Fisher Price My Little Lamb!” Infant Seat Baby Carrier My Little Lamb

Fisher Price My Little Lamb!” Infant Seat Baby Carrier My Little Lamb

The My Little Lamb Infant Seat is a deluxe infant seat that snuggles baby in soft and so cushy fabrics. There’s a sweet lamb’s wool headrest to cradle and support baby’s head and wonderfully soft velboa fabric where baby sits. Overhead, baby has an adjustable mirror dome to entertain, and a sweet plush lamb with rattle dangles from a star for baby to play. Vibrations soothe baby plus beautiful classical music and lullabies, 10 songs in all. The music plays for 15 minutes continuously, and can be played with or without the vibration. Additionally the toy bar rotates out of the way to get baby in or out. The rear leg folds under to make it very flat and the toybar detaches for really easy take along for nom. A three point restraint is included and the pad is machine washable.

Main features

  • Polyester, Fleece
  • Imported
  • Lamb’s wool headrest to cradle and support baby’s head
  • Features an adjustable mirror dome to entertain
  • Includes a sweet plush lamb with rattle dangles from a star
  • Vibrations soothe baby plus beautiful classical music and lullabies
  • Sure to soothe any baby

Verified reviews


Too Many Bad Qualities

We bought this seat because a friend said her newborn stayed in it all of the time. This was not a good decision. I really wish we had a bought a more traditional type of bouncy seat. While our son really didn’t complain about sleeping in this during his first ten days of life, he has not really spent any time in it since then. Why? We are not exactly sure. He simply doesn’t like it. I’m almost convinced that it is because of the angle of the seat. He is squished down in it as soon as he sits in it. I don’t like the fabric. He starts sweating almost as quickly as I put him in it. That can’t be fun for him. At four months, he will sit in it for ten minutes or less swatting at the inadequate toy that floats above the seat. The vibrating mechanism has never done much for him nor has the music. The one thing I do like about it is its portability. When we first brought our son home, he would sit in this on the table, on the ottoman, on the floor, or anywhere. It was nice to have him with us but not in our arms. Beware that the seat does not fit through a standard doorway when it is flat. That means that if your child falls asleep in it, you better like the room you are in. I would not recommend this product. Better products are out there.

Tiffany Woods Hole, MA

Great infant seat!!

I can’t say enough good things about this seat. It has been a lifesaver for us with our daughter. This seat seems to be the most comfortable one that I have found so far. It has soothing vibrations that my daughter loves. (Although in her earlier newborn days, the vibrations seemed to make her have a BM every time, we still laugh about it!) The music is soothing as well. The music and vibrations turn off automatically which some people do not like, but I love since only a few minutes was enough to help her fall asleep.The material on the cover is very soft, almost silky. The cover is easily removable and washes very well… and I have washed it a lot (because of the vibrations/BM’s!) and it still is in great condition. The buckle is secure and can be adjusted easily, and there is a soft part that goes between baby’s legs under the buckle so it does not irritate their skin. Battery life is pretty good, we use this seat a decent amount and have changed the batteries twice. It folds pretty close to flat, which we love since we have a small house. The bottom of the seat has rubbery corners so you can use it on a hard floor without it sliding but also without damaging your floor.My daughter pays no attention at all to the mobile part – but it is removable, so it’s optional.The seat has been GREAT for my daughter’s reflux… she was napping in it until recently because her reflux was so bad when she laid down.I highly recommend this seat. It is so much nicer than the bouncer seats I had for my son a few years back.

Jerry Hastings On Hudson, NY

good product

First time parents, and we used this pretty much everyday for the first 3 months. It’s very soft, doesn’t take up too much room, pleasant music, and not too expensive. Our son didn’t like the rocking motions of swings, so we pretty much used this exclusively. We definitely plan to use this for our next baby.

Christi Wellington, NV

Very nice ~sometimes~, but has serious drawbacks

This chair was a baby shower gift. I like many things about it -it folds up flat (well, almost flat); it has a plush insert; it looks very nice; the mobile toy is great; and it has a buckle.But it also has three minor problems:-It does not bounce. It vibrates. Nice most of the time, but it is not a substitute for a bouncy chair.-There are only 5 pre-programmed songs, and there is no volume control. They repeat, and get annoying.-The plush insert is not removable, so unless you have a “medium” sized baby, it can get in the way.And, it has two MAJOR problems:-It is a “sling” design (no form to it), so as the baby falls asleep s/he can slide down into the chair. This is ok UNLESS you have a small infant, or if the plush insert doesn’t fit quite right, the baby’s neck can actually get bent enough to suffocate. This is a potentially SERIOUS problem. So if you own this, watch your baby closely the first few times you use it.-The yellow dial (you can see it in the photo) is exactly where the baby’s feet are. So if you baby kicks at all, s/he will hit that hard plastic. Come on, Fisher Price – there’s only one hard piece of plastic on the whole device. WHY ON EARTH would you put it exactly where the baby’s feet are? So if your baby starts kicking, get them out of there right away, or there’s a good chance s/he can get a bruised heel or a toe bent backwards.

Jacklyn Ishpeming, MI

Great chair for napping.

My three month old uses this chair all the time for little daytime cat naps. Its soft and more reclined than other chairs we have, so it lends itself perfectly to a nap. Its also small enough that its easy to move around.

Flora Kipling, NC

love this seat!!!

The best seat out there! We have tried many! This seat really hugs the baby! Such a soft and snuggly seat! Nice vibration and music options. Also a cute little hanging toy. The best seat a must have!

Ora Evans, WA


Comfy chair but all features automatically shut off after 10 or 15 minutes. My child would wake up instantly upon shutoff and did not enjoy being in the toy awake. Definately much better ‘bouncy’ chairs out there with more features for a substancially less cost.

Eileen Sutersville, PA

It allows us to get a break

This chair is wonderful. It allows us to get much needed breaks (i.e. running to the bathroom or doing laundry). Our son loves the music and the vibrating, neither of which are too loud or annoying. The music isn’t unpleasant like many baby toys and it cycles through several songs which reduces the repetition factor. When we brought our baby home from the hospital, he was under 6 lbs and this chair was too big for him. However, now he loves it and will nap in it almost immediately. The downsides include the toy arm which seems useless and isn’t particularly stable. The toy isn’t very interesting and I think it swings too close to his face. The footprint of the chair is extremely wide which means that it is stable, but when trying to maneuver it from room to room we have been known to get stuck in doorways. These things are relatively minor though, when you weigh the value of a few moments of peace and the chance to be productive.

Flora Londonderry, NH

Our baby loved it!

It vibrates, sings songs, and entertains. What else could you ask for for an infant. This is the only thing that could sooth our little baby boy when he was fussy. I think it was the vibrating feature that made him so comfy!

Malinda Turners Station, KY

Didn’t like it.

It was too small. My baby could easily bruise the bottom part of this chair, near the yellow part of it. I wouldn’t recommend this product. There are much better ones elsewhere.

Erica Shawnee Mission, KS


Just precious, perfect, materials are great, gender neutral and everything I wanted in an infant seat. Also bought the swing. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

Ingrid Bow, WA

10 months later we are still using.

I used this chair a lot when my son was really young (2-4 months) and not sitting up yet. He would lay in it and look out the sliding glass doors and enjoy it. He slept in this chair and enjoyed the music and vibration. He never liked the mirror part a lot but enjoyed it a bit when he was around 4-5 months – or maybe I should say it would get his attention but only for a minute and he’d be bored. I often would attach different toys to it for him to play with, though. He still used this chair up to about 6 months old and I would also take it every month when we would go visit grandparents and use it as a way to feed him in leiu of the highchair because it folds up so nice and flat. I still have it set up in his room and use it for when he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat but he seems to have given that up this past week – yay! I never had the heart to just let him cry and scream in hunger and he would sleep about 6-8 hours and wake to eat and I’d just set him in his chair and feed him for a few minutes (he never liked being held on his back by me which is because of his dairy intolerance as a tiny baby which caused stomach pain and vomitting so this allowed him to have his legs scrunched up to his belly and soothe his belly and also allow him to throw up without choking, if needed). This chair proved handy and convenient for us and our situation. This is one I will keep for the next baby.

Nelda Ovapa, WV

Great for Short Periods of Time

I registered for this seat for the express purpose of keeping the baby in the seat and near the shower when I showered. It served it’s purpose. Since she was so young she slept a lot, and I would put her in the seat before stepping in the shower, and she’d usually be asleep in 5 minutes or so. It was very helpful to be able to carry this around the house and put her in there for short periods of time (as opposed to carrying the co-sleeper or swing around). We also took this on trips, and it was easy to store and carry.However, now that she’s older (6 months), she doesn’t fit comfortably, and the one hanging toy doesn’t keep her entertained. For the 4 months or so I used it, though, it was very helpful. If you have extra room in your budget, I would purchase it.

Shawna Imperial, TX


This was our second bouncer/infant seat. The first one was just at too great of an angle for my baby when he was small. This seat is perfect for a newborn. The fabric is also wonderfully soft. I would recommend this seat.

Danielle Portales, NM

Both daughters enjoyed it but wish it had more toys

I used this for two daughters, one in 2010 and another in 2013. We used the product from birth until around 8 months with each. It has held up through two kids well. It washes well and the girls really enjoyed it especially the first few months. After 4-5 months, they don’t want to spend too much time in it but we’ve added toys to it and that helps keep them occupied while mom can do the dishes next to them as they weren’t sitting up unsupported too well yet. I recommend it as it is cute and functional, but I do wish it had more toys to keep baby distracted. Sometimes I found myself wishing I had chosen one with a toy bar, though I added one by tiny love that didn’t quite fit.

Petra Show Low, AZ

Infant Seat

This infant seat is so soft! It was perfect for the newborn baby. I wish there was a model that also was the “bouncy” type. My granddaughter’s nursery is on a lamb theme in white and taupe, so this product line was perfect.

Augusta Jeffersonton, VA

Looks so comfortable

This little seat is wonderful. Not only is it a sweet idea with the little ears, the actual material is incredibly soft and warm, easy to remove for cleaning and the angle is perfect for a sleeping baby. I have another seat which is more interactive, however, this one, whilst it has music, a hanging lamb and a mirror, I felt it is more about the comfort for the baby. My baby sleeps very soundly in the seat which actually is a bonus as that wasn’t my main reason for buying. I’d recommend it also due to the wide width which is ideal for older babies.

Arline Oconto, WI

It’s OK…

I bought this b/4 I had my daughter. I thought it looked really comfortable, and had gotten lots of great reviews from friends. My daughter (now 5 months old) really never had any interest in it. When she was tiny, I could at least put her in it while I took a shower, but she was screaming b/4 I even got out. Once she got a little older, it’s just boring. At her daycare they have a boucer that is very brightly colored that has a mirror and lights up, and she loves that one. I would go for something that is a little more entertaining…maybe then you could get a shower AND dry your hair

Caitlin Greenwood, VA

Prefer Other Products

We purchased this seat for our son because he loved being in his FP Precious Planet bouncer so much. We wanted to get something to keep upstairs since we are too lazy to carry the bouncer up and down the stairs. We decided on this because of the soft, plush fabric and the cute design. While he did spend some time in it, if I had to chose between the bouncer and this, I would chose the bouncer, hands down as we have gotten so much more use from it. Our son outgrew this seat (lengthwise), but he still uses his bouncer daily.

Jerry Hollins, AL