Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Mobile Fisher-Price Crib Mobiles Remote Control

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Mobile Fisher-Price Crib Mobiles Remote Control

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Mobile. Friends from the deep blue sea join soft starfish floating overhead. Baby can relax to the music of Bach and Mozart, as well as peaceful ocean sounds. And as your little one grows, it’s easy to remove the mobile portion, keeping the soothing music box and night light attached to the crib. Requires 3 D batteries for mobile and 2 AAA batteries for remote control.

Main features

  • Continuous music plays for up to 18 minutes! Three musical settings: Bach, Mozart, and Soothing ocean sounds.

Verified reviews


not a good fit for sleigh backed cribs

The product itself is cute and easy to assemble. The music is your standard fisher price, plastic toy music. The night light feature is nice. My only complaint is that the unit’s base does not fit onto a sleigh backed crib. It will attach, but is held on only by two fabric straps that snap into themselves. If that strap fails the whole thing will come down on top of the baby. If you have a traditional crib with four straight edges, then the mobile snaps onto your railing as an additional safety measure. I would skip this one if you have a sleigh backed crib.

Claudine Max, NE

Batteries ran out too quickly.

We are talking 2 weeks of very light use (he doesn’t sleep in that crib, its only for naps) before the music started going weird. Baby does love it though. I like that the fish are angled in towards the baby so he can actually see them, not just their underside. That’s why it has 3 stars instead of 1. I can’t be bothered to be replacing the batteries that often, I shutter to think how quickly they would have died if we used it daily!

Lupe Hyde Park, NY


Bought this from Babies R Us in 2011. My son loved it and its still in excellent condition. I would recommended this to anyone.

Aisha Boaz, KY

A great choice for longer entertainment

Many of the mobiles last about a minute and are wind-ups – this one plays 3 different sounds (2 music, 1 white noise), has 2 volume levels, easy to assemble, and has a remote control.The remote control is a little wonky, hence the 4 star instead of 5 stars – but overall it is a crib favorite for my daughter.

Ingrid Pacific Palisades, CA

it works but…

my baby doesn’t like it, i don’t like it… the sounds aren’t as good as the forest mobile one… idk if it will be worth it to invest into another one…i’m thinking not… BUT it was easy to assemble, it works, long battery life (given we barely use it ;)). i wish the octopus would look down instead of out to the side, since baby is staring into… well the bottom of the legs …and it is missing legs. if you don’t think about it it’s great… if you think too much this mobile doesn’t make sense, ha-ha.

Lucile Cobalt, ID

great mobile for the price

The batteries are long lasting, and the baby loves to look at the mobile. The music seems to soothe him as well. We don’t often use the nightlight- it seems too dim to change diapers by, and newborns aren’t afraid of the dark yet, so I’m not sure what the purpose is.

Queen San Leandro, CA

Terrific addition to the crib

This mobile has helped my daughter fall asleep a number of times now, as she loves the spinning ocean creatures and the sounds that it plays. The little nightlight feature is a huge plus, too, as it eventually shuts off, usually right after my daughter falls asleep.

Maricela Chugiak, AK

Cute, easy to assemble, & entertaining

This mobile is great. It is really cute & has great, bright colors that our twin babies love.The music is nice and not too midi-sounding. It’s actually music and not the sound of a crappy 1980’s keyboard.I would have given it 5 stars, except for 2 things:1. It is missing one crucial option: the ability to turn on the mobile WITHOUT music. My babies love the movement and I don’t really want to listen to the same few songs over and over again.2. You have to have a corner (around 90 degrees) to balance it on. For cribs with sloped sides, it will not hook on and stay upright.

Helen Keiser, AR

Sturdy but eats batteries

I wanted a mobile that had enough entertainment but not one that would get baby all worked up and awake to play. The ones I found in local stores were too expensive for the quality or basic features. I saw this in the store and it looked much sturdier and feature full compared to a lot however it was more expensive. So I looked on Amazon and yes, it was a better price.Pros:- sturdy- more interesting attachments than many of the others- the mobile arm is metal and gets screwed onto the main base w 2 screws (you can tell it nees to, the octopus is heavier than many other mobiles)- good sound, nice music selection (6)- separate light button with light slowly brightening (light is on bottom)Cons:- 3 D batteries and it uses it up faster than some others I’ve had. Then again, this is a beefier mobile- get ready to assemble with screwdriver in hand – a good amount of screws (good or bad depending on how you see it)- not for cribs where it has a prominent banister or curve to it. I have both the larger banister and curve to mine but I had to fit it a certain way (prop a rolled baby wash cloth behind lower base) to compensate for inset rails and broader top rail.

Gilda Emery, SD

Cute product

Love this sea mobile. My bay is 7 weeks old and she has started enjoying the mobile now that she can see the colors clearly. This mobile complements my baby’s ocean theme nursery.The screws were hard to get fixed but once they are in, the assemble seems to be pretty sturdy.

Janette Hayden, ID