Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – Split Rings

Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – Split Rings


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I am a first time Mom to a colic (due to silent reflux) 2 month baby boy. As a first time mom I was hesitant to purchase this because it wasn’t like all the other fancy “bassinets” out there but I absolutely love this sleeper. I especially like how it is inclined which I feel is not only much safer as apposed to baby laying flat on their back in the middle of the night but also great for babies digestive system with even with out reflux problems. My little guys still likes to be swaddled at night & sleeps safe & snugly in this Sleeper. I only use it as a ‘night time’ sleeper so he doesn’t get confused, at 2 months he sleeps a 6 hour stretch, eats, & rite back to sleep for another 4 hours. He is still very small (premature) I still don’t need to use the straps yet & put a folded receiving blanket down so he’s not sitting on the buckle (absolutely no way any newborn could get them self out). No flat head. The cover comes off & is machine washable. Great price! Great product, would recommend to any new mother! Best thing we purchased as new parents before he was here!

Sally Sherrill, NY

a great help

My baby needed to be slightly inclined when laying and I needed something very portable. This works very well. It folds easily. Can move it around the house to whatever room I need to be in. She likes to lay in it because it is inclined. I bought the pink one. People compliment on it whenever I take it anywhere. Pleased with this purchase.

Katrina Fleming, GA

AMAZING! Life saver for the early months with a newborn

I wasn’t even planning to use a bassinet with our baby (I’m a first time mom) because we live in a small house and the nursery is right next door to our bedroom. But our little guy was spitting up and choking on some amniotic fluid still when we brought him home and I was too paranoid to have him sleep away from me. My mom found this at our Target store for only $50, and it has been my single favorite baby item so far! The baby LOVED sleeping in this. It’s comfortable because it’s elevated and it makes the baby feel suspended like in the womb and secure because the sides are close. He slept in this every night next to our bed and for all his naps. It’s small and fit so nicely in our room, and made it convenient to have him at arm’s reach for the nighttime feedings.Our babe is 4 months now and sleeps in his crib, but we still use this as a place for him to sit with us around the house. It is lightweight and so easy to move. We used it in literally every room of our house.I would have paid even four times what we did for all the use we got out of it with just one baby. And it still looks brand new and I’m confident will hold up for any other babies we have.The pad is easy to remove and wash and never looks faded.The weight limit is 25 pounds, so you can use it pretty much until the kid can climb out of it. Which is nice since we have a big baby!My only warning, and this may have just been a personality thing with our baby, but he had a really hard time transitioning to his crib from this because he wasn’t used to sleeping flat on his back. The sleeper also holds their feet up, so his feet falling flat on the crib mattress always made him startle. We solved this by putting a pillow UNDER the crib mattress to elevate it and now he sleeps great.Basically I would recommend this to ANYONE with a baby!! It will be my standard shower gift to give from now on.

Phoebe Doss, TX

Our most used baby product!

From crazzeto’s wife:My mom got this for our daughter after she was diagnosed with pretty bad acid reflux, and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! It’s very soft and snuggly and keeps her at a high enough angle to prevent reflux when she needs a nap. I don’t know what we would have done without this thing. At 5 months old my baby still uses it daily so don’t pass it over thinking you won’t be able to use it past the newborn period. In fact, my 11 month old niece loved sitting in it too when she came to visit.It’s so perfectly lightweight and portable so it can be picked up and moved from room to room with one hand even while holding the baby in the other! It’s perfect for travel too, instead of risking your baby in one of those hotel cribs. I highly recomend this for any baby, whether they have reflux or not!

Bertie Harrison Township, MI

So much better than a pack ‘n play!

Love this, by far gets the most use of any single baby item we have!This sleeper is so portable, it’s gone all over the house, to friends, to work and to grandparents. So easy to fold up and throw in the car. Toss in your blankets, burp cloths, toys, etc. before you fold.Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support, Brown Wheelsgoes great with the split ring pattern, and we’ve had no issues with ‘flat head’.Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go – Travel Sound Machine with Four Soothing SoundsWe have the Giraffe sounds machine that hangs right from the frame.

Lilia Gustine, TX

Perfect for babies with reflux and babies who like to be swaddled!!

My 18 week son was sleeping swaddled in a cradle/papasan style swing, but now that he is starting to roll over-he was trying to roll out of the swing and we needed to do something different. I tried to put him in the pack and play, but laying flat didn’t work for him at all!! So I tried this and it works like a charm!! He took to it immediatly, which is saying a lot for my fussy, picky reflux baby!! I love it because I can have him swaddled in it (not strapped in) and don’t have to worry about him falling/rolling out because it is too deep. I also love that after eating at night, he isn’t laying flat exacerbating his reflux. AND I can easily take it with me anywhere we go-to grandma’s house or into another room!! Totally worth the price!

Eleanor Hanapepe, HI

This chair is the BEST

My son and i love this chair. Here is a general breakdown.When he needs to be elevated due to sickness etc, this chair does the trick.This travels – took it with us in lieu of using a nasty pack and play rented, and it was nice! Also, take it whenver we will be at someones home and he needs to take a nap.The cover comes off for a complete washingRocks enough that it soothes the baby to sleep very nicely but not enough ever where i would be scared he would come outThere is a strap so if he gets in one of his wiggly moods, he isnt going anywhereNegativesThe area above the head, where the material is attached has a little slot where things could easily fall. these can be lumps under the babies head underneath if not careful!Wish it had a locking feature for the rocking. sometimes, in the beginning i would get out of bed and hit it and it would rock and wake him. would be nice to have it have a stationary option.other then that , best money ever spent for a childs item. im serious about that!

Leah Hoffmeister, NY

Couldn’t live without!

We could not function without this sleeper. Our son is 3 months old; we use the sleeper in our bathroom for our little man to lay/sit in while we shower/get ready. He loves it and we love that he loves it so much!!!!!!

Leanne Belmont, WV