Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Bath Center – Aquarium

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Bath Center – Aquarium

This tub brings a comfortable bath time experience to both babies and parents.

Main features

  • Each stage has a different washing position and use for the soft sling that comes with the product
  • Soft cushions along the upper lip of the tub give parents a comfortable resting position for their arms and wrists
  • The tub comes with 3 Aquarium themed toys: a pouring cup, a toy that sprinkles water, and a toy with a thermometer for testing the water temp.
  • Fisher Price Babygear Bath & Training
  • Fun for all children and their new bath adventures.

Verified reviews


Nice but not big enough

I bought this tub for my daughter when she was 3 months old – she loves to splash and this tub is too small for her flailing around. She hits her arms and legs on the sides snd gets annoyed. The Euro tub is bigger but no stability for smaller babies.I never used the sling because she wanted to be more in the water and the sling made her float up.The hump is annoying because when she gets excited she jumps over the hump – now I bathe her with my foot in the tub to stop her from jumping over the hump. The good thing about the hump is that since my daughter is small, it gives her good support while still letting her be in the water – she likes to recline and splash, something she cant do in the fully seated position.The toys are nice and we use them for rinsing and playing but I don’t know what the thermometer thing is about – havent seen one in my set.

Jessie North Pembroke, MA

Really like it!

I just got this tub and our 2 month old loves it! Whenever he’s crabby at night I just fill this up and he stops crying as soon as he lays in it. He looks so comfy and he could just fall asleep in it. He doesn’t slip around either so I don’t have to worry so much. The only problem I have is that when it drains the soap builds up on the sling part, but I just spray it off with the faucet sprayer and wash it after every few baths.

Rhonda Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

No major complaints

Cute. Bigger then I thought. Works well for the price. Hopefully the plastic is more durable then it looks, hasn’t broken yet. Baby is comfy in it. I dig the included toys too.

Madge Hamburg, AR


Great for inexperienced mothers, lets you have both hands to bathe your baby. Babies get really slippery when wet ( and soaped). I found the insert to be really helpful.

Julie Kingman, KS

Fun Bathtub!

I thought i could use this tub from the very beginning with my son, but even though it came with a hammock insert, i was unable to manage the baby, the water, and the soap all at once with this. I dont think i could have done that with any other tub either though…i ended up using the kitchen or bathroom sink.But once my child was able to hold himself up a bit, this tub was very nice. I fill it with water using the bathtub in my bathroom, then transfer it over to the counter, with the drain of the baby tub over the sink. I then sit my baby in it, wash him up…and when he is all done, i release the drain, so the water drains into the sink. I then use a watering pot to rinse him off with non soapy water. It a wonderful tub and he enjoys playing with the kittle toys it comes with. The seat inside the tub is perfect for him to recline in.

Frankie Greer, SC

Great for 1 month, terrible after that

This was great for baths for the first month when he would fit in the sling. Starting at 2 months old he was too big for the sling but the “seat” or whatever the bump is under the sling was completely useless for him. If we had the sling attached at the bottom his feet would get caught on the edge and his back sunk down into the bump. If we detached the bottom two straps of the sling then first of all it just got in the way and either he would lie with the bump in his back or he would be 90% out of the water with his head above the headrest.

Arline Blackburn, MO

I Thought I would Be Able To Use This Longer.

I bought this for my baby and thought it was awesome until she outgrew the sling which didn’t take long at all. She cannot sit up on her own yet which means the tub is absolutely useless. I am throwing this out and buying something else. What a waste of money.

Lauri Wolf Run, OH

good but not the best

I like the colorful tub and its accessories, but the sling became mildewed after a few weeks. Also, without the sling, there is a bump in the tub on the more narrow side — this is uncomfortable for the baby unless I place a towel in it first.

Deloris Hobbsville, NC

Love this

I love this tub. The insert was perfect when my daughter was just a few days and weeks old. Now I only clip the head rest part to it and my 4 month old leans against it while I wash her. The pieces that come with it are perfect for washing and also as toys to keep her attention. I especially love the drain in the bottom.

Elise Provo, UT

Cute but not the best.

This is a really cute tub. But not the best to store or drag around the house. It’s kind of bulky. The toys are nice but the get in the way when you are washing the babies. I have not found a great tub yet.

Monica Bethany, WV

Like it.

Is the most beautifull bath center that i saw. But the size is a bit small. However, is very confortable and ssecure to give a bath for my baby.

Doreen Wellsville, PA

I liked it

My daughter is 2 years old and still plays with the accessories, so she liked it too. The sling we used it only for 1 or 2 months, my baby grew out of it very quickly, however those few months it made our life so much easier. At first my mom looked at it with disdain and then stepped back and said: that’s nice and helpful, you don’t really need my hands here!. I thought my baby girl would grew out of the whole bath quickly but we switch to the wide side of the bath and used it past her first birthday, although i must say she still uses it when we go to my mom’s but it is a bit tight for her now

Millicent Shiprock, NM

The sling + bump don’t work together

The sling has not ever been able to support our baby (born at 7 lbs) or keep his head above the water. And the ridge in the bottom of the tub seems to serve no purpose, and in fact seems to be detrimental to the usability if the sling. Good idea, poor design. We use it without the sling and support baby with one hand while washing him with the other.

Christa Princeton, ME

Good overall, best when baby is small

As a rule baby tubs are rather bulky and cumbersome. In the beginning I washed him on our bed with waterproof pads underneath and all was okay. As he aged and we moved to a house with glass doors in the tub, the handling of the tub became a bit tricky. If your baby has long legs once he/she gets older and can sit up, the bigger kid side will not comfortably hold them. The best most comfortable use imo was from newborn until pre sitting up. But again that’s only if your baby has long legs. Gotta love the hammock style support for newborns though. A lifesaver for new parents who aren’t yet too comfortable handling the baby. Enables you to support the neck, body etc and have the safety net underneath.

Sondra Black River Falls, WI


The tub is okay, nothing great, but get’s the job done. I liked the newborn stage, but the little hump in the tub would leave a mark on his back, so I put a rolled up face towel so it wouldn’t hurt him. I’m currently in the in between stage, where he sits up on the ledge leaning on the hammock. His upper body is more out of the body than I would like, but he doesn’t seem to mind. The tub looks spacious enough for the next stage, when he can sit up on his own. So looking forward to that.

Julie Vilonia, AR

Too small and weird bump

I got this tub for our newborn. He came out long and big so the sling just drops to the bottom. we remove the sling and he looks so uncomfortable with the bump right in the middle. His head was above the tub lying down as well. This is probably great for a smaller baby. We used it twice and ordered the whale tub which has a removable bump so he can use it longer. He is now 8 months and we are still using it with the bump.

Georgina Westtown, PA

Awesome little tubby

I had this with my firstborn, it was an awesome little tub. We only used until he got big enough to sit himself up in the big tub with mommy in there for extra safety. But he was 6 weeks preemie and this tub made him feel safe enough to enjoy his baths at only month or so old. We liked this so much I was very sad when I found it ruined in our storage shed. We are having our second child soon and you can bet I will be buying this one again. It filled up very nicely and was easy to use and store. Not to mention very sturdy.

Addie Smithton, MO

Nice tub for newborns

This tub was great when my on was a newborn baby, the net was very helpful to keep him supported. Now he is 4 months old, and way too large for the net (since his weight would make the net heavy and his back would hit off of the hump on the bottom). He isn’t good enough to sit up on the seat part himself yet. I do like the little shell cups that are included, and that you can attach the cup to the tub.

Erika Tiline, KY

Works great but…

I wish it had a way to hang it to dry. It takes up a lot of space and while it is drying it is a bit inconvenient for me. We have only been using it for a few weeks now. My son still hates baths. But this tub does make it easier to give him a bath while he is screaming. I’m sure as he gets older then he will like it better.

Marilyn Green Sea, SC

fun time

its in your hands make noisier time to fun time with toys. very nice, adjustable strings soft corners good quality

Nelly East Carbon, UT

Great for newborns, not so great for the in-between stage!

I loved this bath when we received it for a shower gift. It was cute, bright colors, and the hammock was easy and comfortable for my baby. Since my baby outgrew the hammock but can’t sit up on her own, it is ackward with this weird bump that gets in the way and does not seem to fit. I even went back and reviewed the diagrams to make sure I was doing it correctly. It is also hard for my child to have her hair rinsed with the angle that it fits over the sink. She has a lot more hair than the average baby but it should have still been considered when created. It seems like for the third stage it will be just fine, however, I am not sure my tolerance for the tub will last that long in the current stage we are in.

Bobbie Eaton, IN

Dont’ buy !

We thought this bathtub would be great for our newborn son, but he was never comfortable in it : the sling gets very cold when wet, and the baby’s back keeps bumping into the plastic part underneath. We only kept the toys that came with it and gave away the tub.My advice is to buy a very simple tub such as Safety 1st, it’s enough and frankly babies like them best !

Catalina Rexford, KS

Not good for long babies

I gave this tub two stars based on my baby, who is long and heavy. He was born at 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches, and by the time his umbilical cord stump fell off and he could use the bathtub, he was two weeks old and 9 lbs 6 oz… Thus, we couldn’t really make use of the newborn ‘net’.When we put his bum in the tub, we used the little seat (which is not removable), and most of his body was out of the water, so he got cold very quickly if we weren’t constantly pouring water over him. He was too tall, so constantly slid sideways and his head would hit the side of the tub from sliding so much. He was visibly unhappy and not really enjoying bathtime. We also couldn’t sit him in the bottom of the tub, as shown in one of the pictures on this page, because he was a newborn with little head control and was unable to sit up.The toys that come along with the tub are great, though.We preferred this tub instead, because our baby sat down lower and was actually in the water and could splash his feet around. The little bum support is also removable for when he’s older, and works better for our long baby. (It’s also cheaper).Fisher Price Precious Planet Whale Tub

Frances City Of Industry, CA

Annoying hump in the middle of the tub!!!

Whom ever designed this product obviously didn’t use it on a big baby, or a wiggly baby. I love the colors, and I love the mesh cradle that can be hooked to the tub for a newborn. However, there is a huge hump in the middle to create a seat, and it can’t be removed. If the baby lays in the mesh, and is heavier than like 9 lbs, they sag and their back is laying right on the uncomfortable hump. Or, if you want to submerge their body in the water, they have to sit on the seat, and most of their body is out of the water, and only their feet are in the actual bath. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if a washcloth was placed on them to keep them from getting cold, however, my baby likes to wiggle, and would wiggle right out of the seat over the hump, and slip in the bath water. He did this over and over, and it made it very hard to give him a bath. The tub part below the seat is small too, so a baby can’t just lay in it. My baby was all squished. Since I can’t just lay him in the water of the tub because it is too small with the hump in the middle, and I couldn’t put him on the seat because he would wiggle out, I had to stop using the tub when he was only like 2 months old!! My older son used this tub for a while, and did well in it…but he didn’t try to wiggle out of it, so I could actually sit him on the seat, and he would sit still. Cute tub, fun toys that come with it, but I hate the hump in the middle! SO annoying!!! I wish I could remove it!!!

Ivy Winslow, AR

NOT a good design!

I hated this tub, and returned it after attempting to use it twice. The newborn sling has no support, and kept my baby completely out of the water and he got freezing cold. I tried it without the sling, and the “infant” seat part also keeps your baby completely above the water, with just their butt covered. I also found that no matter how tightly I tried to screw on the “legs” that you have to attach, they were still loose and wobbly.

Patsy South Lake Tahoe, CA

Perfect, infant through toddler

I used the sling for a tiny bit, but found that the seat holds the baby in place quite well. When he could sit up on his own, I just let him sit in the bottom portion of the tub, where he could splash and play. We didn’t really use the toys, but the tub itself is perfect. Later we got a tub from IKEA, which he loved until we let him go free in the big tub, but we loved this one while we used it. We had a cheaper tub for the first month or so, and he was constantly sliding down the seat into the water, and freaking out. As soon as we got this, he loved taking a bath.

Tina Branford, FL


This tub is just the best! I have a 3-week old, and we’ve used it every other day since he’s been home, and he fussed for the first two times, but now he loves it! The little pillow head rest/support is useless right now, and is actually a nuisance (we tuck it under the hammock) but maybe when he gets bigger, it’ll come in handy. This is my second child, but they’re 8 years apart- I wish they had this 8 years ago! With my first, I had to give her first baths (until her umbilical cord fell off) on her changing table- but with this tub, the hammock is great! The baby is not submerged under water, and the hammock is soft so it cradles and conforms to the baby, unlike all the other “hard” tubs out there. A comfy baby is a happy baby- a happy baby is a happy parent! =)

Evangelina Cohocton, NY

Nice Tub

We have used this since the birth of our baby and have never had a big problem with it. The sling for a newborn worked well for us, the only thing I didn’t like was the second stage, where you remove the clips for the bottom of the sling and just let it sit in the water. It seems like they could have designed this better. I never had a problem with the “bump,” as when I started using the second stage I would put baby’s bottom behind the bump where it should be and shifted the headrest up a but. Once baby could sit up I had no problems at all. My child is now 15 months and still fits in the tub. The toys that come with the tub are also very nice. Our favorites are the pelican and the starfish.

Annette Sterling, NY

Great new bathtub!

We had a first years tub for our two older sons, but when Fisher Price came out with the Aquarium tub, we just had to get it. It cost $30, which is more than the other tubs, but well worth the money. This tub can go from birth to 2 yrs old. A good stretch of time for baby growing into different stages of life. Love the fish design and the hammock. The attached cups are good too for rinsing the soap off or just letting your baby play and have some fun. It is not a compact tub, but smaller than some of the other huge 4 in 1 tubs. Overall another great product made by Fisher Price.

Maura Matteson, IL

Fisher-Price does it again! Perfect Baby Bath!

I love this bath. It was awesome for when my son’s umbilical cord hadn’t fell off. It has grown with him every step of the way. The bath toys and extras are great to.

Flossie Valley Falls, KS