Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Rainforest Friends

The Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is a unique portable sleep seat for newborns, with a wonderful rocking action and secure inclined position for babies who need it – and it now includes calming vibrations! Its frame rocks gently with a push from mom, and includes very soft fabrics. The sides have breathable fabrics, and it collapses easily to bring along on visits or trips. For entertaining, there is a teether on a link. Now even easier to clean.

Main features

  • Easy to clean
  • Wonderful gender neutral design
  • Features gentle rocking action with a push from mom
  • Luxurious, soft fabrics to cradle baby
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Verified reviews



This is a must have for a baby with reflux! My baby would not sleep longer than maybe an hour laying flat but the first night in this he slept 6 hours!

Rosella Dallas, OR

Worth it!

First off, the only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is b/c I think it is inclined a little too much. I thought it would be inclined like our swing, which I personally would have perfered. They main reason I bought this is b/c my 2 month old will not settle down to sleep in her regular bassinet during the day, but will sleep like a rock in it at night. So she stayed in her swing for naps all day, which is not portable.Pros- The self rocking is great b/c if she gets a little unsettled and starts moving around the sleeper will start rocking from her motions and put her back to sleep. Love this product for that alone.The vibration feature is also a must for us when she’s having a colicky night. She sleeps longer with it on, and I love that it has an on/off switch and not a timer b/c with other products that automatically shut off it wakes her up.The portablility of it. I love I can take it into any room w/ me, and it folds up nicely when it needs to be out of the way.Cons- The rocking and vibration can be slightly noisey w/ hardwood floors. Well I say hardwood, but we have laminate and I assume it would be the same. Also I don’t know if the self rocking would work good on carpet, but now that I think about it I will try a rug underneath to see if it helps w/ the noise.It’s called rock n play, but I don’t see where the play comes into effect. It would be nice if they had options for attachments like a mobile or something that goes across in an arch to hang toys from. I’m bringing this on a weekend trip so as not lug around the pack n play and other things, but she gets bored easily in it if not sleeping. Am hopeful that other product attachments will fit on this somehow, but not sucessful yet. Also some sound would be nice.Overall I would highly recommend this, especially the one with the vibration feature.

Geraldine Cave City, AR

Couldn’t live without it the first few weeks!

My friends all told me I would need this – I rolled my eyes and didn’t believe them, but got one anyway.I LOVE IT.Our full-term baby had some breathing and spitting up issues, so I did not feel ready to have him sleep flat on his back just yet. This reclined position is wonderful, and way safer than some of the other seats and swings available because of the hard plastic back that keeps their head/neck/spine aligned. Other swings (we have a boppy swing (;=1394718391&sr;=8-1&keywords;=boppy+swing)) don’t have any solid frame or surface that’s safe for the baby when they are this little without any head and neck control. It’s just the fabric and it conforms to the baby’s shape/pressure from his weight. Same issue with the Fisher Price glider, as lovely as it is. The rock and play made me feel a lot safer and more at ease about sleeping. Plus it feels a lot cozier and more womb-like to them then a big flat crib or co-sleeper. It snuggles them a little at the sides (which are breathable). I haven’t even put the batteries in for the vibrate function yet…it would be more than worth it even without it!

Margie Lansing, OH

Its OK

This is a good item to have to put the baby in when you need to go run to the bathroom, mix a bottle, etc. Our baby stopped liking it for naps around 4 weeks. One thing about this product that drives me bananas is there is no kind of indicator when the vibration is on. Its so quiet and without an indicator light or something, we have inadvertently left it on for several hours or overnight.

Reba South Deerfield, MA

Great as bassinet.

This is awesome, it’s all my son sleeps in! We use it as a bassinet and it’s fantastic. Works great for his reflux too.

Alexandria Power, MT

Amazing for babies with reflux!!!

I feel like I tried every product under the sun to get my son to sleep without vomitting or spitting up. This was my last resort as it was on sale at the time. He now sleeps in this as his primary bed (he’s only 3 months old) and has for approximately two months now. It’s easy to assemble, he loves the vibration, and it’s very light and can easily travel with us anywhere. I only wish I had gotten the snuggabunny one because this fabric isn’t exactly soft inside. I’ve been laying a soft blanket under him to resolve that issue and he couldn’t be happier.

Sonia Villamont, VA

Couldn’t live without it

I didn’t have the rock and play with my son 4 years ago. A friend told me about it for this baby and I am so happy I purchased it. It serves many purposes for us. It is easy to move around the house, which makes it ideal. I put the baby it in with a few toys and she watches me while I do kitchen work. I also use it when I need to jump in the shower. I can sit it out side the bathroom door and be able to hear if she cries. My daughter loves to nap in it and we’ve had plenty of nights when she slept in it. It’s great for baby when she has a cold with congestion because it’s on an angle. We also take it when visiting friends and family. So easy to collapse and open.

Sara Owensburg, IN

Great for Little Ones

Love the RNP. As a newborn, little one slept beside the bed in it. As he grew, he no longer sleeps in it but hangs out during the day and looks around the room and sometimes naps. He loves the vibration.

Gabriela Hadley, PA

Good quality sleeper!

This was a fantastic buy! It’s great at soothing my 5 week old son. The vibrations are gentle & quiet. The incline is good for infants who spit up often. The sleeper is relatively easy to assemble & the final product is decent quality.

Kris Veribest, TX


This is by far one of the best last minute purchases I made before having my baby!!! He still sometimes sleeps in this at 4 months old!!

Libby Mortons Gap, KY

but love it all the same

I bought this RnP for my sister, and she absolutely loves it. I own a RnP as well – not this same one, but love it all the same. The RnP is a great product. I just stopped using it and my son is 7 months old.

Lila Hauppauge, NY

Must have for newborn!

I used this from the day my son came home to sleep in. Its great for keeping beside the bed and i can carry it around anywhere without him waking up so I don’t have to worry about transferring him when I go into different rooms. My son is 3 months old now and still loves it. We have just transitioned out of it from sleeping at night but he could still sleep in it if I wanted him to!

Pat Elk Point, SD


every single one of my friends with babies recommended some version of the rock n’ play. we used it the day our son got home for the hospital, and he just loves it. this version has the vibration option and i am SO happy i made sure to get that, he calms down immediately as soon as we turn that on. Also, the pattern is really cute. i would recommend this to anyone!

Clara Glen Gardner, NJ

Love the portability

I love the portability of this item it folds up nicely and will come in handy if we need to take it with us in the van. I have not yet used it for my little one as he is due to be born in a few weeks. It was relatively easy to assemble and looks like it will be very useful for baby as well as convenient. I got it at a great price on Amazon as well compared to the department stores in my town.

Jenny Roberts, MT

a must for any baby

this is great all round for sleeping or keeping baby next to you while watching tv or cleaning up. our baby is a big boy and he is already starting to out grow it at 4mon wish it was larger or they made larger size.

Maricela Dacono, CO

and it was perfect for rocking him with my foot from the edge …

My son slept in this for the first 6 weeks of his life, and it was perfect for rocking him with my foot from the edge of my bed. It was a total lifesaver and helped make an easy transition from here to his own bed.

Dianne Keota, IA