Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

The Aquarium Bouncer features a toybar with a see-thru water tank that bubbles and lights as characters move inside. The tank features two lights and two air jets so that two fish kiss and a starfish spins. Two hanging toys feature bright colors, textures, a spinner and removable teethers to develop baby’s sense of sight and touch. The bouncer plays 3 soothing sounds (rolling seashore, babbling brook and spring rain) and 3 ‘new age’ soothing songs to soothe and entertain baby and develop baby’s sense of sound. Two modes of play with volume control: baby can activate three sound effects and short songs when he bats at toys, or continuous play of sound or music with a 10 minute timeout. Lights and bubbler may be turned off. Toybar can be removed and calming vibrations for naptime. The softgood pad is machine washable.

Main features

  • The tank features two lights and two air jets so that two fish kiss and a starfish spins
  • Two hanging toys feature bright colors, textures, a spinner and removable teethers to develop baby’s sense of sight and touch
  • Two modes of play with volume control: baby can activate three sound effects and short songs when he bats at toys
  • Age range birth to 3 Years

Verified reviews



We have not had ANY luck with Fisher-Price products. When this P.O.S. worked for about 6 short weeks though, it was a good product. Ours broke without warning, and now the aquarium part does not work at all. We get music, sound effects, and the blinking lights, but no bubbles and fish/starfish movement. It really sucks to see (and hear) the dissapointment on our baby’s face as the aquarium suddenly stopped working! Also, our other bouncer, a Fisher-Price ‘Flutter & Chime’ bouncer, has this plastic bird that vibrates excessively and makes a loud, annoying noise. It is not affixed properly to the product to begin with. We also were dissapointed in the Fisher-Price ‘Aquarium Cradle Swing’, since the swing goes much too fast, even on the slowest setting. All in all, 3 different products by Fisher-Price, and all fell short in expectations and useability. Bottom line- look elsewhere for a better quality bouncer. Clearly, Fisher-Price quality is not too good on many of their seemingly shoddy products.UPDATE: 1/2/2006 After taking this thing apart, and fixing the loose connections inside, I have been using this the past few weeks, and yesterday, my 13 pound, 4.5 month old daughter managed to thrust her head over the side of this bouncer, and she hit the floor! Despite tightening the straps to the correct length! Folks, even if you are there supervising your infant, they can thrust themselves off the sides and get hurt. All it takes is a second. This is a FLAWED and DANGEROUS product! There should be some sort of side-guards or higher side bolsters in order to keep infants from falling off the side. I was lucky in this case, since my infant apparently did not get hurt. I am throwing this product out immediately, and destroying it so nobody else gets their hands on it. It’s that potentially dangerous! Just read every other review here. So many others have mentioned the same shortcoming. This product should be taken off the market immediately!

Lou Lakeshore, MS

Poor Quality

Piece of junk. Very noisy. Poor quality. I took it back and got another brand.

Elena Kingdom City, MO

Child Falls Out

My daughter is now 3 months old and has fallen out of this about 4 times. She is strapped in and correctly positioned, but the straps do not hold a baby in place to where she can’t fling herself over the side. Just last week I looked over at her and her head was hanging over the side while her feet were still on the bouncer. The toy bar gets old fast, and already she is not interested in it. The only good thing about this chair is the vibration, but definately not worth the $40.

Anne Santa Clarita, CA


My friend had one that my son loved to watch and play with at two so when my daughter came along the durable, entertaining seat won us over. Fisher Price is almost always a sure bet and a bouncy seat is used all over the house, keeping little ones in place and amused. My only problem is my son still loves to play with it and I will likely need to invest in Duracel! Batteries, batteries, batteries!No faults in my book.

Adrian Colo, IA

Go Cheaper

We used this bouncy for everything! watching TV, eating, playing, We hardly used the arch, it got in the way and the toys would sometime bop the baby in the head. so I would say if you can find a cheaper one that does the same thing go for it. all the bells and whistles on this one are just ok. the feature we used the most was the vibration that’s all you really need.

Nelly Romulus, MI


The only thing I don’t like about this bouncer is that it doesn’t fold up or make it easy to travel with. Unless you want to take it apart. It is entertaining and fun for babies though and the battery life last a long time.

Freda Alden, IL

I Don’t Feel This Is A Completely Safe Product

Like some other reviewers, my baby fell sideways out of this bouncer. The first time she was 6 WEEKS OLD! She started crying and we looked up to see her hanging upside down over the side. She was still strapped in. We thought maybe it was our fault – that we left the straps too loose – which we didn’t. After that we double- and triple-checked that those straps were snug around her hips every time. Still, it happened two more times!!! Once soon after the first incident, and another when she was a month or so older and we (mistakenly) thought her balance was better. It turns out it was the product, not us.It wasn’t the tightness of the straps, but the straps are part of the problem. The are thin and sit very low on the baby’s sides. Instead of holding her upright they simply kept her bottom on the seat. She was still able to bend at the hips. In addition, the unit itself sits very straight. It was easy for her to lean beyond the center of gravity, and since the straps did nothing to prevent her from tumbling right over, off the side she went. We ended up boxing her in with two large pillows on either side of her whenever she was in it. We still used the vibration function, but we couldn’t use it as a bouncer.In it’s modified state, we got around 4-5 months of use out of it. For a while she napped in it every day. It was good for when we started solid foods, because she was not so reclined as to make feeding difficult. When she got older she liked the activity bar, but without the hanging toys. (They hung too close to her and she got annoyed with them always swinging right in her face.) I am giving this product three stars because these were useful features, and other parents may find them to be important.I think I need to stress that we never left our child unattended in this seat. The three times my child fell we were right there in the room with her. We never placed it on a raised surface, she was always strapped in securely – and in the last two cases had rolled blankets on either side of her for added support. She was not at an age where she was trying to sit up. As I write this she is 15 months old and, even though she left her bouncer behind many months ago, she has not yet reached the 25 pound maximum so we know her size was never an issue. Other reviewers may be quick to chalk up my experience and that of others who found themselves in similar situations as careless or inattentive. They would be wrong.The whole reason I am writing this particular review is because I feel a responsibility to warn other parents. They need to be aware that this can and does happen through no fault of their own, regardless of how vigilant they may be. Sure, it may never happen, but if you are not comfortable with the risk, look for a different bouncer.I chose this bouncer because my sister had the exact same one. She loved it, and NEVER had a problem. Most reviewers have never had a problem, but I have, and it scared the life out of me! I noticed that the fabric had changed on the new model, so I checked it out at the store. They did not make any changes to the straps, and it appeared to sit as upright as the one we have. As far as I’m concerned, no amount of “adorable fish” or “cute lullabies” is going to make up for the design flaws.We purchased the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker for use at my parents house. We were much more comfortable putting her in this. The seat was deeper, it held her in a more reclined position, and the strap came up over her belly. The activity bar wasn’t right in her face so she enjoyed the toys more.We made changes so that the seat was safer with our first child, but with this next one we are just going to buy another FP Rocker for our house. We don’t want to worry all the time. We will be throwing away the Aquarium Bouncer, because if we won’t use it for safety concerns, we couldn’t in good conscience pass it on to someone else.

Miranda Oakley, UT

Made me nervous- but she loves it

My girlfriend has this for her newborn and absolutely loves it. The baby loves the aquarium thing and my friend swears this bouncer is the only reason she gets to take a shower. However, I was over the house one night along with a friend of hers who has a two year old. Thank God the baby wasn’t in the bouncer at the time, but the 2yr old tripped over the bouncer and flattened it making it not bounce anymore. It just seems a little flimsy for $45. Her husband and a friend had to pull it back out, but still. It should be able to withstand that kind of thing. This is probably great for people with no other children but if this is your second child or more, you might want to get something sturdier.

Terra Rock Cave, WV

Loves it!

My 7 week old girl loves to sit and watch the bubbles and rotating starfish. The vibrations are perfect and generally soothes her.There are only 2 reasons for giving it 4 stars and not 5. The green seahorse that hangs from the aquarium hangs too low where my infant will unintentionally kick it with her shin. We cannot figure out how to take it off without breaking it, so we’ve elevated it with some rubber bands. The seat is also not as comfortable for infants like the Papasan swing (we have the swing and she sits so snug in it without sliding). She does slide to the side and down when the bouncer is on. We would have exchanged it for the Papasan bouncer for this reason, but the aquarium motions have proven to be priceless. It would also be nice if the aquarium part would remove and continue to work without being attached so we could lean it on the wall of our changing table or other places.But in all, well worth it!

Eunice Penrose, NC

Love my bouncer!

This is a great Bouncer. My daughter loved the vibrations and watching the fish swim by. When she was older she loved to bat at the objects hanging down. When all else failed i would put her in the bouncer and she would fall asleep. The music was calm and relaxing and she could spend hours in there.

Marisol Parthenon, AR

I really love this seat!

This really has been a wonderful addition to our home and our baby always loved this. He would sit and watch the little fishies spin and listen to the music or the bubbling sound effects. He never seemed to be bored! I would feed him in this and after his meal, attach the toy bar and have at least 15 minutes to straighten up and clean up. It worked great for me to catch 10 minutes here and there. Sometimes he would even fall asleep when I would use the vibrating feature.Luca used this from about 2 months until about 9 months and I changed the batteries 3 times.I liked having the ability to change the sounds from music to water effects. This bouncer enables you to put it in interactive mode where your infant’s movements will cause the toy bar to react with lights and sounds. Perhaps around 5 months,my little guy discovered and really enjoyed this feature. All your baby has to do is wiggle or kick their little feet while seated in this and their little movements will make the toy bar react. You can also switch the toy bar’s lights and sounds into a continuous mode. This is great for when your baby is younger.I was sorry when my son outgrew this because it was something he enjoyed so very much.Our neighbor is now using it for their 3 month old daughter and they love it as much as we did.One final and wonderful feature of this is the ease of removing the pad the great way the fabric washes. Mine was always in the washer and dryer and never shrunk or faded! The plastic cleaned extremely well. After 6 months of continuous use and cleaning, this product looks brand new!Very, very pleased with this!

Francis Plains, MT

My baby loves it!!

My 3 month old son just loves this bouncer seat! He never seems to get sick of the aquarium scene. He loves the twirling starfish & the bubbles. A great feature is that you can switch from music to ocean waves to rain, etc. He stays entertained & will sit in it for long periods of time without fussing. He falls asleep in it alot, too. This is great for when you need time to do things around the house & cant hold your baby. It’s easy to pick up & move (with him in it!). You can even remove the aquarium panel & just have it as a seat which is nice, too. I recommend this bouncer seat!

Delores Hagaman, NY

Best Bouncer Around

I don’t own this bouncer…yet, but at daycare my son just loves this chair. We have the Eddie Bauer bouncer chair that has the zip-up mosquito net and he absolutely hates it.But with this chair (at daycare) he just sits there mesmerized by the lights, sounds and sights-he stares at it, giggles and ‘talks’ to it. He knows that when he moves his feet, he makes the chair bounce all by himself-the chair at home barely moves. It’s very comfy for him to sit in as well and I just love it all the way around. We will be purchasing this chair for home in a matter of days.

Cheryl Tallevast, FL

good for less active playtime

Our daughter started using this bouncer at about 2 months. First, she just stared at the fish and listened to the music. Gradually, she has begun playing with the swinging parts and she can make it work on the “baby” setting. Still, we have another bouncer that has hanging objects but no music and it seems to give her more active, thinking exploration than this bouncer.

Roseann Port O Connor, TX

Ocean Wonders truly are a Wonder

This is my favorite bouncer. My daughter was mesmerized by it from the very beginning. At 3 months she still stares at the fish swimming about. The vibration feature is great to relax and lull your little one to sleep. The only negative thing I can comment on is the motor is a little loud, but not enough for me not to love the product. I especially love the variety of music and nature sounds. The Ocean Wonders line is truly “wonderful”!

Catalina Winston, MT

Great Bouncer

Great because:My daughter loves it! It’s really colorful and looks like a lot of fun!Why only 4 stars? Only gripe:-Not portable. You can stuff it in your car or SUV, but the bouncer doesn’t fold up easily. Otherwise, excellent pick!

Ada Mendota, VA

love it!

i received this as a baby shower gift and love it. my daughter at first was too small for it, being born only at 5 lbs 13 oz, but eventually fit into it. she loved watching the bubbles on the front toy compartment. definitely recommend this as a must have.

Dominique Midland, OH


I love this bouncer. It is reasonably priced and works great. It was named #1 by American Baby this year. I love the different sounds it makes and my baby loves watching the fish. It also has a feature for responding to your baby. Great bouncy seat!!!

Latonya Thelma, KY

Absolutely a Godsend!

I got this bouncer as a gift. It has been absolutely wonderful and I could not imagine life without it. The music is soothing and the seat is comfortable and washable. I love how I can change the sounds or let my son turn it on by himself when he bats at a toy in the baby-activated mode. He has fallen asleep in it on many occasions and while he’s in it he’s happy. Th volume control is also great because you can keep it low for yonger babies. Fisher-Price also has excellent customer service. Something got damaged while my 3 year old nephew was jamming in the toybar the wrong way. I called them and they promptly sent out a new toy bar and when that didnt work they sent out a new motor. I was very impressed and pleased with their service as well as with this product. I can not say enough about this bouncer…a must have!!

Jeanne Sandusky, NY

Great to watch for a newborn, older kids might get frustrated

This bouncer has been great with just a few drawbacks. When my daughter was one month old we started putting her in this and now at nearly six months old she still finds the ‘dancing fish’ entertaining. Now that she is at the stage that she wants to reach and play however she finds the toys hovering over her knees difficult to reach and frustrating. I find that I can still put her in it to watch the fish and as long as I give her a second toy to keep her hands and mouth busy she’ll be content to sit and watch the fish for at least 15 minutes at a stretch… these days she’ll even put her feet up on the lower part of the plastic ledge and tap at the fish with her foot. The music gets old fast so I really appreciated that there are selections of water running or rain, or simply off… keep in mind that the bubbles that make the fish move still make a physical sound not matter what setting it’s on. We did buy a second and much cheaper bouncer (Brightstarts) that reclines at different angles and has a toy bar that goes across the baby’s midsection with dangling interchangable toys that she loves to grab and gum so that one has been a better learning experience, but the Aquarium Bouncer still serves a purpose in our household.

Phoebe Hepzibah, WV

Awesome Item!

Our daughter absolutely LOVES this bouncer! She happily sits in it every day. The music, lights, ocean sounds, fish & vibrations are all great. She coos & smiles at her fish. We have it at the kitchen table so she is entertained while we eat. It was also very easy to put together & the batteries last a long time. We also have the aquarium in her crib & aquarium swing-highly recommended as well!

Lily Redfield, AR

Handy, Cute, Entertaining

This seat is great! I don’t know what we would’ve done without it. Baby goes upstairs with me…baby goes downstairs with Daddy. I don’t see how anyone lives without a bouncy seat. And what’s so special about this one is the wonderful fish-patterned seat (my son almost goes cross-eyed trying to look at it while he’s on it) & the captivating activity bar. The vibrating seat puts him to sleep every time too. But just so you know, a newborn can’t sit very comfortably in it (give it a few weeks), and they will out-grow it by 5 or 6 months. But by then they want to move-on to something they can sit-up in anyway. Fisher Price could stand to make the metal bar thicker. It bends if you accidentally put all your weight on it, and it’s hard to find that sweet-spot it was in before.

Bobby Kellogg, IA

Used again and again

My first daughter loved this seat and often fell asleep in it when it was on vibrate. She loved playing with the fish and listening to the music.My second daughter was born 4 weeks ago and she loves the seat too. She also falls asleep in it often and likes the music. The bounce part is nice to – helps to get them relaxed and asleep! It’s a must have!

Gracie Meyers Chuck, AK

Great product overall, BUT…

My husband and I decided that we got more use out of this item than with any other thing we bought for our baby — it was DEFINITELY money well spent! That said, I have one major complaint with this bouncer… The dangling fish and seahorse aren’t removable. Our son was always banging his legs into the darned things, until one day he propped a foot up on the fish and pushed — it broke right off! Normally I wouldn’t care so much, but there was a VERY sharp piece of plastic left that we couldn’t remove… I just think the design on the “dangly parts” could be better. But it was an amazing asset for us for months, so I’d still consider buying it again…

Mallory East Wareham, MA

Sweet and Gentle

I love the mellow music that this bouncer plays. Not the typical loud nursery rhymes. It is very soothing for my baby.

Polly Whittaker, MI

must have for newborns

We did not buy this at first as we were registered for it and did not receive it. We had a swing so we weren’t that worried about it. our friends told us that a bouncer was a requirement. We finally went and got this one. Our daughter immediately loved it. She would go to sleep in it. She loved the water sounds. I loved it because I could put her in it in my bathroom so I could see her while I took a shower. She is now 4 1/2 months old and has kind of out grown it now. She prefers her swing or exersaucer now.

Lola Berlin, ND

Keeps baby happy!

We already had a Combi Activity Rocker, but the toys on the Combi are all manual (meaning there’s nothing a little baby without developed motor skills can just kick back and watch.) My girl was extremely demanding & I needed something to entertain her while I read my email or brushed my teeth. (I used to sit in front of her & play with the toys on the Combi for her, just to keep her calm.) I was at my wits end & then I found the Aquarium bouncer. I’d read good reviews, but still wasn’t sure because it just seems so flimsy & insubstantial compared to the Combi. Frankly, for the cheapness of the frame, I thought it was over-priced. But hey, whatever works!We were at the store & she started fussing. We were near the bouncers, so I grabbed the display model, put it on the floor & plopped her in. (There were actually batteries in the display model!) Instant difference. It went home with us & I finally got a little free time.A this point, she’s 5 months & doesn’t spend much time in it (she prefers to be upright & moving) but I still plop her in it in the bathroom while I get the tub ready every night & she still loves the music & those silly fish.

Traci Wyncote, PA

Excellent value!

The bouncy is definitively one of my favorite things! my little girl slept on it the first part of the morning (5-7am) until she was 4 months. We still put her on it for her morning nap on the weekends. The only reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars are:The strap-on is a little tight. I’ve seen better designs in other bouncy seatsThe vibration works great until you have to change the batteries… then it starts making odd noises, no matter how much you tight the coverThe design for the toy in front is a little restraining. My baby some times gets frustrated because she can’t fit her legs throught itThink about getting a head doughnut for the beginning… their head seems too small for the head support when they are very young.

Lina Sunburg, MN

Great product

We’ve been using this since our baby was a week old, and he’s really starting to enjoy it. For the first couple of weeks we just used the vibrations to help him sleep, but he’s now (at a month old) starting to watch the lights and bubbles. A great buy, and I love having somewhere for him to nap in our living area.There are 2 battery compartments: one (takes 1 D-cell) for the vibrations and one (takes 3 D-cells) for the toy bar. The battery lasts a surprisingly long time for vibrations-only, but the toy bar drains them within a couple of days (when using 1-2 hours a day) so get 2 sets of rechargeables!The only thing I really don’t like is the design of the battery compartment. You can’t change the batteries while the baby’s in the seat: you have to unbuckle the cover from underneath, and use a Philips screwdriver to open the hatches. But apart from that, it’s been a sanity-saver!

Sarah Leroy, PA

Yet Another Great Fisher Price purchase

Me and my son loved this bouncer, he loved watching the fish move around and it “bounces” really good compared to other bouncers on the market. It also helped me to get a few things done around the house. I can easily pick it up and take it around the house.If i have another child, i am definately buying this again because i think it is the best bouncer on the market.

Corinne Cedar Rapids, IA