Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub Mobile Soother

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub Mobile Soother

This mobile has baby elephants on the base. As the mobile rotates overhead, the mommy and baby elephant faces nuzzle toward each other. This is the first time we’ve had motion in the base of a mobile. The bird on the base of the mobile is the activation point for the music – which plays for up to 20 minutes. Overhead, there are two “branches” that toggle. At the end of each branch is a plush zoo animal. This mobile has our patent pending crib attaching mechanism and comes with a remote control. Part of the Luv U Zoo collection. Features:

Main features

  • Plastic
  • This mobile has adorable mommy and baby elephants on the base
  • As the mobile rotates overhead, the mommy and baby elephant faces nuzzle toward each other
  • The bird on the base of the mobile is the activation point for the music – which plays for up to 20 minutes
  • At the end of each branch is a plush zoo animal
  • This mobile has an easy crib attaching mechanism and comes with a remote control

Verified reviews


There is a reason it’s 20 bucks

Didn’t even take it out of the box. It is a very cheap and not very attractive mobile. Definitely see why it was the cheapest mobile on amazon. Couldn’t even bring ourselves to use it as a gift

Robbie Granite Bay, CA

There’s A Lot To Like

First you get the fancy mobile that matches your nursery, and then you get the mobile that actually entertains your kid. At least that’s what I did!After tiring of our wind up mobile (that only lasted a few minutes at most) I wanted to splurge a little bit for a mobile that would last a little longer and keep my son’s attention at bedtime. I already had the Luv U Zoo floor gym (which my son loves) so I figured I’d give the mobile a chance too.There’s a lot to like about this mobile… First off, it’s not wind up. Press the red bird on the machine, or the remote, and it seems to run about 20 minutes. There are 3 music settings, and they are all fairly pleasant. I like the nature setting which has crickets, etc playing over very soft music. The other two settings have two different types of tunes (higher and low energy songs) which are nice too and preferred by my husband.There’s not much to write home about on the mobile itself, there are four simple stuffed animal cut-out things… it would have been better if there were the actual animals rather than flat depictions. On top of that, the animals are hung vertically… so you can see what they are if you’re looking at it from the side. But from the angle of the baby, looking up from the bottom, all you see is the flat bottom of each one… they all look the same and not terribly interesting. My son watches it, but it doesn’t keep his attention for long.I think it I were to buy a mobile again, I’d take a harder look at the ones that have some more interest–like objects that are full and colorful, and hung from an angle where the baby can see. I would also look at those ones with projection, which seem like they’d be great in a darkened room (when it would be harder to see just the regular mobile).All that said, this is a solid mobile with cute colors and appealing music. I’m sure we’ll continue to use it for the music after we have to take the mobile portion off (that can be removed when baby is older, so you can just do the sounds).

Natalia Greer, AZ

adorable, but doesn’t stay on for long.

this mobile is adorable! i wish i had bought it when my son was younger. he really likes it, sometimes haha! i read reviews that say it stays on for about 20 minutes. ours may be broken/funny or else the reviews i read were exaggerated. ours only stays on for a total of about 6-10 minutes at the very most. not sure why and its a bummer. very cute though!

Selina Lagrange, IN

Favorite mobile

We have two of these mobiles. My son (1 year, 4 months) still loves his. Once he could pull up in the crib, he liked to turn it on and play with the lions that move on the music box. After trying Tiny Love and Baby Einstein mobiles for my daughter’s (3 months) crib, I ordered another Fisher Price one. I love being able to turn it without entering the room using the remote. I like that the lions move on the music box. It seems to play a good amount of time before turning off (@20 minutes?). The two sound levels are good. The soft level is not too soft and the loud not too loud. Both of my babies have enjoyed it!

Rosalia White Swan, WA

Such a Nice Mobile!

Loved it, baby loves it! Parents laughed caused it seems their tv remote always works it. Think Daddy rolled over in bed and hit the tv remote putting the mobile on in the middle of the night lol. The music it has is very nice as well as the soothing sounds. I wish I could show the video my son sent me of my grandson seeing it for the first time because it was clear that he loved this! I am so happy that I went with this mobile for my grandson..and such an amazing deal as it’s been discontinued.

Kathryn Humptulips, WA

My son loves this!

My son loves to watch his mobile. He loves to look at the animals on the mobile as well as the ones on the base of the mobile. The music is wonderful and the remote control feature is great! Not to mention it fits perfectly onto our crib which is a miracle because we hard a hard time finding a mobile that would attach right to our crib. This one did the trick because the attaching strip allows you to widen it.

Malinda Schooleys Mountain, NJ

My son seems to like it, but I’m not so sure

My 5-month-old son really enjoys looking at the animals on this mobile; they really seem to keep his attention. From time to time, he even seems to notice the motion on the soother. My little one, however, is not as discerning as I am.I love the music selections and the available nature sounds; they are all quite pleasant. I am also pleased with size and colors on the plush animals that dangle from the mobile–I think they are very appealing to my son. Finally, I think the remote feature is very convenient.However, there are a few features I would have like to have seen–especially at the, almost $60 original retail price. 1) This mobile seems to be made for a crib with high sides, you know, the ones that convert into a full-size bed later on. I have a traditional (non-convertible) crib, so the sides are lower and the mobile hangs a bit close to the mattress. 2) The music is a bit loud and can be distracting to my son when he’s trying to fall asleep. The speaker seems to be internal, so I am not able to muffle the sound coming from the soother. 3) To that end, I would really liked to have had a feature that allows the mobile to run without music. 4) The packaging says you can have up to 20 minutes of movement and music. The instructions do not explain how to make the toy stay on for 20 minutes and I have yet to figure out the trick. 5) I would love to have seen some kind of lights on the soother; my son loves things that light up. 6) As I mentioned in #1, the mobile sits low on the rails. As a result, there have been nights when my son has been particularly squirmy in the crib and he has inadvertently kicked or hit the little birdie switch in his sleep. (I can not figure out how he managed to do this while swaddled!) One night, we were awakened 3 separate times because of this little convenience feature. I suppose alternate placement of that push-button would resolve the issue.

Lou Dayton, NJ

Very cute mobile

We haven’t actually seen this work yet because it’s a shower gift for a future great-grandbaby. It’s very cute though and I’m sure the parents and the baby will love it. It seems to be very good quality and I would recommend it based on that, but can’t really say anything about the operation of it at this time.

Dona Sunnyvale, TX

Love, love, love this mobile!

I had looked at a lot of other mobiles, but this one really caught my eye because of the moving base. My son sits in his crib and stares at it smiling and laughing. Now that’s he’s 4 months old he rolls over and notices the base a lot as well! Not only is it cute and decorative, but my son loves it!

Tamera Shrewsbury, PA

Good mobile with a remote control

pros:-Remote control save your steps to go over the crib to turn it on or off, and avoid to disturb the sleeping little one.-The animals on the mobile are colorful and cute, made from soft fabrics.-The hanging part can be removed when the baby grows older.-The lions on the music box part can rotate too, my baby loves to watch them moving as well ass the top turning mobile.cons:my first one stopped any movement after about 3 weeks use. Good thing is Amazon gave me full refund after I returned it, and my second order works perfectly so far.

Jeannie Mc Kinney, KY

Love it! Excellent for the price!

The music, like all Fisher Price items in the jungle motif, is very pleasant; not tinny at all. The mobile moves very gently but I wish the animals were more interesting, esp from the bottom–the baby’s point of view. The remote control is a nice touch, too. Like how it’s a 2-in-1 product. Once the baby is old enough to pull on the animals, you simply remove them and the base of mobile becomes a crib soother. It’s a Daddy Lion and a cub and they move their heads in semi-circles. Very pleased with the purchase, and our son likes it, too. Surprised Fisher Price sells this model for the price (around $20).

Ofelia Saint Charles, MO

Five Stars

My baby loves it!

Staci Hodgenville, KY

Great mobile with different settings – detach the overhead animals and it’s good for older babies too

This mobile is great. It has different songs / nature sounds and low / high volume settings. It’s very colorful and works to capture my son’s attention. I also really like that you can detach the overhead hanging animals and still leave the lion / cub part attached to the crib to play music for naps and bedtime. There are so many things that you buy for a newborn and they outgrow them so quickly, but I feel like I’ve really got my money’s worth out this and it still has a lot of life left even after 9 months of daily use.Two bonuses – it comes with a remote so I don’t have to go into the baby’s room to turn the music back on (because once he sees me, all heck breaks loose). I’ve only had to change the batteries once during the nine months I’ve used it and this thing is put to use at least 3-4 times a day.Very happy with this purchase. i highly recommend giving it a try.

Dollie Sterling, VA

Cute, soothing music

Looks cute on my crib and was easy to install, but my son isn’t all that interested. Maybe later?…. He is 3 months old.

Sallie Mount Dora, FL

OMG, my baby loves this!!!! !!!! !!!!

My husband bought this mobile for our 3-month old son and attached it to his crib. I couldn’t wait to write this review because I want everyone to know how awesome this thing was at putting our baby to sleep! Let me start by saying that our son did not like the music that his Fisher-Price Coco Sorbet Soothing Motions Glider plays, nor did he like the sounds his Cloud B Giraffe Sound Machine plays. So, I had predicted that he wouldn’t care about the sounds this mobile makes either. Normally, when he hears the sounds that baby toys make, he cries. But I was wrong – he loooves this Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub Soother Mobile!!!! It is amazing at putting him to sleep. He watches the spinning animals and goes to sleep every time. This thing is amazing!

Joanne Naper, NE


Has not started using it, but it is really nice, I like the spinning toys but the music has to work together with the elephant

Juana Allen, MI

My baby loves it.

We have had the mobile for three months now and my baby still in love with it. It was a good buy.

Dorothea Guaynabo, PR

lovely mobile, very cute

When babies are too young, they can’t look straight up (they tilt their head sideways when they’re on their backs). So my boy would stare at the baby lion that moves, which is a cool part of this mobile – it’s the only mobile that has 2moving parts, that I’ve seen. Also, there’s a switch on the left of the mobile that allows you to switch on/off the motion and just have the music on – this way, the music stays on longer. There are 2 types of music, one for during the day, one for the night, and there’s another option, a "nature" sound option. Overall, I love this crib mobile : )

Francis Tyringham, MA

Very cute

My son loves watching his mobile. It has great volume, I love the big button and the different sounds. It even has a remote. He hasn’t grown bored with it at all. Great buy!

Celeste Redford, MI

Love this mobile!

My son loves laying in his crib and watching this mobile! It’s super cute and was very easy to put together! I love that the mobile can be taken off and the little part that attaches to the crib can still be there — it still plays music and the little animals move side to side and catch baby’s attention! I would definitely recommend this product and buy it again! 🙂

Marcie Culbertson, MT

Great price, good product.

First, I love that I got this mobile for a great price. I don’t know that I would have liked it as much had I paid the full amount.Pros:- The movement of the lions and the hanging animals is just enough. I think more moving parts or parts which move quicker would be too much and too distracting.- The different sounds (music and nature) are great. I prefer the nature sounds, every other baby toy has the same music so this is a nice change.- There are enough bells & whistles – many mobiles have too many or few things going on (projectors, or no sound, or no movement).Cons:- I wish there was another sound level dial – the low and high settings are good, but I think I’d prefer if I could set the sound even lower.- The crib strap is not long enough to put around the back of the crib, so we have to use the end of crib instead. This isn’t that big of a deal but just something that could be changed.

Bernadette Sopchoppy, FL

Works a little too well sometimes

Our baby loves this thing. So much so, that if there is too much light in her room at night, she might become focused on it and not go to bed. We’ve since switched to a blue nightlight so there’s less light, hence, less chance of her trying to engage the lion in conversation.

Josefa Austinburg, OH

Quite happy. Great animal sounds.

We like this mobile. The animals are quite basic in construction but we like the music and animal sounds a lot. The ability to have the animals on the sound unit move separate from the mobile is nice too. The only cons about it are 1) the mobile arm sometimes gets in the way when putting the baby back in the crib and 2) we go through batteries pretty fast when using all the functions. It’s possible that is our fault for using the mobile so much.

Althea Willow City, ND

Nice mobile, nylon with clip attachment

I liked the mobile but in the end I returned it because the nylon/fabric attachment system does not work on my crib. If your crib has thick, non-flat railing then the mobile will be loose.

Bethany Humble, TX

Love the cuteness!

I love the cuteness to this! The lions on the base move and the animals that move around are bright and colorful. The remote is really nice to have, you can restart the mobile without baby seeing you or turn if off if baby is done before the music is. However, the only way to stop the music without sliding the on/off switch is with the remote so make sure you don’t loose it! The one thing I wish it had was more options for music. My little one loves his mobile but mommy gets tired of listening to the same music! The setup was pretty easy and seems really sturdy on the crib. I loved the price of this one verses others and I think it was definitely worth the price.

Rocio Ambia, IN


My 6 month son seems to enjoy it. I think it’s lovely and very soothing. My son loves the music and the moving mobile

Emma Weldon, IL

Great for the price

The best Mobile for this average price that you can find.It play songs that lasts quite long and with the songs ending, you can turn it on again with the remote control.There’s three modes of songs, one of them with nature sounds that really calms the baby together with the animated lions on the base and the rounding animals above.Great quality, easy to assemble and to use.I believe that the only con is the 4x C batteries that you have to use. For that much, Fisher Price could make a rechargeable battery inside or even an AC adapter.

Gale Alma, MI

Amazing investment

I have had a rediculous time trying to put my 6 month old to sleep. He doesnt ever want to nap. Until I bought this. It plays such calming music, and is such a great mobile that he’s now out after 5 mins. I like that it comes with a remote too. Then if he is still awake and the mobile turns off I can click it on from afar and he wont see me. Such a great purchase!!

Harriett Killona, LA

Love it!

I did not register for a mobile, and I couldn’t imagine why one was necessary, until my son was born. He loves staring at lights and at anything that moves, so I ordered this when he was 8 weeks old thinking it might help with our bed-time routine. Prior to owning a mobile, he would not sleep in his crib and pretty much had to be held all of the time. The first night we had this, I put him in the crib and turned on the mobile with music. He cooed happily and then fell asleep! I have been able to put him down awake each night since, and he has slept 6 hours straight each night. The mobile does its job, and the automatic cut-off feature is great. There are 3 music options; I don’t love any of them, but they are not objectionable.

Patsy Cooke City, MT

baby seems to like it

Our baby’s eyes are drawn to this, especially when we turn it on so that the music plays and the mobile actually turns. I haven’t had too many issues with battery life, but I don’t like that you have to slide the switch to the off position instead of just being able to press the little bird button to turn it back off.

Ilene Glenwood, NY