Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle ‘n Swing

Soft, sweet, and oh-so-soothing – with two swinging motions and a variety of other customizable features that let you choose and combine what baby likes best! Plug-in option saves on batteries so baby can relax, swing and play in soothing comfort to included music or nature sounds.

Main features

  • Two swinging motions to help soothe baby: side-to-side cradle or traditional head-to-toe swing motion
  • Six swing speeds, 16 songs, soothing nature sounds
  • Two-position recline with 3 adjustable seat positions: right-facing, center, left-facing
  • Easy to convert to different positions-just press button and turn
  • Machine-washable seat cover with deluxe My Little Lamb body insert and head support

Verified reviews


Rickety, loud, annoying… but alas, it does the job

I originally owned the my little lamb swing with batteries, which worked well. With my second child I wanted to upgrade to the model that plugs into an outlet because I was sick of changing the batteries. The platinum edition cradle n’ swing is very noisy and turns into almost a game with my husband and I of who can position it just right so that it makes the least amount of noise. It becomes quite frustrating when the thing you are using to get your baby to sleep makes so much noise that it wakes the baby up. It seems like this thing is cheaply made and the swinging motion causes it to creak. Adjusting the legs around, pushing down on the motor part and other random tricks seem to make it quiet temporarily. For the price, I would expect it to work better.

Ina Oakland City, IN

Looks nice… noisy… horrible sounds… weak motor with short life span

We’ve owned several of the previous model that nearly the same except for the objects on the mobile and the inclusion, on this model, of the lights. Don’t get too excited about the lights. If you’re trying to get your baby to sleep, they’re much too bright. About the sounds… you couldn’t have chosen a more annoying selection of musical tunes. 99% of the music is so irritating and upbeat there’s no way they’ll get your baby to relax. Hassling. The only usable sounds are the two (yes, only 2) nature sounds… birds… crickets/owl. The rest are guaranteed to keep your baby awake. They’re OK if it’s not sleep time, but typically we put our boy in the swing to chill out, not to get ramped up. Also, the swing makes a constant knocking noise which is very annoying. The mobile’s motor is also noisy. Cheap motors all around. Think about it. If you can replace this motor with the tiny little motor of a $10 air freshener, how great a piece of equipment can this be? We had 3 of the previous model… the motors all burned out. FP is very good with returns and warranty replacements, but it’s still a hassle. I’d rather have one that works for more than a few months that has no warranty, than one that constantly drops dead with a great warranty. Why can’t somebody put together a HIGH-QUALITY baby swing with decent a weight limit with a strong, quality motor? Oh, before I forget. There is a padded insert for smaller babies. With this insert, it’s comfortable. Take it out when your baby is larger, and you have a pretty uncomfortable, hard seat with minimal padding. You can actually feel the hard plastic edges of the seat through the cheap cover that contains so little padding it’s ridiculous. If you were going to design a swing for INFANTS, wouldn’t you do whatever possible to make the thing comfortable? 20 cents worth of foam would do it. They cheaped out by stuffing the cover with so little that except for the very exterior (that looks nice and fluffy in the photo), the inside is not much thicker than a pillow case. So we kept the insert in for our 7 month old. If he’s swaddled, we can’t snap both latches because the straps are too short. All in all… a good LOOKING swing that’s simply not worth the money from a company with good customer service, but a “let’s cheap out” manufacturing mindset. We’ll likely return before the motor burns out… which, by the sound of it, will likely be soon. P.S. Everyone here whose reviews say they “Love, love, love it”… will–I assure you–be editing their happy reviews when theirs drops dead in a few months.

Terry Bicknell, UT

3rd try* -6mos later 4th died*

We absolutely love the comfort and style of these cradle swings and so does our son but this is our 3rd FP cradle swing in just 4mos. This Is our 1st try with the platinum edition. So far so good but haven’t really had it long enough to know for sure if it’ll surpass the others. He does seem to love it just like the others. He instantly goes to sleep most the time. Its soft and keeps him at a perfect incline for his reflux without putting too much pressure on his tummy. The legs seem to be even more sturdier than the last one which had the bar between them. Just to be safe though as not to have the unstable clicking we put down some non slip grips under each leg and double checked to make sure they are even. The lights above him are so cute and he loves them too. Its not as fast as the others had 1st started out to be but still a good enough speed as long as it keeps it up. There’s a slightly louder noise to the motor than the last one but hopefully its normal and doesn’t mean it’ll die soon.. When we had talked to customer service she said to give it a push to start it off, which we do everytime now and were very careful not to put any pressure on it at all while its swinging. If in a couple months its still going then ill bump it up to 5stars. Also my son is only 11lbs and in the 15th percentile so nowhere near the 25lb limit.*****6mos later and the 4th swing gave out as well. My son has growth issues and is only in 3rd percentile and still only 16lbs so he’s still under the weight limit so that’s not the issue. He sleeps in his bed more now and we only use the swing for those nights when he’s trying to fight his sleep or has a cold. Still we would buy it all over again just b/c he loves it so much and didn’t like any other swings. If only it lasted longer…

Marylou Hordville, NE

Some annoyances but would buy again

I wasn’t going to buy “unnecessary” items like this but we received a Babies R Us gift card so we bit the bullet. And then we felt stupid for not having bought one sooner. Baby’s been using it since 2 months, and now at 5 months he’s over 90th percentile for weight so he may only have another month or two to use this. Totally worth it. It’s baby’s own little La-Z-Boy to relax with us. It’s quick and easy to strap him in, he’s safe and happy. He’s content to sit in there blowing raspberries or trying to catch the lambs. I’m not claiming to know anything about the safety of sleeping in a swing long term, but I prefer it to his crib. He rolls around so much that inevitably he ends up with his neck in a weird position or arms and legs hanging out of the slats. In the swing he’s on his back, strapped in secure not going anywhere. I assume the rocking also helps circulate the air to reduce the SIDS risk much like a ceiling fan would. Our old house stays in the mid-60s so I don’t worry about overheating, in the summer I’d stick to his crib just to be safe.Space wise, who cares. You either have room for a swing or you don’t. The quality of the swing’s exterior is good. The fabric is cozy and soft. It was not too difficult to remove and wash. I had no problems washing on delicate and running it through the dryer on low heat. Just had to be careful because the net is attached which includes a rod. Wash by hand when you can because it’s not ideal for running through a machine but if you’re lazy like is possible. I found the plastic base more annoying to wipe down than anything because liquid gets trapped in nooks and crannies, but it’s not something you regularly have to deal with.I don’t mind the slight noise from the swing in motion, it’s akin to a clock ticking. The star lights are great and project around the room, you can put the lambs in motion with the light on or off. There are two different tunes, a lullaby medley and animal noises (like birds chirping, maybe some frog ribbits). The volume has a wide range. We stick to speed bar 4 always, the higher speeds were a little much. I don’t have a purpose for testing out the lower speeds, so I just stick with what works for us. I don’t have any use for changing his swing position, we tried them all and it’s sturdy but we just keep him facing us all the time.I have two problems with my swing which may be defective. The lambs run on their own motor which rotates in a circle and raises them up and down. Occasionally it becomes stuck and makes a loud clacking noise as it tries to keep going. It will right itself after a few seconds, but the noise is jarring. Oddly the baby has never noticed, even when sleeping. I tried to find a cause but I think it’s an interior problem. The good news is, it only happens if the lambs (the button for lights) are moving. Turn the swing off and back on without lights and problem solved. It can go days without making the noise, so it’s not a continual annoyance. The only other problem I’ve had is a big one. A few times there was a day the motor just pooped out and the swing barely moved no matter what speed it was on or if you gave it a push. It’d last that evening then magically the next day work as normal. Since it’s never completely broken down on me I’ve chosen to ignore the problem. Baby still enjoys sitting in the swing motionless if I have to turn it off for an evening. And he doesn’t care if the lights are on or lambs moving, lullabies playing. So I’d still go back and purchase this swing. I chose to purchase this over the immensely popular Snugabunny edition because I found the star lights to be way more eye catching than a poor quality mirror. It’s hardly ever on sale, but Babies R Us often has coupons for 20% off one regular priced baby item. They offer it for around $179 full price.

Susana Johnson, NE


Received this as a shower present for my first baby. It is wonderful for settling her down when she is overstimulated or just needs a place to sleep during the day. The music is very soothing to her and surprisingly she’ll fall asleep with it playing (seems to me it would keep her awake but it does the opposite). It’s fairly easy to move from room to room so we can keep an eye on her when she naps. She is now 3 months old and hasn’t gone a day without being in this swing.

Aurora Bayside, NY

I love my swing

I had a child 10 years ago and yes 10 years later im doing it again .. My swing is the greatest love the lights music easy to put together . you will need a screw driver other then that really easy to put together.. love this swing

Katharine Gilbertsville, NY

Nice swing, horrible sound

I have had this swing for 3 months now and for the first 2 months I absolutely loved this swing. My daughter falls asleep in it every time and sometimes its the only place she will nap during the day. The fabric is soft and well cushioned and 2 seat positions is helpful especially since she has reflux and needs to stay upright after a feeding. She loves watching the lambs and the lights and the nature sounds will have her sleeping within minutes. I read the reviews about the loud knocking sounds, but thought maybe it was just bad luck…but after the second month mine also started making the loud knocking sound when the mobile was on which is sad cause she loves watching it so much. It was horrible to see her sound asleep, hear the knock, then hear her cry because she was woken up abruptly. Now we don’t even put the mobile on so that’s kind of a waste. I do like that it plugs in though because I can’t imagine the batteries we would go through. Overall it’s a good swing, but for the price of it I would expect a longer life out of all the parts. I’m afraid of the motor going now as well, but so far so good on that part (fingers crossed).

Esmeralda West Branch, MI