Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

The My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer is a soft and snuggly bouncer for baby, with toys to entertain and vibration to calm. It comforts baby with deluxe fabrics from head to toe. The head plush head snuggler supports baby’s head and features a cute puppy face. The removable, cushy body insert provides extra comfort for baby. Overhead is a mobile with hanging toys to entertain baby with a one handed release for mom. The deluxe bouncer also has up to 20 minutes of soft music and sound effects with volume control on an easy to use ‘soft touch’ control panel. Pad is machine washable and has 3 pt. restraint for safety, and the frame has non skid feet to keep the bouncer in place.

Main features

  • Up to 20 minutes of sweet tunes and nature sounds, with volume control
  • Extra cushy seat, plush fabrics and soft head support
  • Calming vibrations
  • Removable overhead mobile with soft, plush hearts and a silky canopy
  • Removable, machine washable and dryer safe seat pad
  • Up to 20 minutes of sweet tunes and nature sounds, with volume control 
  •  Calming vibrations
  • Removable, machine washable and dryer safe seat pad 

Verified reviews


Almost Perfect

My first impression was, "Wow. That was easy to assemble." When I see "Fisher-Price" it means quality. This bouncer is a neutral beige tone. I wouldn’t normally purchase something this light colored for an infant, but the cushion is removable and can be machine washed. (I haven’t needed to do that yet.) The baby is 3 weeks old. She is a rather "wakeful" child, if you know what I mean. 🙂 The vibration and soft music lull her to sleep. When she’s awake, she’s just starting to really look at the mobile. I only gave it 4 stars because the vibrating stops after about 35-40 minutes. When it stops, she wakes up. It would be nice to have a timer that could be set for shorter or longer periods.

Debra De Land, IL

Soft, Subdued Colors …

A bouncer is definitely an essential piece of equipment for any little one – and an even more essential piece of equipment for the adults caring for the baby. Like all Fisher-Price products, the “Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer” is an excellent quality item.The plastic edges are smoothly finished; they should not injure your infant. The fabric component of the seat has seams and edges that cleanly finished. The soft fabric is not cheap or scratchy. If necessary and it will be, the cover removes easily for washing. The extra padding makes this bouncer appear as if it would be more comfortable for your little one.The subdued colors of the cloth seating area are attractive and more subtle than fabric used on other iterations of the Fisher-Price bouncer. For grandparents who want to have some infant equipment in their home, but who have moved beyond vividly colored children’s equipment, the “Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer” is an attractive option. The one drawback to the subdued color scheme is that it carries through to the “mobile” that is not sufficiently eye-catching to interest an infant.The inclined seat is very useful if your little one suffers from reflux since keeping the baby upright, after feeding, for the 15 – 30 minutes your doctor may recommend can be tiring if the baby is large or it is o-dark-thirty at night. Further, the incline is also nice because once your baby is a bit older and staying awake more, you can move the seat between rooms as you go about your daily life. This allows the baby to observe different environments and allows you to explain your activities so that the baby’s language learning can advance.We found the vibrating feature helpful when the baby was fussy or when she was having difficulty going to sleep. It was soothing and helped calm her down. When she was awake, the ability to “bounce” provided exercise and entertainment; it also helped strengthen muscles that were not yet ready for crawlingAlthough rated for up to 25 lbs., the “Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer” is useful up to about 20 pounds. At that point, the baby’s weight is sufficient to prevent the upright position from being particularly useful. As a grandparent, I found the “Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer” essential – it fills a number of useful functions, is well made, and my little one loves it.

Edwina Lazbuddie, TX


Newborns like to be snuggled and bounced and rocked and held like all the time, and so finding a way to do all that without actually having to physically hold them can be a godsend. This Snugglepuppy bouncer does all those things, albeit imperfectly, and so it is well worth having one on hand. There are a slew of flaws (too deep, too short, too quick) and yet using this sparingly (because leaving a newborn, or baby in general, in one of these seats for extended periods is never a good idea) is quite effective. The music is soothing, the vibration puts the little one to sleep and the cushy material is soft and comfortable. I don’t think it’s the best one out there, but it more than worthy as a spare for either a grandparent’s house or another end of your own.

Jenny Camp Creek, WV

I would recommend on fabric alone!

If someone asked me to explain this product in twos words they would be, soft and under powered. The fabric is super soft plush. I had no issues with the idea of the fabric touching my newborn daughter’s skin. I say under powered because, the music is so quiet and the vibration is so mild that I am not sure of the effect it had on my daughter. The mobile in my opinion is also not bright or catching enough to get my babies attention. Overall, it is a comfortable, functional bouncer. I would purchase this bouncer again just based on the softness of the fabric it is constructed off.

Carly Bullhead, SD

Vibrating times out- wakes baby

Babies love these seats so much that they tend to catnap in them. Unfortunately this particular seat times out after 30 or 45 minutes and the vibrating stops, abruptly waking up a sleeping baby. If the vibration didn’t time out this would be a perfect seat. The mobile is interesting without being overwhelming. It is easy to take off and put back on as well. The seat is quite upright, even with a 14lb baby in it, so they can look around and check out the scene in the room. The material is so soft and comforting! Easy to clean, the cover comes right off and washes well. The seat bounces when they kick, or you can bounce it with your foot or hand. Overall a great seat, if the vibration wouldn’t turn off on its own.

Fanny New Boston, MO

Works well!

Baby tested – baby preferred! Neutral color is good for either boy or girl and baby seems comfy and happy. Place on floor – never a raised surface. Used at babysitters since have a Mamaroo at home.

Freida Lakefield, MN

Buy a different chair

This chair is cute and easy to wash, but it just doesn’t work as it should. When our baby was a newborn, the chair was too sunken so we had to put a towel behind the dog cushion to keep our baby propped up. At about two months old, our baby loved kicking and this chair actually became a hazard because there’s not enough cushioning at the bottom. Our baby was kicking her legs and started crying – I looked and she had actually cut herself on the plastic button control box. So now we have to roll a towel / blanket and put it under the bottom of the dog cushion so she doesn’t hurt her delicate little feet. I wanted to love this chair, but it just isn’t a good product.

Sadie Pleasant Grove, CA

which I loved. I also really liked that the vibration isn’t …

This chair is so soft! I wish I could fit in in myself. The seat cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine, which I loved. I also really liked that the vibration isn’t very strong; it’s a barely there, relaxing vibration that isn’t too in your face. The music also plays at a low volume, so it’s soothing rather than annoying, which is exactly what I wanted. I’m very happy with this chair. It would make a great baby shower gift!

Glenda Hanover, WV

A must have for every mom…

Every new mom needs a bouncy seat. After those first few blurry eyed weeks, you’ll appreciate this product’s ability to be moved easily from room to room. This is one of the best designs I’ve seen. The colors are beautiful and the fabric is super soft on your baby’s skin. It is rated to 25 pounds although it’s bounciness was significantly reduced on my 20 lb 9 month old. At this point though, it isn’t as necessary as it is in those early days. I love this product! It’s the perfect fit for your little one!

Kathrine Jenkinsville, SC

Adorable Puppy Bouncer!

Got this bouncer for my friend’s baby and we really like it! The puppy design is adorable and suitable for either gender and the entire seat is super soft and cushiony. I liked that the puppy cover comes off easily and is machine washable for the inevitable moments of spit ups! We’ve washed it several times already and it hasn’t lost its plushness or faded at all. It comes with a plush overhead mobile of a dog and cat, which is removable and helps with visual/focusing skills. The entire seat is very lightweight and easy to transport from room to room when you need to.The seat is wonderful to keep the baby occupied with the mobile or to keep him/her calm when you are trying to get some chores done and the 3 point restraint system keeps the baby securely in the seat. My friend’s baby has colic and the built in vibrations do wonders to calm him down when it seems nothing else will. It also helps lull him to sleep. You can also lightly bounce the baby seat to calm a fussy baby. The music is soft and plays for about 20 minutes.The only thing this is really missing is some lights in the mobile – I think that would make the mobile more engaging to the baby. Overall, this is a high quality Fisher Price product and perfect for baby!

Dana Long Point, IL

I love the fact that it plays soft music which is …

My baby loves this bouncer! I love the fact that it plays soft music which is soothing unlike some others that I’ve found that were just jarring. This seat cradles my baby nicely and all parts of it are nice and soft on his skin. The hanging toys are a really nice touch and he loves watching them.

Erika Brighton, MA

Nice, basic bouncer for a newborn…

We don’t have the baby that will be going in this bouncer YET but we took this out and put everything together and it’s a really cute bouncer that seems fairly basic in design and features. The musical sounds are pretty standard. Nothing special there. The fabric is soft and plush. I like that you can remove it and wash it since babies can have little accidents. I can’t see any areas on this that would irritate a baby like the previous reviewer mentioned but I will keep an eye out on that once the baby comes in 6 months. Looks good so far though! Seems sturdy and easy to move from room to room. Nice product.

Marilyn Beaumont, KY

Deluxe Indeed

Very well made. It’s lightweight and sturdy. Has just enough bounce and the grand baby fits perfectly. It looks like it will be easy to clean when the first diaper accident or hurling incident happens. Kid tested. Grandparent approved.

Vonda Lookout, CA

Very Happy with Snugapuppy

I rated Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer 5 stars. There is hardly anything I can ad to the previous reviews but I love this bouncer.The material is so soft and washable. I love the neutral colors and puppy theme. The music is calming and the overall comfort for this deluxe bouncer seems perfect.

Marsha Yemassee, SC


The Snugapuppy Bouncer is adorable, but the light color makes it necessary to wash the cover often. Fortunately, the cover is easy to remove and washes nicely. The cover is really soft and has thick cushioning. The bouncer has a lullaby feature, a "nature" sound feature and a vibration feature. The lullabies and the vibration seem to be very soothing. You can also make the bouncer "rock" back and forth by pushing back on it. A combination of the vibration and the rocking seems to help the baby fall asleep so Mom can get a little housework done. The three point restraint holds baby securely. The detachable mobile is cute. It can be used in motion or can remain still. The bouncer is rated to 20 pounds, but I think it is more appropriate for a baby up to 20 pounds.

Rosanna Moravia, NY

He LOVES it so it’s a HIT!

Our son has loved this adorable bouncer! Not only is the puppy insert so soft it provides extra cushioning to make your baby more comfortable. I can slide him quickly into the bouncer when I need a few minutes and the toys on the mobile keep him entertained. If he starts fussing, I can turn on the gentle vibrations which have variable speeds to sooth him while I’m working.If I had to list pros and cons, I’d still be struggling for the con concepts.Additional PROS:Soft music and nature sounds- you have up to 20 minutes of music and sounds to sooth your baby. The volume control allows you to set the level you want.REMOVABLE and WASHABLE seat pad and insert- I can’t tell you how important this is to me to be able to toss the bouncer cover into a washing machine and have it come out so perfectly clean.Easy to carry handles – makes it easier to take your bouncer wherever your little one goes!In the multiple bouncers I have tried this one is by far the best!

Jeannine Liberty Hill, TX