Fisher-Price My Little Snugakitty Cradle N Swing

Fisher-Price My Little Snugakitty Cradle N Swing

This swing is perfect for moms who want to cradle their little girl in a swing with an adorable kitty fashion. It has deluxe, rich soft goods including micro plush boa that will embrace baby in luxurious softness. There’s an airy canopy on the back of the swing, 3 delicate butterfly toys with soft swings hanging from the mirror mobile and 3 flowers that spin overhead. The seat has 2 recline positions with a removable and machine washable seat pad. It also features 3 seat positions providing mom with options for her baby along with the soothing side to side cradle motion and traditional head to toe swinging motion. Music includes 16 tunes 8 soothing and 8 entertaining along with 2 nature SFX. It also includes 6 speeds with Smart Swing Technology, volume control and folds for storage. An AC adapter is included so mom doesn’t have to worry about changing batteries.

Main features

  • Senses baby’s weight (so speeds won’t slow as baby grows)
  • Easy to assemble, with legs that fold for room to room portability and storage
  • Six swing speeds, 16 songs, soothing nature sounds
  • Two position recline with three adjustable seat positions: right facing, center, left facing
  • Includes 120 volt AC adapter for battery free operation, or requires 4 D batteries

Verified reviews


like previous FP swings

like previous FP swings, this one is pretty easier to put together! Love that the are 16 ‘music’ settings and that 2 are nature, for a more natural environmental setting (thought I think the cats liked those better than the baby!) Another plus is the ac adaptor, so you can leave it plugged in at home and save on batteries, but be able to take it apart and bring with you on vacation too! The adorable kitty and flowers make it perfect for the new little princess too!

Jayne Fayette, UT

Amazing Swing for Newborn

We were very happy with the set up, look, and its purpose. It was pretty simple to set up. It was about 20 minutes to set it up. The look is pretty for a baby girl. Once assembled, it does take up quite a bit of space. I like that it offers different swinging motions: side-to-side cradle motion and traditional head-to-toe swinging motion. One extra nice things about this Cradle ‘N Swing is that the ability to control the motion up to 6 speeds. We also like the fact that we can use the AC power adapter so we don’t have to keep replacing batteries for it. There are 16 tunes total: 8 soothing songs, 8 for entertaining ,and 2 nature sounds for you to choose from. The seat cushion is removable and washable as well. This swing is very cozy. I would highly recommend this swing to another family.

Rose Spruce Creek, PA

Precious Pink Cradle Swing is Sturdy and Practical

The FISHER-PRICE MY LITTLE SNUGAKITTY CRADLE N SWING is not only adorable but it has all the features one needs for that sweet baby girl coming into your life. The soft materials, decor, and gentle pink color are so appropriate for a tiny baby girl. Practically the cradle and swing do all you need to keep baby happy. It does say it is easy to put together but it took my husband a while longer as the curve of the legs make it a little difficult to assemble at first. However, if you go by the pictures, it is much easier to do. The swing supports baby from birth to about 25 pounds and the legs fold easily for storage.This Fisher-Price swing has so many wonderful features. It adjusts easily for two reclining positions to suit the baby’s needs/age, and has three adjustable seat positions… right facing, center, left facing, which you achieve by the easy touch of a button on top. The swing also adjusts to the baby’s weight so the speed of the swing can handle baby as she grows with six different speeds. Two buttons provide 16 sweet songs/lullabies and one button produces gentle nature sounds. The final button on top makes the adorable butterfly and flower mobile go around and up and down with the center being a mirror for the time when baby starts noticing more things around. It runs on four D batteries but also has a 120 volt AC adapter to save on batteries. We love this swing and the delicate canopy on the back adds to the design as well as providing shade if needed. For the price and with the reliable Fisher-Price name, this is an easy item to recommend and that you can count on.

Alejandra Otter, MT

Perfect for my little one

Perfect for my little one. She loves looking up at herself in the mirror and the rocking motion will rock her to sleep with no problem. We got this late (she is 8 months). Wish I had it from the beginning. Will definitely be keeping it for the next one.

Saundra Ore City, TX

Sweet Swing

I have had many baby swings over the years. I always come back to the Fisher-Price baby swings. This one is not quite as nice as the Papsan version, but works essentially the same. Swings baby side to side or front to back. I only wish they made these transition into toddlerhood! Mine never want to leave the swing. They do fly through batteries if baby loves the swing, so you’ll want rechargeable batteries (2 sets! So you can use one while one set charges and then swap them!). The fabric is soft. This swing is on the girly side, but could be unisex depending on how gender specific the parents are.

Winnie Granby, VT

Fisher Price Snugakitty 10 Out of 10!

Fisher Price has done it again with a simply adorable Electric Adaptable Swing for your little baby. The swing has six different speeds which range from a very slow gentle rocking motion to quite fast for lots of fun. The Mobile has 16 songs that range from lullaby, to playtime and soothing nature sounds. The swing is also a "smart swing" and will sense your baby’s weight and slow it’s speed as it grows.The weight limit is 25lbs, and if you don’t want to use the AC adapter (electric option) you can also use 4 D batteries.Assembly is relatively easy and the cute pink material is completely machine washable and easy to take off and change.Only negative I could find with the swing is occasionally the mobile mechanism could get a little noisy however it’s a wonderfully swing and my little girl loves it wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Lakesha Joice, IA

Kitty baby swing

This is the cutest baby swing ever! Complete with kitty cushion, this is a really cute and girly swing. Can swing from side to side, or head to toe. Gentle swing action, this swing comes with built in butterfly mobile, and mirror to keep baby entertained while swinging. Plays soft music, to lull them to sleep. This is so adorable and durable, 16 great nature songs, with six swing speeds. This is a sure win for every little one! From birth until 25 pounds, or baby tries to climb out. Machine washable.Legs fold for storage.

Karen Heflin, LA

It’s alright I guess

Assembly:Not too bad. I still haven’t come across a baby product with clear instructions no matter for what.It said in the manual that it can only be put together the right way. This isn’t strictly true any either upper leg can attach to either lower leg. Just attache the ones with the electrical cords to each other and it’ll be ok.Mechanism:The motor isn’t quiet. My wife assures me "they are all like that". It is louder when it starts and the swinging hasn’t started yet. Then it settles down. Still: clunk, clunk, clunk… The baby’s head is close to it, so I don’t know if it annoys the baby. Sometimes it goes out of phase with itself (pushes the swing a the wrong time and corrects itself (I’m assuming there is a sensor and it firuges it out after a minute or two).Security:It seems it has straps and you have to strap baby in. Just FYI.Baby comfort:It’s not that cushioned but I’m finding a lot of baby products aren’t. It’s like a car seat.Features:You can rotate the orientation of the seat, in effect changing if baby swings sideways or front to back…Separate control for toys to rotate (can hear motor)Can pick between sleep music or more upbeat day music or nature sounds.If I have more experience with other products/brands and can make comparisons, I’ll update this review.

Elnora Lansing, NC