Fisher-Price Meal on the Go

Fisher-Price Meal on the Go

The On-the-Go Meal Kit has everything you need for feeding at home or away. It is the only on the go set that has two separate sections to store food, a dedicated space for cutlery and a snap-on lid. The lid hinges to open and snaps shut to keep food sanitary. Set includes a spoon Plus its BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • A simple layout of compartments to hold everything you need for on-the-go meals
  • Lid snaps shut to keep food sanitary and also doubles as a plate
  • Has two separate sections to store food, a dedicated space for cutlery and a snap-on lid
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Includes a spoon

Verified reviews


Fisher-Price Meal on the Go

I purchased 2 of these for my son and daughter-in-law, who are expecting their first baby. I got one for each diaper bag. These are well made… and cute as well. They will be nice to take along for day trips or for mom and dad to pack a healthy meal for baby when they go out to eat. They’re slim so they don’t take up much room in the diaper bag, but large enough to hold a decent meal.I didn’t rate this as 5 star only because we haven’t used them yet, so I don’t know whether or not they will leak or keep foods fresh like a Rubbermaid product would. Right now I am very happy with the purchase.

Della Atwood, CO

Love this for fruit, cereal, veggies, and other finger food

Like most families, we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste we use as we prepare our kids “on the go” snacks and meals. I don’t know how many bulk boxes of sandwich sized zip-lock bags we’ve purchased over the years. But when you hear about how much plastic garbage is ending up in the ocean, you start to rethink your habits. This BPA free, dishwasher safe (top rack) “meal kit” is a great alternative and most likely safer than plastic baggies.We don’t recommend this for wet items, because you will most likely experience leaks. We store the dry cereal in the bowl and add the milk when it is time to eat. We’ve found this is great for veggies that typically got smashed in the zip lock bags (blueberries, strawberries, etc.)For those who are trying to “buy American” you will have to look elsewhere, as this is made in China.I took off one star because of durability. The hinging will most likely break over time, making safety an issue at that point. The tops will still snap on, but you will have do decide if the edges are a little too sharp. That said they may last throughout the time of need for one child, but I’m not so sure about the second. It depends how rough you are on things.

Sarah Rescue, VA


For solid foods this container is okay. I would avoid this item if you want something leak proof. The lids are difficult to snap down, and even with a lot of effort to make sure that the lids were sealed all the way around, liquid still escaped from both sides. I would only use this for foods like mac/cheese, cheerios, and items of similar consistency… Cleans really easily in the dishwasher, though.

Beverley Meno, OK

Many uses, not for liquids

The meal on the go kit is not just for toddlers. Any type of dry snacks can go in here. The lid snaps into place nicely, and the size and shape are good for carrying in a messenger bag. I requested this item for my dogs, who are on a raw diet, but kibble or treats could fit in here too. I ran this through the dishwasher on the top rack, and it came out fine. As other reviewers have stated, this is not good for liquid or runny foods, as the sides are not completely sealed. If you take your dog hiking or to the park, this item is really handy to have on hand for training snacks or their dinner, if you are at some kind of dog event and are staying late. This can also be used for adults who want something small and handy for keeping chopped nuts, fruits, and vegetables in, plus it will be easy to identify in the employee fridge if you take it to your job.

Holly Forreston, IL

If Given the Chance this Baby Will Leak

The concept for this Fisher-Price Meal on the Go container is a good one. There are two compartments that keep food contained and seal separately. It also comes with a little spoon that fits in the center compartment.Unfortunately, the container is only suitable for dry foods. The lids do not shut tightly enough to keep wet baby food from leaking. I found it difficult to snap the lids on well. When I press down on one side, the other side pops up. It’s a little frustrating. Even after I get the lid snug all the way around, liquid still seeps out. It’s not a very good travel container because when your traveling your bags tend to get tipped this way and that.Good for cereal. That’s about it.

Kerry Knightdale, NC

Nice mini food tray but has limitations.

Keeping everything neat and organized has always been our priority when traveling with our toddler. This Fisher-Price On-the-Go Meal Kit was exactly what we were looking for.Likes:
• Colorful, fluorescent colors of this container is amusing to our toddler and makes eating more fun.
• Two food compartments on either side with a center spoon section.
• Good mini-spoon with no sharp edges and a big handle for little hands to grip.
• Made from BVP free plastic that is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.Concern:
• Container is made from a hard plastic (unlike flexible Rubbermaid food containers) meaning that the food compartments can’t be fully sealed for liquids or watery foods such as apple sauce or oatmeal. Dried fruits, organic puffs, and mini cookies are OK.
• Be careful not to overheat (> 1 minute) in the microwave. Like most plastics, excessive heating may melt/distort the plastic and release harmful plastic chemicals.Overall:A nifty food container for children 6 months and older but only suitable for dried or semi-dried foods.

Alexandra Selinsgrove, PA

Likable, not lovable.

the Meal on the Go package is pretty handy in getting our children’s lunch together. I haven’t tried it with soups (and honestly, my son is three, so it might be ridiculous to put a soup in there anyways), but the containers are perfect for the portion sizes he would use.The spoon has been handy for us as we’ve taken our eight month old daughter out with us to eat, however – we usually give her a soft rice mixture or homemade steamed veggies (nothing, again, very soupy). The whole package makes packing food and cleaning up pretty simple at a really reasonable price.The only thing that would make me *love* this product is also the thing that would drive the cost up: metal containers on the inside for food and a metal spoon. Otherwise, it’s a very likable product.

Etta Stitzer, WI

Basic portable meal container

Simple & basic, but the eating utensil is large & clunky. Outside of that, it’s a functional plastic container that handles the portable meal efficiently. Easy to clean too.The downside is that the plastic is a bit on the soft side, so I worry about it scratching over time as well as retaining odors. We’ll see how it does in the long term, but it is relatively inexpensive if it turns out to have a short lifespan before it needs replaced.

Faye Conesville, OH

Very easy and compact!

As someone with a toddler and someone who is trying to watch portions and not eat at fast food restaurants, I loved this little holder. I can put snacks for me and for my daughter and carry them to town or anywhere. As others have said, they DO leak. Do NOT put liquids in this container unless you want a mess on your hands. The leaking is the only problem I have with the container, other than that, I’m a big fan of it. The colors are nice and the spoon is very handy to have!

Tessa Monticello, IN

Great Idea, Failed Delivery

I expected excellent quality from Fisher Price for this Meal on the Go container and was sorely disappointed. The idea of the two compartment container with a travel spoon is great but it has more design flaw than positives. First of all, it can only be used for dry snacks because when I tested if it could hold liquid without leaking, it failed miserably! I put a little bit of water in both compartments, shut it, and when I tipped it to the side, most of the water leaked out the sides. Part of the reason it leaked is that it doesn’t snap completely shut – you have to push down in about 5 places to get it to close, but even when you shut one compartment, the other comes unsnapped and the cover pops open. Lastly, the plastic just feels very cheap. The only reason I didn’t give it one star is because it can carry dry snacks when traveling. Overall, this is not worth $1.00, let alone the $8.00 price tag.

Elnora Bremen, GA

Perfect for picnics with toddlers!

I love the two compartments and place for a utensil in this on the go meal tray. My only wish is that the compartments were a little bit deeper. It is very handy for on the go picnics for my 18 month old. He loves the bright colors and knows its his lunch tray now.

Ivy Smithers, WV

Good but…

The Fisher-Price Meal on the Go container is a good idea in theory with some pluses and minuses. On the plus side: it is nice, bright and the plastic is thick. It’s a bit too clunky/large to be used on a daily basis in the diaper bag; it’s more of something you’d take along for a short trip.On the minus side: The spoon rest is in the middle of the two containers but the lid does not snap down in the middle, only around the two outer sections. Because the lid does not have a closer in the middle it is harder to obtain a secure close on the inside edgesof the two sections. I would not store any type of liquid in it for fear that the seal/snap lid is not strong enough and would leak in my bag. It will be good to use for cheerios and puffs.I think it would be good to use, i.e., to take to a restaurant.

Lori Russell, PA

Excellent for on the go meals and snacks

First, Fisher Price/Mattel is noted for its quality in educational and play items as well as items like this meal kit. The company has a long and trusted history, and this item meets its high level of quality that I have come to expect.This is a 3-piece, plastic food kit suitable for children ages 6 months and older. The colors vary, but for the item I have, the bottom piece is the color of cooked pumpkin or sweet potato while the top is lime green, and the included spoon in sky blue. These are typical colors found in the playthings of young children.The plastic is high quality, BPA free and the packaging states that it “conforms to EN 14272” which means that it conforms to international child safety standards for feeding/food implements. According to the packaging, the bottom portion can be used in the microwave for up to one minute; however, I don’t recommend this as other sites and literature state that using plastic in the microwave can cause a breakdown in the material, which could lead to health issues. However, the packaging also states that this product, including the spoon, is safe to put in the dishwasher on the top rack, and I found that this works well if you can ensure that the spoon won’t fall into the lower area or if you don’t use heat to dry. This product can melt or become warped if it is too close to a heat source. The best cleaning method is hand washing with warm, soapy water.As for the product design, it is excellent! The bottom tray is in three sections. The right and left section hold food, and the center section holds the spoon; however, if you want to carry the spoon in another way, the center section can also hold small, dry food items like cereal or berries. The center area is not watertight. The two food areas are watertight once the lid is snapped on securely.Also, the lid is designed so that you can open one side at a time. When one side is open, the lid folds back on itself and snaps onto the other side so that it stays open and out of the way. This then becomes another serving area. Also, if the lid is completely removed from the food tray, it then becomes a two sided serving dish or “plate”. This is especially good if you have two or more children to feed and share goodies with – each can have his/her own place.I have used this product with my grandchildren (ages 19 mos to 7 years) and it has worked well for the park and road trips. The only thing I don’t like is that the product is made in China, but that is my own issue and may not be a concern to others.

Deanna Medora, IL

Nice idea, average quality

This is a cute little food container for kids, and it does work well with dry food that doesn’t have a lot of crumbs. There’s two compartments big enough for baby size portions and a little spoon that hides in the center. The whole package is colorful and relatively sturdy- made of thick molded plastic with a separate piece lid that’s flexible down the center.I’m a bit surprised to say that the main drawback of this product is it’s simply not that well made. My past experience with Fisher Price is that their quality is top-notch- things fit snugly, it’s durable, easy to clean, etc. Well, this item does meet the latter two criteria, but it doesn’t fit together well at all. Push one side down, the other pops up. You have to put a lot of pressure on both halves to get them to stick, and even then I’d be leery about just tossing this in a bag. If you drop it, almost certainly the cover will pop off. It looks to me like the molding is just plain not on the ball.It’s also not watertight in the least- contrary to the packaging claims. You can very easily test this by putting some water in there and holding the container sideways- it’ll just come right out. After some cajoling, I did manage to get the lid on tightly enough that it stopped sloshing motions from spilling, but that’s as good as it got. This cuts down on its utility quite a bit, since a lot of baby food is pretty watery. It looks like they tried to do too many things at once: have a low profile container with removable and flexible lid, two compartments, holding area for the spoon, and also keep it cheap (which it is). If the lid didn’t have a flex point and just snapped over it like Tupperware, it’d be fine. If they did away with the separate spoon container, it’d also be fine. If the container was a bit taller with a thicker lip, it’d be fine. But unfortunately this just isn’t the case.That having been said, it’s still an okay container for solid food and it’s both cheap and practically indestructible.

Rosanne Heth, AR