Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker

Use from newborn to toddler It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame—very appropriate for newborns! You can easily convert it to an infant seat with bat-at toys overhead. For soothing and naptime, switch on calming vibrations. Then, as your child grows, the toy bar easily removes and it becomes a toddler rocking chair! A removable, machine washable and dryer safe seat pad makes it easy to clean. Additional features include a secure three-point restraint, adjustable seat back, fold-out kickstand and 3-position seat recline. Folds for easy portability and storage. Easy adjustments (and a removable toy bar) let you convert it from a rocker to stationary seat with three position recline. View larger Overhead toys provide bat-at play. When it’s time to relax, switch on soothing vibrations. View larger Then, as your child grows, the toy bar easily removes and it becomes a toddler rocking chair. Features include a secure three-point restraint, adjustable seat back, fold-out kickstand and 3-position seat recline. View larger Toy bar removes for toddlers to sit and play. View larger A removable, machine washable and dryer safe seat pad makes it easy to clean. View larger When it’s time for rest, a deep cradle seat helps baby to feel comfortable, safe, and secure. When it’s time for play, colorful toys, friendly characters, and delightful music and sounds help stimulate baby’s senses. Right from the start, your baby will listen to and respond to your voice. Use this connection to point things out about the rocker—the colors, the movement, and the characters overhead. Features Use from newborn to toddler—up to 18 kg (40 lbs.) Change from rocker to stationary seat with fold-out kickstand 3-position seat recline Adjustable seat back and calming vibrations soothe younger babies Toy bar removes for toddlers to sit & play Folds easily for portability or storage Two overhead toys encourage interactive play Removable, machine washable, and dryer safe seat pad Secure, three-point restraint Requires 1 D battery

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Coverts from rocker to baby seat for feeding or lounging
  • Calming vibrations calm soothe baby
  • Toy bar includes two hanging toys for playtime
  • Soft goods are machine washable and dryer safe
  • Reclining canopy provides comfort for newborns

Verified reviews


Great for 5 months to toddler

As the product description says, the seat “vibrates”, it does not self-rock. My baby didn’t find the vibrations particularly “soothing”, but he and I love the rest of the seat’s features, like the semi-sitting position (the middle inclined setting), the colorful pattern, and the attached toys; and I look forward to being able to use this seat through his toddler years.I bought this rocker instead of a similar one also made by Fisher Price because this one has stoppers on the front end that prevent the seat from rocking so far forward that the baby could tip out. The seat is quite a bit lower than the Fisher Price bassinet rocker that we had been borrowing for the first few months, but this seat is almost identical to the ones used by our daycare for naps.Overall, I’m quite happy with this purchase.

Mabel Nickerson, KS

Good rocker. Will be good to have better ventilation

We bought two of this rocker, one to be used at my parents’ place and the other at in-laws’. My son likes it but we rarely use it due to the poor ventilation on the back part.

Lilly Loch Sheldrake, NY


Very happy to find that this chair is the newer version of the fisher price toddler chair. I like the stopper on the front that prevents tipping forward. Also the vibrations is much stronger than the fisher price bouncer that I have. It’s not that huge either and its not like the bouncer legs that I stub my toe on.I like the color. I was scared it was going to be an obnoxious green but it’s not as neon green as it is in the picture. It came out pretty cute actually. I bought this for my three month old daughter- I first had the bouncer and never knew this existed- otherwise, I probably would have gotten this in the first place. I bought this in addition to my bouncer so I have a chair for her upstairs and downstairs. In the future, if she outgrows the bouncer I will probably buy her another one of these. Right now, I am only going to use it with the legs down and not as a rocker. You shouldn’t put your child in the rocker unless they are able to put their legs on the floor (in my opinion).I am going to use it for my daughter to nap in ( I added a snuzzler so she is more snug) and eat in as well. The only thing that I didn’t like about this chair is that in order to adjust to various levels you need two people. There are two button that you press on the front of both its legs and the back of the chair collapses backwards pretty hard and fast. And oh, the “levels” are seriously a decline of 2 centimeters. It’s not that far apart from one level to the next. That’s the only negative that I see right now.Overall I am pleased with my purchase!

Gladys Lopez Island, WA

A Chair for My Grandson

We bought this chair for our grandson to use. It was useful early, at two to three months, as a place to put him down. Its adjustable back allows it to be almost horizontal. The built in vibrator seemed to calm him on even his fussier days. As he grew older he used the toys on the detachable arm to develop first his batting and then his grasping skills. Now that he’s older he continues to use it as a seat. An excellent, versatile product. Recommended.

Karla Cimarron, CO

Nice product

This is a nice rocker, but the toys dangle a little too close to my babies head and I can’t lift him out or put him in without hitting his head on the toys. It is a nice rocker though, I just wish it didn’t have the toys that hang too close.

Sherrie Randolph, IA

A bargain on this seat!

This is a real bargain on a nice, sturdy bouncer/rocker. One thing that I would change is the arm that holds the toys does not swing out of the way. You have to take it off to get Baby out of the seat. However, I am not knocking any stars off for that, because at this price, it’s a steal. I don’t really think it works as a toddler seat. My 18 month old granddaughter has tried to sit in it, but can’t really seat herself in it without falling.

Luann Ceiba, PR

Baby loves it

This rocker is great. I purchased it not long after my son was born. He’s now 3 months and we use this rocker frequently. We still have it on the flattest setting but bump it up when he’s in the mood to ‘talk’ and watch what’s going on around him. He can still sleep in it for naps. I love that it supports up to 40lbs and will convert to a toddler chair. Best purchase yet.

Carissa Delano, PA

Good Deal

After considering some of the products out there, I decided on this one. This purchase is for when the grandchildren stay with me, so I wanted something that would be useful for more than a short period of time. Was able to put it together in no time, all you need is a screwdriver.

Marjorie Guild, NH