there are several issues that bother me with it.Pros:Enough toys to entertain our 6 month oldBounces really easilyStableLights and sounds are pleasing and give you the option of turning them off or having them only come on when she bouncesCons:A bit tall so she doesn’t touch the ground without a blanket underneath herThe seat is really difficult to swivelThe giraffe toy is backwards.We have to add a blanket on the floor for our daughter because she can barely touch the ground with the bouncer on the lowest setting. The seat sucks. She has yet to build up the strenth to turn the seat around to see all of the toys. I have to turn it for her therefore defeating the purpose of her learning to entertain herself. Also, the giraffe toy has the unfinished side facing her which seems backwards to me because she can’t see the pretty side. Our hanging monkey did have a scratch acrossed it when we took it out of the box, but that’s not that big of a deal. We bought the Baby Einstein musical jumper for Grandmas house and love that one. She is able to move all around and the hanging toys are interchangeable so when she gets bored with one you can remove it and put any other hanging toy you want on the rail. I would choose the baby einstein first over this one.

Saundra Elizabethtown, NY

bouncing soon enough

this is a very cute interactive item, i put this together and easy to do cant wait until grand daughter is big enough to use

Rosario Staley, NC

Jumperoo showdown!

Okay, seriously, can there really be that much difference from one jumperoo to the next? You put the baby in and the baby jumps, how complicated can it be? Well, we have two different jumperoos and our baby has a strong preference for one over the other. Here is the breakdown and why we love this new Step n Play model!We have the Luv u Zoo (LUZ) jumperooFisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperooand the Step n Play (SNP) jumperooFisher-Price Step N Play JumperooOut baby strongly prefers the Step n Play and so do we. Here is the good stuff:1) The SNP has a lower setting than the LUZ so it will work for shorter legs/ smaller babies. This means your baby can start jumping sooner.2) The SNP bungees are "softer" so the bounce is squishier. I think the softer bounce is more fun for baby.3) The SNP has nets on two sides and a tray on third side so it can hold additional toys within baby’s reach.4) The SNP is MUCH easier to adjust. Adjusting the height is as simple as pushing in a button and sliding the pole on each leg. While the LUZ requires you to flip over the unit and pull some straps through small holes to adjust height.5) The SNP seat fabric fits over the plastic form by sliding some button hole openings over plastic pegs and is much easier to remove, clean and replace. The LUZ requires flipping over the jumperoo and pliers to pull straps through small holes.6) The SNP has better built in toys that keep our baby interested and occupied longer.7) When closed, the SNP takes up the same amount of space as the LUZ, but the SNP expands and can be used for baby to practice "first steps". Granted, our baby hasn’t really used this feature yet, but it is cool to have it when he is ready to start "walking" in it.All in all, our baby loves the Step N Play. He doesn’t even want to be in the LUZ anymore.Improvements I would recommend:1) More fashionable/ less-obnoxious loud colors.Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Roxanne Philipsburg, MT

Would Buy Over and Over Again

We bought this for my son when he was around four months old. At first we had to use a pillow underneath it since he couldn’t really reach the floor on the lowest level, and used a balled up blanket to help him sit more upright. He grew and we no longer needed either props. This is hands down my sons favorite thing…ever. We go away for a night, and you can see how much he misses it. Great workout for them, and great to keep them occupied. I would buy this 100x over and over again. PS, assembly is SO easy. No tools needed!

Rosetta Jayess, MS

My twins love it, but it is kind of wobbly

I would give this 5 stars but I have to take one off for the fact that the whole thing wobbles and rocks as my children bounce around. It is not flat and sturdy like I would like it to be. They don’t seem bothered by it, though, and they love to bounce and play with the toys. Also I have to put something underneath them so their legs can reach. They are 7 months old and 50th percentile for height so it seems like they should be able to reach the floor when it’s on the lowest setting.

Shanna Amagon, AR

Like it but has some weird features

I will start out by saying that I do like this jumperoo and it does work just fine. We have the rain forest jumperoo (also made by Fisher-Price) so I tend to compare this one to that one. So first off my son is 6 months old and we got this when he was six months old…. but on the lowest setting his feet do not touch the ground!!!! He is in the 75% for hight so he is even taller then most boys his age and his feet still don’t touch the ground. We rigged zip ties to make it low enough. Now the rain forest jumperoo we have been using since he was 3 months old and his feet touch just fine.The second thing that is werid is the leg holes are small! He does have chunky thighs but again the other jumperoo we own his legs fit great in it. I honestly don’t know how much longer his legs will fit in there.Third, the toys are only so so. They work, but are just kinda blah.So I would say for the price, it works. Be ready to rig it or use a book under your babys feet, but it totally works. If you are willing to spend a little more money, get the rain forest jumperoo.

Laurie Footville, WI

My 5 Month Old Son Loves This!

I struggled between getting this jumperoo and the “Rainforest Jumperoo” Even though this one is almost $10.00 more i decided it was worth it because it has the mirror and newer design.My son loves it. He doesnt play with the toys much but loves the music and this favorite thing. is to jump! It is well made and cute! best of all it buys me an hour or so to do my chores!! your little one will get months of fun from this and because my son loves to jump so much we have purchased the Radio Flyer “rockin” pony and the Alexander Trampoline for Xmas/when he outgrowes this. Well worth the $ and a must have!!!

Meghan Hillsgrove, PA

Worth the price!!!

This was awesome! Our boy was bouncer, so we probably used it for an hour or so a day (in 15-30 minute sessions a couple times a day).Highly recommend this or any of the Fisher Price jumperoos. I WOULD NOT fret over which FP jumper to get… If you look at the pictures closely, the toys are all the same, just in a different color & pattern. Personally, I would go for the best priced one.My only complain was over the toys themselves. Our son got bored with the attached toys very quickly. But I used rings and attached a few new toys a day for him to play with. Of course the still wouldn’t stay put and he wasn’t old enough to understand that he could simply pull them back up by the rings. I would usually give him a rattle of some sort and a gum chew toy… and those were far more entertaining to him than the toys that are attached.

Jeanette Huntingdon, TN


My son just loves this thing. It is a little tall so you have to wait a little longer to start using it, but at just 3 months my son loved to stand and jump so much, I starting putting him in this and just holding on to him, putting pillows under his feet so he could touch. At 4 months old, this is his favorite spot to be. He screams and laughs, jumps, jumps and jumps! He loves the sounds and the lights, and gets super excited as soon as we start to put him in it. There are lots of activities for him to do and lots of things to touch. It is hard to turn, but he’s not at that stage yet anyways. Thanks for the awesome Jumperoo! It’s the only way I get things done when hes hyper!

Ladonna Kyles Ford, TN

She loves it

She could stay in here for an hour if I let her. She loves playing in here and jumping around.

Claire Ancram, NY

Awesome Place to Safetly Put Down Little One

My son stared using this at 4 months old (he has great neck control, but not good enough for a normal exersaucer.) The seat in this jumperoo is narrower than others making it appropriate for younger babies too. He’s very interested in all the toys and lights and the seat easily swivels around. The toys are only slightly irritating but it’s well worth it if it’ll entertain my son. We dont have to change the batteries very frequently and the only downside is the amount of room (about 3 feet by 3 feet) square that is takes up. It’s easy to assemble, take apart again, and was well worth the buy!

Annmarie Mouth Of Wilson, VA

Great and quick assempbly

My son is 5mths today. We got this about a month ago. He wasn’t tall enough to reach the bottom so I put a big book under his feet. He loves it! He goes crazy and is entertained all by himself.If I need to do some housework I put him in it and he just plays.It was super easy to put together. I didn’t like the directions so I just used my brain and common sense on how it would go together and it’s too easy! Probably the easiest toy of his that was a put together type.

Jenny Linwood, NJ

Great fun for my 5 month old… He will spend an hour in his

jumperoo easily! He loves it. I bought it when he was just 4 months old and even though he was 75% for height he was a bit too short. But we just put a pillow under him and problem solved. Now that he is 5 months old he no longer needs the pillow. He is just starting to notice and enjoy the built on toys. And he loves the music. And he loves to bounce!For my first 2 kids I had the rainforest jumperoo which was also very good. I almost bought that one again but I wanted to try something different with my third child. I am glad I did. And the design also looks more modern.Can’t guarantee that your child will love it. My first son loved to bounce as much as my 5 month old. However my daughter was not fond of the jumperoo. So it’s a gamble but odds are in your favor.

Aisha Arroyo, PR


My 6 month old daughter love it! There was a review about the strings (tied to the dangling animals) being a danger but not in my case, maybe because my daughter is not tall enough to be able to reach up to pull the string.

Tammi Hinckley, ME

Awesome, but tall.

My son loves this thing, and I love that he loves it. The main problem I had, which isn’t a problem anymore as he’s nine months old now, it was too tall even in the slowest position. My six-month-old niece still can barely reach the floor in it. My only other complaint is that it squeaks like an antique bed sometimes. Awful awful sound.

Erma Fort Bayard, NM

Awesome transition activity before playard

My 4.5 month old is just learning to bounce in this. He didnt quite get what to do in the beginning so we would manually make it bounce and sometimes add a pillow under his feet. I would also put him in it for 5 to 10 min everyday in the beginning as an introduction. He has been playing in his gym all this time so sitting/standing upright is very new to him.The 3 different height level is a sweet addition, I know it will last long and it definitely adds more value. This item is a little more compact than the einstein which is another reason for this purchase. The only thing I wish was that the music wasnt as annoying. I dont think my son minds it though 🙂

Jeanine Galivants Ferry, SC


Pros:Easy to assembleWell made productsafe, will not tiplooks goodReal item is the same as in the photosCons:My son just didn’t like this product as much as I thought he should. He’ll entertain himself for about 15 minutes, then gets bored. He likes to grab at the hanging toys from the leaves. Maybe he doesn’t find the toys very interactive.

Antionette Pedro, OH

Essential toy for all infants

The jumper has to be one of most used toys of all infants. It provides hours of fun (and muscle strengthening) not to mention some highly-deserved time-off for the parents, even if it’s only 3 minutes. Although we were looking for a jumper with a small foot-print, we decided to get this one after reading the reviews. Our little guy loved it at ~5 months (put a pillow under his feet), still uses it to this day (9 months). I like that we can adjust the height as he grows. It’s well built, has to be after seeing what our guy can do to this. He gets so crazy some times I swear he’s going to break it. The elastic straps seem to be of high-quality and should last a good amount of time (2 kids, maybe more). I would consider this to be a more expensive jumper at MSRP but you can find it on sale (~$75) every so often.

Elaine Fultonville, NY