Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Ultra Comfort Musical Gym

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Ultra Comfort Musical Gym

Encourages tummy time with soft fabrics and linkable toys. View larger Busy toys encourage baby’s fine motor skills View larger Snuggly Little Bunny It’s an ultra-comfy space to play and explore, with an extra-large mat of soft, luxurious fabrics. And it’s ultra-entertaining, with a motorized mobile, music, lights, toys, and more! Growing babies can enjoy overhead gym play or tummy time fun with the soft bolster. Linkable activity toys include a butterfly teether, snail roller ball, soft owl with jingle bell, sunshine squeaker, clacker froggy, and more. Play with them on the mat, or take them on the go! A deluxe mirror encourages self-discovery and invites peek-a-boo play. Three musical modes let you customize to baby’s preference: Up to 20 minutes of music; Music and motion; Music, lights, and motion. Develop & Grow As baby explores the busy activities on this gym, important skills are developing! The motorized mobile with music, lights, and spinning birdies strengthens baby’s senses. Busy toys encourage baby’s fine motor skills and the shiny mirror encourages self-discovery. Another Way to Play Use the deluxe mirror to show baby her reflection. Then bring baby around the house to look into different mirrors and shiny surfaces—she can see her smile everywhere! What’s in the Box? Includes one Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Ultra Comfort Musical Gym. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included. The motorized mobile with music, lights and spinning birdies strengthens baby’s senses. View larger Features Overhead gym and tummy time fun Spinning birdies, dancing lights, and music 7 toys to link or arches or mat Deluxe mirror invites peek-a-boo play Snuggly bolster keeps baby comfy for tummy time 3 musical modes with up to 20 minutes of music

Main features

  • So comfy & plush!
  • Overhead gym & tummy time fun
  • Motorized mobile with spinning birdies, dancing lights & music
  • 3 musical modes with up to 20 minutes of music
  • 7 toys to link on arches or mat (Clacker frog, snail rollerball, soft jingle bell owl, butterfly teether & more!)

Verified reviews



We got this for our daughter for Christmas when she was 5 weeks old. At that point she didn’t really care too much for it, but now at 10 weeks old she loves it. She loves just laying there watching the mobile spin around and light up. My only “issue” with it is that you can’t turn the music off and we could do without it on while she plays. I also would have liked the center of the mobile to be a mirror like they have on the Fisher Price swings. But I love that the toys are interchangeable and that we can easily add our own toys to it to switch it up.

Alexis Castleton, IL

Cozy, Sweet, and Holds Baby’s Attention

Finally, a baby activity mat that doesn’t scream in a baby’s face. This has soft colors, many textures to explore, beautiful rounded mirror and is soothing and engaging. The blanket is plush and washes well. Such a sweet line that fits our family’s lifestyle of mellow, natural tones. This gym is great for a baby winding down for the day or ready to work out some energy! Recommended!

Freda Mc Intyre, GA

Nice mat

This a very nice gym mat, it has music, lights and many toys hanging. My LO like to kicks the bars that keep the toys (and the music mobile) up, I didnt realize I hadnt locked them in properly and the whole thing fell, thank Gd not on him and I was right there… I tried to lock it in better now and I am going to see if my LO can take it down again.Some people complained abt the music, i don’t really mind it, if my LO likes it I am ok with it too but it’s true that it would have been nice to have the option of having the mobile going with the lights but without the music. The current options are: high volume, low volume for music (although honestly I dont hear such a big difference), and mobile on with or without lights.I would still recommend this mat though.

Lilia Panaca, NV

My baby still loves this

I originally bought a smaller activity mat for my baby, which he outgrew by 6 weeks. He has had this from 6 weeks – current (5 months). He loves it. I did replace some of the hanging toys with ones he can actually pull on and that made it better for him. It has music and a spinning piece on top he loves to watch.

Dee Mayfield, KY

Average – but my son likes it

Overall, I’m happy with this item but feel it’s just “Ok”. My son however, does seem to love it and will play in it for up to 30 minutes, and has been doing so since he was about 4 weeks old. He’s now 6 months!Pros: Neutral colors, nice soft mat, easy to wash, love the moving birds, lights, and music.Cons: Neutral colors (lol!). I think sometimes the colors are a little boring to him. The toys are also a bit on the boring side…they don’t interest him. We ended up buying much more brightly colored toys and hanging them up for him. And as another reviewer said, there’s no option to not have the music playing, and I don’t find the music to be my favorite. I think there are also only 3 different songs…they get pretty old after awhile! And, the music doesn’t play that long before you have to go turn it on again…maybe about 5 minutes?It’s a good item, but for me I wish I’d done a little more research to see if there were other activity mats with more options for the music, etc. But the lights and moving birds are a really nice plus.

Ginger Swiftown, MS

Don’t know what I would have done without this!

This has been an absolute wonder since the day it arrived! There are so many little toys that come with it and they’re all very colorful and most make noise as well. The mat is fluffy and washes up great! Lights and bird mobile keep my baby entertained for close to an hour sometimes. The only reason it is 4 stars and not 5 is because my husband can not stop complaining about how short a duration the music plays for before you need to press the button again. It IS annoying. Supposed to be 15-20 minutes but I’ve never had it go for more than 15 minutes before you have to get up from dinner and press that stupid button again to get another 10-15 minutes of peace.GREAT GREAT GREAT BUY!

Linda Ozark, MO

My baby loved this and so did I

We used this for my baby girl from 1-2 months to about 5-6 months. What I loved about this product is the soothing colors and the little birdies (I’m not a fan of fisher price products but love the Snuggabunny line). The mat is soft and pretty plush but I still used another mat/rug/blanket between the mat and my hard wood floors. I had originally registered for the Pottery Barn Skip Hop gym but returned that for this one because of the music and mobile. I’m so glad I did because my baby loved to watch the birdies and she loves music! The mobile never died on me and I only went through one set of batteries the entire time we used it. We had to put it away at 6 months when she started using it to pull up to a stand. At 9 months, she still plays with the attachments. My gripes: 1) The “arms” are not padded like other gyms. They’re hard plastic arcs covered in a very thin sheet like fabric. They aren’t so bad that they’d hurt a baby, they’re just not soft. 2) having to restart the music/mobile 3) It doesn’t fold up for easy portability. Other than that, it’s great and can’t wait to pull it out for baby #2.

Elva Shenandoah Junction, WV

The mobile died after two months

Bought this for the mobile and after two months of sporadic use the mobile quit working. The rest of it is great though but it was a huge disappointment to see it stop working so quickly.

Susanne Castle Dale, UT

This is my son’s favorite!

He prefers this to all his other toys -swing, bouncy, etc. the music is great, the toys are engaging. Great product!

Michell Southwick, MA

So Soft and baby friendly

My daughter is 3 months old and she loves too play with it all day. There is so much to play with and different textures to keep her occupied for hours. The mat is super soft too so when baby gets to rolling around its nice n soft for her. Highly recommend

Juliet Holland, MO

If only we could use it longer 🙂

Since my little one turned 6 weeks, he enjoyed this little gym. It is of good quality, soft, fluffy and WASHABLE! The dangling toys and music kept my baby occupied and safe through many dinner-makings.

Joan Bagley, WI

broke after about 2 months

This toy broke after about 2 months of mild use. My son never really liked it but loved the kick n play. I tell everyone I know not to buy these big ones but to buy the kick n play.

Kimberlee Hopkins Park, IL

Wish you could use it without music

Wish you could use it without music. My little girl loves it but sometimes the music seems too much for her..

Henrietta Corbin, KY

Highly recommend over other play mats

This mat is what I was looking for. I did not want my newborn to be overstimulated as many of the play mats are with too many colors and toys. I have not used the musical feature yet as slowly adding stim for my baby. It is soft and easy to wash up if you have a spitter.

Camille Stringtown, OK