Fisher-Price Musical Projection Swing

Fisher-Price Musical Projection Swing

This is the only swing that features a projector that displays movie-like images on the canopy. This swing also features a frame that folds up to 12″, convenient for storage. It also has 2 toys attached to the sliding canopy for baby to enjoy, a sturdy steel A-frame, machine-washable seat pad, two position seat recline, and a super comfy seat for baby. With this “movie” and music, baby is bound to be entertained for hours.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Projector displays movie-like images on canopy
  • Super comfy seat for baby to enjoy movie and music
  • 2 toys attached to the sliding canopy to entertain baby
  • 2 reclining seat positions ensure baby has the best view of the movie
  • Machine washable seat pad makes this easy to clean and maintain

Verified reviews


Wish it would swing slower

This is cuter in person than it looks online! I really wanted to try out one of the other decked out FP swings but this one is nice too.Assembly was easy enough, though I had to run to the store for the 4 D batteries before I could use it (it’s amazing how many batteries baby items eat up!). The seat seems comfortable for baby, and she didn’t try to squirm around. Even if she did, the shoulder straps and seat belt secured her. There are separate buttons for the power, music, volume, swing speed, and the projection and therefore everything can be used separately. There are two hanging toys included and no more can be added due to the design.It’s nice that this swing can be folded and put away; my baby has so many big items all over the house that I need all of the extra space I can get. I also especially like the projection feature, which shows pictures like those on the seat. This sets the swing apart from others.I prefer to use the projection feature when the swing is still, otherwise baby is looking around with a confused look on her face (like “I’m not sure what’s more interesting!”). My real gripe, though, is the fact that the swing is a little fast even on the slowest setting. I really wish it could go a little slower because the speed seems to excite baby rather than make her want go to sleep, which is really what I wanted a swing for. I’m also afraid of her becoming dizzy but this might be different for other babies.Other than that, this is a really nice sturdy swing. Baby is happy for about 10 minutes each time even though she’s teething.

June Huntley, WY

Cool idea.. my 2 mo old loves it

We already have a papasan style swing for our 2 month old that swings side to side, but this projection swing was interesting enough for us to pick up.The swing is a front to back swing with two recline positions… it has sounds and music like many automatic swings… but the cool part is definitely the projected continous “cartoon” that scrolls, probably from a color wheel style disc and projects against the canopy.My 2 mo old is just beginning to notice things within his limited viewing range and he’s captivated by the scene… he’s easily captivated.. but he’s 2 months old… everything is new. The swing is sturdy enough for my concerns, even with two other kids that may hang on it (when they are not supposed to). It folds and easily stores, so it’s not too bulky.Do we need two swings? probably not, but we’ve put the new one on a different floor, so we have some swing variety for our new once.. and the new technology aspect of projections satifies the geek in me.

Leanne West Mineral, KS

Projection swing is a hit with the little one

My young infant is a little over 2 months old, just begun to visually track moving objects, and is entertained by this for up to an hour (remarkable for a little infant).The built in projector is strong and visible even in daylight. It pans, so it is continually panning the image instead of true motion, but the little ones wouldn’t know the difference! The swing motion is strong and probably a little too fast – even at the lowest setting – once you give it a moving start. And the music and sounds are a little too soft even at the loudest settings. These are minor quibbles since the projector is the swing’s selling point.The projector does seem to require a lot of power. It takes D batteries, and will quickly run down rechargeable AA in D-adapters, so it would have been good to have an included AC adapter.

Claudia Rio Blanco, PR

I’m delightfully surprised!

All of the pieces come neatly tucked and packaged in a large long box. Easy to slide each item out. I am not too swift in putting together “puzzles”, but the directions were VERY simple to follow step-by-step. Where it took others 25 minutes to assembled, after the 5 minutes to extract everything from their packaging, it took me a shade over 30 minutes to put together. Have your Phillips screwdriver, scissors and your (4) D batteries handy.This is a really nifty baby swing (well, my first baby swing, but still very nifty!).The pad is cheerful, fun, and slips over its frame easily. The “seat belts” easily slide through their well-hemmed openings.You can adjust the slant of the swing for baby.Push the yellow power button up and have your choice between sweet nature sounds or soft, sweet baby generic tunes. Soft images (happy sun and clouds, bee, etc.) project up under the “small roof”. All of the options are on the outside and easy to operate. There are two cute little hanging bee and snail that attach/hang from the front of the canopy roof.The swing does collapse flat when or if you want to transport or store it. The product info says it weighs over 17# and I’d estimate agreement with that ~ so be prepared when you lift it.All we need now is THE BABY!!

Rachael La Crescenta, CA

Excellent Swing

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this swing. It has so many great features:It is larger than the smaller portable swings, but not so huge that it is too cumbersome. It folds up nicely and doesn’t take up too much space.The colors and design are very cute (adorable insects and such) and gender-neutral.The swing is comfortable and sturdy. I feel like my baby is safe and snug and has plenty of room (she is 7 months old).The moving images that are projected on the canopy are actually pretty neat! I was skeptical about that, thinking it would be over-the-top and too much stimulation for my little one, but it is subtle and nice.The music is GREAT. I have definitely heard my share of annoying baby toy music (and I am a harsh critic, being a classical musician and piano teacher), and this is probably the best I have heard on a baby toy. It is definitely still synthesized but is very subtle and is a nice assortment of classical tunes (Beethoven, etc.). I don’t mind listening to this music!The swing works great and can actually go pretty fast – it has more power than my small portable swing. So far the batteries have worked great.I can’t really think of anything I don’t love about this swing. Highly-recommended!

Katie Wilmont, MN

Overall, an EXCELLENT product – Will recommend

UPDATED: After several months of use (or should I say over use), I changed my rating from 4 stars to 5. My 6 months old son just loves this swing. Even more than his other Fischer Price Cradle and Swing. He has not only slept in this one for upto 2 hours, but also continuously enjoys getting in it.Especially for babies with acid reflux or the ones suffering from nasal congestion and who wouldn’t’ lay in the crib at nights (especially an issue faced by babies born in colder seasons in the norther region of US), this ones a life saver, even for parents.The one thing I noted about this one is, as the baby got heavier, the swing motion needed a little bit of initial push. Also, the different reclining positions will suit a sleeping and sitting-up baby. SO this product is good not just for a new born, but for a 8/9 month old infant, depending on her physical development.I will recommend this to all my friends.—–This product will entertain and swing the baby but will not get’em to doze off since the movement is too fast for that.Also, the projection will catch their attention and keep them engaged for quite a few minutes.One of the best feature is that it can be neatly folded and put away under the bed, especially considering how quickly the house fills up with baby products and there is no space anymore. The other feature I always look for and this one has is a sturdy base, preventing the baby to fall off, something every parent worries about the minute they get their eyes off the baby.Gladly I have a rechargeable 4D battery pack at home, which I use for my other FP products too.Am quite pleased with the product and don’t’ think it will lose it’s importance in the baby accessory jungle that my house currently is.The other usual features include safety straps, 2 non-intrusive hanging toys, easily accessible buttons for On/Off, music, swing.

Edythe New Britain, CT

A winner for the two babies who used it

This item was tested with two different babies whose eyes could focus well enough to see projecting images, one of the cutting edge features of this swing. We also tested an older, bare bones wind- up swing for comparison. The wind- up swing has no bells and whistles.No question about it. The Fisher Price Swing performed better and entertained the babies longer and even gave relief to a colicky baby.Other benefits and features:1.We found it very easy to put together, perhaps 25 minutes.2. Easy to fold and store. I know some find it takes up too much space but we have a designated closet for a grandchild, a mini walk- in closet and it easily holds the swing, a portable crib, and baby monitor.3. Definitely held the babies’ attention. Calmed a colicky baby, as noted above.4. I had not been totally pleased with the wind-up swing because it always put our son to sleep, giving me temporary peace but disrupting his nap schedule. The Fisher Price swing didn’t bore babies to sleep but held their attention. Sometimes they fell asleep but no more often than their usual sleep pattern.5.We could use the projector even when the swing was motionless.6. Very easy to clean7. Although we got ours free to test, I find the price very reasonable for all the features. A friend, impressed, is ordering one.If you want to use this right out of the box, be sure to purchase 4 D batteries first. Highly recommended!

Ramona Boutte, LA

Love this swing!

I love this swing! It is compact and low to the ground. Ir plays music or nature sounds — your choice, and it also projects a little “movie” above the baby’s head to keep baby entertained. There is not a lot of extra fluff on this one but the fabric on the seat is very cute and very modern and the small “mobile” matches the seat perfectly. Our little one looks snug as a bug when she is in this swing — which kind of fits the pattern of bees and flowers.

Roxie State Center, IA

Cute with a twist.

I was looking forward to using this swing when I babysit during the week. My children didn’t enjoy swings so giving another one a try was a big deal.This one was quite easy to assemble and came with everything aside from the 4 D batteries required. (As with all baby items and anything for your child going forward, I’d highly recommend investing in rechargeable batteries.)The good:
• The swing is easy to fold/ unfold.
• The straps are easy to get baby in and out of when placing in the swing. In addition, the canopy slides out of the way for easier access.
• The on/off and other buttons are very easy to get to.
• The pattern is very cute, much cuter in person that in the photos!
• The seat is comfy looking and baby had no complaints.
• The projection is an added bonus and really had her attention when the swing was still.
• Choice of swing speed and volume.
• Seat padding is removable for easy washing.
• Reclining seat is added bonus.The bad:
• It folds but not nearly flat enough for my liking. I’d like to put it behind a door or slip it between the sofa and a wall. Its still pretty large even if the footprint is smaller.
• I am sure this will EAT batteries.
• Hanging toys are cute but unnecessary.All in all this swing delivers. Folding makes it, if nothing else, smaller in the room when not in use. The ease of use far outweighs the few cons. This would make a super baby gift!

Miranda Zirconia, NC

Fisher Price always does it right.

We had the Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing and it quit swinging / broke. To be fair it was a hand me down and I have no idea how old it was. I’m going to compare the two as that’s my only experience with swings.This one only rocks back and forth. The other one rocked side to side also. I can’t say that that makes any difference to the baby. She seemed more playful in this one and more calmed by the side to side. We don’t use it for sleeping, so I liked that she thought this one was entertaining. My baby liked looking at the pattern projector thing MUCH more than the Papasan Cradle Swing. She never even looked at the other one’s lights above, and she’s fascinated with lights. Also, this one is tons cuter. I LOVE the pattern. I think I would rather have this one if you use it to entertain the baby and the Papasan one if you intend on using it for sleeping. Personally I didn’t want to get her used to swinging to go to sleep. Thankfully we didn’t have to do that.This one does have one major downside to me. It doesn’t plug in. It uses 4 D batteries. I dont know how long it will take to use them all since it hasn’t drained them yet. I just really hate depending on batteries. I liked that the Papasan Swing plugs into the wall.

Beverley Huntington, MA

Great Swing!

My daughter (10 months at time of review) was not a fan of the Graco Sweet Peace swing so I was skeptical she would love this one – we gave it a go anyways.Four D batteries later and a quick assembly we were ready to go!Seat is comfortable, and harness is easily adjusted and felt secure.G was pleasantly amused by the projection for a few minutes, which may not seem like a big thing that would be a few minutes more then she tolerated the Graco swing!This Fisher-Price Musical Projection swing has a good assortment of classical sounds, and it folds up nicely. I think for the price it is a good buy. Most people rave about how much their baby just LOVED being in a bouncy, swing etc…I have come to realize that my child just does not like being in motion.If you’re looking for a “cheaper” swing that feels fancy – this is a good purchase!

Sybil Vienna, SD

Great swing for a big(heavy) baby

I really love this swing! I have a big baby….19lbs at 4.5 months:)! Healthy boy but wanted a swing that would swing him fast enough. This one does it on the lowest setting. I can see how others may say it swings a little too fast but for him it is great. I like the songs too. They are actually relaxing and at an appropriate volume. The projection is nice and does keep him busy at times. Overall, for the price this is a great swing compared to the others that are in the $120 range. The batteries have not needed replacing since we got this about a month ago.

Reva Stafford Springs, CT

My son loves it!

Our 3-month-old is a pretty finicky child when it comes to what he likes and doesn’t like in terms of entertainment. We were given a swing with a simple mobile and that only holds his attention for a few minutes. This one is a gem! Being a rather “old school parent” (meaning, if I didn’t have it as a kid, my son doesn’t need it), I was a bit skeptical of how entertaining the projection could really be, but he stared at it for over 20 minutes every day this week. I would call that success!I love that the swing folds away…essential when living in a small house…and the padding is easy to come off/on. The pattern is gender neutral, perfect for a baby gift, and it’s not an obnoxiously loud design. Overall, I’m incredibly happy with this.The only cons I’ve found were the inability to plug the swing in and the speed. The original swing we had was able to plug into the wall, resulting in tons of money saved on batteries, even if we were to use rechargeable ones. Still have to buy them! And as for the swing speed, my son weighs about 11lbs and even the slowest setting is just a bit too high. We’ve modified it by strapping a 5lb hand weight to the bottom of the seat to slow it down, but I wish we didn’t have to do that.

Yesenia Holly, CO