Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Yellow

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Yellow

An inclined sleeper and playtime seat in one! The inclined seat helps baby sleep all night long. A gentle push from mom rocks the sleeper back and forth. Additional features include a light-weight design for portability and storage, three-point restraint, storage pocket and soft bunny rattle. Insert is machine washable and dryer safe.

Main features

  • Wonderful sleep spot for newborns with a gentle rocking action
  • Features an inclined position for babies with reflux
  • Simple push from mom rocks the hammock gently
  • Includes a soft bunny and a blanket
  • Easy cleaning with a washable insert for comfort and support

Verified reviews


Beware–Should Not Be Used For Night Sleep

Yes, the other reviews are true–Our daughter slept in this from day one, and slept in it beautifully. She started sleeping through the night at a very early age, and we were amazed at how this sleeper allowed her to sleep for long periods at night (she ate frequently during the day, and rarely woke up at night). Our daughter was gaining weight perfectly and was happy, healthy, and meeting or exceeding all of her developmental milestones; however, when our daughter was 8 weeks old, I noticed what I thought to be a flat spot developing on the back of her head, and our pediatrician told me she couldn’t see it. At 16 weeks, I felt the flat spot had gotten worse–This time, we went to see a neurosurgeon, who diagnosed our daughter with deformational brachycephaly–or flathead syndrome. She now must wear a helmet to correct her head shape. Although this sleeper is probably a miracle product for children with acid reflux, GERD, colic, etc…it without a doubt allowed my daughter to sleep TOO well–and caused a flat spot to develop. The back of her head is completely flat. Once we moved her to a crib at 16 weeks, she now wakes up every single night to eat–and I’m thrilled. I strongly believe that Fisher Price needs to market this device NOT as an all-night sleep device, but as something that your infant might sit in while you spend 10 minutes folding laundry or emptying the dishwasher. It can’t be used as something to sleep in at night, every night. The bottom line: If you do decide to purchase this, if your infant starts to sleep for very long stretches at night, pay particular attention to the back of his/her head. If you notice a flat spot, which I did at 8 weeks, I’d get rid of this product ASAP.

Margery Aurora, ME

Beware! Flat spots!!

PLEASE READ:I loved this at first, but am kicking myself now for using it so much! My son slept in this for the first 10 weeks, including naptime. He did tummy time, floor time, and was held a lot also. He is 6 months old now and has been in a helmet for the past 5 weeks to treat a severe flat spot caused by positioning. I did not know until it was too late that flat spots are not just caused from sleeping on their backs, but the car seat, swing, and this sleeper are far worse than the crib! Being a first time Mom, I had no idea the harm I was causing.I did love the convenience of this–easy to move from room to room, and it folds small so you can take it with you wherever you go. I have a small house so the size of this was perfect–no large pack n play to have to move around and fit into a small space. My son still takes naps in it and occasionally sleeps the night in it (he is in a helmet now, so I figure it can’t cause any more harm). If I have another child though, this will not be used.My baby will be in a helmet now for at least 6 months to get his head near the normal range. Beware and be careful! The convenience of this is not worth the inconvenience and strain on the baby that it causes.Added to original review 4/25/2011:My son is now a year old and still has a flat spot, even after 8 months of wearing the helmet. He will always have a flat spot, hopefully less noticable as he gets older. The neuro-surgean said that his flat spot was the worst she had ever seen. The improvement from the helmet is there, but since he started so severe, we just can’t get it back into the “normal” range for head shape! I can’t tell you how much I regret using this rocker. Imagine causing something to your child that you could have prevented. I didn’t know. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Rhoda Syracuse, OH

Do NOT buy this product!!!

My son slept in this sleeper at night from birth until almost 3 months. It wasn’t long before I noticed that he was favoring one side of the sleeper, and that side was becoming increasingly flattened. We tried positioning him in it better so that he would sleep on the back of his head, and that too became flattened. At 3 months I noticed he was slouching down and looked crunched up in the sleeper, so I immediately stopped using it. Our pediatrician didn’t seemed concerned, but at 4 months his head still wasn’t getting better even though he was rarely on his back during the day.We were finally referred to a specialist because we kept voicing our concerns with our pediatrician and it turns out our son was diagnosed with severe brachycephaly and moderate plagiophaly. I was shocked to learn that the flattening to the back of his head was causing facial asymmetry and widening of the forehead!!! I hadn’t even noticed that my beautiful baby was getting worse and not better.We are now getting him fitted for a $3,800 helmet that he’ll have to wear 23 hrs each day for the next several months. He also has torticollis, which is the tightening of the neck muscles, caused by the way he favored one side in the sleeper. He has to do daily stretches which he hates, but hopefully he won’t need physical therapy.I truly believe that this sleeper caused these problems and I would NOT recommend this product to anyone…it’s just not worth the risk.

Nelda Marion, KY

It helped with sleep, but we know have to deal with flat head too.

Yes, not all babies will get a flat head from sleeping in this sleeper, as the many good reviews reflect; however, I wish I read the reviews before getting the item myself. I have to take my baby to a craniofacial specialist because of the flat spot that this sleeper caused on the right back side of her head. My pediatrician noticed a flat spot at 2 months. We stopped using the sleeper immediately, and now have to deal with constant re-positioning and keeping her off her head as much as possible to avoid getting a helmet to shape her head correctly. Her head is still misshapen at 4 months, so we are off to the specialist.No, this will not happen to all babies – however, if I knew there was a slight risk I would never have taken the chance.

Milagros Macy, IN

Don’t be scared of a flat head and transition to a crib.

I bought this product, used it for 4 months and loved it. I bought it based on 600+ 5-star reviews on Amazon. I had my reservations based on the 35 1-star reviews. My reservations were that (1) my baby will end up with a flat head and will have to wear a $3000 helmet indefinitely to fix it, and (2) if I use it every night my son will NEVER be able to sleep flat in the crib.I waited with this review until he no longer uses the sleeper to see and share with you whether any of the two fears above came true. As to fear #1, my son is 5 months now and we used the Rock ‘n Play sleeper every night and day for over 4 months and his head is perfectly round. As to fear #2, I was quite convinced my baby would not want to sleep in the crib because he was not used to sleeping flat on his back. I kept putting away the dreaded transition but at around 3.5 months he started rolling over and tried to roll over inside the rock n’ play. That was it, we moved him to the crib. The first night he woke up a couple of times but after that he was totally fine sleeping in the crib. For day naps he was a little more reluctant so we continued using the sleeper for the next couple of weeks. Now he sleeps and naps in the crib only.I’m totally going to use this with my next children. It’s lightweight so you can carry it around and have your newborn sleep by you when you’re cooking or taking a shower. It makes it easy to check if the baby is breathing (yes, EVERYBODY does it) since you see his/her face at all times. It’s also easy to take with you when you’re traveling. It promotes long stretches of sleep since your newborn is crunched up in it and doesn’t startle. My son slept swaddled for the first 12 weeks so we never used the straps. If he wasn’t swaddled I don’t think I would as the sound of snapping would probably wake him up.All in all, GET IT and don’t be scared of flat heads or crib transitioning. A sleeping baby means a well rested and happy mama, so do whatever works!!

Aimee Carmichael, CA


Despite the recall on this item, I really like it. Never had mold issues. It’s very easy to travel with, and is great because when baby is in it, you can push/pull them to their destination or it’s even light enough to carry them with it. Nice and simple, great price for how useful it is! Baby doesn’t mind sleeping in it, or sometimes just hanging out in it. There’s a little pocket around back, very convenient.

Karen Tanacross, AK

Bad for baby’s head/neck

I can’t belive this has not been recalled!! Its a horribol product and my baby has a flat head because of it!! Do NOT buy this sleeper!

Cindy Reliance, WY

my daughter is in a helmet

This rocker was awesome for the first few months of my daughter’s life. Now she is in a helmet. I wore her, did plenty of tummy time and she was only ever on her back when she was asleep. She developed plagiocephaly as a result of this sleeper. To be fair, she had tight neck muscles which meant she favoured one side but because this rocker restricts their movement so much, her head was always faced to the right and she developed a flat spot as a result. She will have to wear her helmet for at least 3 months and has cost me thousands. I will not be using this sleeper ever again!

Rose Westfield, MA

Only good with Snuzzler

By the time my daughter was 3 weeks old, my husband and I were getting desperate to find something she’s sleep more than 1 hr in at night, besides our arms.We tried:1. A cradle – she would start crying being lowered into it.2. A baby hammock – better, felt like she was still being held, but since she’s head-heavy she weighted down the head too much and would sound like she was choking if we put her down too soon after eating.3. This Rock and Play Sleeper – she was inclined, so she didn’t make the choking sounds, but she would start squirming and crying after 5 minutes because she was uncomfortable. It’s not well padded.4. An in-bed-cosleeper – just so we wouldn’t have to get out of bed to comfort her.5. This Rock and Play Sleeper WITH Snuzzler – dream come true! She slept for 3 hour stretches all night long from 9pm to 9am!I was really disappointed in this product when we tried it as-is. I wanted to like it and I’m so glad she loves it now that we added the snuzzler – I like that it’s elevated so our cats don’t bother her, I like that it glides easily on the carpet so I can scoot her around without waking her, I love that it’s compact and doesn’t take up lot of room, and I love the price!Finally sleep! Precious sleep!(4 stars because it needs another product added to it to make it comfortable)—–Update:3 months old, has acid reflux. We added a few prefold diapers (unfolded) between the plastic and the cover for a little extra cushion (they are the perfect size). The snuzzler makes it a bit too snug for her now so we are only using the head support part of it so that her head doesn’t slouch to the side. No flat spot or muscular problems. She only sleeps in there at night.

Alice La Palma, CA

No thanks.

After reading so many great reviews this was THE one thing I really wanted off my registry. However, I don’t see what everyone is so enthralled about. When we brought him home, I felt like he was too tiny for this thing. He ended up sleeping in my arms for the first month because he wouldn’t really sleep in it, which I truthfully didn’t mind. I wanted him in the same room as us. Once he kind of started sleeping in it, he started breathing really funny in his deep sleep stage. Then one night he literally was gasping for air the way he was positioned (properly I mind you). That was when I decided to start the crib and he has NO breathing issues. Now I know why the doctors recommend sleeping FLAT on their backs.

Lauren Sentinel, OK

Great product for the money!

We won this item in a raffle when our son was already 7 months old. I’d not known of this item previously, or I would have purchased it to use from birth. Our son is currently about 18-19 lbs., but I’m certain we will be able to get some good use out of it before he hits the weight limit of 25 lbs. Our baby has had some reflux issues and often couldn’t sleep unless he was in his swing (we have the Fisher Price Zen Swing, which we also love). The Zen swing has a weight limit of 25 lbs. (just like this item), but our son was outgrowing it lengthwise and had starting sitting up more and moving so that it was unsafe to operate the motor. I had considered giving this item away because I thought he would be too big for it, but not so. Our baby fits great and, what’s more, he really seems to like napping in it. He prefers it to napping in his crib and I can get my work done and have him right next to me.We usually keep the sleeper in the family room, which has thick carpeting. Because of this, I am able to easily slide the sleeper around the room – often with baby in it. The baby is fairly deep in the sleeper, so I do not fear him falling out when I am moving him across the floor. It is very stable, especially with the weight of the baby. If I take it to another room, I put the baby in his crib temporarily while moving the sleeper as I don’t think it was intended for carrying the baby that way. Our baby really likes when I sit in a chair, with him in the sleeper facing me, and I rock the sleeper gently with my foot. He watches me and slowly drifts off to sleep. If he is awake, I can keep him close by, and he is comforted by being able to see and/or hear me. Another advantage is if I’m watching television, I can face him away so he does not get overstimulated (and I can watch an occasional show or the news). We have not used it for night sleeping since our baby is fairly used to sleeping in his crib now, but for daytime napping this is now my go-to item. In fact, my son is sleeping in it right now as I’m writing this and rocking the sleeper with my foot.Update (March 2010):We just took this with us on a trip and it was great in the hotel room as well. Since our baby is used to it, I think it helped him adapt to being in an unfamiliar place. We used this during the day if we were in the room for a bit. We also brought our pack ‘n play for him to sleep in at night, but he napped in this.

Shelley Harper, TX

Don’t use this if you want to transition to a crib…

I would give this product 3.5 stars if I could. When we first got it our baby was about 2 months old. She was suffering from some acid reflux and would often spit up in her sleep while lying flat. We tried elevating her bassinet but that didn’t work. She never slept for more than 20-30 minutes flat in a bassinet or crib. This sleeper was a lifesaver. Her first night she slept 5 or 6 hours straight in it. Now, she sleeps at least 6-8 hours straight, wakes up for a bottle, and sleeps again for another 2-3 hours. But my only complaint is that it really isn’t suitable for babies for a long period of time. While I enjoyed sleeping while she slept for long periods, she is now addicted to the sleeper (she’s 5 mos). It’s been really hard weaning her off it! This sounds silly, but it’s a huge transition to go from this inclined, cozy, rocking sleep environment to a stiff mattress in a large crib. Any tips other parents have, I would welcome them! That’s the only reason I give it 4 stars, I’d recommend parents only use it sparingly to help babies get their acid reflux flare ups under control and maybe for occassional naps. It was a lifesaver, so I can’t complain, but now I have some regrets. Again, any tips on how to wean babies off this sleeper would be appreciated!!! :)I’m updating my previous review, which I’m not sure alot of people do for this product. So I finally transitioned my 6-month old to a crib from this sleeper. It was sooo painful, with many nights of crying. Although it helped in the short-term, I really regret using the rock n play. The transition is too hard. Now that she’s in a crib, I also see how much it was restricting her movement, which is necessary for infants to settle into sleep. For this reason, I’m downgrading the review to 2 stars. It really wasn’t worth it in the end.

Carole Hendricks, WV

Awesome for everything but sleep

I read all the reviews, decided not to buy this because of the whole flat head issue and then when my baby was about 6-8 weeks old I went ahead and bought it, telling myself she would not sleep in it to avoid those issues. She is now 4 months old and I am so glad I bought it. First of all, I don’t let her sleep in this unless she accidentally falls asleep in it. This has been a life saver for me, though. She is so comfortable in it that I can put her in it and do things like wash the dishes, eat breakfast, and go to the bathroom. She even hangs out in it while I shower (typically this is where her accidental naps occur). Before this, I just had a mamaroo and she really didn’t tolerate that for more than 5 minutes at a time (waste of money). I do admit that I have to watch myself and try not to OVER USE this thing, but it is great for keeping her safe and comfy while I get a few things done here and there. It’s also great for keeping her from spitting up right after meals if I need to put her down for a moment.

Ashleigh Endeavor, WI

Is great, but……………………

Beware. This item is a miracle worker and my newborn slept in it so well, night, day. We could take it to friends houses when we visited and she would nap so well, it was too good to be true, and yes it was. It gave my daughter a flat head. When I addressed her head shape with my pediatrician he asked me where and how she slept. As soon as I mentioned this rocker, he said ‘oh’. Apparently he has other patients with the same head issue and they all use this rocker. hmmmmm. I was devastated as she loved it, so i had to begin day time nap sleep training to get her out of this and into the crib and after a few weeks, her head showed a huge improvement.

Sally Marion, NC

Convenient and portable

I love this little rocker. It is very lightweight and portable and the incline is perfect for my reflux cursed newborn. The rocking component is very basic and simple, but once he is asleep, no need for rocking.I like the seat belt feature as it will make this purchase last a little longer than a few months.He likes to sit in it as well as it gives him a better view than flat on his backThe reasons I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 are these….1. I find it a little cumbersome to collapse (though maybe should be a pro for safety reasons, but I am thinking of my use)2. I do wish it had a vibration feature of some automatic rocking button (but the simplicity I am sure keeps the price low)All in all, I am happy with this purchase, but would not say it is a must have.

Jacqueline Houston, PA

A great product for any reasonably prudent parent.

We lovingly refer to this rocker as “The Head Flattener” in our household, as a darkly humorous nod to all the one star reviews by grossly neglectful parents. This is not a crib, and it’s not a replacement for actually holding your newborn! I’m reading one-star reviews that describe leaving the newborn in it for 12-14 hours a day! Are you kidding me?! Why did you even have a baby if you can’t be bothered to hold it or pay attention to it. We love this rocker! Our girl spends just a few hours a day in it when we both have our hands full or when we want to cuddle and watch a movie. It’s light and portable, great for keeping her close by while we cook/eat dinner or while we’re working on projects. When it’s time for her to sleep for long periods, she goes into the crib. We also spend a lot of time holding our girl and playing with her. The idea that someone would leave a newborn unattended for so long in this rocker is just sad on many levels. Maybe adjust your priorities a little so you can pick up your baby and spend time with them during this critical period. It’s not the firm structural bottom of the rocker that’s giving your baby a flat head, it’s the hours upon hours of lying motionless. Any surface will do the same thing if you leave your child there long enough. We highly recommend this product to any parent who just needs a break for a couple hours.

Imogene Pala, CA

read this first!!!

For starters, we no longer use this sleeper only because our Son is now 18 months but I had to write this regarding some other reviews regarding head deformities. Our Son’s Dr recommended that we place a small towel or thin blanket between the padding and back board to prevent a flat spot. We did just that and our Son slept in this sleeper all night until he was 5months old and able to roll and sit up. The blanket added extra cushioning and prevented a flat spot. He never had any issues with his neck muscles either. There are other, more deluxe versions of this sleeper out now with little head pillows so maybe enough customers complained about the board.

Louella Wymore, NE

short use

could only use it until baby was 4 or 5 months, then he started getting up or trying to roll out…so stopped using. nice to have by the bed

Kathie Knob Noster, MO

Lifesaver for tired mamas!

Update: My son is now 13 months old. He slept in his rocker every night until he was about 6-7 months old (I can’t remember exactly). His head is shaped perfectly and he has no signs of plagiocephaly or torticollis. As I mentioned below, I’m not discounting others’ experiences, I’m just saying that they’re not universal. Use your best judgment. :-)***********I love this rocker, and more importantly, so does my son. He has mild reflux, and we definitely noticed an improvement when he started sleeping in this more often. I like that it’s approved for sleeping – so many people go for the swing, but my LO likes to be swaddled, and you can’t strap them in that way. I hadn’t worried about it too much until my sister’s son, only one month old, flipped himself out of his swing while swaddled! Thankfully he was fine, but it showed me how unsafe it could be.One of the great things about this rocker is how portable it is. It folds up to go just about anywhere, but it also slides easily across the floor (carpet moreso than tile). We start in his nursery at night, then bring him in our room at bedtime. Picking him up to move him wakes him up every time, but he doesn’t even stir in the rocker.I’ve read the concerns about plagiocephaly and torticollis. I don’t know how much is because of the rocker, and how much is just that babies spend so much time on their backs and some may be more susceptible to these problems than others. Unlike a lot of reviewers, we didn’t start using this until my son was six weeks old, and he didn’t start sleeping in it regularly until about 10 weeks (we coslept before that). He already had a little flatness to his head before he even used the rocker for the first time. I truly don’t think the rocker made it any worse. I did put a boppy noggin nest in there for awhile, and it actually improved. He’s four months old now, sleeps in the rocker almost every night, and his pediatrician had absolutely no concerns about his head shape at his four month checkup.I’m not discounting the experiences others have had. I’m just saying that the flatness problem is not universal. Be vigilant, keep an eye on your baby’s head, and if you see something you’re not comfortable with, discontinue use of the product. I wouldn’t automatically write it off.

Phoebe Mount Dora, NM

This is the gift I give at every baby shower.

I’ve had the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper for four months now (as that is the age of our daughter). At first, she hated to sleep on a flat surface so she slept in this sleeper from birth until 2 months old. At 2 months she liked to stretch out and she transitioned seamlessly to her crib. We absolutely could not have lived without this product. It is super portable, lightweight, and easily able to rock with your foot when your baby stirs. Now we use it in the kitchen as a seat when we are cooking, eating, etc. I like that it is fairly deep and we aren’t worried about her wiggling out of it like other bouncy seats we have. She honestly loves it. I read the other reviews about flat-head and threatening mold on this product, but we haven’t had any trouble with that at all. As stated earlier, she slept exclusively in this (17 hours a day in the beginning) and her head has always been perfectly round but I did keep an eye out for it. At this price point, this is definitely on my MUST BUY list for new parents.

Shelia Rogers, TX

Absolute godsend

For the first 4 months of his life, this was my son’s bed. I looked everywhere for some kind of bassinet that inclined slightly to reduce reflux, and after reading the reviews on here we decided to give it a try. Could NOT be more pleased! The sides are VERY well-vented (similar to the Breathable Bumper), which I believe probably helps to reduce the risk of SIDS, and the padding is quite comfortable. Yes, there is a firm plastic part in the bottom, but babies are supposed to sleep on a firm surface and this never caused our little boy any discomfort. He has never developed a a flat head or torticollis and was able to move his head freely… perhaps a less strong baby would not be able to do so, I don’t know, but our baby slept in it the day he came home from the hospital and for 4 months afterward and was fine. He slept in it until he really started rolling over and did not want to be contained by the buckle anymore, and then we put him in a crib. He is now seven months and so far has been either early or right on track as far as rolling, sitting, crawling, etc, so although a minority of other reviewers claim this product could somehow stunt growth I certainly haven’t seen such a thing in our home! You definitely want to use the buckle once they start moving to prevent slouching and trying to roll, which means no sleep sacks, but if you need to swaddle you can do this with the Miracle Blanket (you can keep the legs free with the Miracle Blanket…I also love that product, but that’s for another review).You cannot knock this over unless you INTENTIONALLY grab it by the legs and flip it over. I’ve tried bumping it from every angle, and other than a nice gentle rocking nothing happens. As for that rocking, if our son stirred in his sleep he would create that gentle movement and it would usually lull him back to sleep. Of course this only works on hardwood floors, not so much on thick carpet.The last thing is that it’s washable. The instructions say that only the top padding is machine washable. However, the person who bought this for us from our registry was a smoker and it came to us reeking of smoke. I was afraid the store wouldn’t take it back smelling like that, and my only other option was to wash it. So I took the whole thing apart, washed the metal legs by hand and put both the top padding and the bottom plastic/fabric part on the gentle cycle in my top loader with as much water as possible. Twice. Worked like a charm. No more smoke smell, and it didn’t hurt the sleeper at all. Took a bit of work putting it back together, but that took no more than ten minutes or so. After that I only needed to wash the top part when he spit up or peed in it. But it was nice to know I could wash the whole thing! I only let the bottom part air dry though, didn’t want to chance putting it in the dryer.Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend this product!Update: Our second baby, who also hated sleeping flat on his back, did start to develop a slight flat spot in this, but thanks to another Amazon reviewer I quickly managed to nip that in the bud by using the Boppy Noggin Nest slipped underneath the padding (also by giving him more frequent tummy time during the day and encoraging him to turn his head more in both directions). His head is perfectly round now…so I’d highly recommend using this in conjunction with the Noggin Nest if you need to!

Christine Raymond, MT

Great for reflux, colds, travel!

Pros:- Lightweight- angled upright to help babies with reflux or congestion- folds almost flat to stick in car and take to grandma’s so mom & dad can have a night out- deep so that baby is snuggled up tight. Great to swaddle and then tuck in for good sleep.Cons:- yellow & pink color options aren’t very exciting or modern. Saw that there’s a snug a bunny option too, but I’m a little tired of bunny earsWe have used this rocker for almost 5 months off an on. We do not use it all the time though. Haven’t experienced any flat-head issues. 1st couple months was great to have in our bedroom so he could sleep nearby. Also helped with reflux issues. Now that our baby is almost 5 months old and is going through his first cold, used it to keep him in our room next to warm humidifier so I could check on him easily throughout night. Was a gift from my registry. Highly recommend.

Kitty Erie, IL

Flat head

My son slept in this during night time only from birth until 6 weeks. At that point, I had to discontinue the use of the sleeper. He was getting a rather noticeable flat spot on his head. He always tilted his head to one side of the sleeper, and that side was getting flat. Six weeks after we stopped using the rock and play, the flat spot went away.Honestly, I did read the negative reviews before I bought this product. However, I figured some people always like to complain about something. But in my case, as soon as I noticed the flat spot I immediately remembered these reviews and stopped using this product. Luckily there was no permanent damage done.

Madge Hurdland, MO

Great product!

I bought this to replace my regular bassinet because my newborn seems to prefer to sleep on a slight incline. We went from her being up all night to only getting up twice for her feedings!!Furthermore, it’s very light and folds right up, so anywhere we go, it goes. I was very happy with this product, and the affordable price that went with it.

Erma Benedict, MN

Best Cradle!

I wish we had this the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital! She suffered from reflux and would not sleep lying flat on her back (40 min. max at a time). We were hoping she would sleep in the bassinet part of our play-yard, but that was not working for us. We couldn’t get the right elevation and I think the space was still too open for her to feel comfortable. After a few weeks of her sleeping in our arms or swaddled and sleeping in the car seat, we found this cradle. She slept for hours! She was elevated and the design seemed to make her feel snug and safe. It was such a relief! The cradle is also the perfect bedside height. I can pull the cradle closer or push it away to get out of bed without disturbing my daughter. I can reach over to comfort her or put her pacifier back in her mouth without ever getting out of bed or even having to sit up – great at 2am! At 4 1/2 months, she still sleeps swaddled in this cradle. She’s about 14lbs and 25in right now and still fits comfortably in the cradle. However, she is fast outgrowing it so we’re hoping to transition to the crib soon. This cradle travels well too. It folds easily and is light weight. It’s been to my parents and my in-laws several times for weekend visits. It fits well in the trunk of my car. The “legs” also disassemble easily if you need to package it into an even smaller space.

Peggy East Islip, NY


Fisher price just recalled this product for mold related problem. Check consumer recall site. Don’t buy it before you check.

Jennie Petersburg, VA

So far, so good …

We bought this for our one month-old daughter, who suffers from excessive spitting-up and reflux. Our pediatrician recommended putting her to sleep (or lie down) at a 30-degree angle — especially after feeding — to allow gravity to keep her milk down. This R&P; Sleeper is set at the perfect angle for babies with reflux. Now, after I breastfeed and burp our little-one in the middle of the night, I don’t have to worry about her spitting-up and coughing/choking when she’s lying flat on her back in her bassinet. I just pop her in the R&P; sleeper (we’re able to use the restraint buckles even when she’s swaddled) with peace-of-mind … and get some much-needed sleep!The only reason I didn’t give this item a 5-star rating is that — as other reviewers have stated — the area behind the baby’s head is pretty hard, even with the Sleeper’s pad. Our daughter already tends to favor resting/sleeping on one side of her head, so in order to prevent her from developing flat-head or torticollis, we bought a Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support to use with the Sleeper.Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support, Brown Wheels(We actually purchased the Boppy Noggin Nest special edition for Pottery Barn Kids … it’s very similar to this one, except that it has an extra detachable insert for newborns that provides additional lateral head support). Boppy cautions against using its head support for sleeping babies because it presents a suffocation risk. So we only use the Boppy head support in the R&P; Sleeper when we’re awake and can monitor our daughter while she naps during the daytime. Overnight, when we’re asleep, we just tuck a folded-up receiving blanket between the Sleeper’s pad and the hard back-rest beneath it. (That way, there’s no suffocation risk for our baby, and she can’t get to the blanket since it’s well tucked away out-of-reach).So far, our baby girl seems comfortable resting and sleeping in the R&P; Sleeper. (*KNOCKING ON WOOD*) It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of her pack-and-play, electronic swing or bouncy-seat (e.g., mobile, music, etc.), but she seems to enjoy being there nonetheless. Things can change at the drop of a hat with infants, so I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this lasts (LOL)!

Jolene Buna, TX

It’s not that special

All of the glowing reviews convinced me to buy this to use for my newborn. I wanted to have something for her to sleep in next to me but a bassinet was not an option. This is cheaper, plus it has the ability to rock the baby. I didn’t realize beforehand that you have to manually rock it. My baby is a newborn, which means that I get no sleep, so I wish I had known that before because I would have saved to get one of those swings instead of this. Manually rocking this thing when you’re half asleep is annoying. As soon as I stop, baby is crying again. For some reason my baby snores in this thing, which kind of concerns me. She doesn’t snore when sleeping anywhere else. Also, my baby never seemed comfortable in the rocker by itself so I had to add the Snuzzler insert, which helps a little. Yes, she cries less in this than in her crib or sleeping in my bed and she spits up less, but if I had it to do over I would have splurged on a swing.

Jamie Denver, CO

I wish I had heeded the advice of the many reviews about

how this product is too hard for the head. I bought this before my baby was born. For his first 2weeks at home he slept in this at night. And yes, he slept for 4-5 hr stretches which was fantastic.But after 2 weeks I noticed that his head shape had turned funny. I don’t know how to describe it but it was as if his forehead was protruding too much and he was getting a flat spot in the back. In the daytime he was in the Chicco carseat w/the proper head support and the rest of the time I held him on my belly with his stomach lying on me so that couldn’t of been it. And when feeding him I alternated sides as told to do. Then I remembered all the reviews about the “head” issues and I stopped using the product.I did notice in the store that the newer versions have more cushioning so I guess they did something to correct the problem. My son is 5 months old and his head has returned to a nice shape. The flat spot is barely visible anymore.So before buying this use your own judgement. I only give it 2 stars because your baby will most likely sleep well in it.

Bette Charleston, WV

I would give this ten stars if I could! Best gift ever.

I had put this on my baby registry after reading so many glowing reports. I also read the ones about flat head and neck problems, so I kept that in mind. I received two at my shower, and was going to return one. I am SO GLAD I had two!! One was kept at Grandma and Grandpa’s for when she spent time there and the other stayed at home. I had purchased a bassinet for our daughter and wanted her to sleep in that so bad. But after two weeks of fragmented sleep and constant spitting up due to acid reflux, I finally brought the Rock ‘N Play to our room in a moment of desperation. Instantly, she was soothed and was asleep within minutes. For FOUR HOURS. This had never happened before in her 2 week life. I don’t know why I waited so long, I guess because I was worried about flat head. Our daughter is now 7 months old and though I did manage to transition her to her crib (just last month), we still use the RNP when she wants a quick nap. She really is too big for it now and can also sit up on her own, so sadly I think our use of the RNP is about to end. It has been a LIFESAVER for us for the past 7 months, and her head is still fine. Just keep your eye on your baby’s head if you use this and if you get one sign of flat head, stop using it then. A must have for babies with reflux or stuffy noses! My favorite gift(s) I received!

Rosie Buffalo, WV