Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper, Yellow

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper, Yellow

Soothe, nap or play. What makes this seat perfect for newborns is that its extra deep with a structured insert that surrounds them in comfort and makes them feel secure. The seat is also inclined, which makes napping more comfortable for babies who need their heads elevated. The rock ‘n play sleeper now includes calming vibrations and with help from mom, baby can rock the day away soothe, nap or play. Other features include three point restraint to keep baby secure, sides that are created with breathable fabric, a toy for soothing and entertaining, and a washable insert for comfort and support. Plus it collapses and is very lightweight, so its easy to move around the house or bring along on trips. The pad is removable and machine washable. Now even easier to clean.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Features calming vibrations
  • Easy to clean and has sides that are created with breathable fabric
  • Gentle rocking action with a push from mom
  • Soft fabrics to cradle baby
  • Lightweight, easy to collapse, and great for on the go

Verified reviews


One of our top 5’s

This has been a fantastic help to me! Our son loves it; he’ll sit in it first thing in the morning with a mobile I attached to the side as I eat breakfast and get a few things done…then he’ll go down easy for naps during the day. I’ll even rock it with my feet as I play guitar and sing to him. Another friend of mine takes hers with them to restaurants and such b/c it is so portable. I highly recommend it! Not sure what we’ll do when he outgrows it. We also use the boppy head pillow in conjuction w/it.

Ethel Kamuela, HI

Love This!!!

My son had terrible acid reflux and was spitting up a lot. As soon as I got this all has changed, he sleeps through the whole night (at two months old) and I don’t need to stress about him choking from spitting up.

Ollie Chana, IL

Must have baby item!

My newborn developed pretty bad reflux and this was a godsend in sending him off to sleep without spitting up. He would constantly spit up in his crib – even hours after feeding- and wake himself up. It was becoming unbearable around the three week mark. Bought this little number and he slept like a dream the first time! Seems to be very comforting as well as it sort of hugs their little bodies without any risk of them rolling against the side. I loved it so much that when we were travelling to my parents place for a couple weeks I bought a second one when we got there as it is too large to fold up and pack in a suitcase. We were flying but if you were driving it would be a cinch to throw In The trunk. Very light weight and compact! Buy this item!

Camille Quitman, LA

Great for reflux

My baby has reflux, so laying flat on her back after eating is a big no-no. Before I got this sleeper, nighttime feeds were extremely difficult because I have to keep her upright for 30 minutes after eating. Doing this half asleep at 3am when you are already sleep deprived from having a newborn wasn’t fun, and I would often fall asleep with her in my arms which I didn’t feel safe doing. I bought this sleeper when she was 3 weeks old and my life got so much better! Now that I have this sleeper, I can set her back down to sleep almost immediately after a feed, and go back to sleep myself without worrying. My baby is 10 weeks old now, and sleeps through the night (8-10) almost every night in this and for all of her naps. This sleeper plus a good swaddle (I recommend the Miracle Blanket) is the formula for great sleep. I have it next to my bed, and it is tall enough that I can rock her to sleep while I’m laying down. Yes it is very hard plastic behind the cover, so I have a couple of folded blankets where her head goes to provide more cushion.

Margot Vinton, VA

Turned out to be quite versatile…

Got this in a panic during a turned-out-to-be-brief period when my newborn wouldn’t sleep flat on her back (she’s since reformed). For a few weeks though she slept in it blissfully. Now, at two months, she likes to sit in it and have "conversations" with people sitting across from her. It is nice in that it puts baby nearly at eye level when you’re sitting on a couch or chair–better than a bouncy seat that has to be on the floor. One issue I had is that the hinge pins rattle like crazy when the vibration is on. It was easily fixed with some tape, but I’d have preferred to not have had to fix it at all…taped up baby accessories don’t look classy to company. Also, I’d love it if it came with a little activity bar with some toys on it or something.

Ophelia Coventry, CT


This was actually the second rock-n-play I bought. I wanted one for my home and one for daycare. This is now my must buy gift for any baby shower I attend. This has been a life saver for me. On the practical side, I felt this was way better than a bassinet for my newborn because I could easily see her while she slept. The bassinet you have to look down into to check on tne baby where as this you can just glance over and see her.Also, my daughter was born with Jaundice and we had to wrap her in a biliblanket (which is essentially a plastic light pad) when we first brought her home. No matter where we tried to lay her, even when we held her she cried with that biliblanket around her. We didn’t know what to do, she hated the biliblanket. But we finally thought to put her in the rock-n-play and she loved it! She didn’t cry at all. I don’t know what we would have done without the rock-n-play, it was literally the only way she would tolerate the biliblanket.My child normally sleeps in her crib and has slept through the night since 7 weeks old. But on nights when she was sick with a cold and was congested, she really hated laying flat. The rock-n-play saved the day again! She slept so soundly when she was sick because of being on an incline in the rock-n-play. People say you can elevate the crib mattress but she moves around so much she would end up turned around on a downhill slant in her crib. That is the nice thing about the rock-n-play is that they are snuggled in there so they don’t move around so much which helps with a peaceful sleep.The key with the rock-n-plays is to use them in moderation because you don’t want your baby to get used to sleeping in the cozy sling instead of the crib. They can only sleep in them until 25 lbs, so at some point they won’t be able to sleep in there anymore. I have friends who slept their baby in one every night and had a really hard time breaking their child of the rock-n-play at 4-5 months (or later). It can be a blessing or a curse if you overuse it. I will say my baby sleeps in her crib fine at night and I slept her in the rock-n-play for her naps during the day for the first few months of her life. So as long as the crib is being used at night, I think that helps. I know some people scoff at these and say oh you shouldn’t rock your baby or they will get used to it. Or you shouldn’t use these instead of a crib.. But really, I am proof it doesn’t matter. It is all in routine and incorporating the crib.Whether it is this one or another color or style.. HIGHLY reommend the rock-n-play. I know there are other versions by other companies, but some of them have smaller seats or the incline is slightly different. You can’t go wrong, getting the Fisher-Price version. It is the best! Also it has breathable material on the sides so you don’t have to worry about suffocation or anything.I liked that this one imparticular because it had a vibrating feature on it. But really my daughter didn’t seem to care about that. She just likes to be snuggled in there. Can’t say enough about how much I love these things!!

Louella Emmett, KS

New parents NEED this

Our son wouldn’t sleep flat, WOULD NOT. We held him for the first month of his life. Once we got this, he slept like a champ – all night long! We waited until about 10 friends told us to get this – I could kick myself for not getting it before he was born. Get it, just get it. If you’re looking for a shower gift, get it.

Ola Parma, MI

GREAT for babies with reflux!

The best part about this product is that I can sleep in my bed again after spending a week sleeping on the couch next to my newborn as he snoozed away in his sling.This thing has been amazing since the first moments we got it. My baby has reflux issues and will ONLY sleep on an incline. It fits next to my bed. The cover is WASHABLE – we’ve only had it a week and I’ve already had to wash it (poo!)The cover is easy to take on and off – it is a little tight around that vibration box thingie on the side but not frustrating. It came out perfectly clean.I was worried that the fabric wouldn’t be soft – I was worried it would be that awful, slick type fabric but it isn’t! It is really soft. My baby loves it and therefore so do I. 🙂

Adele Roark, KY

Baby sleeps soundly.

LOVE this thing! Bought ours from Walmart because it was a bit cheaper. The only complaint I have, is that sometimes the round circle on the front used to close it up will rattle when the vibration feature is in use. You have to keep playing with it to get it to stop making the loud rattling noise. Other than that, our baby loves it! Makes me feel better that she is inclined.

Lara Sperryville, VA

LOVE this.

We really had to use this for our baby girl with reflux. It was a life saver and very easy to travel with. If you can get away with propping up mattress and creating a similar environment with towels under a tight crib sheet or co-sleeper sheet you could skip this. We have already at 5 months ditched ours being afraid she would have a difficult time transitioning to a crib. It did work wonders while we needed it though.

Velma Ridgefield, NJ

Must have for reflux babies!

I was a little afraid to write a review on the RnP at first. I’ll say that it took some getting used to and that my son hated it the first couple weeks that we owned it. I was so angry that I’d wasted good money on something that we’d never use. Just as I was ready to give it to a local friend awaiting her baby’s arrival.. my son decided he loves it. He has severe reflux, and so we’ve been desperate to find him a comfy place to nap or relax upright. We have three other children that need my attention throughout the day, so I can’t always have baby attached to me.The vibrate feature on this is stronger than any of the bouncy seats we’ve had in the past. This is nice because it soothes baby just enough when they’re laying down. The incline is great for a baby that has reflux. It helps after feeds to have a place like this that they can go to without worrying that they’ll wake up in terrible pain. The rocking legs are great. My husband insisted that this would not rock effectively on carpeting, but it does! He was so shocked to see how smooth it was and he actually uses it with baby more than I do. Just the other morning he took the baby and rocked him while working from home so I could have a hot breakfast and shower. He swears by the RnP and tells all his friends about it.So there you have it.. I was very hesitant to share any thoughts on this until we had it for a while. Now that we’re really using it, I truly think this would be a wonderful item to have for a reflux baby. I’m so glad I decided to get it. I wish I had one with my daughter, who also suffered with severe reflux.

Paige Scotts Hill, TN

This is great for all babies

I used this with my first child until he was 9 months old. He slept in it exclusively until he was 3 months old. At that point we started to transition him to a flat bed. It took some time because he was so use to sleeping at an incline. From 4-6 months be became a set for him to sit with us at dinner because he wasn’t completely sitting up by himself yet. We also used it as a nap sleeper on occasions during this time. After 6 months it became an occasional sleeper, but it was crucial for us when he was 9 months old because that’s when he got his first cold. He couldn’t breathe well when he was laying down, but as soon as we put him in this, he fell asleep within minutes. My son was small, so some babies may not be able to fit in this until they are 9 months old. I’ve also using this with my second child, and love it just as much as I did the first time.WHY I LOVE THIS PRODUCT:- You can move it anywhere quickly. – In the first months I never I knew where I would be sleeping. Some nights the baby would sleep fine and could sleep in the room with my husband and I. Other night he was fussy and I would have to move to the guest room. I could quickly move this, even while carrying the baby, to any room in the house.- I can take it anywhere – It folds up quickly and fits in the back of my car. I’ve used it when going to visit friends for a night and family for a week as well as on vacation for 2 weeks.- The cover is removable and washable – I bought a second cover (from the fisher price parts website) so that I could put one in the wash while I continued to use this.- Longevity – There were only a few products that I could continue to use with my child from birth to 9 months and this was one of them.- Size – It’s small enough that it can fit in any room. I take it into the bathroom with me so that I can shower and still watch my son.I’ve recommended this to all of my friends and the ones who bought it have loved it as much as I have.Note: I bought the first model of this product, which did not have the "calming vibrations," so I can’t not comment on that.

Nola Dayton, NJ

I couldn’t have slept without this

Perfect gift for new parents. Swaddle baby & turn on vibrate, baby sleeps. Baby sleeps securly by your bed. I highly recommend.

Lorraine Nelsonville, OH

great bed

my son had horrible acid reflux and this was the only bed he was ever able to sleep in. also awesome for newborns cause it makes them feel all snuggled and safe. love love love this bed. it has given my son, myself, and my husband many great nights of sleep. bought one for my parents house too while we visit from out of town. must have for every parent.

Latisha Sandersville, MS

Helps baby sleep!

I love this sleeper and use it every night for my son who is 2 months old. The incline helps gas bubbles escape instead of sitting in his tummy, waking him up after an hour of sleep. He can sleep for 6+hours in this. I’ve seen reviews that say this sleeper caused their children to get a flat head, so you may want to watch out for this. I actually put a prefold diaper between the fabric and plastic back to give it a little more cushion – it felt very hard to me. I do have him nap in his crib during the day, because I want him sleeping in it full time eventually, but for now, this lets both my son and I get precious sleep at night.

Heidi Canton, GA

Best Baby Shower Gift EVER

This was a surprise gift. I didn’t ask for it or even know it existed. It has become the most used and indispensable baby item I have. It was the first thing I put my baby in when I got home from the hospital. She hated her crib and ended up sleeping in it next to me. She’s 20 months old now and still insists on taking afternoon naps in it. The thing is super sturdy. She’s been getting herself in and out of it since she was 12 months old. All that movement and no tipping. (She’s 26 lbs and 33 inches tall, beyond the 25 lb weight limit and the rocker is holding up like a champ) Sometimes She’ll just crawl in it and go to sleep. Still has never slept a day in her crib. She sleeps all night in her big girl bed (Went straight to that with no issues at 18 months). Also it is very easy to fold and super light. It’s great to bring along to visits with relatives when the baby is small. I can not comment on the vibration feature, they didn’t have that when I got mine.

Janice Elk Mills, MD

Gift for my new grandbaby to come

When my grandson was born in 2012, a good friend of mine loan hers to us. My grandson slept comfortable in it until he was about 8 months. It is great for over night trips or going on vacation. Easy to fold and put in the car truck. So with my second grandbaby on the way- I just had to get it early.

Ashlee Medaryville, IN

*sigh* Torticollis.

It pains me to write this review, as I do love this sleeper. But given the results we’ve experienced with it, I can’t give it a fully positive review.I purchased our first Rock n’ Play for our first son in 2010. If I’d left a review after that experience, I would have given it a full five stars and a rave review. All our babies have preferred to sleep at an incline. This was a lifesaver for us with him, as he went from barely sleeping to sleeping through the night pretty much right away. The shape hugs the baby so they feel snug and secure, and the rocking motion, if done consistently, helps them sleep through just about anything. While rocking, my babies will take VERY good naps and wake up feeling happy and refreshed.We used it again for our second son. At first all seemed to be going as it had before. Baby was sleeping really well, and therefore, so was I. But after a couple of months, we noticed that he wasn’t looking in both directions anymore. He was also developing a pretty severe flat spot on the side of his head. We took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with torticollis. He went through treatments and his head is now not noticeable. But it was still a stressful experience.I read all the negative reviews this item received, but I also read all of the information I could find on tort, and it all said that some babies were just BORN with it. So, I determined that he must have been born with it already, and that the sleeper may have exacerbated it, but it didn’t cause it.Sooo…I didn’t worry much when we had yet another son. I let him sleep in it from the get go, since we were told it would be rare to have another baby with the condition, and at first things seemed right on track. I watched him closely from the beginning, and he looked just fine in both directions. He would sleep with his head facing either direction. Everything seemed fine, and I was pretty confident that I had been right about my middle son just have a predisposition to torticollis.But then, things changed. Slowly… almost too slow for me to notice at first (I wouldn’t have noticed for a lot longer if tort hadn’t been on my radar) he stopped looking in one direction as often. It progressed over several weeks, until he was almost NEVER looking in that direction. It became apparent pretty quickly that he was exhibiting the same symptoms his brother had. I immediately began to transition him out of the sleeper, which was difficult, as once a baby is used to sleeping at an incline, they usually don’t want to sleep flat until the startle reflex is gone.We eased him into the Rock n Play bassinet using the Zip-a-dee Zip (great product, fyi) and we’ve started the neck stretches to get him back on track before things progress any further. He does have a slight flat spot, but we caught it much sooner this time, so I’m not overly worried about permanent damage (especially since some of the flat area was there at birth).I now find it very hard to believe that this sleeper doesn’t cause torticollis. I looked it up, and fewer than 5% of babies are born with it. I have found nothing suggesting that it is in any way related to siblings or heredity, and neither of my boys had a traumatic birth. Quite the contrary, in fact.Another reviewer made the most sense of anything I’ve read. Most babies are born with a predisposition for looking more in one direction, but under number circumstances, they can stretch and turn their heads and it corrects itself. In this sleeper, gravity pulls their heavy heads downward and further strains the muscles so that full blown tort can develop.So, while I do love this sleeper when it comes to getting good sleep in those early weary newborn days… I can’t give it a good review. And I can’t, in good conscious, recommend it, or use it for any future children I might have myself.If you do use it, I highly recommend you switch baby to a flat surface as soon as feasible. And please watch him/her closely for signs of torticollis so that you can catch it early. It’s much easier to treat if you catch it before it becomes more severe, and you might prevent the head flattening to a large degree as well.

Hallie South Windham, ME

Our child loves this much more than his swing!

We were trying to use an automatic swing but our child would get fussy in it and we were looking for something else. One of our friends suggested the Rock n’ Play and it has been amazing. It’s incredibly portable so we can move it around the house wherever we are and then we can rock him whereever. Of course it is not automatic but we have found that turning on the vibration setting which it has and just rocking the thing with our foot puts our kid to sleep pretty quickly!

Katheryn Beeson, WV

Outstanding to use as a bassinet

This is a great, very lightweight and portable sleeper to use as a bassinet. We keep it by our bedside at night. After feedings, it’s great because of the incline so our baby is less prone to spit up than laying flat on her back in the crib. It’s also very portable. We can easily throw it in the back of the car and take it with us on trips or to visit friends around town.

Bertha Rock Falls, IA

Baby loves it and I get sleep

These are amazing. They weren’t around for my older kids. Baby will settle happily in the RNP when nothing else will do. We are being careful to avoid flat head.

Rachael Beaufort, SC

Great for baby to sleep

My son is 3 months old and he has been sleeping in this since he came home from the hospital. It is a lot like a bassinet. The rocking feature hasn’t really helped him much, but he likes sleeping in this better than his crib.

Noemi Jarales, NM

Great for newborns

Our newborn sleeps in this every night! His favorite spot is still on my chest, but he doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in this vs. his crib. I love how easy it is to rock with one finger while I’m still in bed.

Geneva Angier, NC

Creaks loudly

Great in theory but creaks so loudly that baby can’t sleep. Very disappointed. It is also incredibly difficult to put together and takes two people. The creaking is ridiculous and very annoying.

Roslyn Chestnut Mound, TN