Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing

Delightful as it is innovative, the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders swing entertains and soothes Baby in grand aquatic style. Designed as a cradle swing, it has the capacity to swing from side to side or front to back, at 6 different speeds. A motorized mobile with 4 plush marine animals features an overhead water globe, complete with changing lights and a moving underwater scene that’s sure to fascinate your little one and enhance visual development. The 2-position, reclining padded seat has a 3-point safety restraint, a plush infant head support and a removable toy tray with bead bar. Choose from 8 songs and 3 soothing aquatic sounds (ocean waves, spring rain and babbling brook) to entertain Baby. Select the swing speed, music, sounds and volume, or change the swing’s motion, all at the touch of a button. Handy storage pouch holds toys and accessories. Swing also folds easily for storage and portability. Seat pad is machine washable. Birth to once Baby is able to climb out. Imported. 43Hx38-1/2Wx28L”.

Main features

  • Music, soft lights and tranquil aquatic sounds also help soothe baby
  • There’s an aquarium water globe with changing lights and swimming characters, and a mobile with four plush aquatic friends to keep baby company
  • Choose from six speeds, eight songs and three ocean sounds
  • Fisher Price Babygear Specialty Swing
  • Age range birth to 2 years

Verified reviews


Poor Quality

Piece of junk. Very noisy. Leg lifts off the ground when rocking. All six speeds are exactly the same speed. Poor quality. It’s going back.

Judith Elko, NV

Top Notch Swing with Minor Drawbacks

My wife and I just retired our Ocean Wonders swing now that our son has outgrown it and I think that we all felt that it was tough to see it go back into the box. We found that a swing is invaluable for a baby for several reasons:1. The swing really soothed our son and helped him fall asleep and establish a daily nap schedule.2. Sometimes you need to restrain your little one while you do something frivolous for yourself like, oh I don’t know – eat. But if he or she isn’t strong enough to sit in a pack n play, then a swing fits the bill well.3. If the swing has a mobile or some other point of interest attached, then your baby can begin learning to focus on, follow and reach for objects while playing in the swing.So now that we’ve established that a swing is mandatory baby gear, how does the Ocean Wonders rate? Very well except for a few minor points.PROS
• Very sturdy and durable
• Really good activities above and in front of baby keep him/her happy and interested
• Multiple seat settings, both in terms of recline and in terms of the swing direction, i.e. front-to-back vs. side-to-side. This second point is surprisingly rare in swings, but you want to have all options when your feeling out your baby’s preferences.
• Good battery life – we went almost two months between changes using it dailyCONS
• LOUD motor – you get used to it after a while as it’s almost hypnotic, but when we first turned ours on, I thought that we must have gotten a defective one. After going back to the store and hearing the display (it hadn’t had batteries when we initially bought), we realized that that’s just how it is. It’s comparable volume-wise to an average dishwasher running.
• Baby will have to grow into it. Like so many baby items, this one goes too far on the low end of the recommended age. Smaller babies will be moving too fast even on the slowest settings.
• The sturdiness comes at a cost in terms of size – it takes up a pretty good size footprint. We recouped some space by storing baby items underneath it where there was plenty of clearance space.All in all, this was a great swing. I suspect that even the cons that I’ve noted above would apply to many of the other models on the market.

Patti Franklin, WI

The best swing on the market!

We received this swing as a gift when we were having our first and now that we are preparing for our second I remember how much I love this swing (and my daughter did too). The side to side (cradle) motion on this swing was a lifesaver as my baby never cared to swing forward and back. I did not like the music and therefore rarely used it but my daughter found the sound of the motor (a swooshing like sound) to be very soothing white noise. I did occasionally turn on the mobile as my daughter grew and she loved that. This is a very sturdy swing, cleans very well, and I liked the adjustable seat.Buy this swing with confidence, you (and your baby) will not be sorry!

Maryellen Pleasant Valley, IA

Great Product

I received this as a shower gift from my best friend and I have thanked her many times over for this swing. In our prenatal classes the teacher informed us that newborns prefer a cradle motion and will graduate to the swinging motion later on. This was the reason for us regerstering for this item. My son loved it and would sometimes fall asleep in it. This would sooth him when nothing else would. The fact that is has so many settings really helps in getting milage out of this swing. When he became bored with the cradle swing we simply turned it around and when he began setting up we were able to change the seat position to accomodate his growing needs. When he was fussy the nature sounds really helped and when he was awake and I just needed to get house work done the music really entertained him. If you are considering purchasing or regerstering for a swing I would highly recomend this one. The bright colors really grab the attention of your little one.

Joann Twin City, GA

Very odd squished seat…Not very comfy!

My son is 18 1/2 pounds and it’s too small for him. The formation of the seat is very squished and I don’t know why. There’s no room to move or stretch or anything! Once the baby is in there he/she is stuck until someone takes him out. Kind of like a taco! The mobile toys are too low as my baby is always trying to reach up to them where as w/ another swing I have he just looks and enjoys. It’s very difficult to adjust the seat positioning and my mom (who has this swing) has to turn the entire swing upside down to do it. Luckily we got this for $30 at a thrift store in brand new condition so even though it won’t last much longer for my boy it won’t be a total loss like it would if we had paid full price.

Elise Fond Du Lac, WI

good swing

I like the fact that this swing can swing in two different directions, because my son doesn’t like the typical side-to-side. He likes the front-to-back. And the music is very subtle, not annoying like some baby toys are. The swing seems sturdy, but he’s only 2 weeks old so we’ll see. The thing I’d say I don’t like about this swing is that the slowest setting goes pretty dang high. I’m sure when he gains weight that’ll probably change. But the slowest setting could probably scare the heck out of some newborns.

Tamara Denver, IN

What would’ve I done without it?

Well, I donated this swing to the nearest Salvation Army a while back..but I’m just now catching up on reviews….we LOVED it! It had great music and sound options and the seating was very comfortable and flexible! I put both my 2 boys in it and it was a sanity saver! You will not go wrong buying this swing! It is wonderful!

Jennie Dexter, OR

Could not live without

I love this swing!!! My daughter sleeps and plays in this swing. She doesn’t really take notice to the mobile and lights b/c its kinda too far for her to look up but the music is very fun and soothing. I don’t recommend running the mobil, lights and music at the same time though b/c the battery life sucks. It seems to last a good amount of time just running the music while swinging.

Margaret Sarver, PA

Good baby swing, but too fast for small infants!

It’s really a shame. Fisher-Price almost got it right with this baby swing, except for one very important thing. Even the lowest setting rocks much too fast for my month old daughter. In fact, it makes her dizzy and uncomfortable. The manual’s assertion that draping a towel would get around this problem is a lousy, cumbersome fix! The motor should have a much slower setting in the first place, especially for lighter infants. This thing may as well have 2 speeds- fast and faster! How Fisher-Price could oversee this important fact is beyond me.

Traci Platteville, CO

You must get this swing!

Wow! When this swing arrived at our doorstep after 2 weeks of no sleep, I wept. This saved me! The swing is a perfect shape to hold a small baby and the rocking side to side comforted my daughter like no other. It seems a little fast, but my daughter loved it. Easy clean. Get rechargable batteries!

Francisca Evadale, TX


we recieved this swing as a shower present for my son, who is now 2 1/2. he loved it, and would sit in the swing and watch everything for 20 minutes at a time, at least! he didnt even have to be moving, he just loved to be in the swing watching everything! my daughter, however, did not care for the swing much at all, the colors alone were too overwhelming for her, not too mention that she would freak out when i would turn the globe, mobile or music on. i still give it 5 stars, because the experience i had with my son was so amazing! it saved my sanity and helped him to relax!

Mercedes Liberty, MS

A few drawbacks…

Overall, a nice swing. However, the motor is quite loud (clicks with each swing) and there doesn’t seem to be much speed control– wish there was a slower, gentler swing speed– way too fast for a new born. The adjustable swing direction is a nice feature, although when my son was young, I found that with the cradle (front to back) motion, his head would lean forward and then tip back.

Rita Brookside, NJ

Best thing I got!

My daughter loved this swing! Motor gets a little loud when the batteries need changing, but that wasn’t an issue for me. Very easy to change swing positions, love the sounds/music, daughter loved trying to catch the fish on the mobile. Perfect spot for her be when I was alone and needed to run to the bathroom or even take a shower, make dinner, etc. Don’t know how I would have lived without it. Ended up buying a second one for the in-laws. Very easy to put together, take apart and take the cover off to wash.

Vivian Mars Hill, ME

Still the Best Swing available! Worth the extra dollars!

I thought long and hard before spending the extra dollars for this swing but decided in the end to stop thinking and “just get it”. I have been extremely pleased with this product.This is the 4’th swing I have owned, I bought one for each of my boys. Had I purchased this one first, it would have been the only one I would have needed!Yes it is large, but it is sturdy! The feature that enables you to convert the seat from front/back swinging motion to side/side swinging motion is fantastic and definately a big advantage! Perfect for a newborn. I didn’t have the pang of guilt that we emotional and hormonal new mom’s have when we have to “release” our babies to do something for ourselves.The seat reclines somewhat to accomodate newborn floppy head but I still had to use the horse-shoe head holder pillow thing. The swing itself is just so inviting and fun. It looks very appealing and substantial. I never felt as if I was putting Luca “away” for a little while. Especially since this swing has the side to side cradle motion which he LOVED!This swing is fast! Even on the lowest setting, but the manual suggests that you let a blanket hang over the seat. I did this because I always covered the baby in the swing anyway in an attempt to keep away the drafts. A knitted or crocheted baby blanket worked fine for me.It was so wonderful to have this swing for my baby because he was very jaundiced. I was able to wrap the little billi-blanket around him and put him in his swing. We put his swing in front of a window that had a lot of sun and when he did not have the bili-blanket on, the fact that he was content to stay in his swing, meant that he was receiving the benefit of the natural sunlight and therefore, his time with the lighted blanket was minimal.I liked being able to change the sounds. It made the experience more interesting, at least for me.Once Luca got a bit older (around 5 months) I began using the back and forth feature more and more. I finally had to stop the regular use of this by 9 months. Luca is one year old now and every once in a while, I put him in this and he still loves it. Now though, it is more for fun and only for about 10 minutes…long enough for me to pick-up, vacuum and sometimes dust the room. I do have to stay right there in the room because when he is finished, he will attempt to get out himself. I hate to retire this great item that has served us so well!The battery usage is high depending on the amount of time you keep baby swinging and the use the other features but it is definately worth it! The gently turning fishies and dome light were a big hit with my son. He loved it.The motor is loud but my son seemed to calm with the consistency of the sound. I just played the music or used the other sound effects.There is a dial that enables you to control the movement of the swing from very gentle to a bigger swing. This was fantastic and I found that the gentle was gentle enough when as I mentioned above, I put a blanket over Luca’s little legs and let it hang down over the side. This little bit of extra weight made it perfect for him and I was able to use it from when he was newborn! This is a difficult feature to find in baby swings as many of the others I looked at seemed to have their first settings much faster, especially for a new baby.I felt this was well worth the money and there is enough variety of features to please any baby and parent.As typical with Fisher Price products, cleaning it is a breeze so OCD people like myself can keep it clean and new looking!Great product!

Marilyn Burlington, TX

Sturdy swing

We decided to try a swing to help with my son’s colic (btw, swing didn’t work for the colic, but “degassing” him with a Q-tip worked wonders – colic gone). My son seems to be much more needy than my daughter was, and we kept this swing as a “pacifier” for when I can’t be entertaining him.This swing is very sturdy – my husband (who is a pretty cynical engineer when it comes to these things) was very impressed with the multiple points of safety and sturdiness when he assembled it. It takes up quite a bit of space, but I believe the extra wide stance is part of what makes it sturdy during swinging. My son loves the side-to-side cradle swinging the best, so I’m glad we chose this “upgraded” option (we were also considering a Graco swingomatic). I was SUPER surprised by the strength of the motor – he is 2 months old and 12 lbs, and we keep it on low. A smaller baby might even find low to be pretty fast. A larger baby definitely would have no problem being carried by this swing! Also, I find the motor to actually be rather quiet. It seems the complaints about a loud motor are on older reviews – maybe the newer models have been upgraded.Three complaints:– The music, lights, and moble go off after 7 minutes, and you have to come push the “reset” button to start them again. Sometimes I put my son in the swing without the swinging action (don’t want him to sleep) and just the mobile and lights to entertain him, but I have to run from whatever I’m doing after 7 minutes to start it again. I wish it had an “on all the time” option in addition to the timer. I LOVE that the music and sounds have a wide-ranged volume, and while the music is very synthesized, it doesn’t sound half bad.– The mobile part quit working after a week (lights, music, and swinging still work). I’m assuming a loose wire or something. I called Fisher Price and they shipped out a replacement motor THE SAME DAY no questions asked (other than the product code, etc). EXCELLENT customer service.– The lights are too bright for a younger baby at night with the lights off. There are three colors that cycle over and over, and he squints at them because they’re so bright in the dark, and cries every time the red comes on. If we put them on during the day, baby doesn’t even notice them (because it’s very light in the room).

Jeanine Corsica, PA


This swing is awesome! My daughter loves it and it soothes her when nothing else will. She loves it. It is also very easy to use for us. The only bad thing is that she will outgrow it one day! Thanks Fisher Price!!!

Ma Canastota, NY

Great present

Gave this as a present for a new mom of twins. The mom loved it so much, she bought another one for the other twin!

Gay East Orleans, MA

Very entertaining

I have bought 2 of these swings for my sister. 1 motor died after about 6 months and the other after about 4, (I know now that fisher price as a year warrenty and will replace motors for free up to a year no matter how much it is used) My sister did not know this though. She used her swing constantly her children even slept in them. The glob at the top is very fun and the seats seem comfortable. Her kids loved them. They have the 2 seat positons. My nephews enjoyed the craddle side to side swing the best. If it was not for the motor probs I would rate this 5 stars

Saundra Sebewaing, MI

It’s nice, could be better

I got this for my grandson and I was a little disappointed. The music and lights are just OK. Not really loud enough or bright enough and not enough variety. The batteries don’t last very long, a couple weeks. When my girls were little we had ones you could wind up and they’d run 30 minutes or longer, no batteries needed. You can adjust this to swing either side to side or front to back, but I think it’s over priced for what you get.

Lorena Atmore, AL

Our favorite swing

Between our 2 children we have had both of the top selling Fisher Price models – the Ocean Wonders and the Papasan cradle swings. While we have been happy with both, our favorite by far is the Ocean Wonders. The mobile on it is SO much better, with the hanging toys and the lights. My oldest son actually still plays with the fish toys that hung from his swing mobile when he was a baby — he loves them to this day! My youngest son got the papasan swing instead and while it functions basically the same the mobile just isn’t very interesting in comparison. Our papasan swing broke recently and Fisher Price (excellent customer service) is cutting us a check for a replacement — we’ll be getting another Ocean Wonders instead of the papasan.

Holly Rockholds, KY

Good swing but flaw in the mobile

The flaw isn’t a safety issue but both myself and my nextdoor neighbor had the same thing occur. The motor for the fish mobile started making horrendous noises and just stopped working. For both of us this happened within 3 months of owning the swing. If it had just happened to me I would have thought it was a fluke. Other than this flaw – we loved the swing because of it’s ability to swing two ways. One other gripe – why the heck don’t they offer an AC/DC power input for these things. We literally went through 4 batteries a week (but my daughter had horrible acid reflux and would not sleep ANY other way but in this swing for a few months so it was worth it to us at the time.).

Jeanette Meredosia, IL

Baby’s Personal Disney Ride!

This swing is the best! There is so much fun going on, it’s like our baby has her own personal Disney ride at home! The music is great & she loves to stare at the fish & lights in the water filled globe. The seat is plush & comfortable with a colorful fish pattern. Seat cover washes nicely. She even falls asleep in it sometimes. It was pretty easy to put together-just follow the directions.

Ollie Woodruff, SC

Highly Recommend!

I know many people who bought this and not one has complained about it. My daughter loved it from day one (it was the only way we could get her to sleep at night for the first 2 weeks!). The music and fish are fun for the baby to play with also. I like that you can choose which was it’ll swing (side to side or front to back) as each baby is different in their preferences!

Kendra Seanor, PA

beauty & function

We Purchased this swing for our son & I love it. It is safe, sturdy & beautiful. I expected it to have a much bigger footprint based on the other reviews, but in my small home, it is just fine. my son was about 3 months & 13.5 pounds when we got it. It seemed to me, based on the other reviews that the motors on other cradle swings were burning out when used for babies about 14 pounds & bigger, that they were designed to work better for newborns. My baby is a little bigger, so we got this one.We also had to purchase 4 D sized batteries.So far so good. I love the lights and the moving mobile. The music is ok, interesting. He likes it, but he doesn’t care for the water noises. This swing helped to accomplish the impossible. He took a nap :). I like that the seat is big, and will be able to hold him for quite some time.My only problem with it is the seat design itself. The decline in the seat is shaped much like the dip in a car seat, which is not very comfortable, I also don’t like the plastic “horn” in the seat. How would you like to sleep in such a position? that is why only 4 stars. So far, this product is working fine, it is a good quality product. As far as I can tell this is the best swing. and i’m glad i got it. a little later I think he will like the bead bar too. It is cute.There is a water globe over babys head that provides an excellent light show, and water that jostles little fishes back and forth, also a little glitter in there. the little fish moble circles round about it. the music is evocative of under sea adventures, there is lots of soft cushion, and so far the engine has been powerful enough to move baby around plenty. I think he would enjoy this more if the seat were a little different, but overall this is an excellent product, and I believe it will last awhile.

Anne Cleveland, MO

Lifesaving swing!

This swing is excellent. We have had absolutely no problems with it. My DS used it for the first three months of his life A LOT! Being able to swing front to back or side to side is great, if one doesn’t work try the other. My son also loved the music, light and mobile. My son just turned six months old and we just put away the swing, not because of weight but because he is to much of a big boy to be in a swing (according to him). I highly recommend this swing to anyone looking to buy one, you will not be sorry.

Eva Falmouth, IN

you can rock me anytime!

Fabulous product. Best swing we have ever purchased. Lots for kids to look at, pleasant, but not overpowering music. This was a godsend for us, as it gave us some rest from holding them all the time.

Edythe Hurley, WI

love this swing

My daughter has been using this swing since just after birth. At first she only liked the sided to side motion, but now that she’s older likes front to back motion. Batteries hold up pretty well. Music and light turn off after a few minutes. There is a reset buttonto turn music back on immediately. My daughter doesn’t care much for the music, but the water sound relaxes her. Only drawback is that it is huge. Takes up a lot of space. We were in the process of moving when I was pregnant, so we didn’t know that our new place would have a small living room. Other than it taking up a lot of space it’s great.

Susie Brady Lake, OH

Hooray for this swing!

We are pretty happy with the Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing. We have five babies (cousins) under age 5 in the family, and it seems that some babies like to swing side to side, others front to back and others prefer a vibrating chair. This swing is great because it can swing in both directions.We have used it since the baby was 6 weeks old, but he was already holding up his head. Our baby loves to sleep in the swing, and it was so helpful during the colicky period – the only thing that helped sometimes was swinging! It has been fun to see him develop interest in the mobile and overhead light. Also, the nature sounds are easier on this parent’s ears than the electronic muzak that accompanies so much baby gear.My only complaints are: 1) large footprint (about 3 feet by 3 feet); 2) there is no way to keep the entertainment on, it automatically turns off after 7 minutes. Despite this, we are very happy with this product.

Alyssa Enfield Center, NH

Could not have survived without it!

We loved this swing and are dreading the day our baby outgrows it! We have used it from almost day one and are still using it at almost 9 months of age. Our baby had food allergy issues early on and this was the only way for me to get even 2 minutes of rest. We were able to get him to sleep in this when nothing else would work. He still enjoys playing and napping in it. The option to switch from cradle rock to regular swinging was really nice, especially when he was smaller. The mobile and lights are soothing, though the music seems to make it go thru batteries faster. We usually just leave the music off. Wish it came with a way to plug it in, but overall an excellent swing that is well worth the money.

Rosemarie Montrose, MN

The Perfect Swing but does have a loud motor but in the end not that big of a deal

When i was looking at swings for my baby, this was number 1 on my list because of the 2 different swinging modes and i loved the ocean theme of it.I definately will recommend this to any mommy about to have a baby, this helped sooth my son to sleep after i tried everything else, he even fell asleep in it. It also has a nice plush comfy machine washable pad that held up the 3 times i washed it and it stayed looking new. This swing always retains value if you want to resell it, i resold it for almost as much as i bought it new because it still looked brand new after all the use.A must have swing, if i have another child i am definately buying this swing again. The only thing i could find wrong with it, is it does have a loud motor but you get used to it quick and it seemed to soothe my son to sleep.

Lawanda Fair Bluff, NC